Monday, July 20, 2009

Twitarded Confessional: Twilight Brings Siblings Together!

I don't come from the most close-knit of families. I love my older sibling--Sister Snarky--like nobody's business, but we've never spent a lot of time together as adults [you may remember how after much effort I finally managed to turn her to the Sparkly Twi-Dark-Side a few months ago]. We were pretty tight as tots:

Of COURSE she looks annoyed: I have a bottle AND an ice pop and she has a cup of water and bowl of ravioli or something... Yup, Mom & Dad liked me better...

And somehow we BOTH survived "The Playpen of Death" - I think this thing was actually made out of chicken wire and this pic was taken about three seconds before my HUGE big sis flipped the whole thing over... She made me get stitches more times than I can count but I broke her collar-bone riding her around the living room like a pony so we're even, right?

JJ swears I still make this exact same face...

It was the seventies, people - we were workin' it! I think we are holding new furry stuffed animals of some sort...

This was taken in the pilot's cabin on the monorail at Disneyworld! Life was good.

However, she was older and cooler and at some point didn't want me following her around; I was the doting younger sibling who spent most of her time doing her bidding under threat of "I'll hate you if you don't." While we've enjoyed each other's company as adults, we've never spent an inordinate amount of time together. Random inexplicable exception: week-long Bahamas get-away circa the mid-nineties [note to Sister Snarky: if I was a little cranky it's because I was having a nicotine fit the entire time we were there because I didn't want you to know I smoked]:

She's still skinnier; I still have bigger boobs.

Admittedly, I am a lame aunt to her two awesome kids. And I feel pretty bad about it. But then I remember stuff like how she and her friend (who were supposed to be babysitting) would make lunch for me and the other kids and would write stuff on the underside of our paper plates that we weren't allowed to read until we had completely finished out sandwiches and mine would inevitably say "Your sandwich had a fly in it" or have instructions for doing bust-increasing exercises [flail arms around in wild circles while chanting "you must! you must! you must increase your bust!" anyone else remember that? no? moving on...] and I don't feel quite as terrible. Admittedly still kinda guilty, though...

But Twilight has brought my sister and I together in a way that makes me get all teary in a good kinda way... I think I have talked to her more in the past four months than I have in the last four years. She hasn't managed to convert any of her friends (yet - but I'm counting on you to preach to the masses, Sister Snarky), so basically she only has me to share her new-found obsession with - mwahahahaha! And I love her all the more for it...

A few random-yet-priceless Sister Snarky blurbs:

On watching Twilight with her 12-year-old niece:

I finally broke down and bought a dvd of Twilight so I could watch it to my hearts content (of course two days later school ended so that shot that idea, but I digress) and last weekend we had Violet [names changed to protect the legitimately innocent] for the weekend, which was great because she's a HUGE Twilight fan. I was so excited to watch it with someone that I forgot she is only 12 and I think I completely freaked her out. Lesson learned - a 43 year-old mom should not watch a movie with a child where it might happen that they are both lusting for the same pretty boy. After about 10 times where Edward appeared and I went, how do you say it... "squeeeeeeeee!", Violet suddenly was "tired" and sulked up to bed. Poor me watched the rest of the movie alone with no one to "squeeeeee!" with (OK, maybe quietly to myself) or talk about how they put too much lipstick on RPattz's pretty face. SO embarrassing...

Random email during one of the rainiest spring/summer seasons in NJ:

From: Sister Snarky
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 10:26 AM
To: Snarkier Than you
Subject: Am I in Forks?

Rain... Grey.... Cold... Everything green.... Did I die and wake up in Forks? Edward, darling, where are you????

