Monday, October 26, 2009

Memes From the Field, Pt II: Lorabell from TwiCrack Addict

So after we tagged a few folks with our meme last week, we realized that not everyone is as...blatantly gauche as we are here at Twitarded. Hard to believe, I know, but we take it for granted that we can talk about...well, just about anything! Because we didn't want to offend anyone outside of Twitardia [read: kids don't hang out here but they do elsewhere in the Twidom] and you guys are all pretty much unoffendable, we offered to post a couple of our tags here!

Pt. II is Lorabell/His Crooked Smiles from TwiCrack Addict!

Take it away, Lorabell--

1) The craziest/most stupid thing I've ever done - *hangs head in shame* on a recent trip to NY I did in fact visit the set of Remember Me on my birthday - and it was a late 20's birthday, which makes my fan-girl-geekdom even less OK, lol! However, at one point when Rob came out of his trailer, the young girl next to me went to freak out, scream and run at him, I blocked her with my arm and said "you do not run at him!" - I think that gains some of my cool points back?

2) Who would I "Fuck, Marry or Kill" out of the Twi cast - lol, I don't know whether I could go the whole way but I'd totes get it on with Kristen; marry (puh-lease) Edward for an eternity of schmexy times; and kill, hmmm... tough call but I'm gunna say Christian - I know that's controversial and she seems super nice but she looks JUST like a girl I went to Uni (college) with who was the biggest bitch!

3) My favorite band/type of music - current rotation on my iPod includes Florence + the Machine, Blue October, John Mayer, Muse, Marcus Foster (<-- I heart him!) and the Kings of Leon.

4) My favourite movie besides Twilight - I always love Good Will Hunting the more I watch it, am a sucker for chick-flicks like The Notebook, classics like An Affair To Remember or How To Marry A Millionaire and total awesomeness like Labyrinth - you remind me of the babe!

5) Does my RL family/friends know I'm addicted to Twilight/blogging? - Um... just a bit ;) I've converted near every one of my close family and friends to reading the books - I'm not in the Twi-closet by any means but don't know if they actually realize how far gone I am as blogging redirects my addition away from talking Twilight to them 24/7!

6) How many hours a week do I spend doing Twi related things? - Too many, probably as many as I do at my actual job, which isn't exactly 9-5 - I'm awake until gone 3am most nights blogging, check in on Twitter from work and I've printed off hundreds of pages and stayed awake until 5am one entire work week to finish Wide Awake - I like me some angsty-lemony Fan Fic!

7) Any random fact I might want to share? - Hmmm... well random Twilight fact, I only saw the film after my boyfriend read the books, I was all "what are you reading those lame Tween books for?" and then went to see the movie with him and was immediately "you have these books you say?" and then proceeded to finish all four within the same week that I was moving back to the UK from NYC before Christmas.
Random totally non Twilight fact... I love the smell of sponges. Seriously.


Thanks for playing, Lorabell!! [and sponges?!? sea sponges? kitchen sponges?? I need more info - lol!]


  1. @Lorabell - you're my hero!! "I blocked her with my arm and said "you do not run at him!" - I think that gains some of my cool points back?"

    Tons of cool points!!!!

  2. @Lorabell: OME I can't believe I left Labyrinth off my own list! The babe with the power. What power? the power of voodoo. Who do? You do. What? Remind me of the awesomeness is right.

    And don't feel bad about the set stalking. If RPattz ever films something in Ireland I'll be all over that set like white on...a vampire. And I would love to deck some screaming tweens too. You totally deserve cool points.

    Veri-word: wintr. As in Edward's wintry lips? I hope someone's bought SM that thesaurus by now.

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  4. PS...Jen I was joking about hiring Lorabell...totally maybe sorta not really absolutely joking...

  5. @Lorabell! Awesome for taking the time to share and seriously like STY said. Sponges? What kind? Do tell my dear, do tell.

  6. deleted first one due to mispellings...gah!

    *Lorabell* enchantee...we love your answers and love your bloggin...we would like to hire u over at Rob & kriSten Lovers so please stop on over anytime...let's follow each other on Twitter...we follow TCA but didn't know you were so "accesible"!!! Nice to officially "meet" here at Twitared.

    xoxoxoxo RLs

  7. @Lorabell - What babe?? The babe with the power. haha

    Fave line from that movie has to be: slap that baby make him pee!! Classic....

  8. Way to go!!! I hate the harassment factor for Rob. He is to be worshiped not scared lol

  9. OMG, Labrynth!!! Bought it for myself last Christmas, and sent a copy to my brother too. We grew up on that shit! My own kids love it as well!! I wish the goblins would come and take you away.

  10. My friends and I once played a drinking game to Labrynth. Every time there was a crotch shot of David Bowie's package you had to a shot. I think we were pretty hammered half-way through. Love that movie!

  11. @Lorabell
    "You do NOT run at him". Girl, you are my hero. I hate when they run at him!!

    And totally crying of laughter at your Fuck/Marry/Kill answer. Go the Stew ;)

  12. I totally love Lorabell - her responses on the crack are always too funny!

  13. @Lorabell
    You're awesome with awesomesauce on top. =D You're a hard workin' Twi-blogger spreading Twilight to the masses. I salute you!



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