Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remember Me Set... Sans Rob Pattinson.

Yeah, I know. B-O-R-I-N-G. I was bored, too. Now you can share with me! Early yesterday there weren't all that many people milling around, but that sure wasn't the case today:

Looks like they figured out how to keep the cows from stampeding...


squee? hello?

He's in there! Hiding! I would be, too, if I was him...

But still... Anyone have some x-ray goggles I can borrow for a sec? Anyone???

RPattz's umbrella. And some dumb twat's hand.

Oooh, his umbrella again! (Squint, dammit!) Oh, and another dumb twat's hand.

Hey are those the chicks from yesterday?! GET THEM!!! [jk...]

Is he in there? Is he in there? Is he in there? I have no clue...

NOW he's in there...

And there you have it, folks! Wasn't that exciting?! Now STY and I have to get back to work because we seriously have not done a damn thing work-wise yet this week and our bosses are starting to think that maybe we should find a way to make blogging our livelihoods. Or they would if they knew about the blog and had any idea how much time we spend doing this and not working.


  1. Um, JJ...

    I don't see your MINI E in any of those photos!

    *disappointed sigh*

    Girl, you could have used the magic of distorted perspective, and placed Mini E atop RP's hallowed trailer, like Emmett jumping into the back of Bella's speeding truck!

    Now, Mrs. R knows that filming will continue in NYC for quite some time...so please come through for us! Please! It's a heady responsibility you've undertaken.... ;P

  2. I have to admit I considered it. He was in my bag. But I was honestly concerned that it might end up causing some sort of debacle or scene. I just had this mental picture of the fangirls either all wanting their photo taken or... trying to take OME from me! LOL!

  3. One of those dumb twats hands might've grabbed mini-E and then JJ woulda gone all Jersey on them!! LOL *sigh* I REALLY want one of them cussin books y'all have...

    Props to you though for braving the cluster fuck that is that film shoot. Those assfaced crazy douche bag fangirls almost make me embarassed to be a fan. Almost...but then I remember that I'm a "normal" Twitard and feel better.

  4. By the way, JJ and STY:

    Mini E needs to ingratiate himself with the rotund, quasi-bald gentleman (wearing a green shirt today—also appearing, ineffectually, in yesterday's fiasco of a video). He seems to be the gatekeeper—the impotent doppelganger to RP's hands-on, bear-hugging bodyguard from Cannes.

    P.S. Love you ladies!

  5. Oh JJ!

    Jesus—now even MINI E needs a BODYGUARD??!!

  6. Right Mini-E is missing, but i love love love the pics.
    Even if we cannot see him, i´m so happy you share all those pics with us!

    Damn, how crowded this place looks!! 90% girls, i guess.... ? Don´t they have school or something?
    I just assume that most of them are underage, because the JJ´s, STY´s and Twitarded would stand over the road. ;-)

  7. i gots some pics for you jj! where should i emai???

  8. JJ at first I too was highly disappointed that you didn't take a pic of Mr. Cullen on set. But I COMPLETELY agree. One of those Ass Hats would TOTALLY go all stupid on you. And God forbid they find out you are a Twitard Blogging fool. *shivers* Who knows, people like that are unstable (consults AJ's word of the day list) Rectum Monkeys and can NOT be trusted.

    P to the S: The thought of little mini Bodyguards is making me giggle. Oh how I wish such a thing were true!

  9. oh and i was trying to use twitter from my phone but im too retarded for that lil gadget! couldnt find a way to tweet on your page! ~sigh~

  10. @cuteangiek - Rectum Monkeys is the coolest freakin word I've heard all day!! LMAO

    JJ/STY - y'all should have a word of the day. Bust out the book of awesomeness, use it in a sentence and those of us w/out the book of awesomeness will have a new insult everyday!!

  11. JJ I'm sure I've got a pair x-ray goggles stashed away somewhere around here! Mini E having a bodyguard.....hahaha.

  12. Mini E needs a body guard... Ha Ha Ha... No wounder with all the crazies hanging about one of them might grab him and run off with him...
    I wounder if those chicks are in hiding now after their dumbfuck escapade. I bet that there are a lot of fan girls/women that will probably kick their colective ass on sight for what they did...

  13. Wha, wha.. oh I'm awake... sorry, those boring set pictures put me to sleep for a sec. No, no, just kidding... I love that you trudged back to the set today for the good of Twitards everywhere, even if RP was nowhere to be seen (without x-ray vision goggles, that is.) I can't believe that fucking crowd! How does he concentrate with all those people around? I think he may be in desperate need of a lap dance tonight... and oddly enough, I think I'm free. Gotta go... bye!

  14. Mini bodyguards, indeed! LOL. I do have to say that when I was there, everyone seemed on to be on good behavior. But I wasn't pushin' it. I saw those pictures! There was no way in hell I was going to attract any attention to myself.

  15. Even I have to admit that I didn't give JJ any shit for not whipping out mini-E, and I threatened her yesterday with all sorts of terrible things should she not toss her dignity in the gutter and get those pics I wanted - lol... No point in taking any chances that all those rabid fans would try to have their way with him - he might look tough but he's really a delicate flower (like RPattz - hehe!) and would fall to pieces - quite literally - if people got all gropey on his little tiny ass.

