Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kat Von D's...Twilight Tattoo???

In one of my lame recent attempts to read something non-Twilight related, I was flipping through a copy of Entertainment Weekly and came across an interview with Kat Von D, who has a new book out called High Voltage Tattoo. I was kind of spacing out staring at the picture [did I mention it wasn't about Twilight? Ergo, attention span = near zero] and all the tattoos she has and thinking about how I would kill for her eyebrow when suddenly my Twidar started going bonkers. "Stupid Twidar..." I said to myself, "you must be broken! That's not Twilight-related - that's Kat Von D!" But it was insistent and it has a perfect track record of spotting all-things-Twilight-related the past (like here!), so I took a closer look. And that's when I noticed the tiiiiny apple tattoo on her thumb (right below the tiiiiny tattoo that says "FUCK".
See it???
How 'bout now???
Got it???
Align CenterOK - how about right-side up and reeeeaaally close-up? THERE! See it?!

Is this possible??? Does Kat Von D love Twilight? Hate it? Did she run out and get an apple tattoo when she read Twilight and fell madly in love with it like the rest of us and then tattoo "FUCK" above it in a fit of rage when she finished Breaking Dawn???

Sadly, we may never know... I did a lot of random Googling in an effort to find out if she had ever expressed her opinion on Twilight one way or another, and while I found a LOT of other... "colorful" bits of information, I couldn't find anything to substantiate my "Kat Von D loves Twilight!" theory. Maybe she just had a really good apple one day and wanted to commemorate the moment. And then she had a really bad apple, thus the "FUCK"? I could go a lot further with this line of thought but it's probably better that I don't... I only watch her show every once in a while but she strikes me as someone I don't want to piss off if I an help it.

P.S. When I called JJ this morning after she texted me to ask "How much tit is acceptable 4 dentist office?" [we agreed that not potentially distracting the dentist while he was working was a good idea lest she come away from her root canal with a bonus nipple-piercing, if you are wondering... and also that if she has to ask me, she's probably baring too much boobage.] and I told her that I was going to write something tattoo-related, the first words out of her mouth were "Is this something that might require me to get another tattoo??? Because I'll do it! Just say the word!" Um, if I somehow end up being the impetus for JJ's next tattoo, I think "ML" is going to find a way to separate us. And if you want to know why I already call JJ's last tattoo "my tattoo," you can find out by reading "Edward Gets a Twilight Tattoo!"

P.S. @Kat Von D - You are probably rollin' in money. Get those man-hands a manicure, STAT!

P.P.S. On closer inspection, I think there is actually a tiiiiny "U" in between the "FUCK" and the apple tat - man, she must have been pissed when she got through Breaking Dawn!

Oh - and I know you ladies (((coughwhore-flapscough))) who read Twitarded regularly know to take this with a grain of salt, but for everyone else, Yes, I'm aware that if Kat Von D was going to ink something Twilight-related on her bad self that it probably wouldn't be a little ol' apple that doesn't really look like the Twilight apple. I'm betting that she would get a spot-on portrait of the ENTIRE Cullen clan instead. Somewhere naughty.


  1. Funny you should say that... I was thinking of getting Edward's face tattooed... hmmmm upper, inside thigh area - he'll be the pussy protector! Wonder what my husband would think of that while he was down there?

  2. I actually did get a tattoo! I got an apple on my wrist!

  3. Wonder what SM thought of when she used the hand holding the apple? Is that supposed to represent temptation? Love the apple tatoo (to all who got one, hmm makes me want one). Hey, how many children do you think this year will be named Edward or Bella?

  4. Wow, an apple tattoo would be awesome!! This was a great blog today. I am picturing this: A bunch of 30-ish women (I'm trying to accept that I'll be 30 by the time November comes around) jockeying in line for a place to see Twilight at the midnight showing? Man, Edward Cullen....uuuuhhhhhh....

  5. Oh I am so very very happy to be here right this very moment. *tear* *deep sign* (dramatics over with.)

    @Latchkey Wife - Holy crap, "the pussy protector!" Holy crap!!! Who's he protecting the pussy from? Just wondering. Like does he jump out and give the evil, Pattinson growl? Cause that's just wonderful and problematic. But hey, it would keep your husband in line.

    @Susie - Suppa cute for, sure!

    @Honolulu Girl - I looked that up. Isabella was really popular last year (like number four or something) but Edward not so much. Yep, I'm a DORK! lol

    @Randomly G-Licious - I just turned 30 this year, I'll be honest, hands down my favorite age EVER! Use to be 19. Boy, how I loved being 19! But now, 30 is feeling and looking pretty damn great. Oh and no matter what, a midnight showing is BEAUTIFULLY annoying.

    @STY - Oh how I missed you today. I made this count. Can ya tell? GREAT post as always. Love from your Twitarded minion.

