Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Happens When Your Twilight BFF Falls Out Of Love???

, we need your help.

I received the following email from a Twitarded reader who recently had her life upended by the defection of her Twilight partner-in-crime... It made me sadz... Since I am not Ann Landers or Dear Abby (really, why take advice from two people who couldn't even mend their own family feud?) and I think Dr. Phil is a douche-nugget (who takes diet advice from a fat dude???), I asked for - and received - permission to throw this out to the Twitarded masses in order that you may impart your collective wisdom and maybe give her some advice on how to deal with this quandary:
Hello Ladies,

My fellow Twitarded friend [we'll call her "Cindy" because "that cooch stain who ripped Mel's heart from her chest and stomped all over it" is a little wordy] broke my heart the other day by telling me that she has found a new love... She told me that she had been putting off the conversation for about 2 weeks and it was her sister that said if she didn't tell me then she was going to tell me herself. This is how the conversation went:

Cindy: Hi Mel, I have something I need to tell you that I have been putting off for a few weeks **enter Mel's gulp in here**
Mel: OK, I hope it's not too bad...
Cindy: You know how you love Dean and Sam (from Supernatural)?
Mel: Yes, I do, but compared to Twilight it's nothing--it's more like a brotherly love.
Cindy: Well...*PAUSE* I think I may have found a new love...
Mel: I'm sorry WHAT???
Cindy: Well, you know the books that Stace [Cindy's sister] was telling us about that she said were better than Twilight? The Black Dagger Brotherhood series? I started to read them and I can't put them down. It's like an adult version of Twilight...
Mel: I'm sorry Cindy--I really don't know what to say to you right now... I don't understand, speak Twilight to me???
Cindy: Well, if I had two doors and one had the Cullens behind it and the other had the Brotherhood behind it, I think I would choose the Brotherhood door.
Mel: ***Silence***
Cindy: Mel are you still there?
Mel: Cindy I can't believe you are saying this to me. After all we've been through together I feel like you are leaving me or worse breaking up with me (I should mention that I was reading New Moon at that time again which probably didn't help)! You are breaking my heart...
Cindy: I know I'm sorry--
Mel: What do you want me to do or say??? Do you want an intervention because I can do that!
Cindy: No, I want you to read these books. Please don't get me wrong--I still love the Twilight series, but this is just more adult.
Mel: OK, I can understand the adult thing, but really the Brotherhood door?! What the fuck are you thinking?!?
Cindy: I am going to come around and drop the first two books off now and you have to start reading them..
Before she came over, I actually had tears welling in my eyes (whilst listening to Twilight music). I was really upset! I felt--and still feel--so alone with my Twilight love now. When she arrived at my house, she stood at my front door with her head down. I let her in the door and said "I don't think I can let you leave without some sort of intervention. I think it is just maybe a phase you are going through is all..." She replied, "Twilight will always be my first love that I will always love like your first love in high school, but this is grown-up love." I couldn't argue with her any longer about the subject because I hadn't read the books.

Now a week later I have read the first book in the series. It is good and I would recommend it, but as far as the passion I have for it, well, there is none... So I still can't comprehend how she could dump Twilight (or me). Do I keep on reading?? what if I end up like her and forget where my roots are????
[This is supposed to be a BDB character. Sorry, but no way in hell this vamp's straight...]

This ends with needing some advice... How do you get over a Twilight breakup??? I feel I have nothing in common with my friend anymore. I still love her and she is still my friend, but there's nothing in common. We have different passions now, and I am so alone... Do I go out and find another Twitard??? Or create one because I have been known to do that just so I have someone to talk to about it? I told her when she left that night that I was going to go out into the woods, curl up on the ground, and go into a catatonic state. I felt like Jacob when Bella left to go to Italy (on the bright side, this has given me a whole new appreciation for Jacob).

What do I do?? And more importantly: am I as crazy as I sound??? Give it to me straight girls, I can't handle beating around the bush--I prefer beating through the bush or beating it down.

Help... Twitard in crisis...

Mel xx

SO! What do you think, people??? Should Mel lock Cindy in her basement with nothing but the Twilight Saga and RPatts fanzines to keep her company until she comes around??? Maybe go all rehab Clockwork-Orange style on her ass?? Nothing but repeated playing of the Twilight dvd with occasional YouTube vids thrown in for good measure??? [Um, just so you know, JJ, this is totally what you would be in for - and worse! - if you ever committed such a crime. You've been warned...] Should she burn her Black Dagger Brotherhood books??? Let us know what you think in the comments - Mel is looking forward to see how the Twiblogosphere will weigh in on the matter! And if worse comes to worse, there's always the friend break-up.

Right thing to do? Wrong thing? Too much??? You be the judge...


