Monday, October 19, 2009

Twitarded Vs. Zazzle & Summit = Epic WIN!!!

Wow. We won!

We worked our little butts off in the last 48 hours trying to resolve this whole issue with Zazzle and Summit Entertainment removing our Twitarded merchandise. You already know that, because you were all right there with us, cheering us on, offering us advice, consolation, and friendly totally-unofficial-and-off-the-record legal advice. There are quite a few lawyers lurking around here at Twitarded apparently, and some Twitards are married to lawyers. People were coerced; sexual favors were alternately promised or threatened to be withheld. But you all came through for us in one way or another! Summit was this close to being ding-dong-ditched with flaming bags of poop left on their door steps... (You would have gone there for us, too - we can tell those weren't just idle words.)

And it ALL PAID OFF!!!

We were going to go nuts and start cc-ing every Summit executive we could track down, but we wanted to give a simple response to Zazzle a token try before we went further. And it worked!!!

This afternoon, I got the following response to the multiple-lawyer-reviewed & approved email/letter that we (Mr. Snarky, JJ & I) sent off to Zazzle:
Dear Zazzler,

Thank you for your email.

It appears your product was removed in error. Please feel free to re-submit your design. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Content Management Team, Inc.

Here is MY loose translation of this letter:

Dear Zazzler,

Yes, you were caught up in a Summit-Entertainment-induced sweep of people selling vaguely Twilight-related merchandise. Because you didn't say "D'oh! You caught me!" and crawl away into the night with your tail between your legs and instead wrote back to us, we reviewed the complaint against you and found it to be baseless. Our bad! We can't be bothered to reinstate your items ourselves, but have fun with that - you have our blessings.

Our bad!

The Zazzle Team

I'll take it! WOOOOO!!!! Score one for the underdog! And I cannot TELL you how happy we are that we don't have to decide how much money we have to spend defending ourselves, or how much time we can take off of work to handle it, or any of that crap... We're just thrilled that we were able to get this whole thing behind us! Yes, we're still getting the copyright on the design registered (and possibly trademarked), but it appear that at least for the time being, we are out of Summit's sites; the eye of Sauron is elsewhere. But if they still want to make good on those tickets to the 11/16 LA New Moon premiere, we'll take them! We'll even fly coach...

Now that it's over, JJ and I are ready to celebrate by popping a cork off a bottle of wine (or two) and watching Twilight. OK, I am watching Twilight right NOW. I needed it... We are still kinda sore at Summit, after all. We promise to bring the ass-hattery and all things Twilight tomorrow. Or late tonight. One of those...

Stay tuned & thanks again for sticking with us through this--you are not just our fair-weather friends, clearly--and we love you guys for that! {{{sniffle-sniffle}}}

P.S. Huge thanks to Mrs. Vanquish for creating our new copyright-friendly header in three seconds flat! We [heart] you, Mrs. V!


  1. *doing victory dance* Woohoo! Congrats guys! Twitarded has once again triumphed over bastards with expensive lawyers. Go you!

  2. I've been checking your sight all day to find out what happened. Glad it worked out. PS...also currently watching Twilight.

  3. Doing a happy dance in my chair. Congrats! I'm truly happy for y'all, now I must go buy more Twitarded gear to show more love for how y'all make me laugh everyday.

  4. I'm soooo glad everything turned out okay! I was so worried about you guys! PS: The EYE of Sauron?! Huehauehuhaeuaheuhea! OME!

    Love u!

  5. I'm so excited this fuckery is over! I can't believe this shit happened in the first place, but I'm terribly excited that you guys came out on top :)

  6. Excellent!!!Cheers to you! Open a few of 'em little bottles to celebrate.

  7. Congratulations!
    Time to party?
    That's what I thought...

  8. So glad you were victorious in your fight against the evil doers! Justice is sweet!

  9. That's effing awesome! Now I don't have to go to Summit Headquarters and bitch incessantly until we get our way! Although that would have been fun....oh well now I don't have to feel bad when I give Summit even MORE of my money when I go to watch New Moon in a month or so! Huzzah!

  10. Power to the less advanced in social development people!

  11. Congratulations girls! I'll have a celebratory vodka in the weekend when I have some at hand!

  12. Woot woot! Although Crackrock, the parakeet, was kinda looking forward to biting some bitches. ;)

  13. YES!!! I'm am SO FREAKIN' HAPPY for you and Mr. Snarky and honestly for all us Twitards!!

    You gals ROCK!!!

