Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a Twitarded Bloggy Ops Meeting & You're All Invited!

This ain't yer' average Ops Meeting...

I know, I know - it's Friday, you've just survived another week, and you're ready to get your weekend groove on... NOT SO FAST! We're calling to order the first-ever Twitarded Operations meeting and we'll need your attention. Hold on, stay with me now! Unlike your uptight boss who could probably shit a diamond, his/her sphincter is so clenched, we don't care if you're sober at our meeting - hell, drinking is encouraged! It IS the weekend, after all, so go and pour yourself an adult beverage of your choice and c'mon back. We'll wait... Really... It won't be bad! Promise! This will be the most funnest ops meeting EVER and cursing will be encouraged rather than frowned upon, so you in the back pretending to be paying attention but really reading fanfic on your cellphone - stop giving us the stink-eye and settle down!


Good people [consults "Creative Cursing" book] pecker junkies of the non-tween Twidom, we've called this meeting because, well, Twitarded is kind of a collective effort and there's stuff we want you to know (believe it or not, we haven't exhausted our resources of hot air). Sure, sure, Jenny Jerkface and I do the legwork as far as the actual posts go (although sometimes we have your help there, too), but if it wasn't for YOU--our readers--where would we be??? Honestly, JJ and I would still be consumed with Twilight and we'd probably still be lobbing occasional snarky posts at each other, but it's the community that's grown here that really makes me love what we're doing and makes me insanely proud of the mayhem that is Twitarded.

So humor us as we get a few things out there that are meant to inform and hopefully entertain along the way... We stay up at night worrying about random shit--c'mon, you already knew we were bat-shit crazy--and this might even help us to sleep better! Possibly you, too. Or at least we'll all be able to stress about other things... Like how we're going to lure RPatts into our basement and seduce him until he begs us not to stop... But I digress! Where was I? Oh yeah...

In no particular order...


We love getting email. You've read the bottom of the blog: We Crave Attention - Contact Us. And you did. We get emails from people telling us their Twilight stories. We get thankful emails from other Twitards who want to let us know how happy they are to have found a home (sometimes we feel like Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams": we built the Twitarded field and waited...And you came - yay!). We get emial from people who have been inspired to start their own Twilight blogs. We get pictures and stories from our bloggy friends who we've never met in the flesh but whom we've told things about ourselves that we'd never reveal to our non-Twi real-life friends... And we try to reply to everyone. It might just be one of us, but since JJ and I essentially morphed into one inseparable unit many months ago, it's as if we both replied (trust me - I am not exaggerating; it's true and both of us replying would just be redundant).

Er, it also might take us a while to reply. It used to be right away [-ish]... Then it was a few days... And now it might be... longer. Please don't stop emailing us - we love your emails! But we wanted you to know we're not ignoring you if we don't reply right away or--even worse--if something gets lost in the shuffle and we don't reply at all. Didn't hear back from us??? Well then email us again and ask wtf is our problem and why haven't we responded for fuck's sake?! Really. Even if we don't reply right away, we read ALL of your emails and we get all giddy when we see that people are taking the time to contact us.

And just so you don't think we're sitting around in our jammies, forsaking you for fanfic while Mr. Snarky and ML hand-feed us cream-filled Twilight bon-bons, we get several hundred emails a month. And we love each and ever one of them. So keep em' coming and we will try to keep up, but we apologize if we drop the ball sometimes. It's a big ball.


Ummmm, we're amongst friends and we can speak freely, right? We suck at it. But we're trying! For those of you who languished in 'friend request' limbo for up to, oh, two weeks or so, don't take it personally. Honest. Facebook to us is about the same as someone coming up to you and saying "do you know where the bathroom is?" in Klingon. We just don't get it. Be that as it may, it is on our 'to do' list of shit we need to learn before the wine finally offs our remaining brain cells.


We LOVE our followers. We pay attention to our followers. Our egos are linked to the number of followers we have the way an imprinted werewolf is joined to his beloved. When you join us, we are thrilled!! When you leave, we are hurt but figure you have your reasons. Shit happens. But please, get yourself a bloggy pseudonym if need be and follow us. Don't know how to do that??? Want us to create a clever name for you??? Then email us and we'll try to help! But please see "email" section above... All you long-time "Anonymous" readers - we're lookin' at you!


Our adoration of comments is on par with our love of email and followers. Maybe slightly higher, if that's possible. When we don't get many comments, we assume whatever we wrote sucked ass and nobody loves us anymore. That said, comments are hard to keep up on. We want you to know that we read each and every comment you leave, even if you're been digging through our archives and comment on something we wrote months and months ago. Sadly, we have jobs that occasionally require us to not be on Blogger. We're sure you can relate. We love chiming in when we can! Have you ever heard of the term "Seagull Manager"? It's a manger who comes in, makes a lot of noise, craps all over everything, and then leaves. Well, sometimes we feel like seagull commenters: we have two free-ish moments at work, we dash to the blog, see what's doin', leave a quick comment, and then get back to the grind. We try to reply to individual comments when we can, but we rarely have all the time for this we'd like... That said, we LOVE when you all comment to each other and go back and forth!! So talk amongst yourselves and comment to your your heart's content! Please, keep those awesome conversations in the comments section going... We know it would be easier if this were a Wordpress blog where you could actually reply to individual comments, but we're stuck with Blogger for now 'cause we hear that making that leap it a total bitch.

In closing...
Please welcome Jenny Jerkface, who would like to give the parting remarks... JJ, take it away!

Somewhere along the way there was a very dramatic shift from "the blog Twitarded is important to us" to "the readers of the blog Twitarded are important to us."

I know we've said it before but STY and I started this blog for each other. And then all of you came along and we realized just how fucking awesomer you guys are then us and suddenly Twitarded wasn't about us after all, it's about you. So please, if we don't respond or our comments blow monkey tits, we're sorry.

Oh, and by the way, we totally talk about all of you. In a good way.

STY - Did you read that comment that XXX wrote on XXX post?! The one about dog testicles???

JJ - Ha ha ha ha! Yes! I almost sharted when I read that one it was so funny. Our readers rock!

And when it really comes down to it, if we miss any emails or don't update our Facebook page for a month... It's all Robert Pattinson's fault. With a dash of fanfiction.


  1. I heart you guys! My day isn't complete without visiting your awesome blog (though I may not comment all the time). I'll just wave my alcohol-induced shoutout from down under.

    Thanks heaps (that's with Robward on top!) ;)

  2. I guess I should comment now. I have been lurking around for awhile now, but I owe JJ and STY you a thanks for all the laughs. This is one of my favorite blogs to come to every night. You girls are amazing!

  3. Ok, so I wrote out a nice long comment, and the damn thing disappeared. I'm way too fucking lazy to rewrite everything, so the main point was -

    JJ & STY, you guys are great! Thanks for making Twitarded such a wonderful place for all of us to be ourselves in! My day wouldn't be complete without multiple visits!

