Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twilight FanFic - What's It To You???

Last year, to help commemorate our 100th post, we asked you all to tell us how Twilight had changed your life. And boy did you ever blow us away with your responses! Since then, a lot of you have let your pretty black books collect dust as you moved on to pornier pastures. I confess to not having read a lot of fanfic, but I know that asking one little question early last year opened the floodgates.

What really happened on Isle Esme?

Oh. Huh. Um... Yeah... No, I meant that other thing that happened on Isle Esme...
hilarious pic from polyvore

I never knew fanfic existed until it occurred to me that perhaps I wasn't the only smutty-minded Twilight fan who was at an age when "fade to black" wasn't really cutting it for me. I want details. Lots of them. I started googling as fast as my slutty little fingers could type and came across a thread that suggested someone had actually written the details that Stephenie Meyer wouldn't deliver - aaaaand then some.

Things progressed at the lightening-fast pace known only to horny women in their sexual prime when they discover something that REALLY pushes their buttons...

One minute it was
STY: Did you know that people actually write sex-filled stories about Edward and Bella?"

JJ: "Huh. Really? I'll have to check that out..."
And then the floodgates opened. Literally and figuratively.

The next thing we knew, we were passing recs back and forth and our S/Os were hiding from us in the hopes that their junk could catch a break. And a lot of you came along for the wild ride (er, figuratively speaking...).

So as we approach our 100th post of 2010, answer me this: how has Twilight fanfic changed your life? I have a feeling the answers we get will be...a little juicer. But no less amazing and entertaining! Some of you might not read fanfic at all. That's cool. Some of you might read it and keep it a secret. But I know that some of you made a point of sharing the wealth with your S/Os - kind of their just rewards for being good sports about your descent into Twilight obsession. Because let's face it: many a partner out there suddenly felt a whoooooole lot better about Twilight after things started getting more interesting in the bedroom. And in the living room. And in the shower. And on the kitchen counter... I mean, let's face it: twi-smut makes The Joy of Sex look like primer for celibacy.

So what HAS Twilight fanfic done to your life? Your sex life!? Made it better? Made you realize it should be better?? Have you [ahem] taken matters into your own hands?? Tried new things? Were you in a missionary rut and now find yourself considering whether you should make your own "playroom" when the kids clear out for college or you find yourself with a spare bedroom??? Beats that sewing room or office you'd been planning on all these long years - just sayin'!

Cool! - they got the color scheme right and everything!!!
From Ess & Emm: "The UK's Finest Bed, Breakfast and Dungeon"


  1. How Fan Fic has changed my life:

    1) It has made me feel creative and start writing my own.

    2) It makes me miss an ex of mine terribly as he would LOVE acting out the scenes from my favorite fan fics. The hubby ... not so much :(

    3) It has led to many awesome discussions amongst my friends in Twitardia :)

  2. oh shit, I think I'm more addicted to fanfiction than I am the original saga. Honestly before I read the saga the only thing you'd see me reading is Cosmo or Us Weekly but now I am constantly reading something and of course the sexier the better. I'd like to think if I had a S/O (which is probably why I read so much to begin with lol) I would have been putting alot of that to use but for now I'll just store the knowledge for future reference hehehe.

  3. I am so disgustingly addicted to fanfic that it pretty much owns me. I have my few stories (obviously motu and university of edward masen) that an update is a serious reason for me to drop whatever the hell I'm doing and get to my laptop. I confess; once it happened at work and I read it from my blackberry. imagine my embarassment when a hot bystander asked me what I was reading that was making me blush and grin so badly. It didn't help matters that he looked like a total Edward. No lie.
    I've shared excerpts with S/O and even he agreed they were hot. And I won't lie. I may have since asked for a little more roughness thanks to motu.
    I've also gotten several friends addicted to fanfic. They all agree; its practicly better than the four black binded books gathering dust on my shelf. I hate to say it but its true.

  4. OME, I read fanfic of all types. I didn't know anything about it until shortly after I found you all, actually, last Fall, and I didn't know what any of the terms meant at first so one way it has changed my life is by increasing my vocabulary. I know am aware of new meanings for "lemons" and "slash," the latter of which I was educated on through reading a Edward/Jasper/Emmett story - um, slash is not for me. I need some lady bits in the mix (you know, so I can pretend it's me).

    As far as in the RL bedroom, I'm too chicken to have tried anything out yet, except that I did vocalize the desire to be bent over something and one night, in the heat of passion, TH went "OK, so do you want me to bend you over?" and all I could do was laugh and finish and say "maybe next time." He was just so adorable and willing. So I haven't put any of my newly inspired ideas to an actual test drive yet (I mean, we've done stuff before as far as positions and whatnot, but not a lot since we got married... you know how it is), although I've been thinking about it more and more... maybe I'll bring it up again soon...

    Anyway, mostly fanfic has just sucked up my time! There is SOOOO much to read, and I've loved mot of it!!

  5. Um, I have to go all anonymous on this one..even my besties don't know some of this! (ok, most of it).

    So yeah, fanfic "does it for me", I mean, did you not just read that update for MoTU? It was sooo damn hawt!
    Looking fwd to the kidlet getting to sleep so I find the husband.

    But since getting addicted, it has indeed improved things, by at least a bajillion times. Things in thebedroom weren't BAD before, but I just didn't really want to mess with it all the time (married 12 yrs and he likes at least every other day type thing). Now, we're both disappointed if it's not daily! I've finally tried a few things that I've told him for years that I would do, "one of these days".
    CW&IA has me doing things I was pretty sure I'd never agree to, and even thinking of piercings that I KNOW I never would considered before.
    While I'd never make it as a sub, MoTU has me interested in some additional uh, 'equipment'.

    What's a girl to do but keep reading the glorious smut! (Hey, in my defense, there are some seriously awesome fucking storylines in there!)

    I wish I could write it..maybe one day...but I'd rather sit back and be a professional reader. I really REALLY do wish that was a paying job. :)

  6. I'm a fraking fanfic h00r...gah. I think fanfic drew me into the fandom more thoroughly than Rob pics. Who DIDN'T need a smut-filled Isle Esme? (ps that polyvore pic makes me think of Hide and Drink and Eddie having to chase down Flipper. SEE how much I've fallen?!)

    The Bentist (best bf ever) loves it when we have "Read it. OUT LOUD" nights. It's usually a FFFA or SM, but pretty much anything that has my chach begging for a roughin' is game. And it usually does the trick.

    It also doesn't help that I am addicted to my Crackberry. The clit on this thing is probably begging for me to stop rubbing it w/ all the fanfic I read on it. What? Wallbanger updated? I'm at the grocery store? Open that shit up! I read the MotU update while walking the dog today...welcome to my life.

