Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween & A PantyGate '09 Update

Happy Halloween!

This is going to be a really random post and Jenny Jerkface is going to tell me it's too long, but bear with me!

First off, I'd like to thank Twitarded reader Patches for sending me a picture of her Twitard-O'-Lantern [above] - she and a few friends got together one night recently, fixed themselves some cocktails, and broke out the pumpkin carving knives. Amazingly, everyone ended the evening with their digits intact and nothing was spilled but booze and pumpkin guts. She got creative and decided to declare her Twitard self to the masses on Halloween - now that's out of the Twi closet! I'm impressed...

I'm actually going to a Halloween party tonight...and I think I'm gonna go dressed as Bella. This wasn't my original intention... Like every year before this, I always tell myself that I am NOT getting dressed up in a costume (I'm not a party-pooper; I'm just lazy and not very creative). And then I end up getting invited to a party (or throwing one) and everyone decides to get dressed up and at the very last possible second I decide that I should wear a costume and I wind up at the stupid Halloween store on 10/31 fighting with a bunch of other idiots over the last pair of shitty, over-priced vampire fangs in the place. But not this year! I was laying in bed earlier trying to figure out a way out of this predicament and it occurred to me that I DO own a Bella dress. And a full-size Edward. And I am not opposed to donning a wig or dyeing my hair brown (been there). Plus it's an excuse to go buy a pair of cute new sneakers. Bonus! Too bad I will look like a total fat cow standing next to NM FSE because he's turned sideways and is just a little slip of a thing [note: I would probably look like a big fat cow standing next to Robert Pattinson, too, but I'll never know since I am expecting the restraining order to be served any moment now but more on that in a sec...].

SO! I am going dressed as a character who most people my age won't recognize in an outfit from a movie that hasn't even been released yet [19 days!!! GAH!!!] and I'll be drunk and toting around a huge chunk of cardboard, but what the hell - sounds like a fun way to spend a night, right???

What JJ would be wearing if she could find one... and I will ignore her if she does.

Moving on...

PantyGate '09.

[I promise that when this whole thing blows over, you will never see the word "panty" here ever EVER again - pinkie swear!]

If you haven't been on Twitter and following me and Jenny Jerkface, you missed a lot! Just in general, you should be on Twitter. I used to think it was useless/stupid/a total waste of time but now I am addicted plus it's only 140 characters a pop with hardly any bells and whistles to figure out so even a total technophobe loser like me can figure it out--it's THAT easy! But here's a little recap: the Edward undies have been EVERYWHERE [which is what they are--"Edward undies"; it's a shame that "Pattinson Panties" has a better ring to it because that definitely ups the creepy factor somehow imho]. If they were really traveling and not just blazing 'round the internets, they'd be all dirty and tatty and I'd have no choice but to burn the slutty bits and give them a dignified [ha!] burial or something. But they are safely tucked away along with my other Twi merch.

I'm not going to link back here, but in some way, shape or form, they've been on Perez Hilton, DListed, E!'s The Awful Truth [complete with a "would you wear these or should they be for KStew only?" poll - last time I checked, it was 37% "yay" and 63% "nay"], Best Week Ever, The Huffington Post [no shit], Jezebel, a gazillion international sites that I can't read but I can make out words like "sparkle dildo," Celebuzz, Socialite Life, Suicide Girls, MTV [with the tag-line "for the woman who has everything...except Robert Pattinson's icy, undead stare embroidered onto the front of her underwear"], Bust, The Frisky, Videogum, and some site called "Bloody Disgusting." We've been all over the Twidom and beyond to IMDB blogs, mommy blogs, Buffy blogs, all over livejournal and facebook...

Someone even made these Lestat Undie mock-ups! I'll make an exception and link back to Videogum because even though they called us "gross," they were funny... And we ARE gross. Sometimes.

I found these next to a pic of the Pattinson panties on 107.5 KLZ's site - yup - we even made the radio, folks! Another (Australian) radio station put us on their "Daily Dirt" web page with the line "Twilight hysteria is heading downstairs..." - oh and in general, these things are HUGE in Australia! And did I mention that they are splattered all over gay sites, too? Um, yeah...

