Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Living In A Twilight Bubble. Is That So Wrong?

Image from Polyvore.

It's come to my attention recently - on several occasions - that I might be missing out on... ummm..."stuff" or "life" or whatever - let's just use the umbrella category of "Things Not Related to Twilight." Apparently, things not related to Twilight (or "TNRTT" for short) no longer register in my brain. When this realization first dawned on me, I was a tad abashed. But upon closer examination, I think I am ok with it.

And by ok, I mean I don't really give a fuck.

Mr. Snarky and I were watching The Office last night [sorta spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on your Tivo watching] and towards the end there was a reference to a YouTube video that apparently went SO ridiculously viral that the entire viewing public was supposed to be in on the joke. And I didn't get it. Because apparently, everyone but me had seen it.

[Note from JJ: Holy fuck, I even saw that. I may have never seen an episode of Lost, Heros, 30 Rock, or even Seinfeld or The Simpsons, but I have seen that video.]

Fine. So What! So 27 million people have seen this video in the last two months (even JJ threw me under the bus on this one). So what if approximately 10% or so of the population of the United States have seen it - who cares??? But Mr. Snarky was aghast. He said that while he hadn't sought it out, he'd inadvertently seen it--or parts of it--twice. People had sent him links, it had come up in his travels - whatever. He was aware of it (personally, I think Mr. Snarky needs to expand his horizons).

Instead, he declared "Life is passing you by while you're busy trading inside jokes about Twilight."

Pish posh. Twilight IS life, right? Right?

I'll admit that one of the many running sorta jokes Jenny Jerkface and I share is that when someone asks us if we've heard about something or if we want to do something, our response is inevitably something along the lines of "Is there twilight in it?" or "Is it about twilight?" And we're only half-kidding.

Upon further consideration of things that I used to think were semi-important, I started to realize that I wasn't missing out on much. Maybe nothing at all, in the grand scheme of things.

Things I no longer pay attention to that I am not sorry to be "missing":

Gossip. I used to be a total Perez Hilton/tabloid whore. Now? I actually forgot that Brangelina even had twins. This makes me happy. Like it's proof that I am recovering somehow from a very dark time in my life when I could have named said twins and told you their birth order.

Bad things happening to famous people. Patrick Swayze. DJ AM (who I liked for some reason despite the fact that he dated that twat Nicole Ritchie). Farrah. John Travolta's kid.

Awful, sensationalized deaths/bad things happening to not-famous people. Or any occurrence that is sensationalized and/or disturbing. Disturbing can go either way: insane serial killers or people who kidnap kids and raise them in tents in their backyards = disturbing. The 20-something rancher dude out in Missouri who won the katrillion dollar PowerMegaBallyThingy = also disturbing [or was it Montana? I'm from Jersey! We're assholes! We don't generally pay attention to the other states!]. Because WHY WASN'T THAT ME?!


I have enough shit going on in my own life that keeps me up at night. I don't need fodder in that department, thank you. I shouldn't be reading about other people's shit, too.

I'm on Twitter. I know...stuff. Stuff that falls into the TNRTT category, even! Like when celebrities diss other celebrities at the VMAs. I follow thirty some-odd Twilight peeps and the CDC. You want swine flu stats? Bring it: I'm your gal. I listen to news on the radio in moments when I can't watch, read, or blog about Twilight. So I know other...stuff. Like who's winning Nobel prizes. I know about politics and other related things that we will never ever ever not EVER be discussing here at Twitarded. I even glance at the newspapers that get delivered to my home. I glance twice, actually. Once when I bring them in from the sidewalk so that the neighbors don't think we're still asleep, and then again when I bundle them up for recycling and bring them back out to the sidewalk (it's the newspaper circle of life). Point being, if and when REAL shit hits the fan, I don't miss it... Usually. All the rest? On some level, I'm happy to have it pass me by.

Ah, sweet, sweet Twilight bubble. Bonus: it's pretty in here!

Is it any wonder that all other thoughts are wiped from my brain?