    I also just started my own fic! Never had any ideas of writing anything besides a resume, so that was a fucking shocker. But I'm super proud of it, and can't wait to get it up! *Can anyone beta me on Twilighted? Hmmmm?*

  7. i LOVE what fanfic had done for people and their sex lives!!

    oh and people, feel free to post anon if you want to - i get it! - but DO tell...

    : )

    @musing bella - NOT a fail! typos don't matter - lol! and i get the "i tried this and uh... didn't quite work out the way it does in fanfic but imma keep trying" - lol! practice practice practice...

    @dangrdafne - the fact that it has made so many people flex their creative bones (uh and other things) is AWESOME!! : )

    wish i could reply to everyone - i love your comments - but i'm off to sleep (maybe i will have good smexy fanfic-y dreams!).


  8. I started reading fanfic after I graduated high school, yeah im a youngin. I too was wondering what the hell was going down in Isle Esme and ever since then ive been hooked! So much in fact I got my best friend reading it and she is as shy as they come and she loves it and its all we talk about. And now with college I have to choose between actual studying or a new chapter update. I bet you all can guess which one I chose. A honor student is now struggling in college because of fanfic, and I dont regret it one bit! I too love these stories more than the original series and cant get enough of it. Chapter update and im reading it, no matter where i am, class, work, in the bus or trolley. Im just a dirty fanfic whore and loving it.

  9. Basically, it has made me realize I was "settling," and I don't have to. Also made me realize it was (more than?) half my fault (bitch alert). So I want romance and sex? Maybe I need to be (gasp) nice. Oops. :D

    Fanfic has totally improved our sex life. I think DH doesn't know what hit him. I'm still working on him, cuz he's a workaholic and I think I need to booze him up a little to work out the inhibitions. Or something.

    And after reading some of these comments, I realize that what I REALLY have to do is get him to read it WITH me. Yeah, baby.

    Oh - and I am in love with my crackberry and don't sleep.

  10. I literally jumped up and down this morning when I saw that MoBS was updated.

    It has also helped me flex my creative muscles when it comes to the novel I'm writing. So tempting to just stop and write Fanfic instead.

    And it's keeping my local Target employees employed with the amount of Energizers I've been buying.

  11. Lemons??? What the Motherfuck are lemons???

    That was me about 6 mos ago...I started out w/FF like alot of others...finished saga, read partial draft of MS, wanted more NOW, heard of FF from 'the pusher' who only heard of it from a friend of a friend, and she brought it up as a joke. Yeah. That sorry ass joke changed my life.

    'The Office' was my first and it has been a dirty house, neglected children, where the funk'wagnall's has my life gone but I really like it kinda downward (DownWard-teehee) spiral towards the epitome of twificdom...I can't help myself. I love fic. I'm a fic whore and I'm proud. **stands up and waves**

    I'll just adapt my life to fit around fic from now's all good.



  12. I started off reading the Twilight series like 4 times in a row and then discovered fanfic. Since then, I think I've read the series again maybe like 1.5 times. Fanfic is my new addiction. I stay up sometimes until 4:00 AM reading a story and then by the time I finally go to bed, I molest my husband's junk until he wakes up and gives me some before heading off to work. My fantasies about Robward have also improved immensely since discovering fanfic. God help Rob if I ever run into him in a dark alley. Or a crowded bar for that matter.

    I would say the most significant change has been my sex drive. I have so went from a once a week kind of girl to an every other day girl. I feel like I'm back in college! It's wonderful and Mr. Hearted isn't complaining a bit. God bless fanfiction.

  13. For some reason FF just doesn't appeal to me but everyone I talk to online is VERY much into it. I've tried......I really have, but don't worry. I don't judge. I am jealous because I want to bask in the glow of juicy lemons too.

  14. I wonder if Rob even knows that FF is out there and that all of these lemony, raunchy stories are out there written with him in mind. Or with Kellen or Jackson in mind. I can see Kellen or Jackson kind of digging it, but Rob would be probably be severely embarassed.

  15. My experience of discovering fanfic pretty much mirrors STY's. It has changed my life.
    1) I changed from being not-too-into-it to horny all the time.
    2) My hubby is in a good mood all the time. Apparently, BJ can cure all kinds of depression for male.
    3) We both lost a lot of weight. ;)
    4) Hubby not only overlooks my Twilight/Twi-smut obsession, he openly defends me when I'm under attack by my teenage sons and male friends.
    5) I truly feel younger and happier than before.

    p.s. My hubby just volunteered to go to the local Eclipse premiere with me! I love my man!

  16. thank go d someone else feels the same way ! i all ways feel like such a perv when i get to that part and im like i need details !!! i normally use a segment of fan fiction to fill in the gaps. but come on, we waited through three books of extreme sexual tension for that one night, which was the biggest literary let down of my life. xx

  17. I have you gals to thank for my fanfic obsession! 15 Step was the first fanfiction I read (ahem not to be naggy but it has been awhile since you updated JJ). I remember reading that first chapter and loving how angry Bella and Edward are and trying to explain it to my friend who is a Twilight fan. She just didn't get it, she couldn't understand why I would love reading about these characters if there weren't vampires involved. But from 15 Step I moved on to Lola Shoes and 'A Life Extraordinary' and I have been totally hooked ever since. My sex life has been nonexistant for way way way too long so I am not sure if fanfic really just succeeded in soaking my panties and having no real way to relieve it. I do have The Dominant, The Submissive, The Training and now MOTU to thank for my peaked interest in BDSM though. I definitely spend more time reading fanfic than I do reading other books. I think currently I am reading like 5 or 6 different stories and when I finish one I vow not to start another but I just can't help myself!!! I even found out how to transfer them to my kindle so I don't have to rely on my computer. I never expected this to happen (kinda how I never expected to become addicted to Twilight in the first place) Now I must go read some more fanfic...MOBS, MOTU and The Training all updated today :)

  18. My first fanfic was Wide Awake, no sleep for days reading this.

    Next came The Office and that Beautiful Baaaasstaaad. Then Master of the Universe and University of Edward Masen with all kinds of freaky stuff inbetween.

    I sometimes, no wait, I forget to grade papers to read this fiction.
    Now, and twcslibrary are two more places to find all kinds of kinky umm wonderful works of fiction

  19. I just have to say that I actually forgot how the "real" Edward is because I read sooo many stories. I actually read it every day and not just for the lemons *winkwink*. There are stories out there that causes you to look at yourself with another perspective and how you perceive things. Some scenes were like foreplay and then I hit it with my boyfriend (sorry for that detail). I also started like you - searching, sniffing around and then were hit by so much fun :D. I bow down to fanfiction and all their athours and precious ideas!

