Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Night, er, Funnies?

Someone call the waaaaahmbulance, quick!

Ugh. So, it's the Monday after a long weekend, which makes this day even more of a kick in the ass than usual. It was with great reluctance and probably a good deal of pouting, cursing and whining that I dragged myself out of bed this morning and went to stupid work. Forget Jerkface - I was full-on Bitchface this morning.

And it all went down hill from there.

Hey, it happens to the best of us, right? I figured it was nothing a few power-naps in the bathroom at work wouldn't cure but somewhere between my feeble attempts at toilet-slumber and having a heated discussion with two Star Wars geeks about who is hotter, Carrie Fisher or Robert Pattinson, I realized I was feeling a little beyond cranky. The culmination of my ire was when they compared the Precious to Susan Boyle. The bastards! Lucky for them they were telecommuting today [fancy-pants name for "sitting-at-home-in-man-slippers-acting-like-I'm-working"] or there would have been a full-on geek fight at the office, replete with fifty-cent words, sardonic quips and Star Wars/Star Trek/Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes.

Mmmm, yes....

What the fucking fuck?! Gahhhhhhhhh!!!!

I needed something to lighten me up.

There is one sure-fire way to make me laugh and feel better about myself and that's totally mocking the shit out of something else. Because Twitarded is a balls-to-the-walls kinda place where nothing is sacred, not even Twilight gets a free pass when it comes to me wanting to poop on something. Now, we love and adore the saga and the movies as much [and maybe even more] than the next person but every once in awhile it deserves to be raked over the coals. We don't, after all, want the Precious to get a swelled head.

This video was sent to me by Moi from Twigasm, who has the best fucking voice I ever heard over the internet. Anyhoo, she sent this to me like five million years ago and I never bothered to look at it because we are seriously the slowest, laziest twats in the Twi-blogosphere. I saw my little Skype icon at the bottom of my screen every day, bouncing up and down like an excited kid at Christmas, trying to catch my attention so it could show me the coolest thing ever.

Hey! Asshole!! Click me! I'm bouncing for fuck sake. Click me!! Wha- where are you going?! You SUCK, JJ!!

And I totally ignored it. It wasn't on purpose, I swear!! I had every intention of watching it but then something else would start bouncing or flashing or just plain sparkle and... that was all it took.

I am SO disappointed in myself because this is seriously some of the funniest shit I've seen in a looooong time. Even ML laughed, hard, [and possibly farted because we share that same issue] and he never, EVER laughs at this stuff because he's secretly afraid that we're all insane and this is a cult. This is called Rifftrax and it's done by the dudes who used to do MST3K, which used to make me pee a little from laughing so hard.

But wait! Still feeling cranky? Video not mean enough? It gets better [and this post is getting ridiculously long, I apologize]!! Check out the link to this article.

Um, prior to Twilight I spent an obscene amount of time on They make any insult I might attempt to hurl sound like a fucking compliment. Not tempted? Here are a few "teasers"...

Three hundred pages after "Oh, you like me too? No way, I thought you hated me!", the plot arrives late to the party, drunk, in a beat-up '53 Chevy pick-up truck. It drives away about fifty pages later and crashes into a tree, gets sent to the hospital, and is rarely heard from again throughout the course of the series.

Discussing Edward's suicide attempt in Volterra...

Since sunlight doesn't actually harm Twilight vampires, one must assume that Edward is hoping some macho Italians will see him in at full sparkle and beat him to death for being gay.

Okay, Imma stop now before I get myself in trouble. Clearly, the crankypants are giving me camel toe or something and I probably should step away from the computer.

But, before I go - wanna know one more thing that makes me super duper goopy-gushy happy?

This guy.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snarkier Than You's New Moon Review

On Friday, Jenny Jerkface and I scurried off for New Moon: Round Three. We wanted to make sure it was fresh in our minds as we sat down to [finally!] discuss... Plus we just wanted to see it again. Just because.

"Twilight 2: The Precious Returns! Then Goes Away... Then Comes Back Again!"

Where to begin???