    (First version was much more eloquent and shit, but oh well.)

  4. This was the bestest sweetest awesomest blog. You really DO love us! ;) In all seriousness... the fact that you posted this makes me love ya Twi-waffles and this rockin' blog even more!! (but not more than Robward.... I'm sure you understand). ;)

    You got me thinkin too...I think i need a cool Twi-name... I'm going to sleep on it. It'll be hard to match JJ, STY, TwiWeasel, TwiMe, Latchkey Wife, VitaminR, TwiFixx, etc...those are COOL names! =)))

    P.S. My husband calls STY - Snarkier Than Thou ... I think that's funny. Hee.

  5. **waves Hi ** from the lurkdom.

    Love the site! gets me laughing daily. pretty addictive. Could use a cool twi name...

    For now Im just me

  6. Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you again for entertaining me and making me feel like I am not totally insane in my obsession. I follow you, I email you, and now I am going to go send a friend request on Facebook. See, I do not work, I stay home with my 4 and 7 year old who are in preschool and elementary school so I have almost endless time to play on the computer. I should start a blog of my own but I have no idea how to. My house is a mess and I rarely cook anymore but hey that is why they call it an obsession right?

  7. My bestie and I are definitely toasting a shot of Stoli to you both for this highly informative meeting.

    'Cause we needed another reason to shoot some vodka! :o)

  8. I am so very happy I found you guys through "Follow Friday" on Twitter. I have enjoyed everything I have read immensely. I now know the first website I am hitting after a long day of work! I need the laughter and insight after THAT hell... :)

  9. okay okay, I'll stop the lurking and fess up and follow you and comment too.... thanks for following our bambino-blog - it's very exciting!

  10. I LOVE you guys!!! Yours is one of the blogs that I read EVERY entry on!!! Under your bad influence (Mr. Twinatic would see it as such) I've purchased my own Pocket E with his own digs, started my own twi blog, read and follow blogs now, have a bracelet on the way, have found etsy, and just in general get a lot less done!

    Now with my laptop on it's way and my wireless router to hook up tomorrow, I'll be all set to get EVEN LESS done!!!

    Keep up the corruption and the funnies, you inspire and entertain us all!

  11. That was hillarious!!!! I iz now your BLEADER!!!

  12. OK, I think I have officially moved on from "heart" and "lurv" to full blown "LOVE"! Are we OK with this? Are we ready for this? Hell no, but who cares I am diving in head first. This might just change everything. I think because you are both so attentive to your Twitard kingdom is why this is such a fuckawesome place to be. No apologies necessary. I am home here in Twitardia. You can blame it on the two maybe three glases of wine I just had but I truly love you JJ and STY! Mwah! (I think you already knew this right? Um, errr, yep moving on ;-)). Hmm that looks like a double chine winking face--fitting for me I guess.

    Come out, come out lurkers do not be shy--don't let tipsy VitaminR scare you away!

  13. JJ & STY, you guys are awesome and I read all your posts. You inspired us to make our own blog and I was squealing with complete hysteria down the phone to "maitwi" at 6:45am at the realisation that our first follower was none other that the one and only Jenny Jerkface... Im still buzzing and that is more than I can say for my reaction to Rob's twitter! Virtual hugs & stuff!!

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I so feel all warm and tingly from the love. I don't post a lot because I'm not cool or witty like most of you. However; your blog and the comments ALWAYS make me laugh crazily while I try not to wake the kiddos.

    Keep up the good work:)

  16. i can't even express how twitarded makes me feel - i feel so at home, so normal, so NOT a pervert! THANK YOU guys so much for all the love, all the laughs and ALL THE ROB! this is my very first stop every night when i start trolling the interweb for shirtless robness (and sometimes i get stuck here!)
    i now PROUDLY carry my PE everywhere with me, my twlight goodies on display - and when the gothgirls in Hot Topic giggle at me? pfffffffffft. i got peeps, so fark them. also? jebus, we did goth in high school too, what are you, something new?
    god, i hate teenagers.
    but i digress - my point is, just as you love us, we are SO in luuuurve with you.

    ps, i'm in mourning - i discovered that my fave rob pic EVER is a total manip.

  17. You girls freakin' ROCK! My day is NOT complete with out a visit, or two, or three ... to your blog. I love reading the comments people leave...they are so smart and witty I usually feel inadequate so I don't say anything myself. I guess I will just have to start!

    On a side note...I would LOVE a new screen name!! Ms M is pretty boring! So get to working on that...stat! LOL!!!!

  18. Ok so Kat and VitaminR are totes my homegirls and let me just tell you...we talk about you too (in a good, if not unhealthy, way.)

    You should consider exploring Facebook some the very least, you should do a fan page...your readership would definitely go up, not that the readers you already have aren't fuckawesome. Duh, me.

    Just sayin. :oP

  19. Hey girls...
    Sorry,I was late to the meeting. I got the minutes from someone else. That's cool right?

    I was, uh, reading fan the bathroom...for 35 minutes...

    Sadly, in my RL...this may or may not have happened.

    You know I love y'all!
    Running a blog is a whole other job. It doesn't pay for shit but you do get other benefits, right? People send me more Robporn than I know what to do with...that's a lie, I know exactly what to do with it.
    You guys must get some crazy crap in your email...

  20. In my defense - I always put my name when I comment. I love you ladies and check the blog at least once a day, if not 2 or 3x... and it's the only Twilight thing I can get my fiance to occasionally not roll his eyes and read:)

    You ladies often make my shitty days better, and my good days fan-fucking-tastic!

    I say the F word a ton more because of you (and WA - let's be honest)...

    and since most of my fanfic hasn't updated in weeks - you give me that daily Twilight fix that I so desperately need until New Moon comes out. Seriously, is November ever going to get here?

    I'm impressed you guys Tweet, or whatever... facebook I can do... twitter... not there yet.

    My word verification: boreinga - what my life would be without Twitarded

  21. @Ang (Amcas) - "I was, uh, reading fan the bathroom...for 35 minutes..." Seriously made me choke on my wine from laughing when I read that cuz I'm totally reading fan fic right now too! Just not in the bathroom...

    What the hell...seriously...I'm reading Twiporn, I mean fan fic and Twitarded blog comments on a Friday night while my husband is watching some lame ass movie...and I'm seriously LOVING it!!

  22. All I will say is that my obsession over Twilight wouldn´t be so FUN without Twitarded , you girls are the funniest ever and I need Twitarded to lift up my humor everyday .

    Sorry about the bad English

  23. Great meeting bosses. Seriously I love both of you. IT IS because of your blog that I have fully embraced my fucking retardness along with my twitardness and have learned so many useful curse words from my peers. *Bowing and waving her arm* Thank you to all! I now have to account for the cursing, the expenses on True Blood and Twilight merch, the endless reading when I should be working, my own little blog, and the many other great blogs that I have found through your blog. I heart all you mother fuckers! Love ya! Hey Boss! Can we add comic con to our budget for next year?