  1. Hi - This is actual Cindy.

    Just for the sake of giving you some thoughts to think over I'll give my first impressions and then comment later with deeper thoughts.

    In relationships I have found that everything is a trade. You have to decide what's a deal-breaker, what's annoying but you can live with it, what can you improve, what you have to ask the other person to improve.

    If you truly care about the person and you can't imagine your life without them, then there is really only one choice, you have to accept this about your friend and continue to love her.

    If moving on from Twilight is a deal-breaker for you then you have to woman-up and tell her you can't be friends with her any more.

    Maybe you can consider expanding your joint horizons. Try to read her books. It's okay you still love Twilight best and she loves her's best. Do you love each other enough to accept this?

    I say try to expand your bubble. Think of it as you think of Bella at the end of Breaking Dawn. Your bubble is going to expand.

    You know the soul grows through things like this.

    I will think more about this and post again tomorrow.

    Just remember that it's ok to let some people, jobs, things, houses go when you know you have to reach out to other things. You just have to decide what you are willing to trade and what you are not willing to trade.


  2. ok, so, i'll have to get back to on the advice for mel. i'm gonna have to think about it, as this hasn't happened to me yet (thank fucking god). i'm still successfully converting people. i'm like a mormon on a mission with this shit. don't fuck with me.

    BUT i just wanted to say, that i TOTES saw that BDB guy shaking his nuts for money at chippendale's last night.

    just sayin'.

  3. *twitches*

    I don't even know what you're....what are you can you can't leave me.

    Yeah for realz...I think that someone who was a TRUE Twitard would never just leave it behind like that. Not that someone who was passionate about it wouldn't find another new love. But someone who has had a deep emotional connection to all things Twilight (and admit it, it's like crack) will always have a little bit of a pull.

    Perhaps she was like Scotty Evil...not twitarded enough.

    In all seriousness, FINDING a twifriend who's local is sort of hard enough, let alone losing that person. I would say, just like any breakup, give the person space and time. Keep yourself busy and try to go out and make new twifriends. If it's meant to be, she'll show up on your doorstep with PE in hand.

    *love and hugs* to Mel

    p.s. I'm in Durham, NC...if she's close, I'll totes be her twipal. :oP

  4. had something similar just happen to me. my bestie told me she has no desire to go see New Moon, doesn't care about anything Twirelated anymore. i was(still am) stunned.
    for me, it's not a friendship breaker. she knows i'm still Twinuts, that is never going to change. we are both learning to adjust to this new change and i think as long as we respect each other's feelings, it's all going to be good

    and i'll toss in that BDB is a really good series lol!!

  5. I agree with Cindy. There are lots of great books out there. That doesn't mean you have to give up your obsession but hey you never know you could end up with a shiny new obsession to add to the obsessing and my favorite Winchester would be Dean. Yummy! Where was I? I got distracted by the thought of someone's perky nipples. And the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a pretty awesome series.

  6. *GASP* Blasphemy! I can appreciate enjoying a new series but I have to say (and I CAN say because I started reading the BDB series) that it's impossible to trade in one for the other. The BDB vamps are NOTHING like Stephenie's. And yeah, it has graphic sex but that's it. My love for Edward and the rest of the Cullens could never be tainted by a new family made up of Wrath and Rhage...If you want lemons with your Cullens, just read FF like the rest of us!

    My deepest condolensces to you, Mel. Depending on how long you've been BFF's with Cindy, I suppose you can keep her around because 1)you'll always have Twilight 2) she hasn't seen New Moon and Eclipse yet and by the time BD comes out, she'll probably come around again anyway. Lastly, in my experience, it is SOOO easy to find other like-minded Twihards to share your passion with. Twitarded, TwiFans, the Lex, will always have someone to talk to about your true love.

    Oh and STY? I hope you never have to reference A Clockwork Orange ever again. That's some effed up sh*t.

    Best of luck.

  7. Okay - well. I've got no ass-vice to give. Unless you want to break up with her - then I'm your gal. No really, I'm the master of ending friendships. I'm not sure that this is a deal breaker though.....

    And seriously that pic - yikes! I feel like Twitarded just did a PSA on avoiding that series. He kinda looks like a creepier (if that's possible) long-haired version of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, if he was a gay stripper.

  8. Ok - So this totally happened to me (imagine I am Cindy), but it all ended happily...keep reading.

    I read the first 3 Twilight books early last year and was DYING for BD to come out and the first movie. In my desparation, I asked for other book series to fill the void until my next Twilight installment. Far and away, the most recommended was the BDB. I read it and LOVED the books. I immediately became a traitor to Twilight and said they were so much better. HOWEVER, once I finished the series, BD came out, I reread all of Twilight and wondered what the hell I was doing thinking BDB was better.