Let's start simply: I think that New Moon is a good movie. Um, I don't think it's a great movie. I DO think it's a better overall movie than Twilight (although despite that I think I still love Twilight more, but I'll save that for some other time). This isn't going to be a diatribe on how the book was different from the movie; we expected that and hadn't reread New Moon in the weeks before the movie's release because neither one of wanted to got bat-shit crazy picking apart the "book vs. movie" details. Although there might be a few things we can't resist noting...

Things I really loved about the movie:

Charlie/Billy Burke and "the humans" in general were great in this movie. They had some of the best lines, provided comic relief in an otherwise pretty somber tale, and stole the show more than a few times. Jessica in particular was great in the scene where Bella goes for a motorcycle ride. In face, that entire scene is really well done.

Victoria/Rachelle Lafevre = Beautiful. Feral. Dangerous. Chilling. I LOVE her parts. Bryce Dallas Howard, you have some really fierce military-looking lace-up boots to fill. We'll give you a chance but don't let us down. We'll miss you, Rachelle. A lot. Your running-through-the-woods sequence is mesmerizing. (P.S. I saw a pic of "Eclipse Victoria" in those very same boots while searching for pics for this post, and...well...I r-e-a-l-l-y miss Rachelle.)

Kristen Stewart does a much better job in New Moon. She's less stuttery and blinky - but not SO much so that it changes the character entirely, which it would have if she'd lost ALL the stuttery-blinky-noddy-ness. You might still be able to squeak a drinking game out of this, but you won't end up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. Plus she looks breathtakingly beautiful in a lot of the scenes. OK maybe she's supposed to look like "every girl" and she doesn't but fuck it, this is a Hollywood blockbuster and nobody looks normal. I'm over it. I like pretty.

The wolves and special effects. They came a long way since the very first "fursplode!" was revealed. Which is good, because at the time it was outright laughable. The final wolves that made it to the screen were pretty awesome - huge, like they're supposed to be! Love that this worked out, because I was a lil' nervous after "Rabid Lassie" busted onto the scene. So well done. The effects in general were a million times better; I don't think they had the budget they needed to make it right in Twilight.

Look out! A half-dressed Fisher-Price wolf is falling from the sky!
(SO glad they improved this! whew...)

Robert Pattinson (natch!) also honed his acting chops and delivered a better performance than he did in Twilight. Plus he looked good doing it (but I like Twilight-Edwards hair better)! The clock tower scene (mipplegate, schmipplegate - it's hair or something - whatever - RPatts has normal man-nips! stop staring at them already! look...lower. you'll be fine.). I don't care if it took a makeup artist hours to airbrush on those abs - it works for me! When he fights with Felix and his entire torso is heaving, I don't even care a lick that vampires wouldn't get winded. Who cares? Keep breathing, baby. You do it do well. I was also happy that his accent wasn't distractingly bad. I wasn't reminded of Christopher Walken-meets-The-Sopranos (I am convinced that Twilight-era RPatts studied up for his American accent by watching The Godfather, gangster movies, and HBO). Granted, he wasn't on screen most of the time (a downer, I know...), but still. Better. I am distracted by the "Remember Me" trailer every time I see the movie and think it looks amazing and his accent is spot-on but I don't want to compare apples and oranges here. Let's just say that while I wasn't initially counting the days until that movie comes out, now I am...

Taylor Lautner did a great job (we already covered that!) and I thought that Dakota Fanning was an amazing Jane. Alec was well-cast, too. The Volturi in general = great casting.

Things I have mixed feelings on:

Makeup. It was mostly better in New Moon. Well, at least it was for Edward. The lines of demarcation in Twilight made me wonder how much they had budgeted for white pancake makeup (my final guess is somewhere between $9.99 and $29.99 - no more). There were still a few moments where they could have done better with the body makeup (Edward should be one color!). And for the love of all things holy, will whoever does Robert Pattinson's makeup please put away the fucking lipstick already?! Seriously people - have you SEEN his lips? They're fucking perfect. Stop gilding the lily, ok? Please? Give him a little lip balm and leave it. Thanks.

No amount of Bordeaux lipstick will improve upon this. Really.