And my personal favorite, Sister Snarky's belated "How Twilight Changed My Life" entry [hey she's family--I made an exception--Twitarded's not a democracy, remember? Oh and I'm going to need some prizes back because this one takes the cake - jk...]:

Here is what I was thinking as I was reading your "How Twilight changed my life" entries, because while they were good, and I am all for women having a good looking dude to think about when they are shagging the husband, I realized I had a really good one but didn't submit it on time. So here it is:

Twilight changed my life in that it allowed me to see my sister for who she is for the first time in our lives. She gave me a copy of Twilight (loaned, but it's mine now) and harped on me for months to read it.
Unfortunately, I was a die-hard Buffy fan and any vampire who wasn't a bleach-blond named Spike could just, well, bite me. So I let a lot of time pass without Twilight in my life (I can't believe it either, I know). Then, one night I picked it up for the hell of it. I am not sure what happened next, for the next thing I knew three days had passed, I hadn't slept, I was on the last few chapters and I was running to the bookstore like a junkie so I could get New Moon and not have to suffer a moment of Twi-withdrawal. I was hooked. My sister told me that if I finished all four books there was a reward. After finally getting through the love/hate relationship that is Breaking Dawn, I got that reward in the form of Twitarded. You see, my sister is Snarkier Than You (she really is by the way). I was absolutely blown away by the blog. My sister was snarky (like me!) and over-the-top fucking hilarious (like I hoped to be!). And she had friends who are fall-off-your-chair funny and sarcastic too! I never knew!! My sister was always "the pretty one" but I secretly gloated over the fact that I had the better personality - but guess what - that is blown to itty-bitty bits now because she just might be wittier than me. So unfair - smaller nose, bigger boobs and now funnier and more sarcastic than myself [note from STY: Sister Snarky is BEAU-T-FUL! And thinner than I will ever be...]. Without a doubt, if we both met Edward she would get him and I would end up with what you know is the very small-penised Mike.
She sucks but I love her more than ever... and yes, Twilight might be even better than Buffy.

I can't even describe how warm & fuzzy this made me feel! I'll admit it: I was teary. And am so happy that we're closer now - thanks to Twilight! - than we have been in years and years and years. Who knew???

In an awesome but slightly-less-deep it's-a-small-Twi-World moment, I was at her place last weekend (she was gunning for "Saint" status by hosting our parents - yet again! - while they were visiting from out of town) and we were whispering conspiratorially about Twilight and the blog while we were hoping nobody else was paying attention. Nobody else in my family know about our Twilight obsession or Twitarded, and although Mr. Sister Snarky is aware of the blog's existence, he's never been allowed to read it because he's not a fan and rumor has it that SS threatened to go all Lorena Bobbit on his privates should he bring it up in the presence of my parents.

We were giggling like we were tweens again [what IS it about Twilght?!] and half expecting our father to tell us to knock it off or we'd be sent to our rooms without dinner when she said something that stopped me in my tracks...

Sister Snarky: I was on YouTube searching for Twilight stuff and I found this awesome video that shows the Edward doll bobbling along outside a car as it's being driven through Forks... It's HYSTERICAL! You HAVE to watch it!!!

Snarkier Than You: Wait - the one with the music from "Run Lola Run"?!?

SS: YES!!! That's the one!!! I loooove that video!!!

STY: That was made by Vitamin R70, one of our fave bloggy friends!!! She is camping this weekend but I'm going to Tweet her now because she's totally gonna DIE when I tell her this story!

I guess my sister and I are a lot more alike than we ever suspected... And thanks to VitaminR for her part in the sib bonding over the weekend!

And I know I've posted it here before, but Vitamin R's awesome "Pocket Edward Goes to Forks" video has staying power and still cracks me up! And it cracks up Sister Snarky, too. Luv' ya', sis!!


  1. AWWWW see twilight does make the world go round........ ok maybe nopt that, but its def a bonding thing. i actually got my 17 year old brother into it, lol.

    ....... how funny would it have been if poppa snark woulda tried sending you to ur rooms?

