Friday, February 27, 2009

'86 Rabbit

Sometimes it's hard to be a thirty one year old female who happens to be a fan of a teenie-bopper love saga like Twilight. Let's face it - Twilight is no War and Peace. Couple that with the fact that the demographic this book is geared to wasn't even born when I was learning how to turn a Coca-Cola can into a bowl and, well, it kinda sounds pathetic.

As a general rule, if you know me you are aware of my obsession with Twilight. I kept it under wraps at first but I'm out of the closet now. Thankfully, I roped my good ol' bff into it as well and, of course, there are SO many wonderful women (and men) our age that are also equally smitten with this ooey gooey cheesiness. However, with the exception of carrying around an Edward doll and snapping pictures of him on a regular basis, I look pretty normal (well, not really, but that has nothing to do with Twilight and more to do with my genetic makeup).

Recently, another blogger, 86 Rabbit, has been kind enough to link to our site. You should definitely check her out, she's quite clever and her site is excellent. But she got me thinking about the whole 86 Rabbit thing so I asked ML how much it would cost to buy a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit. My request was met with raised eyebrows.
"Wouldn't you want a newer car?" He asked.
"Er, No," I replied, hoping he wouldn't delve any further.
"You can get a nice Jetta," He offered. ML is a rabid Volkswagen fan - we even get a Volkswagen magazine sent to our house from time to time. Therefore, he knows his Volkswagens. In retrospect, I should have anticipated this and searched for the damn thing myself but he was already at the computer and I'm convinced he has a sixth sense for all things Volkswagen.
"Nope, no Jetta. Just check to see how much an 86 Rabbit is, please."

"Let's see..." He clicked on a website and a picture of a blue rabbit popped up; I forgot how boxy cars from the 80's were. "This one is about $1,500.00. Looks like you can get a restored one for about five grand." He clicked another link and up pops a picture of a decrepit red Rabbit.
I squealed, very uncharacteristic of me. "Oooh, how much is that one?!"
ML looked at me, suspicion flickering in his eyes. I smiled back as innocently as I could. His eyes narrowed.
"Does this have anything to do with that stupid vampire book?" He demanded.
"No," I lied, averting my eyes.

"Yes, it does," He insisted. Damn him for being an astute boyfriend! Then again, it's not hard to figure out what I'm up to these days.
"Ok, fine," I crossed my arms. "Jacob had a 1986 red Rabbit. And I want one too."
ML sat there for a moment, considering. "It's impractical." He announced and closed down the screen. "And you are SO weird, sometimes."



  1. Jenny Jerkface & Snarkier Than You -- I LOVE your blog! It's hilarious!!! I'm going to visit regularly from now on. :-)

  2. Oooh, thank you!! That makes us so happy!! :)

  3. Yay! More motivation to spend more time blogging about Twilight!! : ) (not that I really needed it, but still...)!
    Glad you liked our blog - yours rocks!!


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