Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Video HAWTNESS!

I don't know about you, but I need some heart-stopping, breath-catching, lady-wear-melting vids this fine Sunday morning afternoon!

On a side-note, can I tell you how excited I am about all the Remember Me promotional press that Robert Pattinson is going to be doing in the next few days??? Honestly, he's probably hatin' the thought of what the next few days have in store for him but SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! bring on the goodness! WOOT!!!

And if anyone is wondering, neither Jenny Jerkface nor myself will be stalking RPatts through NYC or throwing ourselves at his feet on the red carpet for the actual Remember Me movie premiere. I feel kinda bad and like we should be out there but until this blog starts paying our salaries or shit like this happens on the weekends, our hands are tied. I WILL be giving JJ a big wet kiss when she gets back from the city on Monday and Tuesday just in case she breathed in any RPatts molecules like she did that time she set-stalked him and actually laid eyes on The Precious (and his trailer...).

Anyhoo, enjoy!!

First up is another "I Touch Myself" vid from Unicorns429 - it's HAWT!! with a capital H!!

And in case there are any little tatters of undies you need help with scorching, try this lady-bit-burner from DUKKESA31! Lots of pics in here I haven't seen in a while...

If you STILL need more (you insatiable whores, you!!), wander on over to Latchkey Wife's blog and check out her latest vid - it's awesome AND uses one of my favorite songs of all time!

P.S. Here's a last-minute update/addition thanks to a recommendation from Hypoallergenic Vagina [ha!] in the comments - thanks Hypo Vajayjay!! Smmmoookin' vid from gemamisas -


  1. Make sure you watch that second video all the way to the end - LOVE IT!!

    : )

  2. will someone just pleeeeze kill my ass right now?? i can't take this long slow torture...well, maybe just a bit more...
    (hah i typed lust instead of just. my subconsious is taking over!)


  3. That muthafucking groan kills me dead! OK, gotta go put on some panties since mine just spontaneously combusted!

    Thanks for the link too! I'm just sorry it's so small... the video that is... not RPattz's cock... because I'm convinced that's a monster.

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  5. I was wondering if you two were going to make your way down to the Today Shoe or the Paris Theatre in hopes of catching a glimpse of Sir Sparkly himself. It would be fun to live vicariously thru your adventures...but I know...RL calls.

    Those vids are ridiculously hot btw. I seriously think my whole body might spontaneously CUM-bust after all the Remember Me promotions etc etc...Then comes Eclipse...oh gawd is overwhelming!

  6. @hypo vajayjay - WOW! holy hottness!! imma add that one in right now - thanks for the rec!

    : )

  7. yum, Yum and YUM!!!

    HAPPY Sunday!

    Make sure to check out LatchKeyWife's video too on her site, it is awesome!!

  8. I need some tissue, I'm drooling over here!

    I'm gonna go touch myself now.


  9. My Sunday routine consists of morning sex, breakfast, PostSecret, RobPorn, then more sex...because how the F can I keep my legs together after watching these?!

  10. ungh. robgasm 1...gasmward 2...fuckhawt robward gspot hittin 3.

    thanks for the robporn.

    wank. *wink* wank.

  11. Hi all, its so very late here and I SERIOUSLY must get to bed, but just had to share my 'Twilight-esqe' Sunday with you.... I got to meet/see Aro (aka. Michael Sheen) himself today!!!
    No Rob I know, but I am a huge fan of his films, and so it definitely made my day- total SQUEEEE moment.

    It was for our premiere of Alice in Wonderland 3D ( GREAT film by the way), and they announced special guests at the end for a Q+A, and although for about 2 seconds I was sure it would be Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (what? they were in th UK promoting film?! I know a girl can dream, huh?!!. But it turned out to be Michael Sheen and Tim Spall ('Pettigrew' For all you Harry Potter fans) which was so great itself - I was well in the Twilight closet though was with a friend and work colleagues in theatre also, so had to be on 'good behaviour'... LOL

    So there you go! G'night for now...

  12. I...I...I--ahh--ohhh--hawwwwww, the words, how they fail me.

    I am now going to go re-read the installation at This Recording about "No Vampires Left (etc.)" so that I can pretend that my lusty fascination has anything, ANYTHING left to associate, at all, with a mature reaction to this whole hot mess. This whole very hot...messy...messily hot...messy mess.

    Oh, who am I kidding. 39-year-old swooner, represent! I certainly DO hope that Miss Stewart is the one who gets to enjoy his fine upstanding intelligent fun talented irreverent anerable self. SOMEone should get to see those cute eyebrows dance with wild abandon in realtime. And now, I shall go downstairs to give my husband a kiss like he hasn't enjoyed in a long time. And I will not tell him why.

    I am posting as Anonymous, but you can sign me...
    Dazed and Twifused.


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