  24. I just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely love the blog n everything you do for us fellow Twitards!! I've been reading your blogs since April and it's one of my favorite sites! After my usual Rob sites, I check to see what fun stuff you 2 have to write about... I heart you JJ and STY. You make my day brighter.

  25. see you love us, we love you..... its all Good..... "its good its gooooood"..... ( i watched bruce almisghty the other day, that line has been in my head since)

  26. Hi guys ...I love this site , it makes me feel like I'm not crazy and I could truly be the adult that I'm even if I suffer with a little bit of an obsession ( hey Rob is worth it no ?) ...I check you guys every days some time more than twice even if I don't always leave you comments , I also follow now in Twitter, you guys always make laugh so hard and a mother of 2 I need that, so thank you so much ...

  27. Excellent recap of Twitardia and some of the logistics involved in entertaining the masses so fucking well. (Yes, I say that word a LOT more too since I found you guys - and WA.) I groan if I don't check in enough during the day only to see that there are 63 comments to catch up on. Because, as you know, your followers are so hilarious I can't miss their thoughts on twi-life, Rob, sparkle peens, etc.!

    My requisite adult beverage hasn't kicked in yet so I have nothin' clever to add. I'm just glad that my obsession has began to taper down to mainly involve witty, intelligent humor loosely related to Twilight. All right, that's a lie. I'm off now to check robsessed and to see if that bitch has updated The Office yet. (But it sounded good and healthy for a second there.)

  28. OK...I had to delete my previous post because of user error...but now I am absolutely up and running...and an official follower! Love you guys!!!

  29. Awww, I only needed one tissue ;-). I love you ladies, shit, even my DH likes to hear what's the haps on Twitarded every day! I started reading with the Mini E learns disaster preparedness post and have been addicted since that very day! I read it out load to DH and we laughed until we cried.
    I have a 5 month old, to whom I am basically a human pacifier, so I read on my iPhone several times a day. I also have a 5 yo and a 3 yo. This blog is the highlight of my day.
    I am not in the closet and I always post my name here. I am proud to be twitarded! But. I have been forbidden from wearing any twitarded clothed or making either of the Super Chihuahuas wear anything because I live in Cali and I could never get away with that non- PC shit.
    Just dont ever leave me girls cuz I'd be lost without you. Plus, my favorite swear word- Twat Waffle - came from you!

  30. JJ and STY:

    not only are you fucking gorgeous, but you are also funny, smart, and creative.

    when i feel like stapling someone's face at my office (this happens often), i skip on over to twitarded (this also happens often)and suddenly the world is all sunshine and honey again.


    i love you long time.

  31. Your posts never suck ass and you will always be loved but my damn keyboard is ruined from the shit that spews out of my nose quite often while I read your posts. I have given up drinking while reading your blog. And really, would you want a Twitard to give up drinking? I would for JJ and STY!!! Coffee that is. Water too.


  32. It's been a year-ish since I first read the books and learned a movie was to be made of them. That said, I think I might almost be more addicted to your (as well as other) Twilight inspired blogs than I now currently am to the story itself. The line is so blurred, I can't even tell anymore!

    Your site is my new drug and I seriously check it several times a day. If I am in need of a laugh, I know I can ALWAYS get one here!

    Keep up the good work!! And thanks!!

  33. Ladies, I would love to leave comments but I'm just not that funny and I don't want to bore your readers/followers and/or insult your comedic talent with my...lack of creativity and unfunniness (is that a word?)
    Anyhoo...I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I check it multiple times a day and follow you both on twitter.
    I am unconditionally and irrevocably Twitarded!

  34. You guys are hilarious and the first blog I read after RobMusement (only because she has lots of Rob photos AND is pretty funny. I sometimes check twice a day - never know when you'll update! I love Twilight but am much more into the funny/sarcastic/Rob angle. Especially any camera angle of Rob. The more angles the better. I'm glad that you don't take it so freaking seriously that you can't make fun of it (or Rob's 3 t-shirts).

  35. @ JJ & STY - I'm so thankful for the day I stumbled onto the Twitarded blog. (Dunno if I ever told you it was a link from the Twilight Superfans site.) I get to be my real pervy, foul mouthed self here...although I've been slipping up a little more lately and saying fuck in front of the kids. Must watch my mouth in front of the fucking kids!

    I read the post that day and then went right to the very beginning of the blog and started from there. Now I'm all caught up and loving every minute of it! I've even worked up the nerve to come out of the twi-closet to several RL friends and they don't look at me like I'm bat shit crazy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    @ Cheryl - like my name...thank you. I put a lot of thought into it...really.

    @ Cheryl & Ms. M - Think of your hobbies, nicknames, etc. and stick "Twi" in front of them...worked for me! Good luck, and remember to let us know who you are with your new name!

    Good Night Everybody!

  36. I love the kingdom of Twitardia!!! And JJ and STY, you guys RULE- literally. ;). You're right-we can talk about things that I would never divulge in RL. And that's so freeing!

    Send the Stoli shots down to this end of the bar, er...conference table. I'm heading up the west coast late shift. Knowing some of you twat-waffles, I have some serious catching up to do.

    Raising my glass, here's to all of the awesomesauce that is Twitardia...a big sloppy wet drunkRob kiss with an extra lick of the face ala Anna Kendrick to you all!!! And sweet wet dreams.

  37. I forgot to tell you 2 that you made me realize how absolutely necessary it is to have a mini e n carry him around everywhere. Just to let you know... Extreme Home Makeover was right by where I live n I got to go see the house they built n mini e came with me. I'll send you some pics

  38. 99.9% of the time my comment are lame with a shit ton of grammar/spelling mistakes. Goodness, I need a "Bata" for comments. (Thanks FF for teaching me what a Bata is!, who says you can't learn something from FF) I would need the Holy Grail of Bata's if I had a blog. So I will not be an "Official Follower" any time soon, but you are first link in my Twilight bookmark folder.

    Thanks JJ and STY for Twitarded. <3

  39. @ TwiWeasel!

    OK---so if I use your formula, I should call myself TwiRum&Coke....actually that's kind of cool. I think I'll go get myself one.

    Maybe I'll get drunk enough to watch the "Breathe" YouTube video of the Vanity Fair Shoot for the hundredth time and picture myself on the swing...

    Here's a little food for the VMA's...did Rob look a little "guant" to you guys? AND...did you notice that KStew was covered in Sparkles...arms and face...Is this some sort of secret message to all of us...."I'm Sparkly like a Vampire and you're not"????


  40. Oh JJ and STY. The day I found you guys I went back and read all off your previous posts. And pissed my pants. Now I visit more than I prolly should and feel like I know you crazy bitches (I say it with love) and cosidering i'm sometimes a crazy bitch, it was meant to be.