P.S. This malady had apparently afflicted Jenny Jerkface, too... (As if that was ever in question...) I just talked to her and she's wandering around RiteAid looking for who-knows-what when she says the following: "So I'm wandering around at Twilight...[pause]...Wait...What did I just say?!? Did I just call 'RiteAid' 'Twilight'?!" Ah, that's my girl...


  1. Twilight bubble? Yeah, I totally get it. It's safe in there. You guys crack me up. I've been inspired to start my own blog. I hope I can return the favor and give you a few laughs as well.

  2. OME! This line right here: "Gossip. I used to be a total Perez Hilton/tabloid whore. Now? I actually forgot that Brangelina even had twins." <-- That was me too! I was addicted to Perez, now, I don't even know what's happenning in the gossip world, if it's not twilight related! Huehaueha!

    As usual... Loved the post!

  3. Well don't feel too bad STY because I did not know anything about the youtube wedding video either when watching The Office last night. Although I still found it freaking hilarious.

    I totally agree with you though that I also live in a Twilight bubble and want to remain there. I have enough shit in my own life that I really don't want to know about any other bad stuff so I prefer to live in my Twilight world. Its happy there. My friends think I need help with my addiction, but I do not want help, I like it here!

  4. OMG! I am so excited you didn't know about it! I am not alone!!!

    I had somehow missed the JK wedding dance video too!!! I was a bit disturbed once I figured it all out because I am practically on the internet all day, every day. How could I miss something so big?! When I was watching The Office I was like, "What the hell is this? This episode sucks!"

    The saddest part is when I was watching The Office (confused as to what was going on), I was also checking Rob/Twilight blogs at the same time.

    Rob has overtaken my life.

  5. The Twilight Bubble, like a little protective womb (eh, some gross Breaking Dawn imagery comes to mind). I watch the news a lot, but it gives me anxiety. I try to focus on the positive more. And when I say positive, I mean more Robert Pattinson news. Whenever people ask me what I like to do in my spare time I make up random hobbies or rattle off the TV shows I like while really thinking "actually, the moment I get home from work I turn on my laptop and read Robert Pattinson news for the remainder of the day whilst drinking Diet Coke and snacking on Cheez-Its." I should probably be more engaged, but with so much stress in the world, it's nice to be in a bubble.

  6. Kori/ Team Switzer-JacobOctober 10, 2009 at 12:05 AM

    I don't blame you at all for having nothing else on your mind except Twi-stuff. That picture? Cleared every other thought from my head, anyway. Plus, I've just read all 8 chapters of 15 step, plus prolouge and le petite mort, so twi-smut and aggressive edward and backbone bella will be on my mind for a good while. Will I think about the real world soon? Unlikely. =] right on Twi-Bubble! Never leave me. <3

  7. OMG STY. I soo totally used to be a bad Perez Hilton whore. Seriously that's so weird. Then I stumbled into Twilight and thus eventually your site. Totally cured from PH whorness. As for that wedding video. Is that not the best fucking wedding though? I sent this to my niece but she refuses to maker her wedding like it. Why, I ask?

  8. I like it here in my Twilight/Robward bubble. I too was a gossip whore. I have completely lost interest and I think that's a good thing. I work from home so on my 15 min. break, guess what I do? Visit you guys and a few others to see what's up. Twilight and Rob/Edward have taken over my life and I'm perfectly happy about it! I think it's way more interesting than anything like how many purses Paris Hilton has, etc. I think we have more fun, too! Twilight + sarcastic sense of humor = win!

  9. I actually know people (well they're family) who aren't in our awesome bubble and I owe it to them for showing me that viral video. I didn't like it because Rob wasn't there shaking his fine ASSets.

    My coworkers have my number dialed and know that if you want to talk to me it better be about Twilight (or insert a Twilight reference), and visa versa, if I'm talking it's usually about how to describe Rob's liquid sex eyes.


  10. I had no idea what the fuck that video was and I don't watch the Office. I am proud to be not only Twitarded but a huge PattzWhore!!