Well, you get the idea. They've gotten around. If you do a Google search, there are now over 300,000 results. Both JJ and I have had people forward them to us! I even had someone send me a link about something Twilight-related but unrelated to the undies and when I clicked on it, there they were on the sidebar with the words "Going Viral NOW!" emblazoned above them.

Most of the comments in the blogoshpere at large are...not nice. And we get the "ew!" factor - we do! - that's part of what makes them so freaking funny! We just never expected that the ha-ha would leave our dirty little corner of the Twidom...

In an even more curious and potentially disturbing turn of events, in the midst of a massive tweet-fest over how wild and massive this whole thing was getting, we got the following email from Red Bella [who made them] -
Red Bella: Should I be freaked out that "The Ellen Show" is now following me on Twitter?!

Snarkier Than You: Um, yes - you should be very freaked out!!!!

Jenny Jerkface: WHAT?!!!!! THUD.
So there you have it... We figure that "the man himself" has already seen them [gulp], and now it looks like there is the distinct possibility that he could find himself confronted with them when he's on The Ellen Show on 11/20 (or at least that's when the episode airs). That's really the only part of this whole thing that we are sorry about or find regrettable! We only hope that he has the sense of humor we think he does and isn't too freaked out. I know we've said it before, but WE'RE SORRY, ROBERT PATTINSON!!! Oh and if anyone knows how we can send him a sincere apology that might actually have a possibility of getting to him (a la "the Stoli shirt"), please email us. Really. We'll even send the only two pairs of these in existence to him if he wants us to [JJ's note - Speak for yourself, bitch]. He and Kristen Stewart can dance around their suite at the Chateau Marmont with them on their heads and then they can throw them into the fireplace and laugh over it and then go have more amazing sex. Or something like that.


  1. CTB / Claudette520October 31, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    I seriously love your blog! I wish I could be just as funny, witty and smart as you and JJ when I write my stories! Unbelievable sense of humor! Enjoy the fame! :-)

  2. Wow. I was working on a Halloween card for you guys (just emailed it btw) and tabbed back over to your site and saw the post. Love the carved pumpkin! I tried a real one and gave up. On the bright side, I can enjoy mine for years to come.

    At any rate, I think you may be right about Ellen bringing it up the panties on her show. I'm sure we all remember her giving him a pair of Ellen boxers last year with the words Bite Me on the butt. Tyra gave him and Taylor thongs on her show last year. He may have already heard about them and will just roll with it if she does.

    Maybe you should tweet Peter Fachinelli. He seems to have connections :)


  3. Holy. Shit. I had no idea. This site feels like a club where we all get together privately to drink, laugh and regress in age at a joyfully fast rate of speed. Worldwide attention to our giggly girlish entertainment? Huh.

    I'm convinced, however, that his hotness does have a great sense of humor about the fandom and himself in general. Otherwise he would have jumped off the cliffs of LaPush six months ago.

    As for a gift? Maybe a Twitard beer cozy for his Heinekin? A notarized letter promising to stay 50 feet away from him, thereby negating the need for pesky lawyers and RO's?

  4. Did I not mention Ellen in my last comment? Damn I'm psychic! I think she will most definately contact Red Bella before they film to notify her that she's posting a pic of those bad boys to embarress Rob and Taycob. Or she may hide in the bathroom with them on her and jump out and scare Rob/Taylor like she does all her guests. That would be even better.
    All kidding aside, is not insane that something you say or post can travel the world within a day and everybody's talking about it. Technology is amazing.

    You know there was a surf film where they took this one yellow surfboard and shipped it to various surfers all around the world with each one documenting whatever they wanted with the surfboad. That could be the undies, um like the Sister Hood of Traveling Pants but the Sisterhood of Traveling Panties. (ok, I'm kidding but I think it's funny)

    Thanks STY for updating. I missed this havoc and I feel bad when I don't know what's going on with my girls. Love you both and Have a good Halloween.