    You guys popped my twiblog cherry and I'll eternally be in lahove. I even wanted to make twitarded a twilight Halloween card, cuz I'm a crafty mofo....but didn't know how to ask you for your address without seeming stalkerish and shit. Xoxo cp

  41. I loved the blame for fanfiction as a time suck . . .it so deserves it. Even if I can't keep up my own house or my own blog, I can always seem to keep up with my stories on fanfic, lol.

  42. My bff started me on the Twilight Saga, which in turn got me hooked on other vampire books, which has also gotten me dabbling in fanfic... Now she's got me following blogs like Twitarded! Its fuckin' great! I love it!

    I sit at my computer most of the day cuz I am a web designer... I have to admit I get frickin girly & squee to my bff when you post! Damn embarrassing! I look forward to getting your tweets & I love it when I see that my google reader has updated yet again with another post! Now my bff thinks she's created a monster! I feel like a fucking school girl all over again... yeah.. damn... LOL

    Generally I sit back in the back of the room and stay quiet... always concerned that if I show the real me I'll be sent home! Haha! Only my dh and bff know the real me! Scary....

    Just because I am a bit introverted & worried that rejection could set in at any point.... I decided that I wanted to, at the very least, thank you for the hard work you ladies put into this blog & all the fun, heartfelt posts you have here.

    I look forward to the laughs you bring!!

    Thank you.

  43. Yay!!! I am officially a follower now!! You ladies are awesome keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  44. indeed. robert pattinson can be pretty distracting. my desktop wallpaper is that picture of him with the tie and white shirt and i keep finding myself just staring at my computer doing nothing at all, and then i remember oh right! i have tons of papers to do!. anyway...i love you guys as much too!!! and i'm sad cause i can't be there with you in the meeting! i mean another country here! but i wish!! lucky the girls that will go! love you girls!! you totally rock!!!

  45. So, there isn't much I can say to you that others haven't already...but know that I fuckin adore you two and visit you like...1745867364959675439349 times a damn day. I make all my closet Twi-addicts visit you. I'll totally try to comment more, if it'll make you happy :)

  46. Aaawww! STY & JJ, what a great post! We love you too! My day would not be complete without a visit to your blog & just because I don't comment everytime, doesn't mean that what you wrote sucked ass! It just means I was reading on my cell phone & for some fucked up reason, it doesn't allow me to comment. The first time I read your blog (I don't even know how many months ago that was!), I went back & read every post from the beginning... at work... and nearly choked to death from trying to hold my laughter in... I thought I was going to have an aneurism! And through all that, I still couldn't make myself stop reading & wait for a more "appropriate" time! There are some things that just shouldn't have to wait, like Twitarded posts & fanfic, hence the fact that, more often than not, I read both on my cell phone at work. Being all adult & responsible-like is highly over-rated! Thanks again for all you do to keep us entertained in this wonderful land, Twitardia!

  47. So you just got yourself one more official follower after this post. I've been lurking around your blog for a while now and I guess it's about time I 'outed' myself. Keep up the twitardedness...I love it.

  48. This blog is complete genius. I'll probably get fired if my boss figures out how to look at my web history. When you guy's emailed me back i was so happy and to sum it up. You are fucking awesome, My Twilight/RPattz obsession would not be complete without you.

  49. so...should i be TwiPerv...LOL!!

  50. @Ms. M - if you're TwiPerv, then I should definitely be TwiSlut. LOL!!!

    @TwiWeasel - thanks for the tip! I'll use it and keep thinking... even though I'm a slut for everything Twilight, TwiTarded and Rob Pattinson, not sure if TwiSlut will do...although it does have a special ring to it....

  51. @ TwiRum&Coke,TwiPerve, TwiSlut - Bwahahahahahahaha! I love it! And said thanks for the tip, which I read as "Just the tip" and horked my coffee thru my nose!

    Now to get a little sentimental...

    Because of Twitarded, I have learned (in no particular order)…
    • The words Twat Waffle and Whore Flaps
    • Squeeeeeeeee!
    • What a Unicorn is
    • What the fuck a blog is
    • What NSFW means
    • Sparkle Peen and Vampsicle
    • Fuck Hawt Awesome
    • Just exactly what Jaw Porn and Sex Hair are
    • Who the Kings of Leon are (and bought the CD)
    • I love Twi-Porn, Twi-Smut, Fan Fiction (whatever you call it, it’s great!)
    • That I really want a Pocket Edward
    • FSE can either be Full Sized Edward or Fucking Scary Edward, depending on the sitch…
    • How totally awesomesauce JJ and STY are, as well as all you other “ladies” of Twitarded!

    That's not all, of course. Perhaps I'll post more later. Or maybe JJ & STY you can use that as a blog topic someday...

  52. Oh, and FTR, what does it say about me that I woke up thinking about Twitarded and immediately went to the computer first thing in the morning?

  53. I blame ya'll for my recent foray into the world of fanfic. I swear, I think I spent an entire 48 hours reading that shit a few weekends ago, completely ignoring my husband and most normal bodily functions (who needs to pee when there's The Office to read???)

    Anyway, thanks for that, and for often being the one thing that makes me laugh in the course of a day. You gals rock!

  54. I too with I could come up with a good Twi-name, but I think they have all been exahsuted! Most of the members of my "book club" (that's what we call ourselves in public, but we only read Twilight, some of us have not come out of the closet) all follow you. Strangely, the "F" word has worked it's way into my vocabulary since I have become Twitarded. I do live in fear that "twat waffle" will come out of my mouth at an inappropriate moment! I love that word and you two girls!

  55. Hey gals! I just finished reading all 220 posts of twitarded!!! I love them! It's great that I'm not a multitasker because my laptop would be ruined.... I am now a fan! I completely empathize with you even though I'm 18 1/2 yrs old because I'm in med school and all those clever people around me would quite literally KILL me if they found out I am reading such nonsence (their words not mine, I swear) so I'm in the closet. Anyway I love you girls and I hope you will always be there to make my suchish days with your fantastic remarks!!!! I [heart] you!

  56. @TwiWeasel Ok....because I am a stalker like that...I looked at your profile...ok, not cause I am really a stalker-it is because you are cracking my shit up!! and it says your are from KS...ME AND MS J ARE TOO! Who knew!! LOL!!!

    Ms M (Who is currently in the market for a new name)

  57. If ever you need a human sacrifice to really understand my love and devotion to you and this bloggy family, I just may give you my son who walked by my computer and started to do a James/Cam vampire "jig" with finger-fangs and hissing sound effects to boot.

    Tired of being ignored, he started singing in the tune of Iron&Wine's "Flightless Bird" song, "I was I freak, freak, freak. I was a bat, bat, boy . . ."

    I've said it to STY & JJ before, but I was the glass-wearing, tap-dancing bumblebee girl in this video when I first realized how crazy my Twilight/Rob infatuation was. Then I found this blog. And I was home.