    Fuck yeah!!!! =))))))

  14. HELL YES!!! Twitarded freakin rocked that bitch!

    now I must go order the Twitarded Suck it tee shirt to wear opening night!


  15. Fantastic! So excited that everything worked out without having to resort to lawyers and shit. Now I can get my keychain (those will be back, right??)!

    Raising my glass for a collective Twitarded cheers to JJ & STY's victory!

    (Also happy you are continuing the copyright process - better to have it done just in case!)

  16. Thank the twilord & all of my 20+ twitarded buttons that this has ended the way it has. If anyone had questioned me these last couple of days about world news I wouldn't have been able to answer anything in depth....Twitard v Zazzle v Summit on the other hand, I could have written a dissertation on - the day the earth stood still. Thank god it has started moving again!


  17. Yay!!

    Maybe Summitt & Zazzle read the posts and comments from the past 2 blog entries and it made them pee blood a little. Twitards unite!

    So happy for you girls!! Congrats! :)

    verification word- reekisms

  18. Nobody puts the Twitards in a corner! Woot for you and seriously copyright and trademark that bitch. Don't go through this again!!!!!

  19. Ladies, you rock!! Can't tell you how elated I am to hear of your success!

  20. OMG!!!! That's AWESOME!!!! I was telling the girls at my office about it as I was still fuming about the whole situation today!!!!

    You make us soooooo PROUD!!!

    Viva la TWITARDED!!!!!!

  21. YES! YES! YES!!! I just feel so bad for you guys having to go through this shit.

  22. All is well again in the land of Twitardia. Congrats!

    @Cazza - LOVE your post!


  23. Yippee!! Ya won!! I am really glad that they calmed their butts down AND I'm glad you're going forward with the copyright issue! WTG!!

    veri word: gynounti - sounds like a weird (and possibly fatal) STD.

  24. This is awesome...I am so happy! I've been checking the site all day. Good job ladies!!!

  25. Great news!!! I was going to offer to leave the South Bay and head to Santa Monica (traffic SUCKS on the 405) and go all ape shit crazy on I can stay at home and continue to happily read the Twitarded blog and feed my fan fiction addiction (anybody got a 12-step program for this shit??!!)

  26. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! I'm glad this is over and we can all carry on!!! Congrats!!!!

  27. I am breathing a sigh of relief! I think DH was even a little bent over the whole thing. I really liked your translation of the response letter STY, spot on if you ask me.
    On a side note: I have no idea how you two ladies are so fuck awesome funny I am so grateful for your genius!

  28. Hoorah!! I am soooo happy for you guys... and I love your new banner! ;) Just know, JJ and STY, that we stand behind you guys 100%. I hadn't purchased any merch yet, but damn it, now I will!

    And I'll wear it proudly! Maybe even get a custom back design that says "Suckit, Summit!" ;)

    Love you guys. Thanks for the constant laughs and enjoy your wine!!

  29. Zazzle was dazzled - by your intelligence and eloquence, and all is right with the world. Right on ladies!

    word veri: prudis - I am not!

  30. We love you crazy ass ladies. through thick and thin. Blood in.

    I'm still pissed at Summit but as long as my Twitards are safe and sound I am a happy fucked up Twilighter.

    The End.

  31. Congratulation ...all is as it should be ! Still upset with Summit but I'm willing to over see that for the moment I'm way to happy for you guys.....

  32. Victory dance in Cougar PJs over here!!!
    RAWR !!!
    will not be defeated.

  33. (F Kat) Twithefuckwontbloggerletmesignin!!October 20, 2009 at 12:17 AM

    Yeah - you guys rock!!! And hell ya we're more than just fair weather friends here at Twitardia. I'll fight the good fight with you. I'll even drive the white rapist van while you secure the kidnapped vamp in the back on our way to Twitardia-con 2010. (as long as you let me play with the precious too).

    Is it wrong that I still think Summit Sucks!

    PS...damn each and every one of you who recommended Emancipation Proclamation. My life is no longer my own, and I have stuff to do!!

    W/V: suquess....Summit Suquess.. Heh heh

    F Kat

  34. WOOHOO!!!

    Let me know when you resubmit the design, I want one of those keychains now!!!

  35. That's amazing! I'm so glad this is settled and everything is back to normal *whew*!

    You guys are the best!