  2. This post is so sweet. Not snarky at all. It makes me think of my older sis. We weren't close growing up. We fought all the way into my late twenties (by fought I mean hated each other). We connected after I had my son. I am happy to say she is Twilight and more so Robert Pattinson obsessed. She even helped me take the pictures of my Edward Action Figure in her daughter's doll house. I never thought I'd say this but YAY for big sisters!

  3. Only with insomnia on this side of the atlantic would I get to read a post when it comes online. Yey insomnia!

    Loved this post! And STY pics... finally. Are you preping yourself for the pics JJ promised with FSE?

    One of the things I love about Twilight, as it's been said over and over, is the feelings it stired and inflate on me. And sharing it with others. Even if it's only via Twitarded - thanks for being here guys!

    And, speaking of sharing, I got this through a friend and couldn't stop laughing!!!


  4. My sister just got back from a 2 month road trip in the Pacific Northwest (w/ her hubby and 3 year old and a trailer). We both live in Austin and see each other pretty regularly. Our very first Twilight conversation took place when she called me from the road. I mentioned that I'd read all four books in about 4 days. She told me that the day before she had accidentally left her copy of Eclipse, that she was only half way through, on the roof of the truck when they drove away and then had to force her husband to take her to the nearest Walmart to get another one. She also mentioned that even though Forks wasn't on the itinerary she ended up having to make a run into the town to pick up a suddenly needed tool at a harware store. I introduced her to Twitarded this weekend.

    Surely they can make a hallmark commercial w/ some gooey music and the slogan "Twilight, bringing sisters together". We can all quiety weep when the commerical comes on.

  5. P.S. Your gorgeous and I'm jealous of your big boobs.

  6. i got my mom AND my mother in law to read it. now whenever i'm at either of their houses it's all we talk about, much to the consternation of the fathers. yesterday my parents had my family, my brother and his wife and kid and my other brothers over for a cookout. i ended up making the food because my mom was on the last few chapters of breaking dawn and refused to come out of her room. she called this morning and asked if i could bring her TW so she can start over. love it!

  7. That is so sweet of Sister Snarky. and thanks for sharing Pocket Edward's trip. It was hilarious!

    PS. I could just KICK myself for not reading the books sooner. I live in WA and missed all their filming. AHHH!

  8. I am seriously all teary-eyed right now for sooooo many reasons. Let me start by saying I sooooo wish I had a blood sister to share all this with (I have 3 brothers) but the upside is that that the women in my life really are my sisters and you all have become my Twi-sistas--for real life. I know, I know, go get the kleenex but I heart all my Twitarded buddies and of course extra especially STY and JJ my Twi East coast BFFs. I love you for this post and for making me laugh like I haven't laughed in years! Mwah! Mwah!

    Of course I must thank you for posting my silly little video again which has made me become a greedy YouTube hit counter so click away Twitards, send it to all your friends, embed, embed! Oops sorry, I got a little carried away there. I so love that your sister watched this independently and brought it up--Yay Sister Snarky!

    The friend that was with me when I filmed this little ditty has been my friend for nearly 20 years. We attended each others weddings, I was at the birth of her fist child holding her hand, she supported me during a pretty serious pregnancy scare, I was there for her when her marriage ended, she has been there for me through many of my own ups and downs but NOTHING has brought us more closely together than Twilight and all things Twitarded! That little video would never have happened if she hadn't insisted we get away together (not and easy task when you have young children) and go out the Olympic Peninsula for a weekend. Lots of whiskey, Vitamin R beer (duh), silly photos and video later spawned said Pocket Edward video.

    OK--sorry I know I am writing a freaking novel here. Yay for the women in our lives whether they be best friends, sisters, or bloggy buddies. All I can say is when the hubby kicks it (all stats suggest he will go first) I am so signing up for the Twitardia retirement community where we can live our last days in complete Twi-freedom with our Twi-sistas!

