Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Together at Last!!!

Seeing as how she is my bff, I happen to know that two of Jenny Jerkface's favorite things in the whole wide world are Twilight and Sweet-Tarts*. And now, viola! They have been brought together in some sort of semi-unholy matrimony. If she is extra-super-duper-nice, I might even share [side note: I don't really even like Sweet-Tarts]!

I happened across the lone remaining box of special Twilight-edition Sweethearts when I stopped at Blockbuster on my way home from work today (my heart also went pitter-patter as I walked past the entire shelf of Twilight DVD mock-ups they have made just to taunt me). Although I saw them, left the store without them, and then returned ten minutes later to make the purchase (I have issues with outing my Twitardedness), I probably would have bought more than one box if they had been available. There are supposed to be three different packages out there, after all. But apparently, some like-minded crazy Twitarder came along and bought [almost] the entire case the second they hit the shelf earlier today. Either that or she was an eBay seller; we'll just never know for sure.

Sadly, I don't think any of the hearts read "Say it!", which is a glaring omission imho. I may be forced to draw my own.

*It has been brought to my attention by both JJ and DH that "Sweet-Tarts" and "Sweethearts" are actually two different candies made by two different companies and they have slightly different attributes. My bad. This possibility crossed my mind - fleetingly - but my knowledge of candy is limited mainly to the chocolate sphere. Considering one of the aforementioned people has near-encyclopedic knowledge of all things sugar-based, I should have fact-checked (I won't name names, but one of you would snort Pixie Stix for lunch if you didn't think it would cause a commotion).


  1. Wait, snorting Pixie Stix for lunch is bad? Shit.

  2. Ha, I think I was the one that bought all the SweetTart boxes at the Blockbuster.....well, I could have been had I not found them at Walmart....I could only bring myself to buy EDWARD and THE TWILIGHT CAST boxes...I am not a Bella fan so I left her out of it....however, I find myself, now feeling "empty" because I don't have the "3 of 3" box to complete my TWITARDED collection of candy I will never eat....hmmm, will the boxes be worth anything oneday??? Even if I'm missing The Stew? One can only imagine!


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