    This happened again. Twilight movie ended, I needed another fix, so I started the Outlander series. Again - AMAZING - and I said, "Diana Gabaldon kicks SM's ass". However - Once I was done the series, I went back to Twilight.

    It has become a vicious cycle with me now, but the one thing I can definitely say is that Twilight always wins, and I always come back. It is truly an addiction. the other series are pot to the Twilight heroin.

    So, Mel - Fear not. Cindy will be back with a vengeance.

    Oh, and Cindy - Say hi to Zsadist for me. He is so f-ing hot it's sick!

  9. My bff is not a Twitard (Dan Brown fan *shudders*), and neither are any of my other friends. I'm all alone in the world except for you guys. :( At least Sister Banshee is an RPattz fan, but I still can't get the stubborn little bitch to read the books. Therefore, Mel, you should count yourself lucky that she still likes Twilight at all, and that you can still share your love of it with her a bit.

    I think you should still read the BDB books if you liked the first one (I just started the Sookie Stackhouse series, and I'm really liking it so far, even though it's no Twilight. Sometimes it's good to try new things). That way you can both talk and squee over both series, even if one of you isn't quite as enthusiastic as the other.

    Hope that was helpful!

    And that has to be the gayest vampire I've ever seen...

  10. Oooooooooooooooo....this is a tough one. Shit...I feel for you Mel. I actually feel a little sick b/c of it. I couldn't imagine what I'd do if my BFF said that to me... although she's definitely not as into Twilight as I am. Actually non of my friends are...even the most Twilight obsessed one is miles behind my obsession (thank CHRIST for Twitarded!!! JJ/STY - DON'T EVER LEAVE US!!! -- sorry, that was my inner Twichotic voice speaking.).

    And another friend of mine did actually tell me she likes the Sookie Stackhouse Trueblood series better and stopped caring about Twlight -- my response to her was "oh, that's too bad. oh well - to each is own." Yet in my mind it was "What the fuck? Later bitch! Nice knowin' ya!" But see, that was just a kinda friend... not my BFF.

    I really don't have too much advice for you...just compassion and sympathy. You'll get through this rough time... lean on your Twitarded family. Where here for you!!! And it always helps to submerse yourself in some wine, Rob Pattinson youtube videos, some twiporn, and of course... your tears.

    Sending you Twitarded love!

  11. Not lovin' Twilight as much, is not a deal breaker for a friendship, now if Cindy told Mel that RPattz was ugly, I who does not condone violence would tell Mel to, "drop kick Cindy in the throat and drop her ass on the curb and call that friendship off."

    I'm seriously just joking because I don't always see 'The Precious' as precious. Please no one stalk me and beat me down, I'm allowed these feelings have you seen the way he dresses himself. But back to point.

    Mel continue to be happy that you have friend who was willing to tell you the truth, talk to you about it, and some more blah, blah, blah goodness.

  12. *gasp* Has Twilight taught us nothing? Isn't the whole theme of the series that if you love someone, you should accept them for who they are and do anything for them?

    If I had a BFF who decided she hated Twilight, I would find something else for us to share. Because THAT shit is what's important. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't drop SM or my RPattz, but they definitely take a backseat to a BFF.

  13. While I consider myself fortunate enough to have 4 Twilight sisters who (occasionally) blog with me, I am the only Twitarded one in the bunch. They loved the books and think RPatz is one of the hottest males to ever walk the Earth however, they are not consumed like me. It hurts my heart at times that they do not have the same level of passion as I do. I am disappointed when I have to ask them to read or post to OUR blog but they're all I have.

    Mel, be grateful that you have one person who you can at least speak openly with about your Twilight obsession. Some people don't even have that much. I'll bet "Cindy's" Twilove will be rekindled after New Moon comes out. If she wants more adult themed reading material, maybe you can turn her on to some fan fic.

  14. Ok- at least you had Twi-bff to begin with. I have no one either. My friends all think I am crazy. My BFF read the series for me and thought it was ok and said she will go to New Moon movie with me, but she has no real love. I do have one good friend in another state who is also obsessed and we were emailing for awhile and discussed going to one of the conventions but now I can not even get her to respond to my emails!!! Marie if you are reading this I mean you!!!

    @Bri--hey I am in Wake Forest NC and could really use a local Twitard!!

  15. oh and by they way- what does TOTES mean? I have seen that alot lately.

  16. I guess this wouldn't be the place to say that I LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse books, eh??

    I'd like me a little Eric and some Sam thrown in...oh hell. Toss in Alcide as well!


    I am still a Twitard. Cindy, it is possible to love both!

    Mel, I'm sure once Cindy sees "New Moon", she will come back to you....

  17. Only my family and maybe two friends know I'm a Twitard. Everyone else would probably think I'm nuts, because I'm a huge geek otherwise(aka I'm not supposed to like Twilight).So I certainly feel your pain over losing a Twilight BFF.