  11. Don't worry I am in that bubble too, I am behind on my course work because of it and now need to dig myself out of a freaking hole. I even missed the season premiere of Grey's because of Fan Fiction alerts and Rob Porn. TV what is that, I would rather read.

  12. I too was a Perez Hilton whore...until I realized that all things twi-related had all the fixins I need...angst, fashion, humor, hot men, secret romances, etc...all in one easy package. That is why, I think, I am getting my fill "in the bubble" as well!!! I just hope we don't burst and land in a bowl of sour cream dip (random 'Honey We Shrunk Ourselves' reference)

  13. @STY "Twilight is life." I'll give you an 'amen' to that!
    I am going back to work full time in 2 weeks and instead of being worried about juggling marking, planning, husband, children and other shit, I'm worried about how I'm going to stay on top of my fav. Twi-blogs!

  14. I am so happy that I found out about the President winning the Nobel Peace Prize on Twitter, instead of a news site. I have so much less self-imposed stress now that I am a resident of Twiland. I had not seen that video either. As a matter of fact, I resent every video that is not Twilight/Rob related. Why are they wasting my time?

  15. more than a 100% sure that Twilight is the LIFE. STY, you're not alone.. Twilight bubble is THE comfort zone of the many gals here.


  16. Well I'm all for the Twilight bubble.. Yes Sty you are right its too pretty to look away from..

    I'm on Twitter and thats where I get all my up-to-date info from too. I thought it was the only place to get it????

    I was just telling my husband yesterday that he may have to take care of Christmas shopping this year because I am only looking to November 19th and anything after that is non exsistant for me at the moment.. He looked at me all weird but I just shrugged it off and reminded him he's lucky I gave him the heads up before its too late and we get stuck in that last minute Christmas rush, which I have no doubt we will but it will be worth it...

  17. I am totally in the twilight bubble. I used to go on Perez ten times a day and now If I check it it's because I'm waiting for a R.Patz video to load. Seriously I am inside a thick shell of british boys and stuttering girls. I too just saw the you tube video a short time ago. And on a side note how awesome was that episode last night seriously!

  18. OMG I got home tonight and after two days of an Internet vacay my neighbor told me about the peace prize and I thought he was KIDDING! Holy shit! I went to visit a friend in Dallas, and she and all her friends had all these hobbies and free time that weren't Twi-related and for a sec I was like, must be nice to have all that free time... nah... I'd rather have twilight. Plus I might add I'm back on the net, checking all my twisites and still haven't looked on a news site for the peace prize scoop. Truly sad.

  19. Mmmmm--the Twitopia bubble self contained ecosystem is a beautiful place to be. All the Twifanfic just makes it worse because now everyday things make me think dirty thoughts, which then make me think of Rob, which then pretty much leads in to all things Twilight.

    I attempt to stay a wee bit balanced just so they don't haul me away in the straight jacket (BTW how is the custom black jobby with the Twitarded logo coming along STY?). So, I rely heavily on my non Twi FB friends to update me and I am a NPR whore too. I figure if I don't keep up appearances somehow, someway it could get ugly--I don't want ANYONE popping my happy bubble.

    Oh, and I have seen that wedding video many times--old college friend sent it to me on FB. I think I saw it when there was only 1,000 hits--I can't believe it is up to 27 million--that is crazy.

    Great post as always...I am off now to put all the newspapers in the recylcle bin.

  20. hey girls!

    the bubble is a safe and happy place and frick...why the forks would u want to leave the twilight zone???

    Twitarded...u r my life now!

    xo k at RLs

  21. Screw the real life. it's not as funny as Twilight and the feckin hilarious fans. on twitter and blogs.

    I like my twi-bubble. i don't plan on leaving.

    And dw, i do that too, if someone says "guess what" my reaction "is it related to Twilight or ROb? If not, I'm so not interested"

  22. As a child I had really bad allergies and my Mother always said that I should live in a bubble... Well, I've found my Bubble and yes it's totally Twitastic here!!!!

