Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Want That Dress. You Know The One...

So I was doing my usual morning blog-surf and found myself over at TwiCrack Addict earlier today... Lorabell had just posted a preview of some of the New Moon merchandise coming to a Hot Topic near you (or your computer) on October 1st. The New Moon Edward doll - AKA "The Edwinator" - or maybe "Guidoward" - is already available {{{shudder}}}.
Bella! Bellllllaaaaa!!! Come with me if you want to live go to Seaside Heights.

Anyway, and MUCH more importantly - there was something else included in the 10/1 offerings: "The Dress." You know the one - the one that Bella wears to her birthday party at the Cullens in New Moon?? THAT one. And I want it. Badly. It's a beautiful green party dress with black velvet? flocked? floral details, totally cute and quite possibly suitable for someone over the age of fourteen to wear! I mean, I KNOW--it's SO convenient for me that Hot Topic has finally seen the light and expanded their target demographic, right?! It's about time they started carrying stuff for the non-tween set, right? Right???

It would appear that there may be more than one version of the dress -

This one - which I think is "on tour" with other custom-made clothes from the set...

Show again here on the outer pics... But the inner pic - the dress that Bella is actually shown wearing - is a little different, no? Here's another pic -

Still nice, but slightly different...

Ok, I am not trying to ignite a "The Volvo is WHAT color?!"-level brouhaha here, but they're not quite the same dress. I kind of like the one Bella is not shown wearing, but I'll take either! My hair is red at the moment and I think I'll look pretty spiffy in this little number, if I don't say so myself! And I won't be wearing Vans/sneakers with it, either. I'm thinking a little something like this instead...

Mmm...Christian Louboutin... Grown-ups wear fuck-me pumps with party dresses!

I know that I am getting my hopes up too high for this dress... I am going to go barreling over to Hot Topic on Thursday morning (I see "lunchtime" occurring at about 10:15 that day) only to find that they are cheap and Halloween-costume-y looking, and also only come in odd-numbered sized (an irrefutable sign that you are shopping in the wrong store or the wrong section of the store if you are out of high school). I might even need to take Jenny Jerkface with me, because I foresee there being the possibility of my getting hopelessly stuck in said cute green dress in the merciless fitting room at Hot Topic, and I might need her to help wrestle me out of that thing (she's been there - she knows a thing or two about dresses that get a strangle-hold on you and try to asphyxiate your dignity).

In an effort to maybe avoid the humbling experience that is the HT dressing room with the overhead fluorescent lighting, I may order this online. If I'm going to take my chances, I might actually order it from the custom costume store I found - it's cheaper ($79 as opposed to $98) and is made from silk (no clue what the fabric content will be on the HT dress but I am guessing something highly flammable and at best silky-esque. Um, like polyester...). They have a bunch of other made-to-order Twilight and New Moon knock-off garments, there, too! Sized from XS to XXXL - you know that HT will have maybe one XL for the person who dares to weigh more than 125 lbs (on a fat day). The custom costume store? Order the dress from them, and they have a box where you select your gender - they want to know if the person they are making the dress for is male or female (it says "VERY IMPORTANT!" next to this box, by the way). Looks a liiiittle..."off" though... Somehow this fabric is more "drapes" than "dress," among other issues -

But one way or another, it will be mine. And you know what? I don't care that it's a dress meant for people half my age. Give or take a few years. I don't care that anyone who knows enough to recognize it will probably be pointing a bony tweeny finger at me and snickering from behind their parent's back. I want it! And because my birthday is in October and I am a big fan of pulling the "It's my birthday month!!!" card as often as semi-allowable, it will be mine. One way or another. Oh yes...


