Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mrs. Peacock Goes to Forks?! It's Twilight Clue!

We know you're likely still sleeping off all the celebrating you did yesterday (boy, that Edward can drink like a fish!), but in honor of our beloved Edward Cullen's birthday, Anna over at Peace. Love. Twilight! worked her fingers to the bone putting together a game of online Clue, Twilight-style.

You can find the how-to-play details at her site - click above or the link at right to get the skinny. My Twidey-sense tells me that this is going to be huge! Just check out the prizes that will be awarded: she's managed to put together a veritable treasure-chest of tantalizing Twilight-related loot.

1st place:
-one ticket to Bobby Long's concert in Dallas (courtesy of the Twilight Examiner)
-a Bella charm bracelet (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-a Betti Gefecht maxi CD (two songs, including her popular "One Wolf/Jacob's Song" (courtesy of Betti Gefecht)
-a Twilight necklace (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-Your opportunity to star in the popular fan fiction, "Edge of Night" (courtesy of Twilight Continues)
-a Twilight keychain (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-a $25 Cafe Press gift card (courtesy of Twitarded)
-a clock or mug of your choice from the Twilight Lexicon shop (courtesy of the Lexicon)

Even the 2nd place winner makes out pretty damn good, and the 3rd place winner isn't walking away empty-handed, either, so get crackin', people!

I should probably go and figure out if I can actually participate, because I did donate a prize ('cause I'm a team player like that) and honestly I want the $25 Cafe Press gift card in addition to all the other great loot that is in the 1st Prize package. And I want it bad. Looks like it's going to be another very unproductive week at the office! Well, at least I am consistent...

Contests?! I love contests! Tell me more!


  1. Heh, heh. Guess I know what I'm doing all day tomorrow...

  2. Do you guys know what's going on with this? there was nothing posted at PLT last night...


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