    I owe you girls. *sniffles*

  58. I know you guys have put out two posts about fanfiction but I was wondering if it would be possible to set something up on your blog where people could recommend good fanfic to each other? From these comments it sounds like alot of us are into fanfic and it is always great to get some recommendations because lets face it there is alot of crap out there.
    One of my recommendations would be "Clipped Wings and Inked Armor" that you guys suggested. I LOVE it. It makes me want to go out and get a tatoo.
    @Lauren- I also now use the F-word way too often for same reasons. Its a bit of a problem with a 4 year old and 7 year old!

  59. Awww, as a relative newbie here it's good to see this post, saves me wasting any more time that could be spent reading Twiporn trying to weigh you all up ;o).

    I'm so glad I found you here, I think once you cross the line where most of your friends who enjoyed the books and film stop then it can be a lonely (and frankly rather worrying as you spend hours wondering if you can fit a FSE in your house, where you'd out him and if your husband will dovorce you if you do) place. At least now I know that I might be Twitarded but at least I'm not alone.

  60. OMG! I so love y'all! I've only commented once because my comments are not nearly as clever as yours, but I read your blog daily and all the incredible comments. It is my home away from home...only you understand me *sniff*. I, too, am an over 30-ish mother of two with an addiction to all things Twi-related and an addiction to Robward that I'm still trying to hide from myself.
    My husband knows I'm addicted, to a degree. He knows I keep reading the books over and over and over.... He just shakes his head. He has watched the movie (once) and said it was "good". I have already informed him that he IS going to see NM and WILL like it...I made him watch the NM extended trailer from the VMA awards, after which he said he had wondered why I TIVO'd it!
    That being said, I have to thank you ladies for getting me addicted to something else **whispering...Twilight fanfic!*
    OMG! I, too, am now a Twilight porn junkie. If you haven't read it, check out The List on by Laura Cullen! My husband is SO thankful for it, though he hasn't read it. But let's just say he's enjoying the the benefits. He sent me a text yesterday morning "Okay, who are you and what have you done with my wife? I LOVE my new naughty wife!" He understands there may be a whole different level to Twilight that he didn't understand... I think he may actually start reading the books.
    Thank you again for letting me feel normal for my obsession. I love all of your comments and find myself more often than not wipipng away tears from the laughter and understanding.
    *Mwah!* Love you all!

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. @TwiWeasel - me too, me too! I totally woke up and the first thing I did was check my bberry for Twitarded comments!! I LOVE your list!! You're a rockin Twat Waffle. I know most of those things now b/c of Twitardia. BUT...I still need to know:

    -WTF a Unicorn is (the non-Harry Potter one)
    -what the Office is (the one not on FOX)
    -what NSFW and DH mean??

    I'll need to come up with my own list and post later. But you got lots of it already!! =)

    So... TwiSlut is growing on me... I find it a rather charming name. ;) Should I go for it??

    @Ms. M... you've inspired me. I'm not from KS, but from GA. Anyone else here in Twitardia from GA, more specifically the ATL???

    STY and JJ, Queens of Twitardia, see what wonderful fucking awesomeness you have begun!!

  63. @Cheryl
    The Office is the most amazing TwiPorn!! You have GOT to read it!!!
    NSFW is Not Suitable For Work (I think)
    DH is ...well I say Damn Husband, but it may be darling...who knows.
    And a Unicorn...well...I was actually up last night thinking about that one myself-I know it is probably pervy cause I have heard it go with fanfic stuff...Is it a man?
    and since I am admitting I don't know all my pervy terms...can someone fill me in on the "Lemon" stuff???

  64. Oh how do I love thee - let me count the ways. Actually I`m not sure I could put into words how much I really enjoy the Twitarded universe. But here`s few things that have popped into my noggin.

    - I`ve stopped reading any other Twi-related blogs. No really, yours is it. Sure I`ll occasionally peek at other ones every now and then but it feels like cheating. You`ve been upgraded from being bookmarked to just being my home page.
    - I stopped caring about filming news, the books, and whether Robsten actually exists and instead more about the adventures of mini e, 15 step, FSE, your liquor filled adventures, OPattz (which was genius), etc.
    - I swear way more than I fucking should. Granted I had a bit of a trucker`s mouth before, but now it`s over the edge. WA didn`t help.
    -Speaking of fanfic - 15 Step was the beginning of the end for me - and it`s your fault :) and I love you for it (so does my husband). I have lost several weekends (and maybe a few hours at work - heh oops!) to WA, the Office, etc. I don`t think I could read the real books again without wondering why Edward isn`t swearing.
    -The other commenters. Fuck you guys are just as brilliant as JJ and STY ! Now quick - go `do your best bella`

    Okay - I'll cave and get a bloggy pseudonym and follow. I just need to figure out nickname...

  65. @ Ms. M (aka TwiPerv) *snicker* - lemon would refer to the sexy hot stuff that makes us love the fan fic.

    I have discovered that if I don't know what something is, I can usually find it at But it's waaaaay more fun to find out new things here, no?

    Speaking of which, I still haven't figured out what ML stands for, JJ.

    @ elaine - "I don`t think I could read the real books again without wondering why Edward isn`t swearing." I totally get it! After reading some of the fan fics...the books are so...bland. Doesn't mean I've stopped reading them though. There are times when I don't have a computer available. Of course, I have oodles and gobs of fan fic printed out for just this reason... Oh, and how about TwiSwearMoreThanIFuckingShould for a psuedonym...Bwahahahahaha! Mmm, maybe a little long. *shrugs*

  66. I'm going to thank you again for this fine blog you ladies write. I have no regrets in saying publicly that Twitarded is my *favorite* Twilight fan blog of them all!
    congrats on the success here-you deserve it :) you guys crack me up and I don't say that about many others!
    BTW-love my little Team Twitarded buttons..I wear with pride and grin ear to ear when someone like a bank teller or grocery store cashier squints their eyes to see what the hell that little button on my denim jacket says!

    Cheers to JJ and STY! :D

  67. Ok...hangs head in shame...I have now created an account to properly follow my favorite gals :). Love ya'll!!!

  68. I've not read the fanfic that it comes from and don't even know which one it is, but I read somewhere that unicorn is what one story refers to an orgasm as. I'm sure someone far more knowledgeable that me who's actually read it will tell us more, I'd love to know why!

    Btw, loving these Twi name suggestions!

  69. Long time lurker popping up to say... twitarded is fab and I read it every day. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us!

  70. OK...I have to leave now for a few hours, but here are my two Twi-name possibilities...let me know what you all think...

    TwiSlut OR Twichotic... I'm leaning towards Twichotic (my DH thought of that for me). ((I used DH and I know what it means now)). Wuhahahahaha!

  71. @ SusanaSun - if you come into my bank wearing a Team Twitarded button, I'll tell you to "do your best Bella." Then dissolve in giggles and snorts.

