Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eclipse Trailer LOLZ! [Spoilerific]

By now, everyone who has not taken the Twi-Oath of Virginity has probably already seen the Eclipse trailer that came out Friday. If you're anything like us (and most of our readers are, according to the comments here), you've probably seen that goodness more than once--like fifteen or twenty times more than once. But who's counting? Hey, we're nothing if not rabidly loyal. And obsessive. It's a fine line between the two, isn't it?

No sooner than the trailer had come out than people starting poking fun of it. Which we totally plan on doing, too, but in the meantime, enjoy this! We came across Jezebel's "Eclipse Trailer LOLZ-Style" at Twilog (Hi Whitley!) and wanted to share - go check out the rest at her site!

Go see the rest (it gets even funnier) over at Twilog!

TOTALLY better be true!


  1. Imma loving THAT better than the real trailer! Not really, but I still love it! xoxo NawtyMeenx

  2. I love a good poking...I'm heading right over there! I just spent the last 2 minutes with "OMGWTFBBQ" and all I got was "Oh my god what the fuck barbecue" and then I peed a little in my pants.

  3. That was so funny. Thanks for posting that. I love the vampire swim team and how they are mad because they aren't going to nationals. Holy hell, so funny.

  4. @ Mrs. P - I was wondering the same thing about that "acronym" LMAO

  5. [This space left intentionally blank]...BRILLIANT!

    @Mrs. P - Being the dork I am, I googled it!!

    "A meaningless acronym which most often stands for "Oh My God What The Fuck Barbeque." It most likely originated on Something Awful ( It can be interpreted simply as gibberish, or used when one wants to emphasize one's own incoherence, lack of understanding, or to mock others.

    It usually has an air of mockery, specifically with regard to teenagers who a lot of use three-letter acronyms."

  6. @Toefunny---WOW! Thank you...LOLOL!

  7. "This space intentionally left blank"

    Equal PRICELESS!

    Love it!! :)

  8. this was amazing!
    "did I stutter"

  9. Sulks.

    I'm not sulking cause Borders has all New Moon stuff 75% off and I got me all kinds of good stuff for cheap. My freak flag was flying high and proud.(yes, I did need 3 Edward pens and 2 more bookmarks, a wall scroll, t-shirt, mini- E and Alice doll). All for $25 bucks!

  10. Ponyboy,
    Are you down?

    Always love an Outsiders reference.

    I feel like every picture of consitpated Bella should say,
    "duhhhhh, wuhhhhhh?" "line?"

  11. I am hot. That is all <---Almost peed my pants. This had me laughing so hard that I had to read the rest. And when Iwas over to Twilog I found this:

    Totally had me rolling on the floor (not literally but you get the drift.)lol-ing!

    Good work as usual! Keep it up ladies!

  12. Ah, sweet relief. That's what I love so much about Twitardia. There's no one who has got it worse, but no one who pokes more fun at self either. And that's not even a masturbation reference.

  13. @italhurts: Here, here!

    I can never decide if I love Twilight sites more than I-hate-Twilight sites, and this is exactly why. Partly because it takes just as much energy to put that shit together as it does to run something badass like what y'all gots goin on up in here.

    I think OMGWTFBBQ is going to get fucking played out, and I might have something to do with it. So beware. Because

    "Your hotness and ability to suntan threatens me. GTFO." BWAH HAHAHA!!! I don't know if I can pick a favorite! Shit's off the chain hilarious.

    But seriously? Nothing about the Captain Planet ring? We'll have to do something about that, Twitards.

  14. LMAO! I just say that yesterday and was thought it was soooo funny. Thanks for re-posting it, because I couldn't find it later on.

    "I'm hot. That is all." <~~~~ PMSL!

    xo J

  15. @Cupcake Donna - I died at the response, "totes." HA!!!

    Also, Carlisle's "Did I stutter?"

    Mwahahahaha :-D Okay, I should have been in bed like, five hours ago. Speaking of which, if I were maybe writing a fanfic, would you h00rs help me edit it? Maybe?


  16. My caption for the ring scene:

    Wonder twin powers activate-form of a Vampire!

  17. @Cupcake Donna - I love the ponyboy/Outsiders reference, too!!

    Thanks for posting and linking to this, STY. Very funny!

    @Mrs. P - I got the same thing. Let me know when you figure it all out. LMAO!