  5. hi guys ...I can't wait to see what the "poor" guy saids when he gets confronted with them ....holly smokes I love it and I really don't think that an apology is needed it was done in the spirit of fun and he does seams to have a sense of humor ..on the other hand I'm so happy that if you guys were to be know high and well all the pun intended, low , would be for something like this ...I have not stop laughing all week ...
    Finally Halloween is not my holiday of choice I did not grow up here so for me is not like for everyone else but this year for the first time ever I will go out with my Cullen crested shirt ...even my American husband is impressed....

  6. PS: @STY - we've seen enough pictures of you to know that you are most definitely NOT a fat cow so knock that shit off. Unless you're just trying to get in character with Bella's insecurities...? I thought about going as Bella would look if Edward never changed her, gray hair and all, but none of my friends would get it either.

  7. Thanks Claudette!

    @SprtzMom - I'll go check for that Halloween card - Thanks!

    @Suzpetals - It does feel like a little club. I think sometimes we just assume that because we are just a small fish in the internet bloggy sea that shit we say and do is never going to get picked up and go viral.

    Welp, we were waaaay fucking wrong.

    As for the Ellen show, I am getting curious to see if she will say anything to him about it. If she does I only hope that she actually credits Red_Bella.

    I do have one thing to say about Pantygate. I absolutely will not apologize to the masses who have a stick up their ass and were completely offended by the pictures. Sorry dudes, but no one has the right NOT to be offended.

    Oh, and thank you to all of you who were SO supportive of us when the shit hit the fan. This is why all of you rock our world. Hardcore.

  8. aww STY! You guys gotta stop apologizing to people for this and beating yourselves up. I understand the apology to Rob, but the rest of the world can fuck themselves. This blog is exactly for things like this. I would be sad that Edward Undies or Pattinson Panties were never uttered again after this :(

  9. *SQUEE!* you bitches are famous ;). and rightfully so!

    OH SCHNAP. what if you guys and the fab red bella get invited to the ellen show? i would die.

    the BUST mag blog appearance takes the cake for me. i'm a BUST whore.

    happy halloween, twitarded bitches :). i can't wait to see photos of STY as bella.

    don't forget to bite your lip every 5 seconds and stutter a lot.


  10. I find it interesting that in this whole "gone viral" thing, they're only showing the front pic and the crotch pic, not the back pic (which would clear a lot up in it's own right)

    also, a lot of sites are putting their own tags on the photo, (maybe you should go put tags on the photo)

    I think Ellen will likely bring it up, she loves underwear. She also has a sense of humor, she probably get where it's coming from.

    I think that the general public is over reacting, and really, if this was something someone was trying to mass market, it would be in poor taste, but, as a gift one friend makes for another, it's no big thing.

    Hopefully the Ellen show can clear up the intention and circumstance and everyone will understand and love it for the good clean (-ish) fun (and adoration of a fictional character that happens to be played by a real person) that it is

  11. @yoga ninja mama - good acting tips! Also would need to show her inability to properly use a ketchup bottle.

    STY, no way are you fat! Just go for it and have fun!

    veri word: chlogrec - the amazed feeling Rob has when Ellen shows off the Pattinson Panties!

  12. I'm loving Pattinson Pantygate! It is amazing like you say though, that things can travel so quickly around the net. I'd love to see Rob publicly confronted with them lol. And I agree, Peter Facinelli does seem to be the man for getting messages through.

    Happy Halloween!

  13. I really wish you guys would cease apolgizing for having a bit of fun. All the fuss made & negative commentary is from people who don't have a bloody sense of humor or are too prudish.

    If Kristen (being the one that searches Google & Rob doesn't) saw these I bet she would've wet herself laughing at this & teased him about it. Then having seen it for himself, I reckon those knickers were the only piece of (faux) Twi merchandise to give him a much needed laugh because they certainly out-do the Team Taylor thongs Rob was lamenting over way back when. I can also imagine Sam giving him stick too & telling Rob he's made it now he has his face in a gusset LMAO!

    On a serious note, people seem to forget that Rob is not the Pope & has a dirty sense of humour himself as well as being quite dry witted & sarcastic. I bet those same people were shocked when he used the word 'pussy' at Comic-Con this year *eyeroll*

    Had it not been for the drama surrounding these knickers I wouldn't have found your blog so for that I am grateful :o)

    I really want a pair myself *is damn jealous*

    Wishing you the best - Ellie x

  14. P.S Someone tweeted these to PFach & he never passes an opportunity to tease the kids if he can. Would LOVE to see Rob with a pair on Ellen!

