Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're Baaaaaack!!!!!

SXSW was sofa king AWESOME!!! And C-R-A-Z-Y! The food, the booze, the bands - it was all just amazing and Edward had a bomb-diggity-shiznit time. And so did I. But, right now, I really need to recover from the hectic week. Edward fared a bit better than I did...

Pssst. If you can't see Edward, look a little closer.

Anyhoo - we have lots of fun pictures and stories that Edward is just dying (well, not really) to share.

More coming later - stay tuned!


  1. How "prom"-y did STY make your house when you got back? Hope your boyfriend's band rocked SXSW and I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to the pics of mini-Edward rocking SXSW.

  2. Hi Heather! I didn't have as much time to put into it as I would have liked (mostly because getting JJ back to her home involved my driving an hour and a half away--and back!--to pick her butt up yesterday), but it was done up enough to make us realize we are both absolutely, positively, completely out of our minds. There was crepe paper, tissue paper, and massive amounts of scotch tape. And posters (please note: that's plural). Glitter was involved (had to have some sparkle!). Pictures to follow (as soon as we decide how much we want other people to know about our deteriorating mental states).

  3. STY, don't hold back on the pics. Even if Rob is reading your blog (and he should because it's WICKED funny) it's not like he doesn't already think you're either a) wicked funny or b) totally insane. Either way, his opinion won't change based on the pics and he should be grateful that so many of us with disposable incomes are fueling his career. Right? Anyway, as I've said before, love the posts and keep the crack coming! :)

  4. @Pillow Biter

    Mommy not a)Jerkface reads this blog and mentioned that I have a potty mouth so I try to tone down the language. Sofa King isn't swearing, right? Right?! :)


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