We saw a lot of things in the trailers that didn't make it to the final cut of the movie. For better or for worse. It makes me hopeful for a dvd that will be chock-full of extras/deleted/extended scenes. Fingers crossed!

Where were you? I want this scene back.

While I liked the Volturi characters, I thought they looked a little too normal.

Things that I didn't like so much/hated/made me laugh when I wasn't supposed to:

The vampire contact lenses. I haven't really heard anyone else say much on this, but I absolutely hated the contact lenses in New Moon pretty much from the first time I saw them. They look reptilian or alien or something. And it seemed to prevent their eyes from looking sufficiently expressive - Edward had to rely too much on his eyebrows. And his eyes looked irritated and reddish. Fine, I wasn't distracted by actually SEEING the contacts themselves like I was in Twilight, but that's mostly because Chris Wietz didn't use close-ups the way Catherine Hardwicke did. When JJ and I took NM Full-Size Edward out of his box, I spent several minutes scooting around in front of him trying to figure out where he was looking/where his gaze fell. It's hard to tell. I felt the same way about Edward a lot of the time he was on screen. And it was annoying.

Bells chiming every time you saw vampy sparkles. I didn't pay too much attention to this until someone pointed it out to me and then I couldn't NOT notice it. Do the sparkles really have to be accompanied by wind-chimes? I don't get it. I don't like it. But the sparkle effect itself was an improvement.

The wigs. I am done for in Eclipse when they stick one on Bella. And for NM, it's bad enough... Jacob? Jasper? Alice? Rosalie? Ugh. If they keep hitting Rosalie and Jasper with the ugly stick, they'll be able to make small children cry by the time Breaking Dawn hits theaters. And these are attractive people! Stop giving Jasper poodle-hair! Rosalie shouldn't look like a madam at a high-end whorehouse! Did they stop even trying to make her look like the most beautiful woman on the planet? How about some nice extensions? Is that asking too much for a movie that's going to make a gazillion dollars?

Alice's vision. EVERYONE hated this. Without exception. And I hate it too. What the hell were they thinking?! Is there not ONE person on-set who could have told them this was even more of a fail than the wardrobe in the rest of the movie, which was kinds lame-ish and made Edward look like an old man - yes I get that he's 109 but never in the books did it say that he dressed in a way which would be considered old-fashioned or antiquated. Hey movie people - you need one of us: an obsessed fan to say "that's a terrible outfit and YES the Volvo needs to be silver!" We'll work cheap! But please - you need us. Alice would never allow Edward or Bella to dress like that. Never. Ever. I cringed. So did everyone else in the theater. Plus it kind of sucks that THAT was the first look we got at "Vampire Bella" - I think that reveal should have been saved for whoever directs Breaking Dawn. If the screenwriter put that in, shame on her. And if Chris Wietz ends up directing Breaking Dawn, he needs to do better there.

We'll probably talk about New Moon until you beg us to stop, so it we didn't cover something here, it's probably in the works (and by "the works" I mean our collectively addled little brains). Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jenny Jerkface's New Moon Critique - Spoilers

[For those of you that saw this post last night, I, er, accidentally hit publish instead of "I'm not finished but save now" button... Sorry!]

We considered doing two separate posts for our New Moon critique but decided that there would probably be a lot of redundancy, since STY and I appear to be morphing into the same person, which is a terrifying prospect that probably deserves it's own post.

This is almost us. Seriously.

And then we realized that we aren't fully morphed yet and decided to take advantage of it by doing our own critiques anyway.

Anyhoo. We've now seen New Moon three times and figured we've given most of you long enough to see it at least once. I apologize if this is a tad choppy but I'm furiously trying to write this and decipher the shittiest notes I've ever written in the dark at the same time. Obviously, it's not working out too well and I'm probably missing key points I wanted to address. Oh well, guess I'll just have to go and watch the movie again...

The Volturi like a silly platypus? WTF?

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I felt the CGI, cinematography and overall color and feel of this film was much more polished than Twilight. I know Catherine Hardwicke had some artistic reason for making Twilight a hazy gray but I forget what it was and I like Chris Weitz's dark, deep colors better. So there.