    Why dont you two expand your relationship to other things? Maybe read a non-vampire series and meet up for lunch? In the meantime, maybe find an online Twilight BFF if there isnt one in your local area? Can't hurt, and you never know what may happen.

    Final advice : Just give it some time, then reevaluate the situation from there. If you're happy, continue the friendship. If not, part ways and continue on.

  18. In a wonky way I kinda what way I'm not really sure. I'm starting to feel like I should move on. It's just not the same (my Twi feeling of devotion w/ the books and movies) since I'm convinced that RP and KS are a real life couple. I'm not making too much sense I know but nonetheless that's how I feel. I'm going to go and read the replies to this thread with great interest... in hopes of shaking off this wonky feeling of mine.

  19. Poor Mel!! I would be so sad. My sisters are my only real Twifreaks. I have one really good friend that I thought I had converted, but I feel like she is slipping away. So I randomly send her some RPattz photos or squee about New Moon being so close and she perks up a little. I have kind of resigned myself that I am probably the most obsessed of everyone I know. I have my Twitards and fanfic. I'll be ok! Hang in there. We'll all be crossing our fingers that she shows up at your door with some totes hot Rob merch and apologizes for her temporary insanity.

  20. @ Mel and Cindy - I have one question for the two of you...were you friends before Twilight? If you were, then surely you have something you can bond over...

    Most of my real life friends are soooo not into Twilight, so I need to tone down my Twitheusiasm when I am around them. Thus...I really tend to let it out when I know without a doubt that I am surrounded by the Bat Shit Crazy chicks here at Twitarded. No matter which way it goes, Mel. You will not be alone...

    FYI, I haven't read the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but I've been told they're awesome. I was curious, I channeled my inner Angstward (from Wide Awake) and wiki'd that mother fucker. Have to admit it sounds interesting, but so far I cannot tear myself from my Twisession (not that I've really ever TRIED!)

    @ bierbeck - Totes = totally. Example: That Clipped Wings & Inked Armor Fan Fic is totes fucking awesomesauce!!

  21. My oldest daughter and I bond over the Twilight obsession but I hold back because I think she'd have a hard time seeing her mom as totes batshit crazy. Plus she's a teen so I kind of expect her to be in a position to move on before I am. My youngest daughter thinks RP looks gay and my sister, curse her black heart, I can't even repeat what she thinks of him. Suffice to say she thinks he's ugly. Don't care. I have you all to gush and squee with me. ( It helps that I'm not a big gusher and squee'er in RL.).

    I do feel sad at the loss of this aspect of the friendship.But it doesn't have to mean loss of the friendship. Or loss of the twitardiness -- they'll just exist in two different places of your heart. Sometimes they'll come together, but probably not to the same extent as in the past. And who knows ? Maybe "Cindy" will go all fangirl over New Moon despite her best intentions. Afterall we're all hoping for the kickass movie it looks like it could be. When that happens you'll have to forgive her and let her back into the fold- :D

    Lots if Twilighty Love,
    F Kat

  22. Hey mel, it must hurt like a bitch coz u started out thinking u share this world wif ur bff and she's just as twitarded as u. And then..!
    u must feel so abandoned!

    I have managed to convert many pple to twilight but no one i know seems as obssessed as me. my comfort comes from getting my daily fix from Twitarded (loves to JJ n STY!!) and other similar blogs (none as much as Twitarded!) or fanfic and simultaneously the books. I can never seem to finish up any book after twilight (i used to read 1 book per week) although i keep stocking them up so i think the fact that u r already through the 1st book of BDB shows dat u're willing to gif cindy a shot. i guess she's starving for someone else to feel the same way for BDB as you do for Twilight which was y she told u to read the series.
    if u still feel lonely log on to the net and there's always JJ and STY and the rest of us whose obsession still burn bright. :)

  23. So firstly let me say that "cindy" sounds lke a young, good looking, hot, skinny girl who cares deeply for her friends feelings! LOL. So for all those who are feeling sorry for Mel, let me explain in a little more detail.
    Twilight and all things RPattz are like a first love that you will always go back to. I admit I went searching for something more, but in my defence, there is so much New Moon stuff all over the internet, it was constantly like "getting it wet but not sticking it in" Soneone told me the Black Dagger Brotherhood was a more "ADULT" version of twilight, and I lapped that shit up! I finished the books, I've been sedated, and now I'M BACK, eagerly awaiting our "already purchased, midnight session" of new moon. Which, BTW, Mel and I live in Australia .. so thats 19th Nov! 44days, 7 hours, 23 mins 40 secs away. But if you still wanna lock me in a basement with nothing but Twilight DVD's and you tube RPattz clips, im still up for that xxx

  24. Dear Mel,

    I only have one real-life twifriend, or succesfull convert, whichever. Finding someone in real life to share your Twi-passion with is so rare, that you should be thankful that the two of you can still talk about Twilight, even if it's not her favorite anymore. I made several other friends read the books (one's still at it, and she started in May. May, I tell you!) and they were all 'meh' about them. That hurts. But there's always the online twi-community for comfort!