  6. STY and JJ, just read your interview over at TVA! You are big time now! Yip!! Oh, and has anyone seen that pic of Taycob over at Twilight Sagapalooza? I looked at it and now I'm sure the po-po are on their way any minute to lock me up!!

  7. Are you sure that's not a cherry tomato?!?

  8. Actually JJ and I are going to get matching mini-Edward tramp-stamps. Just because. Although the inner thigh area would be funny, too... Hmmm... So many Twilight tattoos, so little time! But seriously, I think DH would have a heart attack if I got something Twilight-related inked on me. Although I am going to try to fake him out at some point with that faux-tat paper you cah buy at craft stores - lol! And one time I wrote Be Safe on my inner wrist in Sharpie, but I was having a bit of a moment that night.
    : )

  9. I love Kat Von D's tattoos and I wish I had the courage to embrace my twi-tardedness wholeheartedly and just get the twittoo that I have been wanting for almost a year. However, unlike Mr. Latchkey Wife, my hubster WOULD NOT appreciate seeing all the twi-hunks in their inky glory anywhere on my body.

    PS - @Darcy K - thanks for the heads up about the Twitarded interview on The Volturi Approves.

    @STY & JJ - You guys are BIG TIME now!!! Suppa-awesome!

  10. Maybe a "Find the Will" tatt above the koochie would be cool?!? haha

    Very cool interview :)

    JJ - hope your tooth is better.

  11. Hmm...maybe she's a closet Twitard?

    It could happen.

    Oooh, what if she was a closet fanfic Twitard?!

    If so, that would be saaweet! =]

    Your blog brings me happy times. And word verification of the day "ploggyno"<--WTF?!

  12. Pussy Protector?! HA! I'm pretty sure ML would murder me if I got an Edward tat anywhere near my lady bits. Or anywhere at all, for that matter. He looked alarmed when I mentioned that STY was doing a tattoo post. The poor guy somehow thinks I'm done getting ink. Sadly, he's mistaken.

    Thanks all for the congrats!!

    @Limey_1996 - My tooth is good! Root canals, on the other hand, are not. LOL!

  13. I've been considering getting a twilight related tramp stamp, not sure if hubby would approve but don't really care either... My body..

  14. @ JJ - whenever I hear the words Root Canal I'm reminded of Dudley Moore in the movie "10" - Friggin hilarious!

    Maybe have a glass or two of that Dick Creek Whiskey you have stashed away would help numb the pain?!

    I wish you a painfree time :)

  15. How about getting the Cullen Crest as a tattoo? Seriously, who but us Twitards would ever know what that was all about?? You may have to actually leave the "Cullen" off just to make it more inconspicuous... Hmmmm now my wheels are turning!

  16. Why would she write "FUCK" above the apple, though? Maybe she's a hesitant fan? Doesn't like the fact that Edward sparkles? Or that Jacob sometimes coughs up hairballs? And why would she make the tat so damn small? She has to be a closet fan. Otherwise she'd proclaim "FUCK TWILIGHT" loud and proud.

    Let me also commend you on your incredible eyesight!!! :) I would have never caught that tiny tattoo in the midst of all her other tats.

  17. P.S.) Do you think Movie-Edward would mind if I got a tattoo of Jacksper? Sans fauxhawk, but of course.

  18. @ Latchkey Holy Hell...pussy protector, best thing I have heard all day.
    You could also have his face about your vagine and have it say pussy magnet...that might confuse and excite your husband at the same time!

  19. ... or maybe, she hates Macs.

    Random, you know that guy who had Robert's signature tattooed on him? I thought he was NUTS. But then I was at this concert and a fan showed me her Matt Nathanson autographed tattoo she had done the same day he signed her. I'm a huge fan and we just met him at the show... it didn't seem crazy afterall. So, if I ever have the luck to meet RP, he can write all over me and you know... ;)

    btw, you all make me SMILE.

  20. kat has said that her apple tattoo was the result of a random drunken whim. her friend tattooed "fuck u" on her thumb.
    totally not twilight related

  21. Agreeing with what the anon above me said.
    That tattoo has about as much to do with the Twilight books as a potato does.
    Now, I know what it feels like to associate your obsession (in my case, zombies) with damn near everything you can. It's an easy trap to fall into. But you have to remember that just because something looks related to your obsession doesn't always mean it is.

  22. @Anon and @Rennid_nezorf - Um, we know it's not related, promise. The whole thing was kind of tongue-in-cheeky.

    Trust me, folks, we make fun of ourselves way more than you do. :)

  23. Are you sure that's not a cherry tomato?!?

  24. Funny you should say that... I was thinking of getting Edward's face tattooed... hmmmm upper, inside thigh area - he'll be the pussy protector! Wonder what my husband would think of that while he was down there?


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