Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Check Out Twilight Parents Examiner!

Now, just because we don't have little partial DNA replicas of ourselves running around doesn't mean we can't support those who do! Especially if those parents are fans of Twilight because, well, that just makes them kick-ass parents in our book.We know that once you discovered Twilight you fed your kids cereal three times a day, dragged your two-year-old to Hot Topic the day the DVD was released, let little Johnny play video games for eight hours straight so you could have some alone-time with Robward, and now only cheer absentmindedly from the sidelines of Morgan's soccer games because you are busy reading Twilight for the seventeenth time, but at least you're in good company. The best company there is, in fact!

Regardless of whether you've spawned or not, you definitely need to hop over to Twilight Moonlighter/Pillow Biter's new gig at the Examiner, where she gives a really great interview with Gil Birmingham, who plays Billy Black in the series (Meh, like you all didn't know that!).

So go check it out and mark PB's new digs. As soon as we figure out how to get her RSS feed (what the fuck is that, again?) on our site we will... (or you can find her under our Twi-links list!)


  1. Wow- for not having kids, you have a pretty good explanation for what Twilight does for parents! lol

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Dead on description, I agree with PB. :)
    Who is for the win and has a wonderful new page. I heart the interview with Gil.

    Thanks for the heads up and looking out for us Twi-Moms.

  3. JJ:

    Confession time: This very day, as my four-year-old son and I were strolling the aisles of the mall, my eyes just happened to wander in the direction of (okay, surreptitiously whipped toward the entrance of) Hot Topic—a store which, needless to say, I have never actually entered.

    Until now.

    For there was a new (hmm, how does Mrs. R know it is "new," if she never deigns to peer into the clearly teen-centric Hot Topic?) display of New Moon merchandise!

    And, I admit, with little Master Robinsane trotting along beside me, and for just a few moments (long enough to assess the offerings, but not to purchase any), we boldly entered the store—all the while, Mrs. R expecting to be repelled at the door by some unseen, age-detecting, disapproving force, like a dog violating its Invisible Fence....

  4. I heart PB and all her Twilight accomplishments. Yay! And, yes, spot on, with the description of being a Twilight obsessed mother. Some might say it is a bit sad but I see it as teaching them a little independence...prepping them for real life when I won't be there to prepare them hot meals, do their laundry, and wipe their tears....self sufficiency goes a long way kids!

  5. Some mom at my kids school brought Breaking Dawn to the awards assembly last week. It was sad only because I could tell which part of the story she was in just by seeing how much was left. I'm pretty sure she totally missed her daughters award. Can't say I blame her...

  6. As I have previously commented... my 6yr old is irrevocably damaged.


    He got a little too excited when I received my Edward and Bella "action figures" in the mail.

    He really shouldn't be able to say almost ALL the lines from the movie as they happen...

    He shouldn't help feed my addiction for all things Twilight...

    I will die a slow death and end up in hell for this.

    I must find a way to make this right.

  7. Hey you know sometimes it works the other way around. My 11 & 9 year old daughters are the ones that got me into Twilight. My 9 year begged me for like a week to watch the pirated version of Twilight on the computer (Hey! It was before the DVD came out)I finally did and LOVED it. I then ran out and bought all the books and you know the rest is history. So thanks to my girls for sharing!

  8. So, yeah, Twilight has consumed my life. My daughter is almost 2 and I am saving all the books and movies for her, so she can enjoy it as much as I. She will have to get her own action figure though. Some things you just cant share...speaking of where did she go...I havent seen her for awhile...damn blogs!


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