    Best wishes in these hard times,

  25. I too am alone line Banshee & mmMoxie. Closeted from the family with all of my links buried in mislabeled "work stuff" folders because my family would just not get it. (Although I finally got the husband to read it, he is on Eclipse and I think he has mixed emotions). But I would not walk away from the friendship, I think you have have to have the Twitarded gene to be a true Twitard, those that fall by the wayside were only here in spirit before, not in heart. You can't blame them, it is just a genetic defect! They can't help it, just as we can't help being true Twitards!

  26. @ fanfic zombie, I love the fact that the nonTwitards are the ones with the defective gene and not us!
    I've got a good friend who lives a bit away from me. She introduced me to Twilight but, as I've explained before on my blog, when I ran along behind her but when she ran into the fence of twitardedness she just sort of toppled onto the other side while I went vaulting over her and landed far enough along the track to stumble across everyone all the way over here. She does humour me with it all but she also sometimes puts real life first (imagine that eh?!) and isn't around for a few days. That isn't so much of a problem since I did land here thankfully!

    Mel, I see your situation a bit like Breaking Dawn. It wasn't exactly how you saw things panning out, you thought you were fairly certain on what the future would be holding for you and Cindy - certainly in the run up to November 19th - and all of a sudden she pulls a Stephenie Meyer on you and produces a metaphorical Renesmee. You're shocked and hurt that she could betray you in such an unexpected way which I think most of us will empathise with.

    I don't think you should abandon the whole saga - oops, I meant friendship - over this one detail, albeit a major one, I think you just have to accept the change and move forwards with it, there might still be a happy ending. I see that 'Cindy' has posted on this thread and it sounds like she's prepared to 'put Renesmee to bed' for the night so you can still have the good fun you had before.

  27. Well. I am Mel... I really want to say something funny or witty but I am a little overwhelmed by all the support and advice that you guys have left. Big thanks and hugs to STY and JJ for sharing my story.

    I have read all the advice that you have left and will be taking it all into account.

    Now that Tr(C)indy has finally said that she wouldn't mind to be locked in a basement with RPattz clips, Twilight DVDs, magazines and books I think that I may actually take her up on the offer just to make sure she (and myself) is aware of where her allegiance lies..

    I want to do a shout out to all the Twitards that mentioned that they didn't have a Twilight BFF.. My heart aches for you.. I don't know what I would do without Trin (I'm thinking perhaps spontanously combust from keeping all the squee in)even though we do have to agree to disagree. My advice to you would be to keep searching for your BFF I believe there is a Twitard out there for everyone.

    To finish I want to say God bless Twitarded, JJ and STY for being there to stop an epidemic of spontanous combustion in the Twi-world.. I think you guys do more for us then you can imagine or our words can say and thank you for that.. Keep these blogs coming because even during my time of crisis you still put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes from the laughter. They are a breath of fresh air for me..

    Now I must go I have a lot planning to do for Tr(C)indy's rehab... Does anyone know where I can get one fo the clockwork-orange contraptions from???? LOL

    Thanks for all the love and support and I can offically say crisis averted Twitards.. Crisis a-v-e-r-t-e-d...

    Mel xx
    (former) twitard-in-crisis

  28. People grow and change and so do relationships. Just b/c you don't share the same passions doesn't mean you can't be friends. Try to find other areas that you can grow in.

  29. Aww (((hugs))) Mel, so pleased you have sorted things out and LOVING the belief that 'there is a twitard out there for everyone'! :o). Have fun in the basement muhahahahaa! xx

  30. Looks like I'm a little late to the advice party, glad you worked things out Mel! I also love your statement that there's a twitarded bff out there for everyone - I'm still looking for mine (I know I can't be the only one in Chicago!). Best of luck to both of you!

  31. Glad she came around, my advice would have been to create another Twitard. It never gets old - the panting, the obsession, the constant need to talk about every detail. I'm slowly running out of friends to do this to as they're nearly all on board now, but luckily my Mom is my partner in Twi-crime and that's not likely to change soon :) If Cindy bails again, just present a non-Twitarded friend with the first book and stand back!