  20. With my twi-fied friends who also read fanfic we started out reading mostly the same stories and have been squeeing and laughing together exactly like when we were teenagers. Our eyes go all big with excitement, "Did you read when Edward?" "OMG! The elevator scene!! "In the boathouse? Uh huh! Oh yeah!" giggle, giggle

    With friends I have met later in life who read fanfic it has led to lots of sharing of past relationship stories or crush stories! That is always fun!

    Fanfic + purchases = amped up RL!

  21. Looooove my iPhone soooooo much mainly because I can read my twiporn wherever I want!!! At work, sure! In traffic, sure! While my man is watching basketball, fuck yeah!! Fanfic owns me! Oh and The Training update was such a tease and I need more Wallbanger!!

  22. Fanfic has:

    a) Stolen any remaining free time I had

    b) Turned me nocturnal

    c) Inspired me to look into past-times I otherwise might not have - holla RRP!

    - Lorabell :)

  23. Oh my GOD, what a bunch of dirty, horny whores you all are! LOL! I don't understand what this FanFiction thing is you speak of... I only read clean, virginal stories that promote abstinence. No sex before marriage! That's my motto!

  24. Yeah, so Fanfic has destroyed my life in so many goooooooood ways.

    First off, my husband just thinks I am reaching my "sexual peak" and that is why he is attacked at the door....and that I'm trying to be frugal by reading "books" online rather than purchase them.

    Secondly, and sadly I might add, I have realized that more than half of the published books I own right now can't even touch the fanfic I read in areas of depth of emotion or even originality. And that's with borrowed charahters!!!

    Third, my poor house, laundry, and basically anything that requires me to spend time out of my computer chair (other than the sex) is basically ignored. For about a year now.

  25. @LKW - ok i will see what i can do about getting your twilighted membership revoked...

    @laphipps - training update is a tease?! gah! i HATE that - lol!!

    I am almost afraid to get an iphone for fear that i will never get anything done ever again. and i'll be know at work as "the girl who spends too much time in the bathroom with her iphone" - lol...

    @smartEpantz - FOOOOOOORRRRKKS!!! glad to hear it!

  26. Rob does read fan fiction. He's said it in interviews before -- about that Edward & Bella are always having sex in FF.

    So -- ya gotta wonder...what's on that Kindle he carries around?!

  27. fan fic...most importantly The OFfice and Teh submissive...changed my life completely...I ended up pregnant!! damn you domward and office beautiful bastard...

    damn your jaw/hair/eye porn...

    so yah, I got another kid out of it!! lol

  28. *sobbing*
    If I hear one more person mention "The Office," I'm going to boil my eyes in bleach. I started reading after it was already removed, and I've wasted more time trying to find that holy grail of fanfics...

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  31. Wow can I just say that I loved reading that 'Twitarded 100-ish Ways Twilight Has Changed My Life' list. Scary how much I identified with..

    Up until recently, I kept my Twi FF virtue w/o even knowing it. Thanks to all you good (sex crazed) people. I have been devouring Twi FF daily since I found out about it recently. I feel like I have to make up for lost time or something...
    @ laphipps: I KNOW!... Edward Wallbanger needs to update, for realz! Every time I see that scene in Remember Me where Tyler slams Ally into the wall, I giggle and think OMG Edward Wallbanger alive and well!

  32. guys,stop reading ff, it's time to vote for Rob as much as you can ;),28804,1972075_1976159,00.html

  33. I went with my brother and his BF to see New Moon way back when. Neither of them are really fans but my brother's BF let his curiosity get the best of him. Anyway, after the movie they were talking about how bad they thought the writing was for the movie and my brother's bf goes "well at least it's probably better than the fanfiction that's out there" and it took everything in my power to not out myself as a total FF perv and tell them to start reading. My FF obsession is a massive secret.

    I have found myself becoming SO picky about my FF smut though. Only a few stories make the smutty cut these days.

    As far as the ol' sex life, I've realized that I am not a delicate flower and I need my man to...throw me on the bed and have his way with me? hahaha. I had my friends rolling on the floor laughing last week when I told them this (although I didn't tell them I realized this due to all the pervy FF I read)

  34. I think this whole community has been good for my sex life. I NEVER would have found fanfic last year if it wasn’t for you two dirty h00rs. I’ve lost entire weekends to it and I have no regrets about it. I mean, to be honest, I had no complaints about my sex life prior to becoming pervby, but I think that’s because I didn’t know what I was missing. Fanfic has definitely help us out of the rut we didn’t even realize we were in. It hasn’t been the starting point for scenes in the bedroom between my husband and I (i.e. weren’t not exactly going to act out scenes from the training), but I think that it’s really pushed me into having more conversations about sex, which, natch improves the sex life.

  35. well i tried some of the kinky stuff on the submissive and it was such a turn on . The mixture of pain and arousal really just wow.

    @ Linda :-
    great choices !! and u should also try The red line , Wide awake & The univeristy of Edward masen. You won't regret it.

    @JJ :-
    where the hell is 15 step ?!! there used to be steamy hot fanfic on this blog.

  36. @Cullenboyz The Office exists, you just gotta be in the know...

    I don't watch TV any more, literally have not watched TV since November. I read smut instead.

    I now write FF and live & breathe it.

    It has taught me SOOOO many things I never knew *smirks*.

    I can't actually remember life before fanfic.

  37. Hi Ladies--

    It's been a really long time since I have posted. Well....I have read a "little bit" of FF. To be honest, I usually skim the story unitl I come across the sex scenes and read from there....who needs the other stuff? (no offense) but I truly enjoy reading the descriptions of the hot and sexy scenes. When my hubs and I are gettin' busy, I usually pretend that I'm Bella and he's Edward and I try to re-play the scence in my head. Even if we're not actually playing out the scene, all I need to do is imagine it and I'm all good!! I would, however, I like to read more FF. Everyone raves over MOTU so looks like I must read it.

    Anyone have the link to MOTU?

    Thanks ladies!! Enjoy your new and improved sex lives!!

  38. I purposefully kept fanfic at bay for a long time. I am an obsessive reader, and I knew once I started, it would be the end of me. My first was Wide Awake. Oh my fuck. Then EP, and now I'm completely and irrevocably in love with Tattward. He is doing strange things to me. I'm on the verge of bringing out the bad girl I used to be 18 years ago, before I got married, had kids, and stuffed her in a drawer. RAWR!

  39. More sex? Check
    Missing kinkier ex boyfriend? Check
    Feeling like a perv for reading anywhere/anytime I can squeeze it in? Check
    Husband attributing all of this to finally reaching my "sexual peak"? Check
    Becoming nocturnal? Check
    Grateful I am not the only one? Check
    Loving every minute of it? Check Check Check

    Sadly, I missed out on The Office. I am a late comer to Twidom.

