Friday, June 26, 2009

Calling All Twitards! TwiCrack Addict Needs YOU!

Send out the TwiSignal - TwiCrack Addict needs our help!!! [What would the TwiSignal look like, anyway? A silhouette of Robward's chiseled jawline shining, nay - sparkling! - like a beacon across the night sky?] That's right: one of our most favoritest bloggy friends is officially at wit's end and needs someone (or maybe "someones") to assist in the completely and utterly gratifying task of bringing Twigoodness to the masses. And when I say "masses," I'm being literal: in case you don't spend as much time on TwiCrack's blog as I do, she just topped 1,ooo followers and surpassed three million hits a couple of weeks back (and is now well on her way to four mil - woot!). Go TwiCrack Addict!

But with fame comes a price (just ask RPatts!): understandably, TCA is a tad overwhelmed lately... Who wouldn't be? Even for a self-proclaimed "obsessive compulsive blogger," that's a lot for one person to manage, regardless of how turbo-charged and uber-dedicated a Twi-crack dealer she may be.

In case you missed it, here's her S.O.S. post from earlier this week:

Seeking 'Summer Intern': Looking for My Bloggy Soulmate

Wanted: Yin to my Yang

Anybody addicted to TwiCrack enough to work for free? :-)

After months of solo-blogging, my inbox is totally out of control, my affiliate requests have gone unanswered for *months* (so sorry everybody), and in simple terms, I'm just a mess.

Consequently, I'm looking for a 'Summer Intern' who shares my bloggy philosophy, is funny as Hale, and who may be willing to help me out with updating and maintaining my blog this summer.

So, I'm holding my own 'auditions' for a bloggy-buddy who is willing to commit to helping me out over the next month or so. If you are interested in taking your Twilight obsession to another level and think that you share a complementary vision for blogging, please email me at twicrackaddict [at] with 'Summer Intern' in the subject title!



Here's how I see it: not technically savvy? Don't count yourself out just yet. You can learn how to use Bogger in no time flat. I am living proof. I may not be waving around my "Technotard" card with the same proud fervor that I do my "Twitarded" card, but believe me, I am a member of both clubs. What you CANNOT teach someone is how to be clever, diligent, witty, savvy, intelligent, and dare I say, a little pinch of obsessed might not be a bad thing.

To my point: I've been privy to some fantastic, hysterical, unequivocally brilliant emails from you guys, to say nothing of the snortle-worthy comments you leave on our posts (let's just say that I need to keep a roll of paper towels next to my computer, too - touche). And I think the answer to TwiCrack's prayers is right here at Twitarded.

So what are you gonna do about it?

This is a rare opportunity, folks: I don't think I've ever heard of anyone with a blog as popular as TwiCrack's holding what is essentially an open casting call. So show her what you've got! And between you and me, she's not going to be able to pick someone based on an email that says "Pick MEMEMEMEME!! I LOVE Twilight!!!". In my life outside of the Twiblogosphere, I know a thing or two about putting the right person in the right job. Consequently, I realize it might be tough for her to find the Edward to her Bella, the Cagney to her Lacey, the Calvin to her Hobbs, the Starsky to her Hutch, the Sodom to her Gomorrah...well, you get the idea. But TCA is awesome and she's been a great friend to Twitarded, so let's do this thing!

As perhaps the only Twiblogger without a Twilight Google news alert [although I get the general gist, I don't know squat about Google news alerts], I can't help you stay abreast of breaking news. But let's face it: most of you guys are staying on top of that stuff anyway. So how about putting your hobby into overdrive??? You know you want to...

Here's my advice: find a cool/cute/funny bit of Twilight news and make a faux/mock post out of it. Just to show her you've got the chops for this stuff (and I know you do!). Pick a clever title, include a relevant image, and write a few lines TCA-style. Then send it to with the words "Twitards for TCA" in the subject line.

YOU CAN DO THIS: now go represent. Don't let us down! If TwiCrack imprints on one of you and you make beautiful blog together, I promise I'll reward you with some sort of Twitarded-meets-TwiCrack present!

P.S. Since I am not as diplomatic as TwiCrack, a few helpful hints:

If you are heading off to summer camp next week or maybe need to clear something like this with your parents, maybe wait a few years before throwing your hat in the ring.

If you are physically incapable of writing a sentence without invoking "The Seven Dirty Words," this may not be the gig for you. You don't need to be too clean, but maybe a little cleaner than what passes for acceptable at Twitarded.

Ditto if you don't know the difference between "to" and "too," "your" and "you're," "there" and "their"...well, you get the point.

Now GO! Make us proud!!!


  1. I can't be trusted with that kind of power and I don't think I'm capable of writing posts appropriate for all ages not to mention the fact that I'm super busy playing UNO on Facebook for hours every day.

  2. I already applied but now want to rise to your challenge for it too!
    Thanks ;)

  3. You totally wrote that 'seven dirty words' paragraph for me, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!


    There. I couldn't help myself.


  4. It would be fun and a challenge but I have two kids in overnight camp (one coming home this weekend and the other one who possibly has the Swine Flu. Oh joy!) and a buttload of stuff to do here in general. I also can't get through writing one blog post without offending someone with my vulgarity so that's another reason I wouldn't work out! Good luck to everyone who applies for the job!

  5. If the "7 dirty words" was for you JJ then the one about "to" and "too" "your" and "you're" is so about me. I have a post on my blog about my lack of proper word use, and inability to use proper punctuation. Don't even get me started on spelling. English class was my Ambien.

  6. If you help TCA by asking for someone to help with her blog, she should help you by asking her followers to vote for you on the funniest blog awards.

    I vote twice a day since the rules are that you can only vote once per day per e-mail. I have 2 e-mails, one for work & one at home.

  7. MsFergie - TCA did ask her blog readers (I am one of them) to vote.

  8. Sorry, I'm too Twitarded. I just wouldn't be able to trust my mouth. I just think and my fingers just type it and friggin Shazam! She'd fire me in a day. haha

    But I wish her good luck as she is bloody brill!

  9. There is a part of me that would so love to apply for this but it would mean certain doom for my marriage and Child Protective Services visits regarding my parental fitness. I can barely keep it all together just commenting on these blogs. I know TCA will find a goody. So very kind of you JJ and STY to do your part recruiting for her.

  10. Man! I wish I could apply!
    I'm am quickly learning impending surgeries ruin everything.
    Perhaps another day...


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