  32. This is a funny post. It is hilarious how, once we read Twilight, we want to "convert" everyone (referencing the mormon comment) It is so true. My BFF is an english/speech/drama teacher and she refuses to read them and has no interest. My coworker is not a reader at all and would never read tehm so I am starved for "adult" Twilight comradery (sp?). I love that my daughter is into them, she is 11 and it is a great thing to be into together. My boyfriend's daughter is into it but we are not close enough to get excited about it. I live my Twilife among all of you Twitards. I have all of my fave sites favorited so I can check everyday. So, I guess I would just feel lucky that I had a BFF that was Twitarded too. And I too think that she will be back, if anything she isn't totally against Twilight like my close people. She will be back.

  33. Veri-word = "imend"

    "hello my name is snarkier than you and imend twitarded friendships."

    : )

    i am glad that you guys have worked it out!! um, and Trindy, i an sorry that i called you a cooch stain (i blame the perfect storm of wine and having the :creative cursing" book handy when i wrote this).

    i knew everyone would have good advice!! and folks, keep those conversions coming - you know it will work eventually - sure, sure - your friends "don't read" or "aren't interested" - yeah, we've heard it all before... but stick with it and turn those friends to the twi side! it's so worth the stick-to-it-iveness when you end up with a twitarded bestie!!

    thanks mel & trindy for sharing your story - we [heart] you guys!

    : )

  34. Can I use this as a forum to find a local twitarded partner-in-crime? Sadly, I have only my real partner (as in "life partner") to tolerate my daily ramblings of all things twilight. She hasn't even read the books - something about raising two kids, I don't's a total cop out. I did however, manage to get her to agree to go to the midnight showing of New Moon, against her better judgement. I even got the babysitter to spend the night!
    So anyone out there in Chicago - even if it's via email - I am looking for a friend to share my obsession with. :)

  35. I too have no one to share my obsession with. Most just laugh and roll their eyes and tell me that the book/movie/whole shebang is just terrible =( Which annoys me to no end, well excuse me I didn't get the memo that you were to good for twilight....I don't go shit on all the things they like, with the exception of country music =) I so wanted to have/go to a twilight party when the DVD came out, but none of my friends are fans =(

  36. Well, late to the game here and no advice. My BFF in real life AND my sister are Twitarded too (all thanks to me) and I would still love them if they gained their sanity and adulthood back.
    BUT, since my second love to Twilight is ALSO Sam and Dean I think that Mel should just replace Cindy with me! ;-)
    (BIg HUGS) Mel

  37. Wow. This is some truly deep and meaningful shit...I think we need to shake it off and see another OPattz video to lighten the mood.

    HEY! JJ & STY! Dress that boy up and get us some video! Pronto!

  38. Wow, my first instinct was to yell "TRAITOR". Then I thought about it and still think "TRAITOR!" But you can't force someone be a Twitard. It's like when Jacob acts like a punk and tries to force himself on Bella. Don't be that guy. Just take pity on her foolishness and try to find other Twitards to hang out and obsess with. There is no shortage. Don't know where you're from, but I live in Philly, so if you need a fellow Twitard, I'm here. On the flipside, shame on her for trying to turn you onto this Brotherhood drivel. Who am I kidding, I'll probably go to the library and check it out. But only because I like vamp lit, and usually the funny variety. I like the un-adult aspect of Twilight. I miss the innocence. So I could care less that BDB is more adult. I'd never turn my back on Twilight and will forever be obsessed with it.

  39. Kori/ Team Switzer-JacobOctober 5, 2009 at 1:21 PM

    Before reading all of the above comments, I'll just say that I think Mel is overreacting. Yes, losing a twifriend is hard, but trying to disconnect from Cindy just because you no longer have this thing in common is crazy. Noted, if they have NOTHING in common anymore, then a problem may ensue. But just because the love for all things Twilight is no longer there (can't even IMAGINE that happening to me. >.>), it doesn't mean the friendship should end. I'm the most diehard Twifan of all the people I personally know. One of them saw me re-reading Eclipse the other day and just said, "Again?! How many times can you re-read the same book?" As if the re-reading of the Twilight series could have an end. >.> ....Anyway, I was content when I thought I had no friends into Twilight, so discovering that I did did make me happy, but if I lost them suddenly, I'd probably just go back to being content alone. If I had no rl twifriends, then I'd please myself with diehard Twitards like yoursleves, as is my advice to you, Mel. We're all diehards here, else we wouldn't be here. Twitards do make a nice substitute for other friends (Though it must be admitted that they don't completely fil lthe void, they block it kind of nicely. =]). But I'm into other books (forever a Harry Potter fan), but my love for Twilight is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

    And as for Cindy, I can understand her perspective as well. Were it not for Twilight, the HP series may have been my all time favorite. And unpon reading Twilight, I didn't particularly fall out of love with HP, but I realized that my love for it was nothing compared to what I was capable of. (I feel like Bella in New Moon where she tries to decide if she should give what love she had left to Jacob, knowing it was nothing compared to what she had given away to Edward. XD!) Point being, people fall in and out of love with different series all the time. Sometimes we just realize that some are better than others. Nothing to kill a friendship over.