  40. So I'm not new to Twilight obsession but I have yet to read FanFic...can someone make me a list of must reads? You have all intrigue me to give it a go!

  41. I discovered the world of FF last spring, shortly after seeing the movie for the first time (rented from Redbox - kept all weekend and 11yo DD and I watched probably five times then). Started with "Wide Awake" - pulling allnighters and currently have about 30 shortcuts on my desktop of current reads (including 15 Step!).

    Sooo... in the past year, DH has gotten laid and more BJs than in the last 10 years we have been married (I guess that's a my bad)....and I have made a few online purchases that come delivered in plain brown boxes ifyaknowwhatImean....;) I have never done THAT before and I must say I am enjoying my "me time" - which would not have happened without my "stories".

    I am even REALLY going to try and lose weight this summer finally, for the sole reason that I want to try that reverse cowgirl yeah...I want more smexy times because of Edward, Tattward, AwkWard, AngstWard, GeekWard, etc...

    DH no longer makes fun of me when I am up most of the night reading FF - I just tell him it's the reason he's gettin' any....even got a "maybe" out of him when I told him we'd have a Twilight filmfest, what with the New Moon out on DVD now.

    So yeah - Fanfic has changed this in my household (i.e. bedroom) for the better.

  42. I came upon fanfic after reading Midnight Sun while I was at work...after I hit the Chapter 12 ending, I was addicted to the idea of getting to read Twi-stuff at work (at the time I had a BORING job). Just like so many of you, my first fanfic was an Isle Esme fill-in-the-blanks type thing. Then it was Wide Awake, CW&IA, and so on. And I do believe that some of the well-written fics give SMeyer a run for her money. Sex life is WAY different...the bf has no idea I read fanfic, so he has no idea where my sudden HUGE increase in sex drive is coming from lol...but he's definitely not complaining!

  43. @Z Any Mouse: What's "EP"???

    @Anonymous: TV? What's that? Seriously, since starting to read fanfic, I cancelled my cable, for the first time in my life. Oh, and re Office - who's in the know??

  44. @Cullenboyz - Emancipation Proclamation. It's spicy!

  45. Put me in the group of FanFic addicts who are totally consumed by these stories. Like many, I don't even open any of the Twi saga anymore much less any other kind of book....I feel guilty..for a moment. My choice of a new cell phone was made specifically to read ff online (love my new Palm Pre Plus!). Believe me, it makes Tball practice go so much faster (and yeah, I am reading smut around a bunch of 6 year olds).

    I have no less then 10 or more stories in progress at any given time and frantically search for more when I complete another. And JJ will appreciate my elaborate spreadsheet for tracking stories I am reading.

    I turned my sister on to FF and now she absolutely hates me for it! But keeps coming back for more.

    And if I were in a relationship, oh boy, look out, whole new bag of tricks to work with!

    What I can't believe is how many times I can read stories about essentially the same characters, over and over and over again. And it never gets old! Kudos to all the authors out there who keep me smiling with every chapter update and funny author note - damn do I love you all!

  46. Yup, like many of you, I have all symptoms of full FF addiction, it absorbs everything!

    - I seem to always have a window open with FF, even at work,I have become the Queen of reading minimised screens and speed reading. Certain days productivity isn't great, but others I use it as an incentive to get through projects quicker, as a treat at the end of a good well done! ( I need help? :) )

    - What's free time?

    - Who needs sleep?

    - Story updates can brighten up any day!

    - Has brought mind & body all sorts of new 'experiences'!

    @ Twi-Hearted - I have also wondered if Rob/Kellan/Jackson or KStew know about the hot stories written about them? maybe they need to be sent some bound copies for the any downtime they have while out on shoots! LOL

    Wow, reading this, I think Fan fic kinda owns me! I'm its bi-ach, as mentioned above, help may be needed.

  47. She wants a list??? LOL

    can someone help that poor girl. I have 53 fiction on that would be a place to start since fanfiction is getting "nazi".

    Love those "unicorns"

  48. I started with "Wide Awake" - moved onto "The Office" and I haven't looked back....I miss "The Office" - :( - that is easily some of the best fiction, printed or not, I've ever read. I love me a good well-written story and with the added bonus of classy descriptive smut, well, let's just say I've had some delicious dreams and hubby is happy ;)

  49. and does anyone have a copy of The Office I can read???? I'm not looking to post it, I just wanna read it!

  50. Umm...I keep copies of certain fanfics I really enjoy, the ones I consider the best. I might have the one you want. You can contact me if you'd like: a ju de @ co mc ast . net (just remove the extra spaces).

    I like MOTU a lot, but I have to say, my latest addiction is to "The Misapprehension of Bella Swan" by hunterhunting. Hilarious, raunchy, HOT HOT HOT. She updates every Wednesday, so there's none of this waiting so long for updates that you forget what the story's even about. It is seriously right up there in my all-time favorites list.

    As to how fanfic's changed my life? Well, I don't know that it has, necessarily, but I do drop everything to read the latest updates on certain stories. You know a fic is great when you're looking at the scroll bar on the latest chapter and being really disappointed it's so close to the bottom and you know you have to wait a while for the next update. Yeah. Oh, and for me? Stephenie Meyer's got NOTHING on the talent of some of these fic writers. At least they don't fade to black at the good parts!

  51. Oh Rob knows. In fact I blame him for piquing my curiosity. I'd been hearing about something called "Wide Awake" for awhile and it seemed to have its own little community. Then someone asked Rob about fanfic and he said he found it to be quite pornographic and surprisingly well written. O-o. Huh? I had no idea. I searched out the story and intrigue became addiction and the rest is history. I have a renewed love of cupcakes, got a new tattoo (my first), told my husband I wanted him to lose some weight so he could throw me against the wall without you know throwing me into the wall and hurting me. Heh heh. I'm in my 40's and have never read before. I used to scoff at my sister's romance novels. Blecch. I still
    hate that 'heaving bossom' sort of crap. The stories I've read ARE surprisingly well written. And holy hell are they hot!! Uh, did I answer the question? I think I got distracted. Off to get me some fifty shades...


  52. @ SM Blog: I hook that shit UP. No need to blow this up with a crazy motherfucking list of ff's to read. So here are some very useful links:

    The Perv Pack's Smut Shack is always a good source,


    Twigasm's Rec's are still keeping me in business, as I am still working my way down this list.

    If you don't listen to the fucking Twigasm're missing out. Jesus, how you are missing out. STY and JJ's interview episode was classic!

