Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deleted Scenes From Twilight: New Moon [tee-hee!]

So Jenny Jerkface is probably still sleeping off last night's epic drunken movie-watching-and-email-o-rama during which she was forced to watch "Drag Me To Hell" and was then left on the dark, mean streets of Central Jersey to find her own way back across town to her house. MWAHAHAA!! Yes, I am that evil! I am pretty sure she and her liver are still alive, although I can't really be sure since her phone is going straight to voicemail. Oops. Feel better (and wake up soon) JJ!

Anyhoo, I was doing my usual aimless meandering through the Blogdom and ended up at YouTube, where I found a funny video suggested just for me!!!! Er, no, it's not going to quench your Edward-smelling-Bella-level of fiery thirst for New Moon to be HERE NOW ALREADY!!! WHY CAN'T IT BE HERE NOW?!?!?! but it will help you kill a few of the interminable seconds that need to elapse before it is FINALLY November 19th...

Back to the "New Moon" deleted scenes - this video cracked me up! There are a few others - you can find them HERE on YouTube. Happy Saturday!

Note: this vid is NOT porno! This once screen cap/image is waaaay more suggestive than anything that goes in in this vid - lol!


  1. First JJ's liver. I hope you had fun last night and happy recovery.
    STY and JJ. I AM SO JEALOUS! Yes I did see you guys talking on twitter with your preadvance screening tickets. Arghh. I wish I just could just fly my ass out there and see it with you guys.
    Can you hurry up and work on that Twitarded 2010 Convention? Maybe you could combine it with the Eclispe Premiere?

  2. Fucking fuck fuck I want to go to that fucking screening on fucking Nov. 9th in fucking NYC more than you fucking know. Fucking whore, why do I live so fucking far away. OK, I don't live that fucking far away.... but fuck me!

    PS: This comment was brought to you by the word "fuck."

    PSS: How do you know that there weren't zombies waiting for JJ at her house when she got home at the wee hours of the morning? Hmm? Ever think of that STY?

  3. Oh how I wish I could join you guys!! That`d be so much fucking fun! Ugh.

    As is I`m going on the Saturday to the uber-comfy theatre where only 19+ can get in and they serve booze with 20+ co-workers. Which should be okay. I don't like all my co-workers so I'll have to drink till they're fun.

    I would like to 2nd that Twitarded Convention 2010 be held in conjunction with Eclipse. Can`t you see it now? Us, STY, JJ, booze...oh and the movie. I'd have to start convincing my husband that this is a good idea now-ish.

    @latchkey wife - fuck is def my fav work.

  4. You guys get to do all the cool stuff! Nothing going on here in stupid Albuquerque as far as I know. Def need to get some Twitarded merch to wear when I go to see NM!!

    veri word: catie - a truly drunken misspelling of Cullen

  5. well I gotta get in on this fuck saying fest.

    Fuck, i wish i was closer to you early New Moon ticket holding hookers.damn. super go large jealous over here.

    Fuck, my work blocks YouTube vids. damn. I.need.too.see.this.

  6. Team Switzer-JacobOctober 17, 2009 at 2:58 PM

    I didn't crack up with that vid until the bat part. XD! Freaking wow.

  7. The bat part was funny.

    DH thought it was great. It certainly was original!

  8. hhehehehehe....those smosh parodies crack me up too. I've seen some of their other 'deleted scenes'. I reckon those guys must watch a lot of 'Robot Chicken' - same sort of humour.

  9. Huh. I didn't know guinea pigs could get drunk. No wonder mine never stop fucking.


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