  40. OMG!!! Everyone should read the BDB books!!! They are soooooooooooooooo great!!! I gotta say that I love them much more than Twilight. I´m with Cindy in this one. I like Twilight, always have and also think of it as a first love thing, but there are so many better books out there! People should read other stuff besides Twilight.
    As for the friendship part, it wasn´t really it if something like that would end it.

  41. No one "dumps" Twilight. No one. It's not natural ;);)

  42. I don't want to get any hate mail for this, but I am guilty of falling in love with the brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (by JR Ward). In my defense I kind of blame the Twitarded girls. Their post about True Blood got me going in a different diretion. You remember the post....the one about doing anything you can to watch the series, even if it means cramming your ass into the kids seat in the back of the minivan....Well, that post had me on the phone with my sis in TX asking her to mail out the book series as fast as she can. If the Twitards love the show there's got to be something about this series, right?! Well, I loved the books (and the TV show). Of course, then my sister said...if you love True Blood you'll really love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. GAUGH! Was she ever right. The way I look at my progression is I started with the G rated version of vampires. They sparkle and drink animials. G is good if you're a teen, but I think many of us woman prefer our men to give into our every wish and desire. So, I moved on to the PG17 rating with True Blood. Their vamps bite, especially while being intimate. Then there's the brotherhood......for lack of a better word I have to say "DAMN!!!!!" They strap on the weapons, fight a war, and take care of their females. Those vamps sure know what they're doing and they enjoy doing it over, and over, and over again. They give their females anything and everything they want.

    Do I still love Twilight? Sure. But I'm with Cindy, if there were two doors...I would open the BDB door in an instant. It would just be really difficult to pick just one brother.

    All that said, I may not be as big of fan of Twilight as the rest of you, but I still LOVE the Twitarded blog! I read it all the time and I'm currently enjoying my coffee out of my Twitarded mug.

  43. I just have to say that you should be thankful to have had a Twilight BFF, whether it was short-lived or not. I was urged by my sister to read the books, but she is NOT a Twilighter. I have never had the priviledge of having a person with whom I can share my obsession. Every now and then I come across a person who can identify, but it is always fleeting. SO...she may return to you, or you might find someone to fill the void, but just try to remember the good times you had with her, because so many have not had the joy and fun that the two of you have experienced. Maybe this is too late, but I hope it helps.

  44. I totally sympathize, cause my twipartner-in-crime just told me that she is only going see NM with me a few times (we saw Twilight every week it was out, right up until the night before the DVD release - first time I've ever admitted that to anyone...). So now I'm going to be one of those "one ticket please" people after all my friends indulge me by seeing it once. Any Twitards in the San Diego area??

    @Melo- I absolutely LOVE the Outlander books too (did you read the one that just came out last Tuesday??). I recommend them to anyone who can tear themselves away from fanfic for awhile :)

  45. @Twilove1 - I'm not too far from San Diego. In fact currently sitting in the parking lot of Mira Costa College waiting for class to start. Don't let that fool you into thinking I'm am age-appropriate to be Twilight obsessed--I'm not.

    Anyway, look me up when you're hankering to see NM for the 40th time and maybe I can save you from the single ticket purchase embarrassment. I have extremely limited funds (being a student and all) so I won't see it every week til the DVD comes out but I will catch at least a fed multiple showings.

    You can contact me at Or give a shout out via the Twitarded blog, my home awa from home.

    F Kat

  46. Can I just say how cool it is that we're all witnessing these RL Twitarded relationships forming... it's giving me warm fuzzies. =)

  47. @NC people . .I'm in Raleigh . .why haven't we all met? Surely we're not all that far in the closet?

    Speaking of in the closet . . .are you allowed to have more than one vampire love? Because your gay Chippendale is not the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but rather Jean-Claude of the Anita Black Vampire Hunter series, as envisioned by Marvel. And he does take a rather firm second for me in all time vamp loves, so hate to see him mis-assigned. Although . .who ever drew him was definitely thinking interesting thoughts. French and bisexual, so I guess that does translate to gay in comic book land.

    Having not had a twi-friend bestie who didn't live online . . I just wish the pair the best. Maybe once the movie is out she'll reconsider leaving the flock?

  48. @Twiwasgoinginforthekiss...
    Cool! Thank you for saving me from Twilight loneliness. I'll be in touch when it gets a little closer. I live & work in the RB/Escondido area and am not age-appropriate to be Twilight obsessed either :)

  49. @RunsfromReality--I am the one in Wake Forest and we should meet! I am not in the closet at all, all my friends here are fully aware of my obsession, but none of them share it. They just make fun of me and call me a tween. I'm 34.