    @ Christysmom97 - don't be ashamed...we are so proud of you for making your way out of the twi-closet!

    @ Stan - That would be Wide Awake. It was the very first fan fic I read and it holds a special place in my heart.

    @ Teri - Welcome Twat Flap!

    @ Cheryl - Twichotic...heeheeheehee I love it!

  72. My morning would not be complete if I wasn't reading your blog! My monitor may suffer a bit from all the coffee that I've snorted all over it.. Alas I would have it no other way.

    Twitarded is a place to feel at home with like minded people that understand the seeming insanity that is our twilight addiction. A place that we can feel free to let it all hang out so to speak...

    Like a AA meeting... Instead we celebrate our addiction...

    Stands up clears throat**
    "Hello everyone my name is Red_Bella and I'm addicted to Twilight and Twitarded!"

  73. JJ & STY--you ladies rock it.
    Thanks to you, I laugh my ass off at least once a day when I read your blog (the only one I read regularly, although I do have to hit Fire Crotch & Mrs Vanquishes blogs now & then also!).
    I am addicted to TwiSmut--and have even subscribed to the Twigasm podcast to hear of new/hot Fic that comes out. Those chix rock my world almost as much as you two ladies.
    So, thank you, thank you thank you!

    <3 <3 <3
    ps--plus, where else in the world can you hear and use such incredibly inventive words as Twat Waffle?! LOL!

  74. @Cheryl - Twislut. Twislut all the way.

  75. @ red_bella - ironic you should show up just when I was thinking of name, anyway. I was going to make the suggestion to some of the gals looking for a pseudonym to check within their fave fan fic stories, and use your name as a suggestion. Now, I don't know that you got your name from a fan fic for sure, I just assumed, and you know what they say about that...

    VW - sublowbf...sounds like something I'd do to RPattz if I ever got him alone!

  76. @ Federico Zarco - You've been here long enough to know we're not creepy...just bat shit crazy!

  77. @ TwiWeasel, thanks for that, I've heard a lot of people raving about Wide Awake, it's on my 'to do' list :o)

  78. ...just batshit crazy....and oddly addicting, no? That's why you keep coming back! :D

  79. [wipes away a few tears; sniffles...]


    seriously, I wasn't expecting this kind if reaction to this post - I am overwhelmed!!! in a good way... Really really good. I meant it when I said we wouldn't be "us" without YOU. I'm not sure exactly when I realized that my obsession with the blog was on par with my obsession with all things Twilight and Robward, but it is SO good to know that you guys are all right there with us - lol! We all need each other - hehe.

    I'm also thrilled to be enabling all of you - and upping the ante on the potty mouth (although I realize that a certain someone is probably more to credit in that department than your truly and yes JJ I am lookin' in your direction...

    er, it probably speaks poorly of my character but I think that "TwiSlut" is awesome. "Twichotic" is pretty damn clever, too - nice work, DH! or "Ms. Twi" would be good, too! For Ms. M, that is... [love the pic of mini-e on the handlebars, btw!]

    Thanks to all for responding - and to those of you who came out of the bloggy closet to comment AND to follow! Fuck - all I had to do all this time was ask?!? Well shit - I could've done that a while ago! : )

    You have officially made my weekend!

    Random things:

    "ML" = "my love" - it's what JJ calls her S/O in RL so...

    We will try to get something up for fanfic recs but blogger is kinds limited. Would love to have that though! hmmm... there must be a way to make it work!

    Christina - we [heart] crafty people who send us stuff!!! Just ask Red Bella & VitaminR70 & Lily Guillotine! We're too cheap/poor to get a PO box for the blog but if you email us we'll happily give you our address if you promise not to stalk us (we promise not to stalk you, either - pinkie swear!).

    If you right-click on the comment box, you can spell-check. Just sayin'... I don't care about spelling errors or anyone's "bad" English (if it's your second language or not your first, you still speak/write it waaaay better than I could speak whatever language YOU speak - lol!). You can also right-click on a word to check spelling. I love spell-check. Especailly late at night... : )

    TwiWeasel, I love the list you made up - definitely saving that!

    You guys are funnier than we are in these comments - you rock!


    P.S. Is it too early to read fanfic? It IS after noon so it's ok, right? Right??? ok thanks - whew...

  80. @ Twiweasel - Twiswearsalot? Twiswearstoofuckingmuch? Twiswearer (lame-o I know)? Twifuck? Twi@$!%*&!? Twiswearslikeatrucker? Oh help bloggy friends!

    @ STY - It's NEVER too early to read fanfic. Yesterday I copied and pasted 15 step in to my gmail drafts at home so that when I got to work I could read it without accessing twitarded and therefore the IT dept would have no clue of my activities other than me accessing gmail at 9am :) Yup, I'm devious like that :)

  81. @ red_bella - In my earlier note to you I said "...use your name as a suggestion." I MEANT to say "...use your name as an EXAMPLE!" Oops.

    @ STY - sometimes it's the simplest things, right? Thanks for explaining ML. Totally makes sense. As for the list...that was just a very small part of it. Will post more soon(ish). BTW, how is CW&IA coming? *snort* coming, hee hee!

  82. @ elaine - *giggles* How about PoTWI Mouth? SwearsTwiLot? (sounds like a carebear.) TwiCuss? you have any hobbies other than swearing like a friggin sailor?

  83. I don't have time to read all the above comments, life intrudes and I have to get ready for AYSO soccer (when you guys have mini-twitards you'll know what this means). However, I do have time to say you, JJ & STY, are so awesome and are doing everything right. Like you, I have my favorite readers, and when pressed for time will simply scan the group for those few witty, snarky comment writers. I heart yous guys, keep it up! (Thinking vampsicle now)

  84. Okay, Twiswearstoofuckingmuch killed me. That would take up the entire Twitter box though, lol.

    Um, holy fuck. Totally didn't expect this kind of response!!! This is why we absolutely adore all of you!

    And I have to admit I'm intensely pleased that so many of you are developing potty mouths. I know I shouldn't be but... I am.

    And all of your comments absolutely slay us. Mommy (not a)Jerkface once told me she likes reading the comments even if she doesn't read the post [I think she's still horrified her daughter is a trash talking porn addict] and that she thinks all of you are fucking hysterical.

    Muhwa! We love ya!!

  85. @ elaine - I got it...ProfaniTwi! LOL! I guess it loses something in the written version, but if you say it out loud...Profanity+Twi. Er...maybe not. How about ExpleTWIve, ObsceniTwi...Or, you wouldn't even need to put Twi in it and call yourself Dirty Talker or something like that, although that kinds goes off in a different direction...

  86. @ TwiWeasel - Any hobbies I do have don't exactly lend well to make I mean how lame does Twi-bakes and Twi-goestothegym5daysperweek sound? And Twi-baked makes me sound like a pot-head. So yes, swearing is my main hobby. Maybe I should just throw Twi in front of whatever VW comes up with for my next comment.