    Crazy fangirls ruin everything! I refuse to even call them "fans" anymore. Self absorbed cock wrinkles...

  16. is he filming tomorrow?

  17. @imprint90 - I don't think anyone knows. I didn't see any permits up when I was there so... it's close enough that I can hop down there on my lunch break and check it out but, honestly, I doubt anyone will be there.

  18. @Aunt Bee - I get a word of the day emailed to me daily. [That sentence was EXTREMELY redundant.] Anyway, it definitely sets a good tone to the day. And gives me something creative to call the umm... (goes back to list) Nut Slammers and Schlong Gobbler of this world. I thank God for AJ and her wonderful book daily. :)

    Ya know, I bet that book would come up with a great name for those so called "fans" STY!

  19. How about this name for the crazy arse fans:

    "Estrogeon Ebola's"


  20. I just wanted to say thanks for trying!! YOu rock my socks JJ - we dirty jerzey-ites have to stcik together. lol

  21. @JJ you can't risk mini E's life. It's just not worth it. Maybe you could get a little mini umbrella for mini E to hide under till you find the right photo op?

  22. Sorry just had to blurt that name out between the kids homework!

    I'm glad you didn't whip out Mini Edward saying "say hello to my little friend". haha
    I could just imagine all kinds of ensuing mayhem with all the silly little cows there... Then the Twitarded Posse (mini-vans filled with soccer mums) would have to get involved but Tony Soprano would be very impressed.

    I still think its way cool that you are checking the set out even if you didn't get to see RPAttz, he might have seen you though, you just never know...

    Sorry to say but I think the crowds are going to get worse because this week is pretty much the last week of school before summer.. So JJ lookout! Flak jacket might be in order that and metal knickers. I was going to take a day off and come in but I don't think I could handle screaming teens on my day off. Then there is always one that faints and they always do it by me!! Frig knows why but they just do, maybe it's my mission in life. So then I would feel compelled to help and then she'd probably puke over me and I would have to knock her the hell out for ruining my Chucks! So I've pretty much talked myself out of going.. maybe towards the end of filming though..

    God, don't I go on... Sorry shutting up now!

  23. JJ:

    I just had the BEST idea for protecting Mini E (and if I still lived in NYC, my son and I would be there for the assist):

    My son has a totally bad-ass Wolverine action figure—which, at approximately 12", would tower menacingly over Mini E—complete with slashing arm action, retractable claws, and intimidating recorded catch-phrases.

    Wolverine could be Mini E's bodyguard!

    Just picture him pulverizing that crowd of Bratz and Barbies!!

    And don't you see the perfect symmetry? Hugh Jackman's plastic surrogate, protecting Rob Pattinson's plastic surrogate!

    The cosmos, aligned!

    If only you could make it happen, the resultant photo essay would be the stuff of legends....

  24. I am so glad you didn't whip out Mini E....those whore flaps might have mauled him like Robward yesterday. Seriously, psychos like that give us REAL Twitards a bad rap. I am praying that no media outlet interviews them or something like that - extending their 15 minutes of infamy.

    JJ, so exciting you got to be a little part of it - tastefully done, my friend! Tastefully done!

    also, @Mrs. R - when I read your comment saying "cosmos aligned!" I took it to mean, "situation solved, now *holds up martini glass* Cheers!" Thus, aligning your Cosmo for a celebratory CLINK! Ah....anyway :) I do like the idea of one Sexiest Man Alive protecting another soon-to-be Sexiest Man Alive - albeit in plastic!

  25. PS -Rectum monkeys, cock wrinkles, Nut Slammers and Schlong Gobblers? THESE are all of the many reasons I love you guys! Not only are you the best, but so are your readers! (hee hee...I just used rectum, cock, nut, and schlong ALL in one sentence... hee hee)

  26. @JJ-you are such a brave soul all for the sake of your fellow Tards:) You rock!

    DO NOT forget from this day forward...No period panty wearing days as long as you are in this close proximity with Rob! K?

    @Cutie--I heart you so. How dare I leave you hanging this long without your Word of the Day...Muff Skank. Which btw is precisely what those psycho bitches hanging all over Rob will be called from now on. MUFF SKANKS! There I feel better now;)
    Tomorrow's WOTD won't cum so late!

  27. @Cutie--forgot to say "dick beaters" is the best BY FAR. Thank you Mr.Cutie:):):)

  28. LOL

    @Limey 1996 & AJ - Estrogeon Ebolas and Muff Skank. LOL It's a two for kind of day.

    Better to come later then never, lovely. ;)

  29. I would like to know what the hell that fangirl is doing whipping around her hair. Does she think she'll catch RP's eye when he steps out of his trailer? Good news, gals, you crazies ruined it for the rest of us and he may never want to go out in public again!!!!

    I thank you for your restraint and normalcy (is that how you spell it?) today, JJ. You represent us well :)

  30. Anne:

    I was also referring to RP's little real-life bromance with Hugh; they could go out to sing karaoke again, after JJ exits the Remember Me set!

  31. Crappers that is a lot of peeps! Thank you for going down and try to get something for us! Kudos for the attempt at least!

  32. i gots some pics for you jj! where should i emai???


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