Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

To be honest, this day started off very, very badly... I had to be in the office early for an all-day meeting, didn't sleep last night, had woken up with a massive headache, and barely muddled through the office grind. I ended up leaving work pretty late (lots to catch up on post-meeting - grrr...), but couldn't head home right away because I had to do some grocery shopping. Adding insult to injury, driving to Wegmans (gotta shop there, because Wegmans rocks!) takes me in the opposite direction - away from home - and even though it's only a couple of miles the wrong way, it KILLS me to point the car in that direction at the end of a workday.

But thankfully, things did ultimately take a turn for the better! After slogging through the aisles and getting everything on my list (I'm a list kinda gal - if it's not on a list, it doesn't happen) and making my way to the checkout area, somewhere in my foggy brain a light flickered and I remembered that Wegmans has a HUGE selection of magazines. Did I dare to hope?! Clearly the fates had not kind to me thus far, but I decided to give it a shot anyway, hoping against hope that my luck would change as I pushed my cart back into the depths of the store. And lo and behold! There was the April issue of GQ, with R-Patts smirking out from the magazine rack with that "cat who ate the canary" (or is about to!) look on his face. WOO-HOO! And I am still cracking up over the egregious (and ironic, this month) mislabeling on the sign in front of the mag: "Men's Interests" - HA! - not this months, folks! Well, some men, maybe, but that's another story... Regardless, I'll betcha dollars to donuts that this particular issue of the magazine turns the normal demographics of GQ readers on it's ear!

I grabbed two copies - from the back, to make sure they hadn't been pawed over by some other crazy person - and whisked them back up to the cashier. I only handed her one to scan through the register, 'cause I'm all OCD like that and didn't want anyone touching the other one and getting their grimy mitts all over it. But now I've got one for reading - numerous times, perhaps - and then one for laminating, framing, and what have you. Natch.

As an added bonus (and proving that things are really turning around for me, luck-wise!), when I finally made it home and got the mail, I found that even my junk mail was graced with Edward's face! And Bella's too - whatever - can't win em' all, right?

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