    I hope this link works... It's just goes to show that a dancing wedding isn't always the best thing...

  23. I was aware of the wedding video but I never watched it. I have a wireless account and trust me, I'm spending my precious data mg's on Sex on Fire - NOT wedding videos. But I caved and just now watched it. Now I'm just pissed.

    I was a bridesmaid (never a bride - soooo fucking cliché) FIVE f'ing times. If just one of those bitches had done anything that creative I might have worn the crappy dress without comment. Or not.

    In the meantime, I'm just fine shining my bubble.

  24. You had me at the word 'umbrella' STY. Nothing is innocuous for me anymore, I've found that some fundamental brain-wiring has somehow re-directed itself through an area of my brain that has developed and is concerned only with Twilight. There are very few things that can pass through this area without scoring a 'ding' on the alert bell there.

    Anything that doesn't 'ding' also can't manage to light the bulb for more than a few seconds and my interest flickers and dies. My apologies to anybody who has tried to hold a non-Twi related conversation with me in the past few months. I don't watch TV anymore either. After two minutes when the 'ding' hasn't gone off I'm looking around the room bored and itching to get back online.

    Oh, also worth mentioning that I've discovered that when the 'ding' goes to register something random that unexpectedly connects, usually non-Twitards don't want to hear about it, they seem to get the reverse - 'ding' "Shit she's Twilighting again", light flickers off. Some people are so rude ;o)

  25. Best reason to dwell in Twitardia? It's pretty in here!!! It's really that simple, because it's the best remedy for everyday stress. I used to visit all the gossip sites multiple times a day, Perez, Tmz, Eonline, I find if it's not Twitarded or directly linked therefrom, I'm really not that interested. It wasn't a conscious choice. I just gravitated over here and couldn't resist the pull.

    All things relate back to Twilight, fanfic, or this site but I have to giggle inwardly about it ( since I'm not half of a dynamic duo like you all). I was shoe-shopping with my teenaged daughter today and had to keep biting my tongue because I kept noticing all the fuck-me shoes, and I WANTED a pair!!

    F Kat

  26. I like the twilight bubble, though I still have to deal with RL. Im on the edge and jump off the cliff daily.
    Its safe and funny here, always makes me smile.

    Pictures of Rob, what? ahhhh *seven*

  27. I love you guys. And imagine how you would feel if Rpattz visited your blog... that's how i'd feel if you visited mine. Still rather embryonic, but wanting to say hello from across the pond.

    Sending you a nice cup of tea for your twilight bubble xx

  28. My hubby complains about my Twilight bubble all the time, only he doesn't call it a Twilight bubble, he calls it "your fucking lame childish obsession".
    Hmmph - I prefer bubble. It's warm and cozy and full of hot beautiful men...yep he can kiss my ass, I'm staying.

  29. Oh STY, how timely you always! Why JUST last night my husband tried to burst the Twilight bubble. Granted, he was in a nasty mood do to much work related stress and apparently I wasn't "connecting" with him b/c I was "sucked into that damn computer again and all things Twitarded..."(yup...he said Twitarded).

    I do try to keep a little bit of balance b/t RL and Twilight.

    @VitaminR - please give me some tips on that b/c I apparently am failing miserably.

    I cannot tell a lie though - for the past four days I dropped EVERYTHING - Top Chef, running, my husband, my cat, sleeping and even work (those "contracts" I was reviewing...nope...). Twitards, I was completely sucked into and twichotically addicted to the fanfic Wide Awake. That damn beautiful hot fabulous story about fucked up Bella and Edward sucked me not into a bubble, but a cell with now windows to the real world. I actually kinda sorta freaked myself out a bit...

    ...but then I realized I did the exact same thing when I read the Twilight Saga... it felt like the same thing! It was WONDERFUL!!!!

    But, I need tips.