    Ellie x

  15. I believe these are current addresses for Mr. Pattinson himself.

  16. Am I just such a dirty, warped, perv that I don't understand what is offensive about the panties? At all?

    So I can't imagine Rob being offended either...

    Definitely think the 3 of you should CONTACT Ellen and suggest coming on the show the same day as Rob so she can interview you about the panties. Seriously..

    Verification word "diplogin" - I'd really like to dig Rob's log in. I hope I'm not offending him when I say that.

  17. oops - "dip" Rob's log.... but digging works too.

  18. This is seriously one of the best things to happen to Twitards everywhere. You wonderful ladies are the leaders of a HUGE group of women who would probably fly from all corners of the US to do a million Twitard March (with Pattinson Panties on our heads) just to prove to the masses that we have a fucking sense of humor and we will not be quiet about it. F the haters...all my love to you sexy bitches. Just you are making the rest of the world laugh right along with us.

  19. Please don't apologize! This is the kind of sick and twisted thing that makes Twitarded twitarded!

    I want to thank you for being so unique and giving all of us *cough* over 30 year old bitches someplace where we fit it in that isn't for teens or soccer moms.

    Now, I love Rob, but if he does actually hear about this and doesn't think it's funny, he can suck it!

  20. I agree with suzpetals! I called my sis to tell her about the hilarity and she stopped me to say she already saw them. It's crazy to me, as I too think of us as this little club. Yet here you gals are in the midst of a web shit storm! I'm so proud *wipes tear*
    And ya, quit fucking apologizing cuz it was funny then and it's still funny now!

  21. Still pissed off that there are so many ass wipes that find this offensive. Are you really that fucking humorless that you just can't find the pure comical genius in these pan-, I mean undies!? Grow a sense of humor ya prudish whisker biscuits.

    All I can say is I'm so happy I found Twitarded... I'm here to drink the Kool-Aid, Mr. Jones!! Splash of vodka, hold the cyanide please...

  22. Happy Halloween!!!

    I'm not familiar with the Ellen show (yes, I'm that pathetic, but then again, I'm across the atlantic) but you can be sure I will be googling it at the 20th to find out Rob's reaction to them. Because there's no way they're going to pass the opportunity to ask him what he thinks!
    I just hope they get the story straight, soooo.... I hope to see STY, JJ and Red Bella there too *evil grin*

    And STY, don't give him the panties... He'll just give them to KStew and that will be a waste of Red Bella's talent, 'cause if the rumors are right, KStew has the real deal. And you'll miss them!

    @Red Bella: woman, one word: COPYRIGHT!


    P.S.: can I follow you guys on Twitter? *looking hopefull*
    *scrathing head at twitter* This looks like a complicated ticking time bomb!

  23. Wow - I totally missed pantygate. Like big time. Anyone that doesn't get that the panties are a total joke has a stick up their arse.

    The good news? a) you two and Red Bellla are probably closer to meeting Rob then you ever were b)most people have an attention span of a gnat and any negative reaction will be forgotten in a bit.

    Stop apologising we luves you just the way you twat waffles are.

  24. I just wrote my comment first, now I'm reading your posts.
    I agree with anom about Rob having a dirty sense of humor.
    Is everyone (meaning those not twitarded) forgetting he's british??? They have a wicked sense of humor as our very own Stan can atest to, right?

    @ Stoney and @mmMoxie: couldn't agree more!

  25. Sadly I have also missed out on all of the dishing on Pantygate!

    You girls kiack ass, and those panties are hyseterical. If people can't have a sense of humor, then fuck 'em!

    I will be PVRing Ellen though to see if you Twitarded and RedBella get a shout out!

    PS. Got my Twitarded Liquor mug in the mail yesterday! Going to test it out tonight! :)

  26. Honestly, I don't know why people are freaking out over these panties. It is obvious that they are a joke and I think Rob will find them absolutely hysterical. I mean this is a guy who described himself in an interview as a "big, hard tool."