So, without further ado, here are my likes and dislikes of New Moon.


The CGI in general - no longer do we have ridiculously sped up vampires and THANK FUCKING OME that there wasn't a single "spider-monkey-get-on-my-back" scene in this movie because I hated that and thought it looked l-a-m-e and corny.

The Wolves - the first time I saw the movie I was sitting between STY and the very devious Nomness who, at one point, whispered in her adorable, lilting Irish accent, "Falkor" the first time the wolves came onto the screen. Annnnd I fucking couldn't stop laughing. Though, in retrospect, the wolves actually look more similar to the wolf-dude in The Never Ending Story, who scared the pants off me when I was a little kid. And yes, I realize that I just said the CGI of the wolves was good and then promptly compared it to a movie filmed in 1984. Sue me, it was still good.

Wolf-dude from The Never Ending Story

The humans - The humans were hysterical. Mike Newton was dorky and awkward and I can't tell you how awesome I think Anna Kendrick is as Jessica. She nails that character (and not in the dirty way, either). I am so impressed with her. The scene where Jessica and Bella are in Port Angeles, and Jessica is being a very typical self-absorbed snotty little teen-aged shithead made me choke on my whiskey the first time I saw it. And Billy Burke, as always, is the star of the movie for me. I absolutely love and adore the way he portrays Charlie.

On a side note - did anyone else notice that Bella tells Charlie to "be careful" in both movies and he responds "always am" each time?

I liked the fact that the humans provided a sort of comic relief and thought it was a good balance to the uber depressed Bella and the holy-fucking-shit-am-I-emo Edward. Not saying either character was bad, but the humans provided a nice little breath of fresh air. Or sunshine. Without the sparkle. Er, whatever.

The Wolf Pack - I have to say I was impressed with these half-naked tan dudes. They did well - and looked, um, yummy doing it. I had my reservations about the actors in the wolf pack but I was suitably impressed. Oh, and the wolf tattoo? Totes looks like a va-jay-jay. Just sayin' [thanks Nomness for pointing this out, too.]

I'm sorry but I totally see a clitoris. And it's big.

A few of my favorite scenes:

Jasper goes apeshit over the papercut - Dudes. Edward totally didn't need to fucking clothesline Bella into the glass table but he did and it made the whole scene that much better because it would have been pretty lame. All in all, I totally dug crazy, violent Jasper. Mainly because he's much better than the usual I-have-to-poop-but-can't Jasper.

October-November-December - I am not a crier. I laugh at silver-screen violence and chuckle at people's failure and despair in movies because I'm a fucking douche. I totally cried at this scene. All three times I saw it. First of all, I love the simplicity of this scene. I love how the seasons change outside the window and how one photo disappears from the wall after each rotation of the camera. It's such a subtle scene but so poignant. Like the book, I really felt Bella's loss and emptiness.

I was hoping the Lykke Li song was going to be included in this scene and was so happy when it was because I thought it was so suitable and haunting.

The Meadow - I know some people hated it, but I thought it was very symbolic that when Bella found the meadow, everything was dead. I thought it was a nice parallel to how Bella felt. Every now and again I'm sensitive like that. Don't worry, it's not permanent.

I know I'm jumping around here but I'm trying to keep my train of thought. The next scene that I thought was amazing was the scene with Victoria. It was honestly the last place I thought I would hear "Hearing Damage" but that song ultimately felt perfect for that scene. I loved how feral, sexy and formidable Victoria was and just how perfect the wolf chase scene turned out to be. As James would say, it was "visually dynamic".

And it sucks monkey tits that Rachelle Lefevre is not going to be in Eclipse. I can't imagine anyone else playing Victoria.

Bella smacking the shit out of Paul - 'Nuff said.

Booooo-yeah! You go, girl. Oh, and you might want to run...

The Volturi fight scene - Yeah, yeah, I know it wasn't in the book but it sure as shit was awesome in the movie. I'm an action girl, I can't help myself. Speaking of the Volturi, I really thought all of them were really well cast, even the blond guy who played Caius and only said two words.