    P.S. And I now finally know what everyone refers to when talking about Unicorns! Lovely Unicorns! =)

    W/V - "bumup"...heh heh. Robward and bumup...not even going there. *wink*

  30. Ok, first I'd just like to say... OMFG only 40 more days until New Moon!! Squeeeeeeeeee!

    And my Twilight bubble must have the strength of Bella's shield because I hadn't seen that wedding video and I rarely miss shit like this!! Holy fuck, that was awesome. I'm going to a fancy schmancy wedding tonight and I doubt very much they'll do something like that... bummer.

    Happy Saturday All!

  31. @Stan---ding dong!! I'm the same way! I don't have time for tv or YouTube videos that are non-twi-related!

    @f-Kat--so, did you get the shoes!? Too funny!

  32. that's what fantasies are for! real life is overrated.


    p.s. that pic of the vamp girl with tape over her mouth is almost EXACTLY how i picture alice in my head. except with shorter hair.

  33. @Twichotic - I *totes* hear ya about being in the Wide Awake coma. Angstgoddess is a GENIUS. We already love and care about these characters but she actually has great writing skills. (Sorry, but I barely got through SM's writing. My daughter kept begging me to continue tiI i finally lost my heart and soul to the characters so that I couldn't stop reading even if I was cringing most of the time at the prose.) I think Angstgoddess should be a screenwriter because her dialogue is some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard.

    PS- no I didn't get the fuck-me shoes :(
    my daughter was dragging me over to the boot dept, but in my head, my inner brat was dragging HER over to go look at the fuck-me shoes. ). I just didn't want to have to explain it to her. ;)

    F Kat

  34. A few random notes...

    I am SOOOO happy that I am not the only person online who had never seen that video!!! now if rpatts had been at that wedding, more than a few views would have been mine!!

    @amy - Cheez-its and diet coke = best. combo. ever. especially when you get a REALLY good batch (you know what i'm talkin' 'bout...). I'm not supposed to eat cheez-its (no wheat, no dairy), and yet i stare longingly at them through the plexiglass of the junk-food vending machine at my office on an almost daily basis as i but yet another bag of plain chips or peanuts. {{{sigh}}} have some for me!! please... tell me how they taste again... {{{drool}}}

    I am glad that twilight helped so many of us channel our inner whores away from perezzers and his ilk to more highly worthy obsessions - lol!

    I love the twilight bubble. all my besties are right here in it with me!!! it's like bella's protective bubble in BD - it sparkles in here!!!

    : )

    @F-Kat - yeah, maybe it wasn't the right shoe dept moment... "quiet, child-o-mine, mommy's trying to decide if these make me look fuckable..." lol...

    @Stoney - lmfao!

  35. InterventionRejectOctober 10, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    I keep thinking there is something wrong with me: why am I so "into" all thing Twilight and all things Rob? It literally is all mind-consuming!

    Thanks again, STY, for writing a post that makes me breathe a sigh of relief! I'm totally normal!

    So all them other bitches who don't understand our love for Rob and Twilight can live in the land of reality where there are no pretties (and no unicorns).

    Still, it has lessed my work productivity as of late. Is anyone else refreshing their Rob news blogs like every hour or so? (That wouldn't be me; no, not at all.)

    I'm going to implode on Nov. 20th--National Squee Day--where at least half of the female working population will be taking a mental health day.

    STY and JJ may have to open up a massive discussion board forum for at least a month so that we Twitards can vent or else an exponential number of Rob/Twi blogs may be birthed. I'll have a lot to say and these tiny comment boxes just won't do!

    My obsession is a choice: I choose to be happy thinking about Rob and good-hearted vegetarian vampires. It's a choice! (right?)

  36. I soooo get this! After reading fanfic for 2 solid hours, I have on several occasions had to really concentrate on not calling my husband Edward. Because that is definitely not his name, and that would be awkward. I cracked up at the calling of Rite Aid "Twilight!" Totally something I would do.

  37. @ Tasha - Seven...ahhhh yes!

    @ mysharona - Love the Jaw Porn Olympics!!

    Hey Twitards, really...go check out this chicks blog! It's jaw porn-alicious!