  18. Eclipse in 2 months!!! I will seriously fly to NY or wherever so we can all see the show together. Then we can sleep on JJ's floor:) How's that for inviting yourself over?

    I will def be using OMGWTFBBQ as often as possible.

  19. The Outsiders reference fucking slayed me.

    So did [left intentionally blank]. lmao!!!

  20. @Toefunny - sweet! I'll let you guys know when it's nearing readiness for other eyes... would you even be interested in a fic about Leah? It's a sort of a re-imagining of how things might have gone.

    Sorry to be totally and utterly off topic!

  21. after i got to the ponyboy part, everything got all hazy and i was transported back to 1983(which makes carlisle's ref so much more hilarious as far as ima concerned).

    so, if you haven't seen the outsiders, you don't know what you're missing. it's still relevant today.

    stay golden.

  22. oh yeah. and then there's THIS...

  23. that was so unbelievably fuckawesome!! nothing like some lolz captions to make your day a little brighter! thanks for posting it SNY : )

  24. Gawker's break down of the trailer is evern funnier.

  25. I laughed harder with each scene.

    (sulks) - classic!!

    @Karen - OMFG that was just as funny! Love the "Twin Peaks" reference, I used to watch that show. "Oh, the handsome man is shitless. Who cares what is happening. We are there!" Nuf said!

  26. btw...
    when I say "SNY," I really mean STY [face palm] fail.
    let's try this again...
    thanks for posting it STY : )

  27. @Amanda - excellent! Um yeah, doesn't it just twist your titties that SM never resolved the whole Leah issue!!!!

    @neverthink - BUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!

    @karen - poor Cancer Patient!

  28. @neverthink...You know, I was all "Hell fucking yes, Ponyboy." Then you went all Step Brothers on that shit.

    It's so fraking YOU, my love. Even you can't stay golden, whoreflap.

  29. Hysterical!

    @Karen - that link was so funny, thanks.

  30. @Karen- OMG I lost it at "they're going to fine Laura Palmer soon." "thats not her." Seriously that was hella funny.

    And on a side note the link I posted in an earlier comment is someone's personal summerization & take on all the Twilight Books, even Midnight Sun. The shit they said was classic. Anyways heres the link again...

  31. DUDE Speaking of hilarious Twilight stuff... have you SEEN this?? Imagining what Edward did all those nights with his hobbies while his siblings were busy having wild and crazy house-breaking vampire sex:


  32. And as a good night present, many of you may have seen this pic but for those of you who haven't... you're welcome.



    And holy crap on a cracker...Delish Kellan!! YUM.
    Have you seen the commercial? Be sure to have a towel handy to wipe the drool off your face!

  34. @Toefunny - Oh yeah, baby, that commercial is on fuckin' repeat. YES KELLAN I WANNA SEE YOUR DICK!!

    "No one understands meeeee he would seethe as he pressed his wildflowers"


    I swear I'm going to bed now... just after I watch that Kellan commercial one more time and have some Amanda Time while I stare at that photo...

  35. @amanda. yup, i saw the "loney sex-less edward" in IM story - and it certs IS a fucking BBQ. ha.

    and kellan? what a FUCKING h00r! i lurves it! i think his monster cock is the only thing holding up those jeans. yup, he's got a rocking bod.

    but alas, he's no marky fucking mark. hell little gurlz, back in MY day...*dreamily gazing off*

    *all soft, breathy-like* "next question?" tee hee

    KLutz - you've been served - MotherFucker.

    Mark. Cock-of-the-Walk. Wahlberg.

  36. @my bestauntieevaarrrr neverthink - hoooooo boy. I'll hold YOU all snug-like, Marky Mark. Haha, I love the nineties-ness of it.

    PS True story - thank you ever so much for that mp3! My Dave wouldn't let me keep the ipod on during sexytimes, but it was enough - I was disgusted by how soaked my panties were. Seriously. SOAKED. Wheeeeee!

  37. @amanda. WTF do you mean "Dave wouldn't let me keep the ipod on"? gurl you gots to train your fucking man. and quick.

    ok, ok. so i know not every h00r has a man like mine who'll put up w/that shit. so, a compromise? play the remix on the stereo or laptop or what evs. then again, dave might not get off to edward keep going on & on about "say it say it say it say it say it say it" and shit. hey but you nevah know, he might just like it. it is kinda like a 3 sum, after all. :-)

  38. i enjoy me some jezebel. read it almost as much is twitarded ;)


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