  1. I say go for it!!! I love the dress and if I could find the fabric I'd make me one... I may end up breaking down and buying one. I already have the Alice dress, which I haven't worn yet...
    I love dresses, but don't wear them often. I'm in IT and the last time I wore a dress at work I had to move a server. Picture this short ass little me with a long flowing sundress on trying to move a honken big server and not step on the dress or drop the server. Not a pretty picture. Then once it was moved I had to crawl around on the flooor and hook up various cables to the damn thing. So it's been several years since I've worn anything remotely girly at work. Luckly my job has changed over the years and I'm not physically wrestling with servers any more, just remotely.
    So last week I broke down and wore a skirt to work... It's a start. Now I just have to convince my hubby to take me somewhere where I can wear a nice party dress... That may be a feat in and of it's self.

  2. No way. These dresses look so good on peeps are age. I like the idea of rocking it with the Louboutin (if I ever can cough up the $900 on a pair). I lurve the Bella dress because it looks so retro. Is it early 50's? Anyhoo. I am completely shocked that HT would carry a dress similiar to the one in the movie. You must tell us what happens after you head down there to check it out. And if it is nice, then I bet I know what most of us twihards will be wearing to our Work Christmas Parties.

  3. I've been working on my own version of that dress since August (it was meant to be birthday present/prom dress I never got to wear or make thank you very much mother who is not American and doesn't know shit about John Hughes movies). If I finish it, I could email a picture of it to you or JJ. Mind you, it will take another two weeks because I'm embroidering it.

  4. STY you will look freaking hot in that dress (whichever one you end up with)--I know it. You are going to get, you are going to have JJ take your photo in it, then you are going to e-mail me that photo and I am going to BodyInTheHole that photo into the Robward/Straddleward/Doggystyleward photo for your birthday.

    BTW, I too have often been accused of demanding the birthday month--damn straight girl you derserve it. Mwah!

  5. I don't think the one from Cosplay is hawt. It really doesn't look right even in the pic.

    But pull the birthday card and I hope whichever one you get looks totally kick-ass on you. If you're getting yourself a pair of Christian Louboutin's you might as well pick some up for me as well. You know I'm good for it... right?

  6. holy crap my veri-word is "nessi" - lol!!!

    anyhoo, yeah, i could never afford those shoes... i am not sure how obscenely wealthy i would need to be to think it was ok to own shoes that expensive, but maybe someday i will find out...

    not just joking around this time, either - i really like this dress (um, not the last pic - it's all sorts of fucked up!) - just hope i don't look like a troll in it! or get stuck in it...

    : )

  7. You must get it. Then take a Romantical pic with FSE.
    I die.

  8. Ha! I grew up in NJ.....the Seaside Heights mention made me fall off my chair!

  9. I know what ya mean JJ. It is a purrty dress.
    I can picture myself wearing that pretty green dress in the passenger seat of the Vanquish with Rob hitching the pretty hem up around my shoulders. Hmmmm. I can imagine the feel of the velvet embroidery hemline stroking my face as it gets rubbed up and down up and...

    Oh. None of the above will happen, of course, if I don't complete the outfit with the perfect pair of grown-up fuck-me pumps!(Your terminology always slays me! :D)

  10. Cute dress! I'm thinking not the cosplay one, it doesn't hang right, I like the cut of the bodice on the HT one better as well as the pleating and length of the skirt, way cuter with the lubitons!

  11. @VitaminR, cracking up at Robward/Straddleward/Doggystyleward and loving that we all know the exact picture you mean - what a birthday present that'd be! I really have no idea why Kristen Stewart doesn't smile all the fucking time when that's what her job entails, that picture was enough to keep me going for days just from looking at him straddle another girl. Surely if you've spent so much time in such poses with Rob on and off camera that you're now immune to him, it's only fair to pass him along?

    Anyway, love the dress STY, also love the fact that it's also going to act like a Twihard detector for you, I'm pretty sure only people in the know will have seen enough NM footage to recognise it before 20th Nov ;o)

  12. Acutally, I think I have a pattern for that dress. Now just finding the appropriate fabric.....

  13. Ok so I may not be over forty-ish, give or take twenty years. lol. But I have to say that I love you guys!!! STY and Jenny Jerkface, you two are the most awesome women on the planet!!! I love how you don't hold back, you give it all. I appreciate that. I love Robward myself and Taycob well lets just say if I saw him on the street (highly doubtful, as of now) but you catch my drift, I would totally catch some stachatory rape charges.