  87. What about Twi-stfm short for swears to fucking much of course? Hmm?? Takers??

  88. Wow, I must really like you guys. I sent an email, I sent a friend request on Facebook, I became a Follower (and I am not even sure I know what that is or means) and I am posting a comment. I love to follow the rules : ) Thanks for the great blog!

  89. ditto all of the above! holy fuck 89 comments..!

  90. ditto all of the above! holy fuck 89 comments..!

  91. I think this was my favourite post from you guys! I've sent a friend request but I'll be patient.

    You should start a Facebook Fan page!

  92. @ elaine - Twi-stfm...I get it, but it looks like styrofoam. *grin* What about FoulMouthedTwitard or TwiRaunchy (sounds smelly) or Twirreverent (Twi+irreverent...again, it loses something in the written version.) I looked up cuss and swear in the thesaurus and didn't find much. Looks like you might just end up with TwiSwearsTooFuckingMuch after all! I mean, it IS a great name! You know, Twi-STFM is really starting to make me laugh! And we know what it stands for so....

  93. you gals are seriously one of my favorite parts of every day! i love you!

    AND... for some reason it makes me feel better about myself when i'm talking about your blog and then explain that it's not a tween site, but an adult twilight site. like some how that makes me less obsessed/pathetic. hahaha!

  94. Ok, I'm at home alone, the youngest is in bed, my husband has taken the older two camping for the night and I've had two glasses of wine so have decided to come and pop my Twitarded fucking swearing cherry. Oops, there it goes!

    Loving the Twi-STFM too LOL! xx

  95. OH! AND ONE MORE THING! because of you ladies, i'm now forced to fake an interest in the hubz xbox world because he fakes an interest in my twitarded world...which i APPARENTLY go on and on and on and on about. lol! i can't help but link him your site like EVERY DAY cause i mean really, who could not find your shit funny?!?!

    for reallies, though...he is a great sport and puts up with my twitardedness. ♥

  96. That was best meeting I have been to in weeks! At my other meetings, they roll their eyes when I mention Edward and Bella but I feel like you guys understand. Can you make Edward/Rob's attendance at the next meeting mandatory! If not, at least a main subject. They really get pissy at the office when I put it on our agenda.

    Keep it up! Love your blog!


  97. @ Stan - nice blogs. I've bookmarked you! Oh, and congrats on the fucking cherry popping!

  98. A bit off topic...

    The other day someone (Julia, I think) asked why the vampire aspect was taken out of a lot of Fan Fiction. Here is a blog called Edge of Night - Twilight picks up where the books leave off and is written in a very similar manner as the books. All characters are the same as the books.

    I haven't read too far into this, but so far it seems ok.

  99. The verdict is in... Cheryl is now Twichotic. :}

    Yay! I love my new identity!!! Wuahahahaha. :}

  100. @ Twiweasel thank you very fucking much :oP

    @ Twichotic, love it LOL!


  101. Ok so after todays meeting I vow to start leaving comments! I have been following you ladies for a while but hardly ever comment eventhough I almost piss myself daily! I WILL start commenting from now on! You have my word!

  102. i got STY's addy.
    who wants to send her a million sparkly-peni?

    i kid. i kid.

    expect mail around octoberish.

  103. A decision has been made. Twiswearstoofuckingmuch it is - but Twi-stfm for short. It's ridiculous but so am I. And you're right the short form looks like Twi-Styrofoam. But, meh. FoulMouthed Twitard is excellent though, but it sounds like some crazy tropical bird. *Cue Sir David Attenborough* "And as you can see over there we have the FoulMouthed Twitard. Note it's mousy brown It's usual call is "FUCK-er FUCK-er FUCK-er FUCK-er " and has a distictive call when it flies of "Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off." It is known for aggressively confronting competitors with "what-are-YOU-looking-at". Okay, I'm done now...

    Thanks for the help gals!!

  104. Not that I speak for anyone but little ole me, but I'd like to extend a big fat Twitardy welcome to all the new commenters whom JJ and STY have dredged out of the lurking closet. It's an honor to bear witness to your naming rights.

  105. seriously-something fab just happened as I was reading all of the comments here. I was feeling envious of the cute Twilighty names people are coming up with and was thinking how my old bloggy name (SusanaSun) wasn't as cool as it was when I first made it up (awhile ago) and I wanted a more Twilighty name, but didn't want to change it completely and then BAM. It came right to me. I'm now SusanaSparklesInTheSun! yay. god, I feel so much better!

    Thank you Twitarded for inspiring me :D

  106. @ Twichotic - Yay! I love it! I love it!

    @ Twi-Stfm - I read your virgin post as Twiswearstoofuckingmuch out loud (Say it. Out loud.) to my DH and even HE laughed out loud! That is a first from Twitarded! Usually I just get a massive eyeroll and a snarky comment!

    Congrats to both of you Twat Waffles!

  107. @TwiFixx - here here! Welcome to all the new commenters! A big fat twilucious welcome!!

    @SusanaSparklesInTheSun - FABULOUS new name!!!

  108. @ TwiFixx - *sniffle* I know, it was like naming my very own children! *tear*

    @ SusanaSparklesInTheSun - sometimes we have an epiphany and there's nothing we can do but follow through with whatever we just learned! the new name!

  109. Very nice rambling segue, TwiSTFM! You are a true Twitard, through and through.

    My new concern: If all 622 followers start commenting regularly, I will get nothing done. Fucking ever. Eh, who needs sleep.

  110. @ Twi-stfm, the FoulMouthed Twitard / FUCKer bit cracked me up, fantastic!

  111. Dear JJ and STY, as a fellow thirty-something Twilight headcase, thanks so much for this blog. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and it is now a daily must view!

  112. check out my new blog please!!

  113. This has been has been an awesome day in the Twitarded universe. Everyone's got new names, they're out of the closet, we're all following. I just feel that we've had this fucking huge *sniff* breakthrough. I love you guys! *sniff* GROUP HUG!

  114. Hi dear JJ and STY,

    I don't know how you do that, keeping a job, having a SO, keeping up with all the twilight stuff and still managing to have an amazing blog which you update almost every day. deserve a medal, a big paycheck and Rpatz. Love you, thanx for what you do for us!

  115. Woot! Congrats to the newbies. It takes some courage to come out of the Twi-closet, but it's worth it. It's like a big addict support group - Twitards Anonymous, or TA, which pretty much sums it up really ;)

    @STY and JJ: I love you guys. My browser's Google Chrome, so my most visited sites are on little thumbnails when I log on. Twitarded is in second place, right behind, and I think it might be creeping towards first. Whenever I feel ridiculous about being a Twi-obsessed 24 year old, I just remember that you two are even crazier than I am and damn proud of it! So I should be too.

    "My name is Banshee, and I am a Twitard."