Now, on to the fun stuff. This is the WTF? scenes, the ones that were ridiculously or hokey or just plain stupid.

Shit that was just fucking annoying and stupid:

First of all, KStew does that weird head-shaking thing. Still. I was hoping she'd outgrow it but... well, I guess it's good to want things.

While I thought the makeup was much, much better in NM, I still want to fucking sucker punch whoever made all those wigs. Jasper's wig was just so absurd I chuckled every time I saw it (plus he still looked like he needed to take a dump every scene he was in). Rosalie and Jacob's were not much better and I was thankful when Jacob finally chopped off his hair and got that vagina tattoo because his wig sucked.

If this wig gets any bigger he'd be channeling Richard Simmons...

I know I'm being super picky and bitchy here but during one of the cafeteria scenes I swear that Angela is sporting a Bumpit. Whoever decided that should be fired immediately.

Ummm, yeah. She totally had one of these.

"The Nipple" - You all know what I'm talking about. Edward's nipple has been the topic of conversation since the premiere and not in a good way, either. It's weird, gray, enlarged and I'm pretty sure I said, very loudly and in a packed theater of Twilight Moms, "What the fuck is up with his nipple?!" Or something like that.

Speaking of nipples, Nomness [anyone else seeing a pattern here? Mwah, I puffy heart you!!] leaned over and whispered, "Taylor Lautner has tiny nipples." Actually, she probably said something much more witty than that but I was still swimming in the evening's revelry [and some whiskey] and her comment made me laugh. Hard. Like so hard tears were streaming down my face and I could barely breathe because I was trying to do that spazzy quiet laugh that never seems to work. And STY started squeezing my hand and hissing at me to shut the fuck up but every time Jacob and his itty bitty nips came on the screen I started giggling again.

Alice's Blue Coat - The first scene of Alice had me a little perplexed because the wardrobe choice reminded me of something ridiculous but I couldn't quite place it. Until Nomness muttered something about "Little Lord Fauntleroy", that is. Then it made perfect sense.

Actually, I found every outfit Alice wore in this movie to be a little odd. With the exception of the birthday party, she looked like she was wearing a fancy sack. I haven't read the movie companion book yet so maybe there is a reason for this but I found it a little odd.

THE ALICE VISION - This deserves all caps, bold font, whatever because WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP WITH THAT? When the hell did Edward and Bella suddenly become The Sound of Music? I don't care how hardcore a vampire is, if I saw those two prancing like that in the woods with those ridiculous get-ups and sparkling no less, I'd fucking laugh my ass off.

What. The. Fuck. Is. This. Bullshit. Kittens will be punished for this vision. Mercilessly.

Seriously. I wouldn't have been surprised if they broke into song and little birdies started following them, chirping the chorus. Needless to say, the vision was an epic fail.

That's it. For now, anyway. STY will be posting her two cents today as well and I'm sure we'll have some follow up posts the next time we watch it.

I can't decide if I like this better than Twilight. Jury is still out on that one...

A Little Weekend RPatts Goodness To Tide Us Over

So last night Jenny Jerkface and I spent more time than I'll admit here toiling over our first "New Moon review" posts. And then suddenly it was midnight and we realized it wasn't gonna happen until today. Sooo... In the meantime, please enjoy this lovely little vid from one of our bloggy BFFs, Honolulu Girl of TrueBlood Twilight. She uses the latest Vanity Fair outtakes - thanks HG & thanks to VF for being so generous with their outtakes - wooo!! And don't forget to c'mon back later to see what we have to say about the movie!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend, holiday or no!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reason #3247 Why We Love Peter Facinelli

Short and sweet [after a false start that you may or may not be able to see...] - Peter Facinelli delivers the puppies goods! Just a little bit of funny-ha-ha in case you can sneak in a late-nite Twi-fix! Thanks to Twipnotized for posting this gem and Twi-swearstoofuckingmuch for giving me the heads-up via Twitter!

Catch us tomorrow! The grace period is over and we're diggin' in to New Moon! "Alice's Vision," we're coming for YOU.

More Vicarious Twitarded Adventures!

