Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Saturday Night: Do You Know Where Your Adorkable RPatts Is???

HI!!! Me again!!! Sorry, I know that you are all completely sick and tired of me at this point and ready for some down-and-dirty Jenny Jerkface bad-ass over-the-top-goodness, but sorry, it's just me. Again. JJ is still officially in the throes of her recent house moving in-y, apartment moving out-y, family-visiting-and-ML's-band-playing whirlwind of events, as well as (sadly...) tending to her ailing, 157-in-ferret-years ferret (think happy thoughts for Gizmo - he needs our good vibes please).


It's been kinda quiet in the Twidom... I'm not into looking at the paparazzi shots from Vancouver and I don't want to see the on-set stuff or the additional New Moon stills that are making the rounds. So it's been like the Twihara freaking desert around in these parts lately...

Plus it's Saturday night, and you are all off doing other stuff or hanging around drunk-tweeting each other (I might not chime in, but I know you're out there and you're cracking me up!). Bloggy-wise, I got nothing. Nada. Bubkiss. But, I have been thinking that I miss adorkable Rob. Happy Rob. Rob that could walk down the street without a throng of bodyguards keeping him from being assaulted. I miss that RPatts, and I am sad to think that maybe he isn't ever going to be able to come back. But I have hope!

So I dug through the archives and found a few interviews from last year that show him in happy adorkable mode. Hope you enjoy them! You may have seen these, but I hadn't, and maybe they'll be new to some of you or a good re-watch to those who have seen it in the past.


I love this interview - it seems very natural and Rob and Hayley seem to have a mutual respect for each other...

This one is from Access Hollywood and the person is more of your typical talking head (and also the woman who was so aghast at a recent awards show when RPatts blew past her without stopping as she was interviewing the rest of the cast), but he's still pretty damn cute. Natch.

And fuck it - I rewatched this - one of my most fave hot hot HOT HOTTY McHOTERSON RPatts vids EVER!! You have ALL probably seen this before, but if you haven't been watching it every single day, you will still enjoy it. Hell, even if you HAVE been watching it every day, you'll enjoy watching it. Keep your hand near your mouth because your gonna have to catch the drool and stuff your tongue back in there, and I don't care how many times you've seen it. This video is so smokin' hot that JJ and I practically started making out the first time we watched it together. It just exudes that much raw sex. 'nuff said.

PLEASE Trixiefrag - make another video!!!

Happy S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!


  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN !!!! Wish he could be left alone to be the "old Rob" and enjoy all of this w/o having to worry about who's watching to get some dirt.

    Anonymous because I can't remember my google pswd .. shrug.

  2. Fuuuuuuuck. That's my favorite video. Thank you! Thank you for re-posting. Now everyone go away so I can keep watching it on a loop.

  3. I love, Love, LOVE the Faster Kill Pussycat video!!! Fuuuuuuuk HaaaaawwwwwwT!!!!!

  4. oh sty! you aren't the only one left in a saturday night in front of the computer! i'm working on some papers for the university and i thought of you guys and came i don't know how i'm gonna focus in my paperwork...blame it to the incredible vid of rpatz!

  5. Is it sad that I'm sittng at home alone (well, the cats are here...) on a Saturday night, watching the The Office on mute and RPatzz videos on "really fucking loud"? Yeah, I thought so. Meh...

    And sending good energy for Gizmo...I lost the last of my 3 ferrets a couple of months ago. Sucked. They're cool little creatures.

  6. I have found a little oasis in the Twihara desert. Stan is published!! Yay! (Hope I'm not over stepping here, Stan!) Check it out!

  7. Again - we are all on the same wavelength! I was looking at archived interviews over at Random Acts of Rob this morning and wondering the same thing... if we'll get to see adorkable sweet "innocent" Rob during the press interviews for New Moon. Is he bitter at all? Is he "tainted" in anyway? Will it be awkward when he and Kristen do interviews together b/c maybe or maybe not their a thing but the interviewers aren't supposed to ask about it...

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    On a side note...aren't those sound bites of Rob on RAOR awesome!!

    And the Faster Kill Pussycat video ROCKS! 2nd song on my iPod's running playlist. Nothing like thinking of Rob to make you run faster. ;)

  8. I love that you love Faster Kill Pussycat! Trixie is my bestie... and I'm glad her talent is being noticed.
    She really puts a lot of thought into every video she makes.
    Thanks for linking FKP... she will be thrilled :)

    P.S. Love your blog!


  9. STY we love you and would never get sick of you.

    I do miss JJ though, she should pop in from time to time :)

    I love the trixalicious video! I want to know which software she uses!

    It would be nice if somehow we could get all the pictures of RPattz we liked and could talk to him if we ever ran into him, without it somehow turning into a screaming mob ...

  10. Hi Snarky!
    Thanks for the FKP vid. You're doing a great job even if its Twihara lately. Thanks for that wonderful break.


