Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contest Update & Cool New Prizes!

(We shared some of your contest emails with Rob. Hope you don't mind!)

We asked you to tell us how your life has changed since you discovered Twilight, and you have NOT disappointed! In fact, JJ and I have been overwhelmed with your awesome "Ways Twilight Has Changed Your Life" feedback. In a good way. A very, very good way! Although I've come to the realization that this is what I'll be devoting my entire weekend to, I don't even mind one little bit. Every time I read one of your emails I wind up with a HUUUGE smile on my face. Or spewing beverages all over the place (you'd thing we would ALL know better by now, but we don't, either). You guys are THAT good. And I can't wait to get this list back out to you all!

But enough about you... : )

I am thrilled to announce that one of our fave commenters and readers, Deb aka Red Bella of Wood Haven Creations, has generously offered to contribute two custom-designed one-of-a-kind Twitarded t-shirts to the prize pool!!! JJ and I are suddenly extremely jealous that we can't in all good faith really enter our own contest (although we're making up the rules as we go along, so I suppose we could if we wanted to, but that would be pretty shitty of us). Er, we'll work something out with Red Bella for ourselves...

Anyway, two winners who are willing to shamelessly proclaim their Twitardedness will get to help design the finished product. Not comfy with the idea of emblazoning your chest with "Twitarded" AND our grinning vampy faces? It's ok - we won't be insulted. Much. Maybe a more stealth graphic-only design showing our logo only would be more to your liking? No problem! Red Bella de-stresses by custom-embroidering stuff and has the design and tech chops to make something gorgeous that you'll be proud to wear (and maybe will let JJ and I borrow every once in a while?). Once the winners are chosen and the prizes are selected, we'll figure out the details.

Thanks again, Red Bella Deb, for the great contribution to the contest prize pool!

And since I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy about this contest, I think I am going to give away all of the items I described in the contest post so that more people win something. If I could give everyone a prize, I would!

Haven't entered the contest yet??? What in the blazes are you waiting for?! Go read the details here (or just scroll down). You have until midnight Friday to get in on the action - good luck!


  1. i freaking love your blog everytime i read, i get milk coming out my nose! keep the twitardedness coming! :)

  2. Pish posh, STY. Why on earth WOULDN'T someone want our lovely vampy faces all over their chests?

    Huh. That sounds bad, doesn't it?

    I've read more than a few of your submissions and you guys are fucking great. And funny. And there were some really bittersweet, poignant ones, too. We can't wait to read every single one.

    And I'd read more but STY keeps hogging that email account. What a jizz chomper...

  3. JJ - I noticed you enjoy using "jizz" in combination with lots of other words.... you know, there are more words in that beloved book.... twat wipe. Sounds like some kind of feminine hygiene product! :)

    PS - I would totally wear a Twitarded t-shirt! I asked my husband to look up to see if TWITRD was available as a license plate and he asked me what the hell Twit Rd meant?? What a douche donkey!

  4. @Latchkey Wife - Hardy har, lol. I know there are other words in that book... anus monster. LOL!

    Oh, sigh. It never gets old, does it?

  5. I would totally wear your lovely vamp face logo proudly across my rather busty chest! I so want the t-shirt prize! Red Bella that is mighty kind of you to offer the t-shirt offer!

  6. Well being a Candian (eh!) puts me out...(ohh that sounds a little sumtty!) but I would proudly wear your faces on my mole hills :D

  7. @track 10 - thanks to a gentle prod from Red Bella, Canadians are welcome to enter the contest, so tell us what you've got!

    : )

  8. Track 10 (Take Off You Hoser)

    The T-shirts will be shipped out from Canada to the lucky winners... Can't wait to start working on this!
    (Coo Roo coo coo coo coo coo coo)

    Oh I just had a nasty idea for Sty and Snarker Than You...... Hmmm Edward panties.... Evil Smirk... Wrings Hands.. How to go about this...


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