  50. ignore this- I am testing my google account thing

  51. First i want to say, I hope that you can go on with your friendship. Even if i failed to bring my friends into twi-craziness, I never would abandon them.
    Fortunately I may have met a twi-friend in life. I went to a Fan-convention in Germany this weekend.It was wonderful, a lot of fun, there are no words to describe it. I saw Christian Serratos, Daniel Cudmore and Ed Gathegi, I got a photo with Kyle Schmid (from the Blood Ties Series-he is the cutest guy in the world). And during the Bobby Long concert (he is a wonderful musician and now I own a signed cd from Rob`s best friend!) I met a girl who lives in my area and we decided to stay in contact. I had to fly 1000 kilometres to find a twi-friend, but it was really worth it.
    So you never will know when and where you meet your twi-friend (but a fan-convention may be the right place).
    And I got a photo with FSE and me (they had one for promotion, also wanted to sell him in the end, but the price was horrendous and even I would have paid it, I couldn`t imagine how to get this thing into the plane).
    @melo and Twilove1: I also love the Outlander series, looking forward to read the new book when it`s available here.

  52. She'll get over it. She just needs to reread the Twilight Saga again. Then - she'll be able to compare fairly. The same thing happened to me when I couldn't understand how to be a Harry Potter fan and a Twitard. She's just confused. She'll come around.

    In the mean time, snuggle up with a Rob plush toy and a cup of coffee and weep, while watching all available footage of Edward telling Bella goodbye in New Moon. Eventually, you'll wake up in the fetal position, with leaves in your hair. NOTE: This is normal. We've all been through this type of thing before. But just like Edward "Cindy" will be back.


  53. @bierbeck . . I'm a 29 year old tween. It's good times.

    When/how are you going to the premier? I'm using the meetup "I've always wanted to try that" as my cover.

  54. @RunsFromReality-My BFF, who is not into Twilight, is going with me. I am not planning to go to the midnight showing. We are getting a babysitter for our youngest ones and going to the earliest matinee on Friday while the older ones are in school. What is the meetup?
    What part of Raleigh are you in?

  55. Mel, I feel your pain...I really do. While I have converted plenty of my friends, I really don't think any truly share the depths of my love. Having ready the Sookie books and the BDB books, I can tell that you are a "female of worth." So here's what you need to do. Pull on your leathers, your glock, and your shitkickers and go kick some BFF butt. BDB is good (I'm all about some Vishous myself), but really, it can't hold a candle to Twilight. Your BFF is kidding herself.

  56. Hi.

    I know I'm late...
    But I have to tell you guys, I've always read a lot of different books and none of them takes the place of any of the others.

    Ok, the Twilight series is more of an obsession but I keep reading other stuff because I can't live without books.

    And vampires books? Let's see: Black Dagger Brotherhood; Marked; Bram Stocker's Dracula; Sookie Stackhouse.... Shall I go on? I left Mercy Thompson and Bitten cause their more in the werewolf category... And of course, no going into sci-fi or romance or...

    They all have their place. And I can't see myself choosing one over the other.

    @Stan: love the analogy with renesme!


  57. I LOVE the black dagger brotherhood series.... LOVE IT!!! BUT i enjoy bella & edward's relationship more than i do any of the brother's and their shellans. And come on, ANYONE who has read any of the "adult" scenes in that series HAS to admit they are hot. period. That being said, i think it's a totally different series than twilight, but i definitely like twilight more.

  58. @bierbeck

    I'm in downtown Raleigh. Here's the link to the meetup group I was talking about:

    I've always liked see the midnight premiers, if I can. This one . . .I don't know. I'm totally waffling . . it would be a new line for me to cross to buy movie tickets more than a month in advance, even for a good cause like this.

  59. Hi Cindy:
    I read Dark Lover while in Forks last month. However, nothing can top Twilight. I don't think they can top a vamp like RPatz if they ever made BDB into a movie anyway!

    Tell your friend that she can stay married to Twilight, but it's cool to have a fling with BDB on the side.

  60. Why do you have to love One over the Other. The books are so different. One is a young adult series, the other is an adult paranormal romance novel series. Not to mention the vamps are completly different. I am a twi-hard & get crap all the time about it so don't get me wrong I LOVE TWILIGHT. A person however can love more than one series of books an equal amount. Especially when they are so completely different from each other. I love Twilight, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dark Hunters Series, The Breeds Series, The Horse Whisperer, The Host, etc. just as much. Let your friend have her Brothers. More Edward for you right? Maybe you do need to relax a little bit with the Twilight thing though. It's not enough to end a friendship which I am assuming you truly do know.

  61. I wish I had someone to even share my obsession with...sad...I know...


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