    P.S. STY you freakin' amaze me. You have been all camera shy and your photo debut is you in a fucking bikini at the beach?! It may have been a long time ago but shit girl, way to roll it out you freakin' hottie! I do believe there are NO photos EVER of me in a bikini. The end.

  9. My older sister and I have also bonded over Twilight! (she's a Jacob fan, I know but I lover anyway) We spent New Years Eve at the theatre watching Twilight (yup, we're just that cool!) We've made made our Mommy read the books. She just finished BD. I asked her how'd she liked it. Her response "IT'S just like a SOAP OPREA!!, It's great, I loved it!" I reply with complete shock (and some disgust) "YOU LIKED IT?!, Really?!", followed by "What soaps have you been watching!"
    (my Mommy loved your "Love Custard" post!)

    My sisters a Jacob fan and my Mommy loves BD! We are a dysfunctional Twilight loving bunch, but they're my bunch and I ain't trading them! (Well maybe tomorrow...)

    I so did the "You must, you must, you must increase your bust!..." But I think I did it wrong, cause all I got was mole hills. *sigh*

    End of ramble! <3

  10. STY I am so very happy for you and Sister Snarky! :) It is truly a wonderful thing to have others to talk Twilight with, but to be able to connect with your own sister sounds like wonderment.

    And Vitamins video ALWAYS makes me die laughing! That bestest for sure.

  11. SO FUN! My sis is in Vail, and I am in ME, but we still fight it out for Edward. Its rainier here. I win.

  12. Aw! So sweet.

  13. sweet sweet post ! I'm squeeing for the two of you!
    Love the old pics - reminds me of pics with me & my sis. she's 4 yrs older than me. But alas - we do not bond over Twilight..I've tried to lure her in - but no bites. sigh. So I make new friends because of Twilight - and the bond is so quickly cemented. and so much fun.

    that was my frist viewing of Vitamin R's video.
    That was fantastic! and the story Vitamin R shared here about her BF was so sweet.

    My feelin all Twi-Mushy. Thanks for that!

  14. Reading this post really made me wish I had a sister! I'm sad... I just have a stinking brother who's girlfriend is a Twilight fan, but not in the sense that I can rope her into an entire conversation (and she's not a blog reader... pfffft!)

    Oh well... I still have my fellow Twi-bloggy friends and of course, K_InTheFlo who I might email 20 times a day about Twi-related stuff!

    @ Meghan - You're in Maine? I'm in Maine too!! Wicked cool.

    @ Vitamin R70 - That video fecking rocks! Very nice!

  15. My older sister and I are also bonding over Twilight - though I think I passed her once I hit the level of obsessed.

    Thanks for posting that video - I hadn't seen that one and it was EXACTLY what I needed before I went to work!

    ~ Lauren

  16. Thanks everyone for sharing your own sib & bff stories {{{sniffle-sniffle}}}!

    @IPW4F - getting your brother into Twi is an accomplishment! Go unicorns!

    @mmMoxie - I have to admit that I am thrilled that we found something that we can enjoy together. Just one more reason to adore Twilight (& RPatts), I guess!

    @Selene - thanks for the tip - I love that video - I've seen others (or at least one) they did and it cracked me up! And I am s-l-o-w-l-y working up to "pic of me now" readiness - eek!

    @onoimatwitard2 [LOVE the name btw!] - Oh the things I've lost over the years as a result of leaving them on the roof of the car - been there, done that! But never with my twi books, thankfully - lol! And thanks from "the girls" & me for the compliment! I don't look much like that these days (see next comment...) but I haven't totally hagged out in the last decade and a half, either... : )

    @themrs - I have to admit that I tried to get my mom on board, but she hasn't gotten around to reading the copy of Twilight I sent her for Mother's Day. : (

    @Jenn - I was a late arrival myself - but I don't live in WA so I don't feel quite as bad about it... There's always next time! Although set-stalking seems to have gone crazy these days - I am afraid of what will happen by the time they get to BD - lol...