  11. STY - we're not sick of you at all! You're doing a great job manning the ship while JJ's in moving hell. Especially when you post the Pussycat vid... damn, I forgot how hot that is. I too am hoping when he starts doing the New Moon press that we see his sweet, humble, adorkable side again.

    wv: calingio. I'm pretty sure that's an act best performed with Rob.

  12. STY-aw we can miss JJ and still love you too!! I hope you never stop making me look up words. :D

    JJ - hoping for the best for Gizmo. Moving sucks but there is a benefit. The last time I moved it was such hard work that I ate like a pig all day and STILL lost weight. :)

    @Meg-That is too funny. I'M WATCHING The Office while also viewing that video. (btw, niiiiiice pick Sty). I had to put the office on mute then finally just paused it because I couldn't keep my attention off of Rob. Is it just me or can anyone else NOT see the words "the office" without picturing the Beautiful Bastard? (yum!)

    F Kat

  13. Fuuuuuuuucccckkkk!! Yep, that was my first viewing of Trixie's vid *fans self with hand*, very niiiice :o).

    I started to watch the 2nd one but the woman bugs the hell out of me so scrapped it for now until my irritation subsides. Also, the Hayley Paramore vid, hmmm, bit awkward there when she says she's never heard him sing. Not paid a lot of attention to the rest of the soundtrack then Hayley??!

    @ TwiWeasel, thanks for the plug, I've even been added to a couple of favourite story lists so am very excited :o).

    @ suzspetals, rofl at the calingio!

  14. Sooo would never get sick of you STY! Does one every get sick of their drug dealer?

    What lovely things to watch on my bday! I miss happyPattz :( I hope he returns one day.

    Side note... totally bought an Edward tshirt for my bday gift to myself...It's my bday I'm wearing that shit allllll day!

  15. OMFG I've never seen the faster kill pussycat vid either until now. Sooooooooooo good.
    I noticed a little clip in there i've never seen before though. Edward grabs Bella in the classroom, where did that come from? Did I really just see that? I better go look again ;)

  16. @F-Kat: The Office (the BB version) has ruined me for life. I've attempted to watch last week's TV version 4 times now, but have the attention span of a hummingbird and keep getting distracted. Today might be the day! lol

  17. Mmmmmmm Happy Adorkable Rob please come back out to play--I miss you!!!!

    Love the Faster Kill Pussycat vid--I will never tire of it.....thank you STY for contiuing to deal the Robporn. Oh and FTR I love every post here--no need to apologize EVER. Mwah!

    @JJ hang in there--so sorry to hear about Gizmo...sending healing Gizmo thoughts.

    OK, now back to these videos.

  18. Fuck me, that man is so hot it hurts! And that video... ugh, no words. I love to go back and watch old Rob interviews because he'll never be that way again... all smiley and nervous and well, just fuckable!!

  19. Trixielicious video = Roblicious morning

    @STY - I was so bummed after my St. Louis Cardinals got swept in the divisional series last night, that I went to bed without my Twitarded snack. I should have known that you would post something that would have lifted my spirits immediately.

    I miss adorkable, smiley, goofy, self-depricating Rob, too. Like Latchkey Wife, I'm afraid that he will never be that way again. And if his goal was to make me feel guilty about that, mission accomplished :(

    @Mary - That clip you're asking about is part of the DVD extras.


    P.S.: As I am typing this, the picture you included with the Twilight Bubble post of the girl with the red contacts and tape over her mouth is staring at me. I totally see her as Renesmee finally old enough to do Jacob, which would explain the tape over her mouth. Bella wouldn't want to hear those details ;)

  20. Almost forgot...
    @Track10 - Happy belated birthday!
    To JJ - Hang in there!

  21. @sprtzmom1721 - Sorry to hear about your Cards. I hate the Dodgers. And I'm deathly afraid my Sox are heading towards the same outcome...

  22. Happy B-Day, Track 10!!! My b-day is in a week or so - i think i might have already bought myself all the presents we can afford (and then some - lol) - but a girl needs a pretty Bella dress on their birthday, right??? : )

    JJ came by last night and we were supposed to be watching a movie with Mr. Snarky and a friend (The Brothers Bloom - the movie, not the friend - and I recommend it! lurv me some Adrien Brody!). We kept getting in trouble because JJ and I were passing her blackberry back and forth reading comments and giggling and stuff and well it was probably kinda distracting if you were trying to watch the movie - like REALLY watch the movie. which I guess we weren't doing. but we mostly paid attention and it was really good!

    I am totally afraid that innocent, adorkable, blurts-random-shit RPatts is gone for good. I am equally afraid that we're not gonna have a chance to find out. I think I may have cursed when i found out that they're putting taycob on the cover of rolling stone. mostly because i have been DYING for an RPatts RS cover/interview. it's like I GET IT. taylor is gonna try to be the STAR of NM. we'll all go watch it. really. now please stop trying to shove taylor down our throats [stop snickering, people!]. we want Rob!!!!!!!!!

    thankd for putting up with the snarky-a-thon. it might last a little longer... but fwiw, jj and i do still work completely collaboratively even when she's moving and her ancient ferret needs her attention (he's seven years old, folks - that's like a gazillion in ferret years - he's like a record holder at this point, for reals). so she's still reading my stuff (and your comments) and is still very quick to add a few "fucks" and "shit damn motherfuckers" to anything i write - lol...