So the tryptophan and red wine has me in a near-comatose state, but in the spirit of wrapping up "New Moon Premiere Week" with a bang [exactly one week ago today, JJ and I were in the theater watching it for the first time!] we wanted to share this awesome premiere-night/post-filming-set-stalking story sent to us by TO-Twicat! She and some friends (with Mini-Edward in tow) went to Vancouver and checked out some New Moon set locations (er, what was left of them) and hit a couple of the hot-spots where the cast chilled out when not working. Hope you enjoy it - and are enjoying Thanksgiving (but still have a few seconds to steal away from the extended family to get a Twilight fix)!

I think tomorrow we'll end our one-week "no spoiler" grace period and get on with it - we're d-y-i-n-g to talk about everything we loooved and everything we maybe didn't love so much... Until then, take it away, TO_Twicat!

Hi, Jenny and STY! Like I promised on the message board, here’s my little adventure... Has to be up there in the top weekends of all time!!

Got to Kelowna on Thursday night shortly after 9. My friend, Pam picked me up and we went back to her place where we watched Twilight on her big screen TV as a warm-up for the next evening.

Friday morning, we were up early and out the door by 8AM. We drove through some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen...seriously. Just breathtaking up in the mountains – in spite of the snow.

Mini Edward loved it! Arrived in Langley just after 12. This is the town/suburb of Vancouver where a lot of New Moon and Eclipse were filmed. Yeah – I went a wee bit crazy when I realized that some of Rob’s DNA might still be hovering over the town! LOL!. We headed to our friend, Tamie's and then headed out to the theatre with her and her 12 year old daughter around 3PM. Got to the theatre took our place in line - eventually, with everyone meeting up, we had 12 in our group, including some teenagers to make us look somewhat legit - LOL!

hey! There was a dude there!! Bet he got lucky that night…

here’s us!! The cute red-head second from the right…with Mini E, that would be me!

Mini Edward had the most comfy seat in the house!

It was around 6ish when the theatre manager came out and told us they had opened up another theatre for the movie and if we wanted to see it at 6:15 instead of 7:15, we could. Um...YEAH!!!! (they had the movie running in about 6 theatres)

So, in we third row centre...and it was absolutely freakin' fantastic!!!!! OMG - I was concerned that the fangirls in the theatre were going to go crazy. Well...guess who the fangirls were! The teenagers were telling US to be quiet!!! When Jacob takes off his shirt to wipe Bella's head...gah! One of our group (we called ourselves "Cougar Row"), said, "He's only 17...he's only 17...he's only 17..." I leaned over and said, "NOT IN DOG YEARS!!" this movie is amazing. Truly!!! It makes Twilight look like a home movie...the writing is good, the acting is good, the make-up is excellent, the special effects are fantastic!! We laughed, we cried, we screamed like little girls! Next day, we had brunch at a place in Yaletown called "Glowbal". It's where Rob had his 23rd birthday party in May so I HAD to go! He raved about the Kobi meatballs so...I had two "Rob Balls". The food in the place was amazing. I had a Satay platter and a drink called "Glowbal Warming" - a Mimosa with Cassis.

Mini Edward jonesing my “Glowbal Warming”

the infamous Kobi Meatballs aka “Rob Balls” – I had to have 2 of ‘em –they’re bigger than they look [that’s what she said!!]

me sitting in the back room of Glowbal where Rob had his birthday party – i may be sitting on a chair that he sat on!

the private bar they would have enjoyed…

As you may have read on Twitarded, The Cullen house is up for sale so we went to find it and to see if we could go in. When we got there, Pam started to chicken out but Tamie said, "Well, it's for sale so I'm sure they aren't going to say anything if a couple of people show up." So, we parked on the street and walked down to the house.

In the car, Pam and Tamie started to argue over who was going to knock on the door. Then, they turned to me and said, “YOU DO IT!”. I said I would so, we walked up to the front door of the Cullen house and I KNOCKED ON EDWARD CULLEN’S FRONT DOOR! A man, we assumed the real estate agent, opened it.