    I am thrilled to have discovered this website through PantyGate. It is nice to meet fellow Twihards that are total perverts.

  27. The best part about PantyGate? The Twitarded army is growing. Welcome Ellie x and RedPoppy just to name a few. You're going to love it here. We do!


  28. i agree with everybody here, there is no need to apologize! if Robward takes offense to the panties, he is taking the intent of them completely out of context. i have faith in our man. :)

    i love you guys and i look forward to visiting this site everyday because i just feel so at home with everybody. :) i'll be reppin' my twitarded shirt on the 19th!

  29. Aw guys, it's okay! It'll blow over soon.

    I think they're hilarious.

    It only gets creepy when you start making Edward Tampons...

    Though considering how moody he can be that would be strangely appropriate.


    You little love-muffins are not upsetting The Precious - he's going to laugh his fucking ass off! (If he hasn't already.)

    Besides, he's always maintained that we're all obsessed with Edward not Rob-himself (even if my nether-regions tend to tingle at the jaw porn - yeah - FUCK YOU by the way - I never found Rob that attractive until the fucking jaw porn and mouth porn. So fuck you two for making me warm in my bearded clam when I see a smexy pic of him now.)

    MAD LOVE for you girls!!!

    @Red_Bella: You are an artistic and comic genius and should recieve a medal. What is wrong with people when Edward's mouth in your crotch is a BAD thing?!!!

    Word Verif: ditulism. I wish he would use his dit to lism me some more.

  31. STILL GASPING FOR AIR. THE VANITY FAIR COVER HAS BEEN UNLEASHED. Have to repeat the comment I posted over at ROBsessed:

    (Crossing myself.) Thank you, God, for the man that is Robert Pattinson. Thank you Vanity Fair for the cover photo. Amen.

    Now does anyone know where I can get a clean pair of panties? LOL!


  32. Ladies. Dearest ones. YOU made your own pants too right?

    Yes you have your very own Twitarded pants! Saucy little thongs with your very own little cartoon badselves nestling happily next to our snatches!

    Now i haven't bought a pair (yet) But I might and you wouldn't freak out about that, you'd laugh your way into the 3rd bottle of wine as you click yes to the paypal (or whatever) receipt.

    Rob obviously has a sense of humour. If he sees the pants in context (ie Twitardia) then no problemo. He chuckles over the minibar with Kristen and fade to black..... mmmhmrmrmhhmmmm.... (shit! no! switch the lights back on!.... dammit!)

    If he thinks they're like a tween, sigh, close-as-can-be fangirl thing then, then, well yes, that would be shame but, I'm totally going to perpetuate that rumour right now - that's much funnier!

    I'm going to email Perez Hilton and tell him you guys are actually 12. (bwahahahahha)

    (kidding) x

  33. HOLY CRAP! I just melted into a puddle of quivering uselessness at the sight of the VF cover. It's in my top 5 for sure.

    *Still swooning*

    Okay - I'm breathing again. Good - no passing out... yet. I saw it at ROBsessed. It's GORGEOUS!!!

    Now all I need is the latest installment of 15-step, my theoretical Edward Undies, and my hubby will come home to such that he's never experienced before. DAMN!!!

    Word Verif: minessli. As in, mine's sli (sly), as in my cliterection for the new VF cover.

  34. I just want to say THANKS!!! to you all - yet again - for being the most awesome peeps in the Twidom!!!

    I read your comments and I get teary sometimes, no kidding... as long as everyone HERE is having a good time and laughing about it, I suppose that's all that really matters, right??? So screw the haters - and yes, RPatts does have a sense of humor. Plus when he says "panties" i want bad things to his!

    if he's offended, well... ok he won't be offended - I am just gonna go with that! i am unrepentant!!

    : )

    OK i am off to work on my Bella costume that nobody is gonna get but a handful of my friends - lol!

  35. and btw sprtzmom1721 thanks for the card!!!

  36. J-E-S-U-S C-H-R-I-S-T!!! I'm going to order Vanity Fair over the net and f*#k postage. YUM!

    Verif Word: counkedp. Which I read COUNTkedp. Geeh! Do they choose the VW's on porpuse for us?