    @VitaminR - Even though you don't have a "real" sis it sounds like your bff is a real keeper! And I hope this didn't disappoint after the build-up - lol! I almost DIED when my sister started whispering about YOUR video! I got all whisper-screechy - "I KNOW her!!!" - it was really funny... And that video STILL cracks me up - definitely a keeper. That pic is one of maybe three taken in my lifetime that I actually don't think I look awful in. And DEFINITELY the only one ever taken of me in a bikini on a beach, ever (I am normally neither a bikini girl not a beach girl - can you tell how white we are?!). I am not sure if this will make it easier or harder to post a "Me Now" pic - lol! ftr my hair is red now. and straight - I finally beat the Jersey Girl out of it after that pic was taken... : )

    @Track 10 - thank you! I am glad I wasn't the only one making wild little arm-circles back in the day (you must not have done it right or often enough or something - lol)! It is great to bond with family over Twi - just one more reason to adore the series imho!

    @cutie - having both JJ AND Sister Snarky to bond with over Twilight is absolutely fabulous, I must say! Who would have thought something like this would be what would draw us together??? : )

    @Meghan - yup, it sounds like you get to have Edward in Maine! Plus we have a bunch of readers in ME and I am sure they want him there, too - so please share with them, ok? : )

    OH - and @ Sister Snarky - yeah that's right - YOU! You know you're reading this - when are you going to join blogger and leave a comment already???

  17. @lily guillotine - thanks! Even I have to be not-so-snarky every once in a while. But that was it for a while - lol...

    @K_InTheFlo - Glad I could bring on the Twi warm fuzzies - I was flipping through old pics last night getting all sentimental for sure! Kep tying with your sis - it took a lot of pestering to get SS converted - lol!

    @Latchkey Wife - even for the people who don't have an actual sis, we all have each other now, which is awesome! I [heart] you chicks!

    @Lauren - Glad I could help start your day off right! Nothing like a little Twi-Fix in the a.m., for sure...

  18. Booooobies. LOL! I remember doing the 'we must we must we must. we must increase our bust!' all the time as a kid. Then I realized if I just get fat they get big and no exercise is needed.

    The first time I read that email I actually got all teary, too. Sister Snarky sounds pretty fucking cool, imo.

    I don't have any sisters, only Brother Jerkface but I do have STY and she's the best sister that isn't really my sister!

  19. Foxy STY (from one of the Mainers):

    You have certainly raised the bar for photo reveals!

    Loved the video—especially the "no treaties were broken" disclaimer at the end.

    And thank you for that touching sisterly story—your family (and JJ's, for that matter) sounds great. I wish I had someone to Twi-enlighten, but the only family member with whom I have any contact is a somewhat old-fashioned, extremely nice aunt in her late fifties, who lives in rural Georgia, and who could probably handle the first three volumes, but might possibly be disturbed by the fourth. ;)

    By the way, I loved the vintage childhood photos—you gals were mad for plaid! And that playpen photo is like a notice for a product recall!

  20. That is such a sweet story! I had hopes for my younger sister and I being able to bond over twilight...but alas she is known as the "twi-hater" on our blog. She refuses to read the book, however we have a bet now that I'm going to win so hopefully by the end of the year she'll be reading the books.

    We still bond over our mutual love for RPattz though, and she gets a kick out of the blog too, but really only likes posts about herself and about Rob. She still calls me a huge dork :) but that's ok, I have been my entire life. She was the sporty one I was the band dork and art freak :) Even though now I'm getting sporty too and she admits I could probably beat her if we raced.

    Twilight has still brought other members of my family closer to me. I have gotten three cousins into the books and they've become obsessed too. One is just 16 the other two are in their mid 30's (i'm 27). They all know about the blog and have a good laugh over it too.

    But I'm still holding out for the day the twi-hater comes to me and says "omg, Edward Cullen swoon!"