    @ My husband refers to Rob as "that sleepy eyed bastard that you think is so hot."

    @ Twichotic - Nice to see you again! All recovered from WA? Told you it was awesome! Mmmmmmm....unicorns...

    My hubby wanted to "connect" as a family and have a "Family Movie Night." We watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which, I have to admit is a fantastic movie)...well, the kids and I did...he watched about the first 1/3 before he started snoring so loud we had to turn it up!

    @ Yes, VitaminR...Twichotic wants the tip...just the tip *snicker*

    OMG...maybe it's time to get away from the computer for a 9 yo was trying to get my attention and finally called out "Hey, TwiWeasel!" I guess it worked.

  38. Sheesh, I need to proofread before I post...the comment between the one to @ mysharona and @ Twichotic is supposed to be to @ Stoney. Sorry, I'll blame it on being called TwiWeasel out loud.
    "Say it. Out loud." *sigh*

  39. InterventionRejectOctober 10, 2009 at 3:50 PM

    @Twiweasel--I laughed so hard at both your posts that a snot bubble popped out of my nose!

    (I blame all my typos on Rob. I just can't concentrate. I need to take a week-long vacation to the mountains--Denali?--or else I can see myself wanting to bite his neck through my computer screen. That would be a total fail, of course. But in my imagination, it's a total win.)

  40. InterventionRejectOctober 10, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    @Twiweasel--I laughed so hard at both your posts that a snot bubble popped out of my nose! (Not a fart but a snart.)

    I blame all my typos on Rob. I just can't concentrate. I need to take a week-long vacation to the mountains--Denali?--or else I can see myself wanting to bite his neck through my computer screen. That would be a total fail, of course. But in my imagination, it's a total win.

  41. InterventionRejectOctober 10, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    (My computer is mocking me, making me post twice.) Is it fate telling me to get back to work?

    No, it's just that hot-damn black & white pic of Rob giving me his sexy eyes . . . can't concentrate worth a darn.

    My husband walked by just now, arguing, "You do know that you really can't talk to him, right? That it's just his picture?"

    Oh my goodness, I just typed my w/v as my URL name . . . I need help. (I'm in the wrong place for that, of course, I know, in the CrackHouse of Rob.)

  42. I also hadn't see that video.

    But after Rob's pic I can't remember much except jaw-eyes-mouth.... gah

  43. I have been meaning togo looking for that video since The Office was on last week. Thanks for posting it here, as I too hadn't seen it and DH had to tell me all about it. Ah, Twitardia, I'm so at home here.

  44. @ InterventionReject - Snart! You slay me! Snart! You slay me! *snicker* And yes, you can talk to him. He just answers so quietly that only you can hear...hear it, he's saying, "Come, TwiWeasel and InterventionReject. Let's make a Robby Sammich." *giggle - snort* (And JFTR, I spelled it like that on purpose.)

  45. I too, live in a Twilight bubble. I had heard about the video, but had not chosen to seek it out. I have better things to hunt for on YouTube. Like, video of Rob or Jackson or Kellan or ANYTHING Twilight related. Thanks for sharing the video and for making me feel better about my lifestyle. ;o)

  46. So glad I'm not the only one with no fucking clue about that video. I may be on the net all the time, but it's ALWAYS Twilight-related. Yep, I'm that sad. But really is pretty in the Twi-Bubble. Ooooh, sparkly!

    Calling the Rite-Aid Twilight is sooo something I would do. I was calling my dog the other day, and I totally called Edward instead of Pip. Luckily no-one was around to witness my moment of complete Twi-lunacy. It would have been pretty interesting if Edward had shown up though...

    @Twichotic: WA really is awesome isn't it? I don't think I got a full night's sleep the whole time I was reading it. How appropriate :)

  47. @amy - I agree nothing beats a diet coke and cheez-its while watching RPattz stuff online. It is freaky how some of you ladies seem to be living my same life.

    @STY- I know EXACTLY what you mean about a good box of cheez-its. The bad ones taste like cardboard.