  37. Pantygate is not bad! Geez, people are wearing T-shirt, panties, socks, etc; have shower curtains, bed sheets, towels etc with Twilight on it, SO, it's not bad.
    My daughter & her boy friend just came in and laughed at them. Her bf said that they should have fangs and well you get the picture.

    I think ZZ TOP said it best, "YEAH, WE'RE BAD, WE'RE NATION WIDE!" I don't think the knew the world wide web would be coming.
    ...raising a fist and making the devil horns...


  38. @STY & JJ - There is a title for an article just below the Vanity Fair logo that says, "HUNTING AN INTERNET SEX PREDATOR." I think they're on to us.

  39. Yay STY!!! Embrace your Twitardeness and know we're all behind you three.

    Edward Undies are the epitome of Twitarded genius. If the haters start mysteriously being attacked by FSEs and MEs everywhere, well then, so be it. Strange things happen on Halloween...

  40. My goodness those underpants got around!
    Red_Bella you dear, are a Canadian Treasure! *mewah*

    I like our little club! And how the heck are those underpants not funny! Sometimes this fandom is a wet blanket! *pouts* Thanks god for Twitared!! \o/

  41. Okay, saw the VF Dec cover. HOT MAMA! So, went to VF web site. They have "guess who's on next months cover" DUH! So, did some further digging, they have a hour long-uncut VF video of last years photo shoot with the entire cast! YEAH BABY! The beginning Rob is so cute hugging himself, yes, hugging himself! (We'll just s-l-i-d-e ourselves in there somewhere!)
    Here's the link, if it doesn't work, go to VF web site and look it up.

    word verify--crings! You will when you watch this!

  42. Everybody loves you baby, and your panties! To all you haters out there, get your own pair of panties with George Bush (pun intended) on the crotch. So there! *sticks out tongue*

  43. Okay - I wasn't necessarily going to comment again, but the Verification Word was TOO PERFECT: undis (no frickin joke).

    HA! It's destiny.

    I think Red_Bella should start a business and put anyone's face on panties and mouths in the crotches. That way - if you want your hubby's, cool. If you want Edward - cool. If you want George Bush as Z suggests - cool, but gross. Anyway - Whose Face Do You Want On Your Bonch Undies could go just as crazy, but a little more customized.

  44. I don't think there is any need to apologize. The panties were made out of jest and they are funny. I think other people understand that as well, or they should.

    You two are witty and snarky. Be proud of that. If others don't get it, fuck 'em.

  45. Wow-I love that "pantygate" is bringing more followers (fans) to JJ and STY. Yes, you are becoming world famous and we are your fans. Are you afraid? Lol

    Seriously, big props to Red Bella for creating this sensation.

    Hope everyone has a great Halloween. I'm off to go drool over that new VF cover some more before the little trick-or-treaters start showoing up at my door

    F Kat

    ahahah-my W/V is cultho. Considering LKW's hilarious Jim Jones reference, I guess that makes me a cult ho.

  46. I agree that there should be a march of the Twitards with the Pattinson panties on everyones heads!

    GAWD if you made it on Ellen that would be killer and maybe, just maybe, the world of Twilight would not be seen as only tweens and screaming teens... maybe?
    As for VF... it's just cruel in a delicious way to see these pics and not be able to own them yet

  47. So I decided to step outside of Twitardia to see what everyone else has been saying about our little pantygate.
    My favorite headlines are:

    "Raunchy Vampiric Twilight Underoos" and ,
    "Its a Rob Pattinson Panty Party!"

  48. Pending Futher InvestigationOctober 31, 2009 at 10:00 PM

    i think i would have given anything (note the past tense as i am 99.99% sure its already happened)to see RPattz and KStews face when presented with the mouth of RP in the crotch of a pair of womens panties... actually ill raise you a robsten reaction to the infinite hilarity that HAD to have ensued when Kellan/Ashley/PFach saw.

    you will forever be in possession of the most (in)famous panties to date.