  53. How has Fan Fic changed my life? Oooooooowwweeeeeeee! Let me count the ways!

    1. I'm horny now. All. The. Time.
    2. We have become in the bedroom.
    3. and the living room.
    4. and the bathroom.
    5. but not the kitchen...too much food prep in there. Ew.
    6. Who knew biting could be so hot? Well, I'm sure someone did but I didn't...till Fan fic.
    7. My hubby doesn't ask where I come up with poisition ideas, but he doesn't argue with them, either.
    8. I've purchased my first toy!
    9. And I use it...a lot!
    10. We have had sex over 100 days in a row...IN A ROW!! (He wants to get shirts made now.)
    11. I read AND write porn...
    12. At work.
    13. At home with the kids watching tv in the same room.
    14. I say things that I would have never said before IRL... "That is totes Awesomesauce" and "I have Mad Skillz" are two of my fave phrases.

    I could go on...but I'm at work, and I really need to get some work done. (That's another thing that's different. I am much less productive at work. Bwahahahaha!)

    Laters, Hos!! veri word is trick...yeah, I've learned a trick or two...

  54. me-honey, the printer is out of ink. you need to pick some up if you want me to continue reading twi porn.

    hub-um, i'll pick up 5 cartridges on the way home.

    ff makes me hot. just started reading it and we've done it...a lot ever since. let's just say we're making our own "list", know what i'm sayin. and i should remind him to pick up some batteries at the store as well. life is too short not to enjoy sex to the fullest. i've also rediscovered sexting, highly recommend.

    can someone post the link to MOTU, pretty please...

  55. sorry to be the NKOTB but...can someone tell me what "lemons" are?

  56. I'll go back to the beginning.

    My first fanfic was Wide Awake, and well... it gave me that teenage angst, sorrow and sexual tension that I was still craving after finishing the Twilight Saga.

    From there, I have read all sorts of fanfics, from the edgier ones, to just plain great story telling. I am amazed at how talented most Twilight fans are, truly I am.

    This inturn inspired me to finally write me on, and thankfully, it's been a creative guilty pleasure. I don't have any other hobbies, so writing fanfic seems to soothe that creative angst that builds inside of me. I am humbly thankful that fanfic exists.

  57. @RobzSinger
    Master of the Universe can be found at fanfiction, but you should read it at instead, because at fanfic they are requiring authors to edit smut. I mean, really, I ask you? What is the point?

    You'll have to set up an account, if you don't have one, but it's worth it.

  58. For the FanFic newbies out there, check out this link. It's a FanFic glossary of terms.

    But I wouldn't know any of them because I'm sweet and innocent and don't read about the sex.

  59. Erm... would it be out of line to suggest we share a few favorites that we don't think everyone knows?

    "On My Own" by littleclarestar (Kiltward!) down for a few days, but check back - it's incredible.

    "Geek Love" by SassenachWench

    "As You Wish" by WutheringBites (awesome one-shot)

  60. I spend way too much time either reading fanfic or thinking about reading fanfic, and can totally identify with what all of you already said above so eloquently. If you haven't yet crossed over to the dark side, come join us! We have cookies, cupcakes, lemons and unicorns aplenty. I never realized I was hopelessly addicted until I caught myself reading the latest Wallbanger update hidden in a bathroom stall at work. Weird, but so worth it.

  61. @Jude - I so relate to the scroll bar dilemma......!! It kills me when I get close to the bottom and I smile huge when I know I have still have a way to go.

    And my new best friend.....FanFiction can download whole stories to a .pdf. Before I had my smartphone I would print you little booklets of the stories to take with me wherever I went. Now I use it to archive some of my favorites that I know I will want to read again.

  62. Pros:
    More sex- good for battling 7 year itch and getting thru 1.5 years of trying to get pregnant. Nothing more mood killing than procreation after trying unsuccessfully for so long. Tattward definitely helps
    Discovering new things about me-apparently I am a HOOR. My husband is pleasantly surprised. There's a "whip in my valise."
    Fanfiction has made me love Twilight more. I love tht is tells a wonderful complete story but with enough room to dream beyond.
    Discovered fellow deviants in Twiworld
    Escapism at it's best- best depression buster yet! When you discover that your life long dream of having a baby is going to take lots of doctors appts, scary drugs, and over $15k with no guarantee, I've discovered that fanfiction is my therapy. Instant and totally free emotional relief & release. I cry for Bell and Edward instead of for myself.
    Fun, cheap hobby - way more affordable than season tickets to football

    Time suck - any hope of becoming a more productive person has gone put the window
    I am now late for EVERYTHING! I blame MotU and EDaW, among others.
    Higher expectations, sex-wise. Dangerous to compare RL to fics sometimes
    Jeopardize my job on a daily basis by reading at work
    Ruined my eyes by reading on my iPhone, which is addictive also
    My husband may be getting a little resentful and I don't seem to care.

    In short, it has changed my life and I would give my right arm before I would give it up.


  63. Ditto to all of the above. My FanFic addiction has totes changed my life: I'm using words like "totes", I read at least 3 hours of fics daily which is time I used to spend cleaning or sleeping. @laphipps, @PourLAmour- I too read my iPhone obsessively, eye strain's a motherfucker. My sex drive has increased exponentially but I'm finding myself, how do I say... unsatisfied. I've lost 30 pounds, started buying sexy lingerie, and bought some battery operated devices, but I'm hitting the beaver button on my own for the most part. Mr. M is very content with things but like others have mentioned I find myself thinking of a previous fuck buddy who thrived on kinky fuckery. @TwiWeasel - 100 days in a row, I'm a jealous bitch... I told my friends that I was going for "30 days of dick" to see if hubs and I could do the deed for a month straight. We made it 5 days. I never married him for his sexual prowess but every other guy I know would be ecstatic about this. We were in Chicago recently and I stopped to window shop at La Perla but he told me I was crazy that I wanted to go in, "It's just a made up story" he said. Anyone else feeling my pain?

  64. @Sidewalk Candy - Has your tactic worked to get Mr. Candy to lose weight? I have been trying for 18 years to get Mr. A Mouse to lose weight, and nothing has worked. Just that alone would spice things up in our bedroom. Then a little tatt wouldn't hurt either. Or a couple viper bites. Ummm, I'm losing track of who I'm in bed with now.

  65. I can't remember life before FF.
    I can't count the number of times I'v stayed up till 4am reading ... just one more chapter!!!
    I can't remember what really happened in BD
    I created a whole new email account for my ff updates
    I have a list to "to reads" that seems to grow bigger every week
    I can't the amount of times I'v cried in some fics... never cried when Edward kicked rocks in NM
    Found new friends
    Found some great music/artist/poets/writers/movies
    Found out that I L.O.V.E me some angst!