  48. Haha I'm like everyone else, I was always on Perez Hilton, and I literally haven't been on it since August last year (when I started reading twilight). Yep I like my twi bubble a lot.

  49. Thanks for this post STY. Before Twilight I could give a rat's ass about celebrity news. I live in Southern California, where even an Angelina-obsessed mother of octuplets is a friggin' celeb. I just didn't care. But Twilight changed all that for me. Now I'm reading all kinds of blogs...all Twi related. I flip through Tiger Beat and BOP just to see pics of Rob. And I joined Twitter...just to get up-to-date info on all things Twilight. And Twitter definitely feeds this obsession. I follow about 126 people and only 5 of those are TNRTT. 2 of the 5 are Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. They are my attempt to "keep in touch" outside the bubble. The funny part? Most of the time, I can't open the links that those guys tweet because my company's firewalls consider the content malicious. Twitarded, however, is just fine and dandy with them. So let it be known that I tried, but to be honest, I'm doing just fine in my bubble.

  50. I "thought" I was way too mature and educated to get sucked in by a "vampire movie". I never get sucked in by anything. Oh my, how naive and now that I have found my sparkling bubble, things are so different and wonderful. I thought I was insane (as did everyone else when I put up a pic of Edward in my office amidst the oil paintings, think Carlyle) though until I met all of you courtesy of one of the Rob twitter sites. I feel normal and right at home now. To heck with all other things outside the gorgeous bubble. I love it in here.

  51. completely and totally random...but I adore you even more for using the term "Pish Posh" No one EVER knows what it means when I say it...nor do I even know where I even heard it myself but it's my favorite term to use beyond thank you for incorporating my favorite words/phrases AND twilight....go on,live in that bubble, it's ok

  52. is it sad when I notice RobPattzNews on twitter post non-rob related news that I am reminded I need to check in to the outside world for a minute? I go off read all the sad happenings on the BBC and then go back to blissful twitardedness.

  53. I happily live in the Twilight bubble with you ;) I had never seen that wedding-dance video either. "The Office" is my favorite TV show (and the only other thing that occupies most of my time next to Twilight). So, when I watched Jim & Pam's wedding, I was disappointed that I wasn't really in on the joke either. I don't usually miss pop-culture references, so I guess that means I too am missing out on some things due to my Twilight addiction. However, like you, I don't care anymore.

  54. For what it's worth, I've never seen that video either... I agree, Twilight IS life, and I love this safe, pretty bubble so much, I can't imagine life outside it anymore. Besides, the company I keep in here RAWKS ;).

  55. I'll stay in my Twilight Bubble, thankyouverymuch. It's so much nicer. So much safer. So much sparklier. (yeah I said sparklier!)Like Edwards cold, hard .....arms around me, keeping me happy.

  56. Oh, yeah. Never saw the youtube vid either.

  57. I pretty much gave up all the extraneous stuff to live in my Twilight Bubble too, but that's OK cause it's a really happy place and I like it here. My daughter had to explain the you tube wedding video to me during the office cause I was clueless. Oh well, it's a small price to pay.

  58. do not feel bad i have nevver seen that video before either.i only get on to play a facebook game and then jump into the twilight bubble.

  59. Don't worry, I hadn't seen the video either. My mom has been bugging me to join this online dating site ( mom, I think finding a job would be a little more important/practical right now) and I wrote her an email that I would join only if I could have a dance intro to my pretend wedding like in the video. Well, my mom has already seen the video. Weeks ago. I wonder what that says about my Twilight obsession...

  60. I can completely relate. I got caught speeding last weekend because they re-zoned my city. The lovely policeman treated me like I was a nuts when I told him I hadn't heard a thing about the re-zone. I spoke to a friend the next day who told me that it was in newspapers, on local radio and reported on news/tv. That's when it hit why I didn't know because I don't listen, watch or read any of the above. I was like 'well they should blog about it and maybe ask a twilight actors opinion on it and then it'd reach more people'.

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