I told him I was in from Toronto and had no idea that the house was for sale until I got into town and could we come in for a minute and just look around? He was very nice and said that he wished he could say yes but he'd already turned down some people from Germany earlier. But he said we could take some pictures outside.

So....we did!

the front of the house – just to the left of the Mercedes, you can see the front door

looking down from the top of the driveway

the back deck – you can see the windows of the dining/living room

just in here where Edward does the “You’re the reason I’m alive – if that’s what I am” speech.
BTW - Pam and I checked this morning. That wasn't the real estate agent - it was the owner! OMG - I asked a perfect stranger if we could come into his house and look around! LOL!

On the way back to Langley, we stopped to check out where Bella's house was.....WAS. Seems they tore it down a few weeks ago once "Eclipse" was done. But I stood where it was...

bella’s house stood here. there are the woods where edward deserted her. new sod was put down by film crew after they took down the house

me standing in where the Swan kitchen was – i think!

where bella asked edward to kiss her on her birthday – would you believe they added fake trees to the front of the house and then removed them? not sure what they did with this fence thing… The rest of the weekend was spent traveling back to Kelowna so I could catch my plane the next day back to Toronto.
BTW - we're doing this alllll again in June when "Eclipse" comes out!! What do we do now until March???? ;-) Cheers, ladies! Thanks for doing all you do!!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We're Thankful For...Twitards Who Send Us Pictures!

Good friends...

Good drinks...

Good food...

Good times!!!

Turns out that it took a few days for many of us to recover from the mayhem and debauchery that was New Moon (er, or getting ready for New Moon...and after New Moon...) - present company included! So the photos kept coming in and we wanted to share the good times! I love that everyone looks so damn psyched in these pictures and is just beaming with excitement, anticipation, and liquor.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, so I'd like to take this slightly-early opportunity to say that here at Twitarded, we're thankful to have met (both in person and online) so many amazing, hysterical, kind, and generous women who make up this online community - enjoy! And if I missed some pics or mixed some up, I'm sorry!

The gift bags marked "JJ" and "STY" must be hidden in the back...

More goodies!

...and a little something to share with the S/Os!

Mini-Edward always gets the best seat in the house... And nice cupcake!

What more does one need, really???

A little something for the Team Jake folks...

Go Team!!!

(her shirt says "I'm fangable so bite me"!)

...and the more subtle "Team Edward shout -out.

The only team we love as much as Team Edward: Team Twitarded (sportin' flannel)!

They made flannel flask cozies just for the big night! Nice!

The Shiny Silver Volvo that SHOULD have been in New Moon (is nothing sacred?!)

Matching Mom & daughter Bella Jackets!

...they also made special tees for the occasion!

(I'll let you guess whose is whose...)

Fanpire and her daughter Isabella went to the Knoxville Premiere!

They had all kinds of cool set pieces and props there...

Plus Kristen & Taycob showed up and signed autographs - wooo!
Fanpire's pics look like mine and JJ's... Doesn't anyone stand still?!

"Now Playing" - yay!!!

Yet another party we didn't get invited to... (I kid, I send us party favors!)

LOVE the relabeling of the wine bottles - "Pass the Chateau Unlucky Hiker, please!"

Bloody delicious cupcakes - mmmmm...

We love girls who sparkle and are as pale as we are!

...and the ones who look even hotter than the real Rosalie!

Like there's really any question which side we're on!

I need this sippee cup. Really.

Pre-gaming with a couple of pitchers of margaritas = win!

mmMoxie & sister-Moxie workin' their Twitarded tees!

JJ and I didn't even see one of these - we're jealous!

Thanks for sharing all the good times with us - we can't wait to do it all over again in June - woooo!

P.S. If this post is fucked up or riddled with typos, I apologize - but I tried spell checking - TWICE - and both time fucking Blogger ate half of my pictures. That I had already deleted (and I never delete ANYTHING). And I had to go find again. Twice. And now I am late for Jenny Jerkface's birthday party and she's gonna kick my ass...

[update!] I know I lost some pics when everything went wonky last night... Don't see at least one of yours here or in the first pics post? Email me! And sorry that I continue to be such a total tech fail... But I love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!