    Anyway thank yall so much!!! Keep up the funny shit and I will always be one of your loyal blogger-readers.

    Oh and I want that dress too!!!! And I say forget the Vans, rock the stiletto hump me pumps!!!

  14. Oh yeah, I say you NEED that dress! It's almost like you would be doing a public service by keeping it out of the hands of some twatty tween that would never appreciate it the way that you would. Too funny that the costume shop dress is apparently not gender specific. Should we be expecting trick-or-treating Drag Queen Bellas this Halloween?

  15. I loooove this dress but, confess, that my hesitation over buying my own is the Hot Topic tween sizes rather than the fact that every other Twilighter under the sun will own one too. It's not like I plan on wearing this out of the house - just me, FSE, a bottle of something or other and maybe the vampsicle... if I'm ever brave enough to give in and order it ;)
    - Lorabell
    P.s. Fucking LOVE the "fuck me pumps" - woah yeah!

  16. i would rock that dress. material permitting its a lovely looking dress. seing as ive yet to find a hot topic in london (never gona happen) i feel my newly discovered sewing fingers may have to be brought into action. though, may have to go on the game for the peep toe plaforms...

  17. Lunchtime at 10:15? Don't those stupid stores open at 9 am these days? "Coffee" breaks are really the way to go with this . . ."Hey boss, just running out for a little pick me up . . . ." So what if it's Twilight that really revs your engine?

    And LOVE the shoes. That's my motivation to work today . . .must someday be able to afford fuckhawt shoes.

  18. Okay so I see you mention the one at mycosplaysky.com but have you been to cosplaysky.com also? So weird, name so close, and the logo looks exactly the same too but they have the dress for $79 with the jacket. So...my daughter is doing a New Moon Parody and we ordered it. Came from Singapore, we got it yesterday. Fits awesome because you have to put in your measurements. Looked great on her...we were very impressed. With the shipping it was exactly $99. Hope this helped! You can see info about her parody at my blog if your are interested!
    BYE!!! LOVE you guys!!!!

  19. Very cool dress! Too bad I don't do sleeveless or dresses so that's out for me. LOL! But I totally know exactly what you mean about wearing it in public and those who know... I'm feeling that way about my Bella jacket. At least I didn't buy it in blue because that would be really obvious! (I think it will actually be cold enough here tomorrow to wear it! Yay!)

  20. STY--Aw shit! Sorry, I wrote JJ in my comment last night when I was talkin' about the dress and not YOU! Damn. I really should have just gone to bed and fantasized about the dress instead of commenting on it. SORRRRRYYYY, I won't do it again. :)
    BTW-the Edwinator... definitely creepy.

  21. @LMAC - Got to love Sleazeside Heights! LOL!

    I am a dress junky. I need this dress and inevitably, STY and I will probably both purchase it and then commit the ultimate party foul by showing up somewhere wearing it at the same time. Like we don't give our friends enough to make fun of us for.

    If i spend $900.00 on a pair of fuck me heels, it better be RPattz that's doing the deed. Just sayin'...

  22. @JJ, well if he's getting the benefit I say he should pay for them too, he can afford it ;o).

    Woo, veri word is 'undwa' which obv needs reading as underwear. Rob's of course....

    Ooh and spent the morning doing my pocket Edward photoshoot, turns out he wanted to be awkward and do the NM trailer *rolls eyes*, I thought he'd be less demanding than a real man. Anyway, will be on my blog shortly if I ever manage to get all the pics uploaded.

  23. Go buy the dress!!! My hubby ended up buying me the R&R shoes that Kristen wore to the VMA's....he didn't care one bit that she wore them, he was looking at them as more of a long term bedroom investment...fuck, now I have to follow through....