  21. I just gave my SIL a copy of Twilight for her birthday hoping for the same thing to happen that happened to you. We're not super close but I'm hoping she'll fall in Twi-love like I did. And it would be nice to have someone to talk to about this.

  22. I shouldn't have read this at work, I'm sitting here sniffling away. Thank god my boss is out until Thursday. Thanks for sharing your sis story STY it was truly lovely. :D You look bloody great in a bikini. I think I wore a bikini once and got such bad sunburn, can you say "calomine lotion how I love thee". I never wore that bastard thing again.

    My little sis is across the pond, well my whole family is across the pond, so my phone bill is always sky high, but I've gotten her into the Twilight mania and she is the coolest chick I know. Just by the way I say "hello" she can tell if something is wrong..

    Then I have my Twilight bloggy buddies. YEAH! All super cool girlies.

    @Vit - I've seen your vid too many times to mention and it still cracks me up. I heart you for it!

    I don't know why your blog didn't update last night for me???

    @STY - hope your moggy is doing better.

  23. this is SO sweet!!!! I love how it's brought you closer together!

  24. Ah if I could only get my sis to read twilight, on the other hand my two twenty something nieces have. So we talk twilight at family get togethers, there not as over the top about it as I am. One is only reading the books as the movies come out, Pfff ... how frustrating is that!
    They think I'm a little insane for going set stalking for a weekend back in April. I haven't told them yet that I'm planning on going again for a week this time in October for the filming of Eclipse! muhahaha
    My BFF who I've known for 28 years made be buy Twilight, we were on the ferry to Port Angeles headed to an AC/DC concert in Tacoma. We forgot to bring something to read with us and went into the gift shop looking for something to read. She shoves the book at me and says you got to read this. I was hesitant at first. After about three pages, I was hooked and the rest is history!...

  25. Selene - Thanks for the new moon trailer spoof link, it was my first good laugh of the day.

    This is an oldie, I think, but i just saw it for the first time yesterday. It's sooooooo wrong.

  26. I come to Twitarded for pure humor and I just ended up crying like a little girl. If my sister wrote something about that like me - well, first I'd check her for alien replication, but you get the idea. She's Budweiser, I'm red wine and I've accepted that, but your post makes me want to call her and beg her to read the book that has apparently launched, healed, strengthened 1000s of relationships. Thank you for sharing.

    And I think I was separated at birth from your sister! Older sister here, no boobs, 40s with kids, original Buffy fan, etc. I so appreciate hearing from the 40+ twitards... they're referring to Brad Pitt as 'old' on another site today and it makes me want to hit someone! With my cane, of course. (Little bitches.)

    STY - Have a wonderful day - you've brightened mine. - Suz

  27. Honestly, one of the best fandom blog postings I've ever read - that's really fucking cool. And as everyone previously said, enough to ignite mucho twi-sib jealousy. Neither of my sisters are particularly funny, or squee-like (unless you are talking about Matthew McConaughey, in which case, fucking ew anyway. SO not my type. Twilight vs How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Puh-lease. As if. Twilight has a far more believable storyline, sparkly pussy vampires and all).

    Laymee is my sister in all things fangirl, all things "unmentionable" etc. While the lady is not all Twisessed as some of us are, she GETS the story, likes it, and loves the pretteh in the film - though she wishes bad things on Kstew. And honestly.......yeah.

    STY, truly excellent post, Sister Snarky sounds pretty fecking fabulous, and yeah, what everyone else said - rock that beach body. Looking forward to the FSE pics.....FSE roadtrip to the shore???

  28. This was such a sweet and touching post! Your family is made of WIN, I tell you, made of WIN.

    It was my sister that got me hooked, too. Only she has no idea how far it's gone . . . . if the fam knew about the blog, I suspect they might die instead of be proud.

    Yay for you and sister snarky!

