Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Edward Goes to the Trash Bar

Snarkier and I have been dragging poor Edward with us everywhere for these past few months. Eventually, we hope to get all those pictures up at some point, so the million Twilight fans that flock to this blog on a daily basis can see just how completely retarded adult women can be when it comes to something like this.

Lucky for Edward, my other boyfriend is in a band, Roadside Graves (Edward's cool with the open relationship but I think ML has mixed feelings about it) which means that we get to go to lots of fun places and watch ML play.

Last Saturday, ML's band played at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For those of you unfamiliar with Brooklyn, it's a mecca for hipsters. Seriously. You hop off the L train and suddenly you feel like you're in an American Apparel ad. It also kind of reminded me of Logan's Run, as in everyone is pretty young and there aren't too many Cryptsters hanging around.

Another thing about some of these hipsters - they seemed to really feel offended about the amount of time Edward and I spent making memories together at the bar. Not all of them, of course. Most didn't even notice, some thought it was funny but others definitely gave me the stink-eyed-oh-mah-gahd-who-let-the-totally-uncool-person-into-my-bar? look.

Anyway, not only did I have my regular old camera phone with me to capture the memories but I recently also purchased a real camera which, obviously, takes much better pictures of Edward than my crappy phone one.

First stop on our trip was the drummer's house to load up gear.

Edward just couldn't help himself and jumped on the drummer's kit for a quick jam session.

The car ride up to Brooklyn was pretty uneventful. Edward and I were squished between ML and a couple of guitars so there really wasn't much photo ops available.

The Trash Bar is, well, trashy. It's narrow in the front but pretty big in the back, where the bands play. And Edward and I were on the guest list so we didn't have to pay. Sweet!

Of course not paying meant we could treat ourselves to some fancy drinks. Edward got a beer.

He thought it was really yummy but he still wanted to try my Absolut & Soda. What can I say, I'm a simple girl. Edward thought my drink was good too! Now he can't decide which one to sip all night long.
I told Edward if he really wanted another drink I would buy him one later. He agreed and then trotted off to see if he could get ML interested in a game of pool.

He couldn't. Poor Edward!

Edward's a good sport, though. When ML asked him if he could watch our drinks while I helped him load in some gear, Edward was more than happy to oblige. And boy did he take his job seriously!
Having someone slip roofies into your drink is always a concern but with Edward around, I know I'm safe!

It looks like Edward's going to be a regular old fixture at ML's shows here on out!


  1. SO FUNNY! Love it ^^

  2. So since you guys drag edward every where I feel that you should send him to come live at my house! ahaha i told my mom about these crazy ladies on the internet who had a mini Edward..She said I couldnt get one..:( so maybe if it came in the mail...(with no return address) I could keep it!!! :) hahahaa...PLEASE!! lol

  3. LOL! Sorry Twihard4life but I'm afraid both STY and I have terribly attached to our Edward's and couldn't possibly bear being apart from them.

  4. Thanks you guys.....it looks like I will be heading out tomorrow to purchase my very own Mini Edward...atleast i CAN afford that one more so than the FSE (well, for now-I'm not giving up..I will buy FSE at some point). May I make a reqest for Mini-Edward's Escapades? I'm sure Mini-Edward gets hungry...what, with all the shows he attends and perfumes he poses with....do you think, possibly, you could take him to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn and have him sittin' next to a pizza? I went there for my first time a couple of years ago on vacation to NYC and LOVED IT!!! This would really make my day! Is it possible!?????


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