  66. Oh yea, I forgot all the great music and musical group I have gotten to know because of Fan Fic.

  67. Ladies - you all make me laugh. Loved reading the post AND the comments. As for me, I have a lot of the same things to share:
    - fanfic reawakened my passion for SEX and WRITING and interesting enough, writing about sex.
    - it's prompted me to be much more...adventurous in the sack. My hubby thanks you all, fanfic writers.
    - I unfortunately spend WAY too much time on my computer or my Crackberry or my computer AND Crackberry, much to my hubby's chagrin.
    - I've had the pleasure of becoming friendly with some of the awesome ladies involved in this fandom...and they regularly blow my mind and make me laugh so hard I pee a little.
    - my life is never going to be the same - between the books, the movies and the fanfic, it just won't be. Ever.
    - the trackball (or clit, as Lindsay Rae called it) on my BB is in dire need of a replacement
    - I also never sleep and sneak my BB to bed to continue reading.
    - my workdays are filled with writing and editing NON-work things. For shame!

    There are so many more, but that's an overview.
    Love to you all.

  68. @STY - LMFAO!!! I puffy heart you ridiculously! This post was brilliantly written and laugh out loud funny. WIN!!!

    I can't wait to hear all you bitches' stories. It's gonna be a slippery slope we'll all slide down together as we get to know each other a little TOO well... again.

    Twitards - don't disappoint!

  69. Hummm... I've always liked a like spanking, but now I'm a lot more into it. Taught the S/O the art of the warm up spank. The use of an anal vibrator was introduced into the mix (thank you Tara Sue Me). Shopping w/ the S/O was a lot of fun too, he gets waaaaay more embarassed by this stuff so I have a lot of fun with that as well. He sure does not complain about he actual acts though.

    I've gotten a lot more inventive about when and where things happen, love giving him head out on the balcony while he smokes (the balcony is street level so there is the whole wow can anyone see factor).

    I spend more money that I would care to at Victoria Secret, but the expression on his face makes it so worth while. Especially while it's when we are "attempting" to cook dinner together.

    I have a lot more "war wounds" now, it's nice that I can blame being sore on something other than old age!!

    I shock the hell out of Third Place Books employees when I ask for specific books not on the shelves. The books are fun reading for me and the S/O and has some interesting new things to try.

    One thing fanfic hasn't done and I wish it would - the art of talking like a phone sex operator! I need a good story or book that will give me a good direction when attempting to talk dirty. Either that or I've just not drinking enough.....

  70. HHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! I need a ff link to email to a potential Twitard convert. She's f'n hilarious and would love you chicks, but I haven't known what to lure her in with. So what should I send her? A particular Twitarded or other Twi-blog post?

    Please help. I want her to be just as pwned as we all are and she totally has that potential. I just wanna do it right.

    @Z Any Mouse - Thanks for the EP link!!! I don't even know how to get all hooked up with Twilighted. Apparently there's a super secret way to register to read ff - and I don't know the secret handshake and I'm a tech-tard sometimes. So a fic with its own blog is PERFECT! Thanks again.

  71. I really wanted a kindel before, but now that I know you can download FF on it, I REALLY want one. FF has taken over my life and I love it. I found amazingly talented people and great stories. However, I think because of FF, Ive realized Ive found my Jacob, not my Edward. As silly as that sounds.

  72. @StarlitViolets - You're so very welcome, but don't get pissed off at me when you get to the end and you're waiting forever for an update, heh. Hurry up Kharizzmatik! We need another chapter, pronto!!

  73. It has literally taken me about three hours to get through reading the comments because I've gotten so distracted by links. Whew!

    I do still need a link to wherever they took CW&IA. I was about 15 chapters into it when they took it down. Anyone know where I can find it?

    You can email me ( or comment anonymously if it needs to be on the DL. I'm desparate!

  74. Okay - last comment - promise. ;)

    I did hear a rumor that we have MamaMeyer and SisterMeyer to blame for the lack of smut in BD. After Stephenie showed them her version, they told her to tone it down because it was too racey.


    Because of you - we all got a case of aching vagina. You left them crying for satisfaction - BITCHES!

    BUT - It did lead to FanFic - so... you're forgiven.

  75. @StarlitViolets - This is the one that I really love. Mmmmm, Tattward. Slurp.

  76. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Im going to start tonight :)

  77. @ StarlitViolets :-
    u really need to check out The univerity of Edward Masen . It's really really good and u don't need a super secret registration .

  78. I must admit that I avoided Fanfic at first, possibly out of fear of further addiction, even though I saw multiple plugs in Twiland... what made me look? The scene in New Moon with Bella & Carlisle while he tends to her cuts from the birthday. Hot. Where would I find Bella & Carlisle? In the world of Fanfic of course. What has it done for me?

    1. Has definitely aided in the blossoming of my languid libido.
    1A. Purchse of battery powered accessories for my bits.

    2. It has inspired me to read other fictions of some of my favborite books that I might have liked to have seen different endings in.

    3. I have met some relly wonderful people whos creative outlet has inspired me to return to something I once loved: writing.

    Who knew an entire world awaited.

  79. @STY. luvs luvs luvs you. your funny, witty posts are as addictive as ff.

    my favorite thing about how fanfic has change my life?

    as jack dawson would say, "getting to meet all you fine people". (snaps to those of you who know the movie!)

    @ all of you twitards, post-ees and lurkers alike:

    I FUCKING CONCUR with everything you all had to say and what most of you are thinking, but don't have the balls to join in and say. yet.

    which part, you ask? ummmm, ALL OF IT.

    seems like a lazy way out, huh? i think so too. and since this is a post of significance - or so it seems to me - i best be representin' some original opinion of some kind. with that in mind...

    it's the MAGIC of it all that has me in awe. seriously...the convergence of technology and imagination. oh the fuckawesomeness...

    we begin as captivated by a simple, four-book saga. we devour the bloody series, our minds envisioning characters and dreaming of MORE (fifty? fifty? heh).

    but wait, what on yonder big screen breaks? it is the cinematic realization in all its majestic fucking splendor. and the soundtracks...bonus SCORE!

    and BAM! jebbus fuckity! topping THAT shit off is the physical embodiment of the CUM MASTER 2010 (updated model. heh)...
    one MIS-TAH ROBERT DO-YOU-WANT-TO-FUCK-ME PATT-IN-SON. The Pretty. The Precious. The ONE. *thud*

    sooo we've got all the orgasmic elements in place for some serious- assed mindfuckery...and no real place to go. what's a girl to do?

    she pulls the thong out of her ass, puts on some nipple clamps, and writes some of the bestest, wettest fanfic that rivals the adult porn industry -- hey, MoTU, EP, The List, Love Park, Edward Cullen Dick for Hire, The Submissive -- this shit so beats surfing the web for russian porn. big time!

    most of you h00rs ARE better writers than SM, and have the bonus of no filters inhibiting your err ahem wicked fuckhawt porn skills.

    so now, and forever more, we have all this twat-addicting fanfic to suck us down the gaping, throbbing, PULSING, robward perv-porn hole. GAH.

    i stand here today, perched on the edge of technology, looking down into the deep abyss that IS twi-fic...seeing how this fic started on traditional ff publishing sites, then morphed to original websites (thankfuck those allow NC-17!), and now to personal blogs complete with twitter, chat rolls, playlists and links to vids & gifs.


