Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jenny Jerkface Retires from Rob Pattinson Set Lurking

As we all know, my feeble attempts at set stalking were thwarted yesterday and I've decided I'm hanging up my 'fangirl' hat for the time being because it's quite clear that I will never, ever be a good paparazzi.

Plus the new film location is just too fucking far from my office. Lazy, remember? And there is the little matter of Snarkier Than You and I coming to the realization this morning as we were debating "to stalk or not to stalk" in the the next week that we were heading into the category of "fire-able offenses," job-wise. Despite the appeal of potentially having a LOT more free time for stalking/blogging/Twilight-in-general, we both kind of need to do what we can to remain employed if at all possible.

However, one of our lovely readers, Faithisobelle, had MUCH better luck at snapping a few candids of RPattz and was kind enough to send them to us. She took some really awesome pictures of his leading lady but... well, STY and I are bitches and we don't care about her. That's just how we roll.

So, for now, anyway, these will be the last 'set' pictures we put up here at Twitarded. We're thinking we need to get back to our roots and just start cursing everybody out again.

In the meantime, enjoy!!

And thanks again, Faithisobelle!!! These pictures are fantastic. We are giving you great big virtual high fives!! Or ass slaps, if you're into that...


  1. Thank you Faithisobelle, for your diligence and sacrifice. I am sure being around those Muff Sluts was not easy, but you took one for the team. And for that I thank yea.

    STY & JJ - I like the way you roll. ;)

  2. Yes. Roots are good. Ass slaps are even better. (not that I'm into that sort of

    Break out the expletive flip book and continue on with your plans for world domination! Oh happy day. =D

  3. Goodby SetStalker´s :-) Having a job doesn´t hurt most of the times and 10 blocks (?) is really a way too much.! *wink*
    Anyway, thanks for a set report which was different from all the others out there in the net.

    But, where the heck is Mini-E ??? I miss him, really!
    Hope you have not left him in your bag ?

  4. Is it wrong that I just want to pluck his eyebrows?

  5. Faithisobelle did a great job with pics!! Better than I did and I'm glad we got end that on a good note.

    @girlinLA - Nope. I think the same thing. A lot... :)

  6. Good, because I'm 44 and if I think about sexy times with Rob P. or Taylor L. it makes me feel dirty in a Mary Kay Letourneau kinda way.

    Oh, and you guys are fuckin' hilarious.

  7. @GirlinLA - Every time someone leaves a comment about how hot Taylor L. is I hold my breath, waiting for 'To Catch a Predator' to come breaking down my door. So I know how you feel, LOL.

    And STY and I were trying to come up with a plausible reason as to why we would want to go to RPattz's hotel without it sounding bad to our significant others. I suggested 'research' but I suspect that's still not going to fly...

    I also feel like I should forwarn ML that one of these days I may or may not end up calling him 'Edward' 'Rob' or some combination of the two. It just seems inevitable at this point and I'd rather get it out of the way now than when we're in the middle of stuff...

  8. "She took some really awesome pictures of his leading lady but... well, STY and I are bitches and we don't care about her. That's just how we roll."
    shit JJ - Thanks for the laugh - I so fuckin needed it. And 10 blocks, in the city, is half a mile. no one walks that far for their lunch or the train. 'nuf said.

  9. I've missed the "cursing people out" anyway. Plus, we can't have you two getting fired 'cause who knows...internet might be the first thing you'd cut in the budget.

    Seen one leading lady you've seen 'em all...I like how you bitches roll!!

  10. While I'll sort of miss your set stalking adventures, I do miss the good ol' fashioned cursing people out posts. And I'm in agreement... is it just me or did those dildo puffers who attacked RP just completely take the wind out of your sails?

    And yes, ladies, I have issues with the eyebrows too! I want to pluck, but not obvious plucking like in Twilight. They can't be too perfect... he's a dude for Christ's sake! I am available should he need me for help with any manscaping! (And now I've just grossed myself out - I wouldn't even do that shit for my own husband!)

    @JJ - Totally know the feeling about To Catch a Predator... the whole time I was writing my post about Jacob's Little Johnson, I was expecting Chris Hansen (the host) to be knocking on my door!

  11. @ Aunt B - Nah. I'd sell all of ML's shit first. I think I would go crazy without internet... LOL

  12. You and STY have taken the high road, JJ and I applaud you! Thanks to Faithisobelle as well for the photos, and an extra BIG thank you JJ for leaving out the pics of whats-her-name. No need to bring down the whole vibe here with that :)

    On with the cursing out, ladies!!

  13. JJ - you kept your promise to us all, you said you would go and check out the set if at all possible and you did and we lurrvv you for it :) Cheers very much!

    I actually felt sorry for the leading lady. She would probably be able to strip naked and shout "look at me" and no one would bat an eyelid. Poor cow!

    Sorry but I don't know how that streak of piss bodyguard is going to be able to keep any bitch in heat away?!? Maybe his nose does a mean karate chop or something?

    Yes, we must all remain employed. I must admit I was logging on way more than normal.. Ssshhh..

    Whoo hoo! Onward and upward with the cursing - About fucking time! haha :)

  14. phew! what a long day at work!

    aaaaanyho's... it was pretty funny being there. i mean... i was surrounded by girls in their teens and very early 20's so i kinda felt like a grandma, haha. we were all very well behaved and i was very proud of my "grandchildren's" behavior.

    ok ok jj... rant away! i always love a good tourette's! cant wait to see more of miniE. u always crack me up!

  15. idk bout u guys, but as much as i LOVE a good Rob pic, im not digging ( ok i like but not as much) the pics of him with the make up that looks liek he got his ass handed to him.........

    if ne1 is gonna be beatin him ass, id perfer it be me, lol,

  16. @JJ-I'll miss your set stalking banter with STY:(

    @Faithisobelle-Yay you!! And I'm slapping your ass, eff the high five;) You lucky, lucky girl!

    @Latchkey Wife--dildo puffers! I think I heart you:) As for the manscaping, I'd be all over that shit. All.Over. NO embarrassment whatsoever. For the record, I'd tap that ass;) Just sayin...

  17. STY and I are bitches and we don't care about her. That's just how we roll. LMAO!! Good to know I am not the only one that scans past the people I don't care to see either!

  18. @ AJ and JJ ... one can always appreciate a good ass slap! HA!


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