  29. The same thing happened with me and my sister!! I have two sisters and for whatever reason while we lived under the same roof we didn't like each other that much. We were more like coworkers who were forced to interact pleasantly while we were together but when we left the nest we stopped talking. Gradually I began talking with my older sister and we became great friends. However, my little sis is 7 years younger than me and we did not enjoy our last years together. All of a sudden, Twilight comes into my life bringing all the joy...well, you know how great it is. The point is I got the first book for my sister at Christmas and she is now almost as obsessed as I am. We can talk for hours about Twilight but mostly about life. She just came to visit me for a week and we had an awesome time. So, THANK YOU STEPHENIE MEYER!!

    PS- you girls are awesome. You are my reading material on my lunch break!

  30. I'll just have to write this while I'm feeling all mushy. I'm not as eloquent as I would like when putting my feeling to words but i LOVE this blog. Sometimes I just don't know what I love the most: the posts or the comments. Hope STY and JJ don't get this the wrong way but
    I LOVE my fellow bloggers!!!

    There... thanks for hearing my confession.

    @STY: I've also seen another video from those guys. I think I found it through twitarded (nowadays, I think I find everything through twitarded...) and it was super. And red hair, hum? HOT! Don't know why you hide from camera, woman!

    @onoimatwitard2: glad I made you laugh. Thanks for returning the laugh, it's hysterical!

    @VitaminR: you made me feel mushier, if that's even possible.

    Thanks all you guys for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and (not so ab)normal.


    P.S.: verification word: enymen???!!?? What the...?

  31. Twilight definitely brings people together. I'm meeting some total strangers, although they are TwilightMOMS, at ComicCon thursday so we can stand in line together and give eachother breaks when needed. SO awesome.

  32. Aww. I love seeing your candid family photos. Twilight is crazy. My 11 year old daughter got my sister in to it. Then I followed and dragged my sister in law and then she got my other sister in law. I swear, funny. We are not a cult! Funny, we can have whole conversations on Jasper, Edward, whatever Twilight. I heart Twitarded!

  33. awww so sweet...i'm trying to get my sister into twilight too, the other day i finally cnvinced her to watch the movie together and she liked it!, like likey likey!!!she even jumped kind of scare when edward jumps in bella's car after she ran fromo home, i mean she was INTO the movie, and i was sooo happy!!! next are the books!! =) i'm happy for you STY

  34. Okay...time to fess up that I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and that I love it!
    Wanted to reply to this one, because I have recently just finally got my sister into Twilight too...infact she still has all my books because after reading them so quick the first time, she wanted to re-read them again slower. This is agonizingly slow because I want them back!! You know she's getting them all for her birthday next month just so I can get my damn copies home and back on the shelf (or in my hands!) where they belong!!
    But...this is the first time my (younger) sister and I have had anything in common since...well the 1990 NKOTB thing we don't talk about much anymore (we argued, it wasn't pretty!)
    What is pretty annoying though is that she has other friends she has since dicovered likes...erm, is obsessed with it too (how come when they like it's cool? When I told her to read it she had an excuse?! Hmmm..) so she spends all her time gushing over Edward with them and I'm left to discuss it with my 6 year old niece again...but then I prefer Jasper anyways :p
    Oh least we have it in common and should we be flung together at family events and whatnot...I can now talk to my sister again and she listens - yay!! (as does my niece...I think I brainwash that child...oops!)
    So...erm...yeah thanks for the blog - keep them coming - you make me smile!

  35. I have been following your blog for awhile now, always mean to post a comment, you are hilarious! I know this is a little late, but I loved this post.....

    Love the 70's pictures. We had the same playpen of doom at my house, along with the plastic carseat that sat in mom's lap in the front seat, no straps on the metal rickety high chair, and who had ever heard of helmets when riding your pink banana seat bike? How did we ever survive, I tell ya......

    And I read and memorized every Judy Blume book and no amount of chanting and exercise has ever helped my poor sad chest, lol


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