    *sigh* it all keeps me in a suspended state of hyper-sexual awareness. ungh.

    um yeah. i guess that IS my favorite thing...H.S.A. :-)

  80. All I can say is, "I LOVE fanfiction"! However, I really like the Twilight themed, in character stuff. I have trouble getting into AU & all human stuff. Guess I'm just not that imaginative.
    The best that has happened was the time Mr. Junkie read some over my shoulder & then re-enacted it later in the bedroom....WIN!

  81. OK - DITTO DITTO DITTO! Everything written in these comments could have come from my typin' fingers.... cuz I relate to it ALL!!

    One thing that consistently boggles my mind is the amount of talent these women have (I assume all the fanfic writers are ladies, cuz it just seems appropriate...but I could be wrong)...

    Any-who... these unbelievable fantastic writers who give us their talent and TIME for FREE!!

    I drive to work and think of their characters...

    I jump up and down for joy when it's Wednesday now b/c of MOBS updates (yesterday's was HHHHHHHHHHHHHHOT)!

    I hope they realize how appreciative we are of them...b/c it sure as shit sounds like our lives are a helluva alot better now that they've come into ours!

    My FAVS: Wide Awake, Clipped Wings & Inked Armor, Misapprehension of Isabella Swan, Emancipation Proclamation, the Office...

    ...AND I've just been introduced to miss blondie who wrote Dark Side of the Moon. Un-fucking-believable!!! Edward's POV of New Moon. Thank you Letters to Twilight for introducing me to THAT one....and a whole lot more!

  82. Fanfiction has changed my entire existence! I know sad.

    - My husband and our son eat nuked fast food/frozen food/left overs my mom gives/popcorn/PB&J Sandwiches breakfast/lunch/dinner because I get so into stories that I don't make time to cook.

    - I go without sleep or with 1-2 hours of sleep due to a Fic I CANNOT stop reading.

    - I have skipped out on hanging out with friends because I need to get caught up/finish reading Fic.

    - My mom has baby sat my son so I could get some time to get caught up at home. But instead of getting caught up at home I caught up on Fic.

    - my son thinks reading must be so awesome because I don't stop reading.
    - I've gotten people that aren't readers to read
    - I have looked up erotica at to see if there is good published stuff out there... there is but some of the stuff TwiFic has is much better.
    - I donated to Haiti Relief in exchange for Fic.
    - I have donated to keep people writing Fic.
    - Life in the Bedroom is much more interesting. (I think I make the hubby nervous though.)
    - Never thought I could be hornier than a teenage boy but I am pretty sure I am.
    - When Oprah had an episode on Erotica I DVR'd it, watched it and then proceeded to look up the blogger she had on to see if she had any good reads to rec.
    - I NEVER thought I would think boy on boy action would be hot. Yeah, I do.
    - I NEVER thought I would like to read about Bella being with Jasper, Emmett or Carlisle. Guess what!? I do.
    - I thought bondage, spanking, anal, butt plugs, beads, etc were disgusting and anyone who would subject themselves to it were vile. Yeah. Not so much anymore. Haven't done it myself but I am not opposed to it either.

    So I am sure there are other things I can list because it has been one year since I started my FanFic addiction. I still read books but I find that I can really tell when a book is good. If it can catch my attention without lemons then the shit is good.

  83. Quite simply this, it means my sanity.

    As you may know I have two sons with autism, so my day is filled with therapists coming and going, case managers calling at all hours, and I'm running my ass of like a headless chicken. Soccer moms got nothing on me! But at the end of the night, I sit down with my lap top and catch up on my fan fiction and twilight related blogs of choice. Im sure my situation is no tougher then some of what you girls have to deal with, but Im more then greatful for you smut-minded twitards. You help me remember that Im not just a tired mom. No, Im a woman who's dormant hormones have come back to life with a vengence.

    Form the bottom of this exauhsted moms heart, thankyou. Keep the fanfics coming!

    (Speaking of which; JJ- what the heck happened with 15 step?)

  84. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  85. made me want my own red room of pain!!!

  86. *sigh* snap & crackle to those special twi-twats who fucking rock my world.

    my laughing, shiny-silver friend...

    and you, you crazy fucking h00r...

    vw: luser.

    jezz. why even BOTHER...

  87. @neverthink - your veriword was "luser"?! i just spit my [very late] dinner everywhere!! funny! not accurate. but really fucking funny.

    : )

    we DEFINITELY need a follow-up to this post - i was dying reading all this today! (but didn't have a chance to jump back in 'til now - sorry! RL can suck a dick... a big, fat, fanfic dick.)

  88. Ummm... What life to change? My life is fanfic now. Its either brilliant or sad-dunno which. I've even gotten my friends to read it. Tried to get my Mom too. I think her eyes are too bad to read too much on the computer though.

    Seriously--seriously. FF keeps my house a pigsty, my thesis not written, my dog pissed off, my eyes crossed (one time one eye twitched for three days over Thanksgiving), batteries in short supply, friends neglected, no groceries in the house... I could go on for days.

    However, I have new vocab, new movies and music to check out and a real woman's sex drive now--look Ma-I'm all growed up!!

    Anyone think its odd how many of us broke our ff cherries with Wide Awake? I wonder why that is? Must have been rec'd so many times on blogs like this...

    Anyone know what is going on with the ff shitstorm of 2009-2010? Has that crazyass christian group gotten the large telephone pole removed from their collective ass? douches, go save someone who needs it, geesh

    Yeah, life is totes different.

    You can check out my ff page for my favs, I've got an embarrassingly long list. I wish you could rank them though, or give them stars or something, bc you know some I just mark bc I wanna remember that I read it, but then some really are my favs. Thesis-thesis-thesis. GDI

    Gist: ff is the bomb, so good but then leaves a wake of dirty neglected life in it's wake.

    gawd I'd love a copy of TO, but I don't think the auth. would dig that too much--y'all be careful with that stuff, it does belong to the auths afterall

  89. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  90. So I am a day late responding to this post. Typical me.

    After reading the Twi series, I, like most of you, felt like i was left hanging, like there was a huge void. I had fallen in love with the characters and was not ready to leave them. I also was tired of the constant cockblocking by SM. I have no idea how I found my first FF, but it was called "The Honeymoon" and was a slightly more adult version of what happened on Isle Esme. I read several others, likeing but not getting hooked. Then "Wide Awake" came into my life. Again, like most of you, I was wide awake reading, staying up later than I have ever been before. 'WA" is the gateway of FF drugs. It opened the door for MOTU, The Office, The Sub/Dom/Training, UoEM, The List, A Life Extraordinary, and countless others.