    : )

    off to find more vids!! it IS sunday after all. needs me some hottttt rpatts vids!

  23. P.S. Rose, please please PLEASE tell Trix we [HEART] her and need need another vid like this one!!!

    : )

  24. @Latchkey Wife - Thanks! I love baseball (hell, my license plate reads MLB FN 17) and even though my beloved Cards have been knocked out, I will continue to watch it through to the end of the World Series and then go into withdrawal. My daughter's fiance is a huge Sox fan, so I know they are pulling for them. I just want to watch some good games and see it come down to a nailbiter World Series. Sweeps suck, and not in a good, vampiry sort of way ;)

  25. I read the "TU" interview over at Robsessed and imy bubble got burst..I don't know if Adorkable Rob will ever show his true colors agin to interviewers or fans..this was created the pin hole in my balloon:

    What other things did you have to learn?
    That I have to be very careful with what I say and the information I share. I’ve learned not to share too much. But that’s a life lesson that anyone can learn from. You have to think things through before you open your mouth.

    bummer..right? let's hope this is just a blip. and we get Smiley Rob Back..cause we need it. BAD!

  26. @Track10 - Happy Birthday!

    @Mary - It's only an extra on some DVDs but here's the YouTube version:

  27. I'm late as usual...

    @STY: as has been said, we can never get tired of you! Thanks for the videos. The first 2 were new to me... The pussycat video, well, not so, but... *sigh* never get tired of it.

    @JJ: hope Gizmo gets better soon.

    @Track 10: happy birthday.


  28. I know it's been said but the way he holds that mic (pussycat vid) is just damn HOT. And sends my mind straight to the gutter!

  29. @STY~ I will pass along your nice comments to Trix. I think she is working on another video at the moment... but I have no idea the if/when. I know she will appreciate all the kind words. Thanks:)

  30. Have you seen this interview? It's about 15 minutes and probably the best one out there. I think it was done just before wide release of Twilight.

  31. @Suza Beth - one of my all time favorite Rob interviews!!!

    @JJ - thinking of you and Gizmo.

    @Track 10 - Happy Bday!!

  32. Great Balls of Fire.... I need a cigarette after that last video.

  33. Hi Snarky!

    My darling Rose let me know that you had posted my FKP vid on your blog so I thought I'd stop by to check things out.

    First of all, love your blog and following now :)

    And a big THANK YOU for posting FKP! I get warm fuzzies all over whenever I see that someone is enjoying my crazy little vid.

    xoxo Trixie

  34. Pending Further InvestigationOctober 29, 2009 at 4:31 PM

    First of all… O M R @ FKP

    PFI @ work- drooling on herself due to lack of brain stimulation and blatant disregard for her mundane work responsibilities thinks… well… if im going to wipe the drool on my mouth, lets make it worth the $2.48 I paid for this snazzy box o tissues.
    Immediate solution- Robward. (this solution will miraculously solve just about any problem you come across… EXCEPT when one, as one might often be, is feeling exceptionally frisky and thirsty for jaw-hand-butt-crotch-eye-hair-sexy irresistible porn in real life and you don’t have a SO you can “accidentally” refer to as Edward….. 37 times… in a row… and desperately need to put your filthy paws on a scruffy square I would SIT ON YOUR FACE jaw…tongue…lips…*stop*. That’s that one time I probably wouldn’t look to Robward to solve it.

    LUCKILY--- I was simply trying to wake up my brain and basic human senses, so… off to Twitardedom I go… eventually I will read all the posts from this month., I hope. But today there was a special treat in store for me… one that I will covet for … well… possibly forever. 2:30 (give or take a few seconds). Hmmm… must be a good one *clicks play*
    *cue hot robporn music*
    … oh…. My…
    *cue ridiculous amount of saliva dripping from mouth*
    *cue irrational fear of being mere milliseconds away from drooling from the …other lips…*
    *cue lack of ability to breathe*

    OMR PAUSE!!!!

    Cant take it… 1:07 seconds in. ok- do some work… do some work… just a few more seconds and your half way…

    And so it continues like this for the agonizingly wonderful video- no… work of art that pays true homage to the Precious. I cant believe im so far behind… I now must stalk some unsuspecting tall brooding strong jawed intern in the bathroom. And get a cigarette. God Bless you Trixie. God Bless you.

  35. @PFI....yeah, I hear ya! My favorite part of your post - "now I must go stalk some unsuspecting tall, brooding, strong jawed intern into the bathroom for a cig......". Haha love it.

    F Kat

  36. Pending Further InvestigationOctober 29, 2009 at 5:37 PM

    @ F Kat- if you squint both eyes really tight (ok- close them) the poor bastard looks alot like Rob might look... in the dark...

    the last time this happened i could imagine they sounded similar... But since the robgasm moan video the fantasy is wrecked harder than that van against Edwards sparkly fist. sigh...


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