  36. Woooooofreakinghoooooo!!!! Chiming in late here on the West Coast. I had full faith in you both and your verbal prowess. I am sad it happened, and on STY's birthday weekend no less, but isn't it kind of comforting knowing the Twitarded militia stands so strong?

    OK I will go remove my "Just Heads" keychain from Ebay now and I will put a stop to the dogdoo in the mail. Ha!


    good for you, girlies! way to show those fuckin kill-joys who's the boss! you mess with The Precious, you get the horns.... or... something like that. :)

    ps. suck it, Summit.

  38. Dear Suckmit:
    Don't let the door hit you in the @SS on the way out. Muahh!

    Suck on it!!!

    <3 Twitardia

  39. Congratulations. You guys kicked butt. Happy that this was resolved amicably.

    Keep up the good work with your guys are the best.

    Sending RPatzz kisses

  40. Yessssss!!!!

    Don't fuck with the Twitards, Summit. We may fight dirty but at least we fight fair....unlike you.

    So thrilled for you, JJ and STY!!!

  41. Right friggen on!!!!!! Super excited for this epic win!!! Doin' the Oward happy shovel dance!! Btw, he needs to come out to celebrate this shit!!!!

    Way to go biotches!!!!!!!!!!!! Twitarded is the!!!

  42. Whohooo! congrats ladies... off to start another day with a smile on the face ;)


    Yay! So pleased it got sorted out, am a bit disappointed though that I didn't get to see Meg's parakeet in action :o(.

    Right, s'pose I better go and bust Chimpsten out of the attic and give her the good news. Actually, I might leave her there just a bit longer, she'll never know and I'm not missing her whining..

  44. Congrats Ladies! I was afraid I was going to be forced to boycott all things Summitt. Glad you got it resolved.


    **Does the Snoopy Dance**

    Congratulations ladies! So glad this has been sorted out, it has literally kept me awake ALL NIGHT THE LAST TWO NIGHTS. My Twilight dreams were replaced with weird looping-legal-Twitard-stress that wouldn't let me sleep! Can't imagine how it was for you!!

    Everyone I HAVE EVER MET has had to hear about this drama for the last 48 hours. they'll be glad it's over too..

    The Twitard-Militia need a sign/salute, you know like a secret handshake or something. Something that involves the sound "hoouorr!"

    Shall throw back some slammers in your honour this evening xx

  46. Fucking awesome! :D Glad to see justice prevail, and the underdog win the battle. You are even more of an inspiration now, LoL!

  47. My dear daughter bogarted my computer all night last night so I missed this post. What a great and very happy way to start my Friday! Cheers to my favorite girls in the world!!! Ironically, I too watched Twilight while getting snockered last night. Oh and I got an email from Zazzle saying my excellent liquor travel cup has shipped. It is now a good week!!

  48. woohoooo! awesome etc. yes, I figured that if you actually question it then they back off.

    plus, according to the forums on zazzle it's *less* likely to be summit than a bunch of individual self-appointed copyright police who trawl the site for violations to report as they have a carrot up their arses.

    anyhoo, awesome...and hey, I know it wasn't planned, but you sold some merch! my twitarded tshirt is on it's way....

  49. I am sooooooooo happy "the man" lost an awesome crazy ass Twitarded chicks won! Woot! Woot!


    (and sideline way to go's to the peeps who helped Twitarded kick some ASS!!)

  50. I wonder if Zazzle's stock has gone up in the last 24 hours?

  51. @Christysmom97 - "liquor travel mug - haha! Girl after my own heart, you are...

    : )

    Thanks everyone!! Of COURSE we kicked ass! How could we not with all of you on our side?!

    Long Live Team Twitarded!!

    P.S. Best. Birthday. Ever.

  52. YES! down with the man!!

  53. That's fabulous news!!! The Twitard Militia is there for you anyday, anytime... bring it on, baby!

  54. I was worry about you girls all day. I wasn't able to check my mail before work and I just arrived home, checked Twitarded and...


    I'm really happy for you!
    All's at peace in the Kingdom of Twitardia.


  55. Holy Shit how the fuck did I miss this post? Goddamn timezones an the need to sleep.


    Suck it Summit.

  56. sweetness! you gals rock! And I love the new copyrighted header!

  57. Kori/ Team Switzer-JacobOctober 27, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    Ah. All is right with the world again. =]


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