    P.S. ME's boxers are the shit.

    hmmm...The Ellen Show Episode #412-"Rob Pattinson Panty Party" exceptionally catchy- i LIKE it.

    Happy Halloween Everyone- i have small children to scare.

  49. I had to do some outside verification as well about the now infamous Pattinson Panties - and it's all true! People are going nuts over them, but I do have to say that some people have no sense of humor. These are completely awesome... if only they were Vanity Fair Rob panties... :o Kudos girls - enjoy the fame!

  50. Ok, this shit is FUNNY! How could someone not laugh at these things... the stick up your ass would have to be poking your tonsils to not find it amusing. I love all you bitches, so screw them all. Oh, and you KNOW Rob laughed his ass off when he caught wind of all this. Come on!

  51. Long live Twitarded! and Pantygate! JJ & STY - you gals rock, Twitards rock, Red Bella rocks, the panties rock, and Robert Pattinson rocks! All those other bitches who have a problem with the panties and the JOKE that it was and still is can go suck it!

    Seriously. I now will NEVER EVER trust anything written in the media - nothing! Because I can say I was here...only moments after the panties picture was posted. And the things I'm reading about them are REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDICULOUS! and so untrue.

    If a commenter on an awesome blog is effected by lies knowing what the truth is, I have a total HUGE new found respect for all the celebrities who have to deal with it every day. I include you - STY & JJ - in that... cuz you both are now celebrities!


    I raise my glass to you ladies and all the fab Twitards out there!

    Yup - this was my drunk rant. Hope ya liked it!

  52. Holy cow! If you guys get contacted by Ellen that would be amazing! A true testiment to our insanity spreading like the swine flu. You're contageously funny and speak what every perverted female mind is thinking. Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob....

    Hold up those panties girls, with pride!

  53. Frankly I think these undies are art. Notice how sexy underwear designed by women differ from the stuff men design and sell? Red Bella didn't give a rats ass if men would like these, she didn't seek male approval, no she made them comfortable and she made sure to suggest the kind of sex women love. I've been ROTFLMAO about these all week. Very subversive Twitarded and Red Bella.

  54. I really wish these wimps would lighten the fuck up. IT'S A JOKE FOR FUCK SAKE!!! And a really fucking funny one to boot. I reckon he'll go all cute and blushy, and then have a good laugh about it. He's 23, not 90, and he's a Brit. Trust me, most of the Brits I know have a filthier sense of humor than Sister Banshee, and I'm pretty sure she could make JJ blush.

    Does anyone else on this side of the Atlantic really want to see Rob on Graham Norton? (the show not the guy, not that he'd object) You just know he'd bring up the undies. Actually, he'd have a pair there. And probably a vampsicle too. Sweeeet...

  55. Edward Undies are a private funny joke only meant to be shared and deliciously enjoyed between the silly bloggers of all ages/lifestyles following the Twitarded blogsite: 776 at this moment.

    I know writers who have a site, thoughtful thoughts and brilliant ideas that they only dream of attracting this kind of attention. We ALL know that this wasn't your (JJ & STY) intention when breaking blogger's cherry, but here you are, funny, famous, and having fun. Please enjoy - that's what it's all about.

    WordVer: redsupr: No shit; Red Bella, you are super!

  56. I love this overreaction to the RPattzies. People need to get a life (Did I just say that as I sit here reading blogs on the net instead of sleeping like a sane person?) Of course the precious will find it funny and will probably feel like his ego has been stroked. What 23 year old man with the raging hormones of that age bracket of male isn't going to be impressed that unheard of numbers of women fantasize about doing the deed with him. And, I will also bet that some of the cast members might just be reading Twitarded now, wouldn't that be just crazy. JJ and STY, you are the best and Red Bella...what talent and imagination. Don't let anyone hurt your feelings, because Robward I am sure thinks it is funny and he would be crazy not to be flattered by such undying devotion as all of us have for him here at Twitarded. At least we do it with a sense of humor. Can't wait to see where the panties turn up next. ;)

  57. PS, bought my New Moon tickets today!

  58. To be fair to Rob, I think Red_Bella should make manties(boxer briefs or banana hammocks) of STY and JJ to give to Rob to call it even.