  116. Ooh, I almost forgot. Head over to and search for "A Litany at Dusk" by duskwatcher (I'm no good with links and stuff). It's still in progress, but I'm enjoying it so far. JJ, I know you love some Darkward, and this is vampire Darkward. Yay!

    And to anyone who hasn't started Clipped Wings and Inked Armour yet - fucking do it already! Mmmm, Tattward....

  117. We adore you ladies and appreciate all you do to bring us the funniest and raunchiest blog in Twiland! Much love! xx

  118. literary crack addictSeptember 20, 2009 at 12:51 PM

    I am also in my thirties, married and with children. My 13 year old started me on my twilight journey when she asked for twilight for christmas in 2008. I finally read the books in March and have not been able to put the books down. My best friend (who does not get it), calls it literary crack and I'm hopelessy addicted!! My husband shakes his head everytime he walks by and sees me reading your blog. Thank you much for giving me another outlet!! Keep up the great work.

  119. I was just reading comments and wasn't planning on leaving one but my verification word is "dosme" and I thought it had to be shared...

    @SusanaSparklesInTheSun & Twiswearstoofuckingmuch - HAHAHA!!! LOVE your new names, ladies!

    @Christina Padilla - lmfao! if you send me a sparkle peen, i'm SO attaching it to FSE... Wow - that sounds dirty even by my low standards - heh-heh...

    : )

    Thanks all for this great response - i loved reading your comments and I lurvs ya'll!!

  120. BWAHAHAHAHAH - next weriword = "squesses"!! haha!!

    [and yes this is STY here but I'm in the wrong email addy so it says "Snarkier" instead of "Snarkier Than You"...stupid google...]

  121. LMAO! Omg, you girls never stop making me giggle.
    I'm loving all the new names that are popping up.
    Welcome to our crazy ass world... You will never leave now MWAHAH ;P

    JJ & STY.... Never stop what ever it is you're doing.

    VW: delyd
    If New Moon gets delyd I'm gunna kick some ass =D

  122. Ooh. And I just totally licked the screen because of the widget at the bottom of the page.
    Does it mattter that I'm squeeing like a kid hyped up on sugar!!??

  123. awwwwwwwwwwww... shit, now I'm going to have to come up with a name... probably would be better to have a secret name rather than posting "Lauren" where sooner or later I will be discovered;)

    once again, I should be working on a presentation, but no, I'm in Twitarded Land - my home away from home.

  124. Oh my Christ!!! I am not a religious woman, but F'in Christ! I just finished chapter 13 of Clipped Wings and Inked Armor (CW/IA). I would NEVER tell my BFF of 22 years this, but I will tell my Twitardia ladies that I totally, just f'in literally, perhaps possibly had a semi-O from READING the end of Chapter 13. WTF???? Really?? Is that possible??? OMFG or more accurately, OMFE!!!

    Whoa... seriously. I think I'm in shock. I need to put the wine glass down and go to bed. Christ... I have work tomorrow.

  125. Whoohoo....I'm up to chapt. 11 on CW&IA. After that recommendation I'll be sure to make time for more tonight before I go to bed. Haha. Better hurry before my hubby falls asleep.

  126. Holy shit there are a lot of comments on this one.

    Just wanted to say I love you girls and don't ever stop writing.

    And, I love Shag!

  127. So. This is my first comment ever on a blog. After i had my third dream of Rob (it was a very good dream and the alarm clock which woke me up is sentenced to death), I decided this is a sign to join in your community. So thank you for make me laugh, trigger hot dreams, lead me to the world of fanfic (thank God my family members don´t understand enough English to know what i´m reading all the time), improve my knowledge of filthy vocabulary and give my twitarded obsession a home.

  128. You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up and the first thing you think is "oh my goodness...did I actually submit "that" comment last night." Looking above, I see that I did indeed.

    I have to say...even though CW/IA is full of the wonderful juiciness, I do really like the storyline and the characters are very compelling.

    @JJ - I think it's so awesome that you are also writing a FANTASTIC fanfic. I'm also emotionally involved with your characters too! That's my problem, when I read something good I can't stop thinking about it. How the heck do I get anything done??

  129. Real life has really been getting getting in the way lately so I'm several days behind on my bloggy addiction, but I at least wanted to crawl out of my mountain of crap for a second to say that this site is the very best. I love JJ, STY and all of you Twitards - you're awesome!!!!

  130. You guys are so bad! I just had to find out for myself what all the CW/IA fuss was about, so I started reading Clipped Wings/Inked Armour a few days ago. In my RL I'm a 40-something-mom-gone-back-to-college, so I'm already uncomfortable attending classes with students half my age. Can you just guess what I'm thinking about when some studly young dude sits down next to me, who is tatted out elbow to wrist and calf to ankle? Right! - can't. Concentrate. I totally blame you 'Tards for corrupting me, dirrty birds that you are! At least I'm happy that this particular road to hell is paved with many familiar faces. Er names. Er nicknames anyway.

  131. Guess I am guilty. I read EVERY day. (okay several times a day) and don't comment.
    Here's my comment:
    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!
    I have found a home.

  132. I am one of the anon readers and have been for several months now! Just saying my first *Haalllllo* in my best Edward Cullen drawl!

  133. Real life has really been getting getting in the way lately so I'm several days behind on my bloggy addiction, but I at least wanted to crawl out of my mountain of crap for a second to say that this site is the very best. I love JJ, STY and all of you Twitards - you're awesome!!!!

  134. So. This is my first comment ever on a blog. After i had my third dream of Rob (it was a very good dream and the alarm clock which woke me up is sentenced to death), I decided this is a sign to join in your community. So thank you for make me laugh, trigger hot dreams, lead me to the world of fanfic (thank God my family members don´t understand enough English to know what i´m reading all the time), improve my knowledge of filthy vocabulary and give my twitarded obsession a home.

  135. You guys are so bad! I just had to find out for myself what all the CW/IA fuss was about, so I started reading Clipped Wings/Inked Armour a few days ago. In my RL I'm a 40-something-mom-gone-back-to-college, so I'm already uncomfortable attending classes with students half my age. Can you just guess what I'm thinking about when some studly young dude sits down next to me, who is tatted out elbow to wrist and calf to ankle? Right! - can't. Concentrate. I totally blame you 'Tards for corrupting me, dirrty birds that you are! At least I'm happy that this particular road to hell is paved with many familiar faces. Er names. Er nicknames anyway.

  136. seriously-something fab just happened as I was reading all of the comments here. I was feeling envious of the cute Twilighty names people are coming up with and was thinking how my old bloggy name (SusanaSun) wasn't as cool as it was when I first made it up (awhile ago) and I wanted a more Twilighty name, but didn't want to change it completely and then BAM. It came right to me. I'm now SusanaSparklesInTheSun! yay. god, I feel so much better!

    Thank you Twitarded for inspiring me :D

  137. We adore you ladies and appreciate all you do to bring us the funniest and raunchiest blog in Twiland! Much love! xx


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