  24. hmm, i just started reading "emancipation proclamation" (by kharizzmatik on ff.net) and i think the makers of that edward doll are also fans... definitely guidoward.

    love the dress!

  25. So...I was at Hot Topic this morning and the little girl working there (seriously, she was fucking tiny and looked like she was barely out of High School) was actually very nice and didn't make fun of me when I asked about the Edward doll...er...action figure. All they had was Shades Edward with Bella and I don't want that one. We stood and talked for about 15 minutes about Twilightesq things and I ended up purchasing the new Muse cd (Awesome!). She said they are opening an hour early tomorrow for the New Moon Extravaganza. They had the whole front of the store cleared out to put the merch in! Too bad I won't be going back...it's 40 miles away and I already took a 1/2 day today! *sigh*

    Anyway, STY & JJ...get the dress! It's so cute and will be adorable on you! I love it, but I do not wear dresses...my cankles, you know.

    @ Stan...will be looking for pix on the blog soon. Not time at the mo...

    @ Cazza...just read CW&IA and following through will not be a problem.

  26. I do love the dress. As someone who sews for a living, I've never been limited to what's in stores. The best way to go is to find a dress pattern that suits your body style the best, and there are so many fabric companies on-line now, you can find just about anything. It's also a LOT cheaper. That way you have money left over to buy those incredible I have to have them now take me dirty in the morning afternoon and evening Rob shoes!

  27. Great shoes!! If I was still single (and employed) I would definitely find a way to justify buying them. Who needs the rest of the outfit when ya got those shoes? Heh heh
    So send pics of your birthday dresses. I'd like to see matching JJ and STY flanking either side of FSE. Oh the possibilities....

    F Kat

  28. @Twiweasel yes, do look, I'm such a saddo I'm still giggling at them myself. I have to say I was at a bit of a disadvantage seeing as we only have boys toys here, not many auditionees for Bella as you'll see ;o) http://edbrella.blogspot.com/2009/09/stiils-from-new-moon-trailer-starring.html. Argh, just spotted the typo in that. How annoying!

    Verification word is 'Yesses', as in 'If Rob asked you to do rude things to him what would your answers be?'

  29. @ Stan, that was Hilarious!!!

    I was going to do something like that while we were waiting in line for the NM midnight showing (probably still will ;)

    while I was looking for a better possible Creepward alternative, I ran across this awesome Twilight Munny Maybe we'll decorate some of these as our in line activity instead... you know, in addition to secretly getting drunk...

  30. @ Twinatic, thank you! Took me forever to try and get the stupid pics on and resized, grrr. You should def still do something in the line, you can never have enough Twispoof stuff IMO.

    How fab is that Munny? If I tried doing one it would end up looking like one of the kids had done it.

  31. somehow all the more fab cause it was a husband that made it for his wife ( awwww)

    I'm thinking it would take a few tries to end up with one that looked that good!

    also, on the pix, are you using the old blogger editor, or the new one? It's easier to put pix in with the new one (1 think you can check by looking @ the link in the upper right when on the "new post" page...)

  32. I struggled for ages and then discovered a Help topic on the new one and then managed to do them straight away. Thanks for the tip though :o). Just read that back and swear to God I typed that without thinking then, I should know better on here!

  33. OMG I'm totally lusting after this dress also. I went to Hot Topic today to see it and I was really surprised, because it wasn't as crappy of a quality that I was expecting. Also, the sizes are s,m,l,xl, not numbered, so I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I'm extremely chesty, so I will be trying this one before I buy.

    I was thinking of buying this, a pair of chucks and the sweater she wears over it. Instant Halloween costume, and Jeremy and I are planning on having a Twilight themed Halloween party. Then I will take pictures for the blog, and if it's for the blog, it's justified right?(I also use this as a reason for the crap load of merch I have).


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