    Red_Bella can go meet him and fit him (ahem)

    Rob has admitted he has read some the FF that is out there. (Gah- some of that is um, WOW -- I wonder which ones? The Office? Tattward?) Some of the stories are dirrty -

    The panties were (one) of the funniest things posted on this Site and you should stop apologizing for them.

    MY DVR will be set for the week of the 20th to record the Trinity in their interviews.

  59. Been missing the pantygate drama while trying to regain my professional (normal?) life! Just thought lips on lips was our little joke in Twitardia. (Have we been exposed?)

    Man, I hope he has a good laugh--his giggle turned guffaw kind--in public when he sees these. Was it Buffet who sang that we all have to laugh or we'd all go insane?

    Thanks STY & JJ for making us laugh WHILE we all admit we're insane. :)

    Locking eyes with VF Rob now--and all day long--until work tomorrow. (Has anyone noticed the other headlines on the cover? I did a double take; were they referencing the "cougars" for Rob with "How Grandmas and 12-year-old Girls Are Corrupting American Culture"? And to answer Seymour's question for Rob: Yes, living nude would be the best revenge. Yes, please.)

    w/v: "hormase"--Made me think of "hormone," "homemade," and "mayonnaise." Can't think of a sentence at this moment, but the context in my mind is peculiar. Very. :)

  60. Late chime in here...been busy with a Teen Zombie and wee little Sea Monster.

    My feeling is that the Twidom that is up in arms about these are the same people that think Edward is real and are so serious about the love of Twilight they can't poke fun at all. The people that aren't Twilight fans and have issues are haters anyways so who gives a flying fuck.

    I don't pretend to know Rob (OK, well maybe in my head I think I do, I know I need a straight jacket) but something tells me he would react much the same way as all of us to these undies. I am guessing that he will be slightly mortified but not offended and I am he will see the humor in it.

    Now,Clare and Richard's thoughts on these...well, they have every right to be mortified....but it's their own damn fault for spawning such a fine specimen. Sorry MamaPattZ and DaddyPattz just telling it like it is.

  61. Love the blog, love the pumpkin, love the panties and love you two...

    I think that covers it nicely.

  62. OMFG, the decent VF pics doing the rounds now??! THUD.

    How do the BreakingDawn.FR people get their hands on these?

    Oooh, just did a growl in my head thinking about the pics - better go ;o)

    VW = rouseuri, as in, those VF pics are really a-rouseuri-ing

  63. Eh, don't sweat it! They were meant for laughs, and boy did we all laugh! You ladies keep the funny up. You seriously make my day!!! Much luck lovies!

  64. Hey Guys, loving catching up on your blog & all the good things I've missed before I found you!

    Is there any chance we can get KStew's face on/in some boxers? She's every bit as gorgeous (the only person to make me question my sexuality in fact. TMI for ya?) so I would def cough up for a pair of those LOL =D

    Ellie xoxo

  65. OME! How embarrassing..I mean, hell yeah the panties are awesome, but for him to actually KNOW about them.OMG! That is soo not cool. I think I'll stay home from class and watch Ellen that day, (and still record it obviously)...I'm now nervous as hell for you guys!

  66. Dudes, I did *not* realize they were in *all* of those places - THE FUCK?!

    I'm getting the impression you really don't want them to make an appearance on the Ellen Show but, sweet Jesus, I would do so much to see that come full circle - BEYOND AWESOME!

    - Lorabell *fingers crossed* ;)

  67. They made it all the way to my blog

    hahaha LOVE THEM -- I know its creepy but I wish I could get a pair!!


  68. The coolest and most fearlessly funny girls in the Twidom are finally recognized for their brilliant humor. I feel sad for those who lack the sense of humor to recognize the hilarity of those panties!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  69. we love you no matter what anyone else says :):)

  70. Does it make me a bad person that I don't find the undies offensive or innapropriate in any way? I think they're awesome! Maybe that's why I'm going to hell! Oh well, I'm bringing beer, anyone wanna join me?

  71. I saw your article about the Pattinson Panties and the very next day saw the post on E! about it! I couldn't believe it!


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