    Many of these stories are so well written its almost unbelievable. I have to be careful when I start a new story cause I know I won't be able to stop. I try and make sure I have plenty of time and no other commitments for the next few days.

    What FF has done for me and my marriage...I have been married for almost 10 years. I love my hubby but we had been in a 10 year slump. Lots of the blame was on me. Before FF, we had the occasional moments of hot passion sex and then the very boring "lets just get this done" variety. Now, we have many, many more hot "porn star" sexy times and a renewed emphasis on our relationship. I know my hubby enjoys the effects FF has had on me. I am no sub but a few of the stories have really opened my mind to trying some new things and introducing a few new toys. I even asked my hubby to pierce his peen after reading CW&IA.

    I have a Droid phone. That means I can read anywhere. I have read twiporn at:
    -the Dr's office
    -at the ceremony inducting my hubby into the high school football hall of fame. MOTU. Ya..
    -at meetings where I know I was smirking, blushing, and having a crazy look in my eye
    -at a wedding, in a church. Not proud of that one.
    -outside the legislative chambers (I am a lobbyist)
    -during bill hearings
    -at the governors office
    -at my in-laws
    -in front of my dad (he had no idea)
    -at work
    -while camping with the in-laws, no hotspots, I was prepared. I had printed out some stories. They asked what I was reading and I said legislative bills. It was Tattword and Domward.

    Oh, just found out that I AM GOING TO FFFOOOORRRKKKKSS!!

    And I have a copy of "TO" e-mail me at BigEandSpecialK at aoldotcom if you would like it.

  91. @HV. whaaaa? no no! i'm not FLIRTIN w/linds in front of's fookin girl on girl 3 way action up in herah!

    and for the record, he's not vomiting in his mouth...he can still TASTE YOU. XoXo

    vw: modho.

    all this technology makes me a very modho.

  92. Quick Q:

    Can someone tell me if MOBS is the same as The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Whores by hunterhunting? And if it is not, can you tell me where I can find it because I've looked on twilighted, twcslibrary, and fanfiction and I ain't seeing it.

  93. Ok, me and fan's kind of an obsession and one that I am very much in the closet about.I read the Saga last year over Easter weekend and I fell unconditionally and irrevocably in love. Like hard core, first time, butterflies, can't eat- L-O-V-E. And it was sweet,ya know. Like when you hold hands for the first time. But, one eventually wants to expeiriment, right? Which led me to ff.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's the thing- Twilight fan fic gave me my libido back. You see, I got Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 30. Nothing like being a near corpse (and not the schmexy vampire kind) and then six months of chemo and its lovely accompaniments(bloat, hair loss, steroid mania) to kill your sex drive. And, it didn't seem to come back. So I went about my business. For a couple of years. And then came Twiight. And I remember feeling...tingly one night after reading the infamous leg hitch scene. I kind of held that close to me like a little Bic lighter flame. And then I discovered Wide Awake and what a lemon is and it all snowballed from there. I couldn't stop, I was obsessed. Reading it at work, on my iphone on the bus, at home. My BF was pretty pissed. And then it happened. With all that sexual tension of Bella and Edward in the chaste Meyer verse and the dirty exploration of fuck hawt fan fic land, I got really fucking horny. And then I did what hadn't occurred to me in I don't even know how long...I initiated sex with my boyfriend. Multiple times. And created some memorable lemons of my own. Now, maybe it had to do with my hair growing back and the passage of time to ease the trauma of facing a life threatening illness. Maybe my 2 plus years of recovery resulted in a rush of sexy hormones that were missing before. Maybe the exercise program I started helped pump the blood to my nether regions. Its all conjecture at this point. The chicken or the egg as far as I'm concerned. All I know is I am so freaking grateful for my deep dark dirty secret of fan fic for bringing a part of me that I thought was lost back. And having multiple orgasms again is pretty awesome too.

  94. @Twi-Hearted
    Yep, MOBS = The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Whores by hunterhunting.

    Go read it. Read it now. Enjoy!

    Your Wednesdays will take on a whole new meaning.

  95. @Z Any Mouse - THANK YOU!!! Mwah! XOXOXO CW&IA is my second fic after JJ's 15 Step *cough, cough* JJ. Now I can finish it! YAY!!!

    @Kneedshelp - Thanks for TO, I'll be emailing you for sure. Cuz I'm new and excited for some good, lemony ff. And YAY about FFFFFOOOOORRRRRRKKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!

    I'll see you there!

  96. @Cullenboyz - thanks! It's on my list to read next after I finish CW&IA. hunternunting is my new favorite author. She's has moved to the top of my good list with Lolashoes and Laura Cullen.

  97. Soooo very late to this party. Pretty much agree with all that has been written. Basically fanfic has consumed me since I started reading it however long ago. My Twilight book are gathering dust and my computer is now with me every night when I get into bed. I am just gonna say one thing that I have experienced since starting to read fanfic....

    Best sex I have EVER had in my nearly 30+++ years!!!! True story.

    I am trying really hard to start reading regular books is so hard. Happily ruined I am.

  98. TW fanfic has just made me realize that I'm not the only sick-minded perv out there. :D

  99. So I just started Master of the Universe. HO.LY.FUCK.

    I'm speechless...

  100. @CaC. welcome. the red room we all spend soooo much time in.

  101. @neverthink - Oh my word! 17 chapters of MoTU within 4 hours, and now this video??? I'm going to internally combust and ruin ALL of my undergarments. Seriously...

    ...I feel like I'm 13 again and reading Flowers in the Attic for the first time. So wrong...but oh so good.


  102. **warning**

    **viewing this MoTU vid may cause heart palpitations, dizziness, dry mouth/wet panties, and in severe cases children**

    ok so i am not sure if any of you twats will be able to view this link, but OMFG if you can...i have NEVER seen a MoTU vid like this. and lady c's acct has been suspended from youtube. no fucking wonder...

    vw: probio. indeed.

  103. Hi, my name is Anonymous and I love fan fiction, Rated M, lots of Lemons and all kinds of "-wards".

    It's changed my life in the same ways as most of you...better sex life with the hubs and an itch to write my own. I hardly care about the actual series anymore and while I'm a stuck up movie watcher...RPattz gets a fucking pass based on his "Edwardy" looks alone.

    I watched Remember Me and pretty much eye-fucked him and imagined him as all sorts of different Edwards in all sorts of sexual positions. Ditto the magazine spreads.

    That said, I'm just glad to have found a "support group" and that I'm not alone in the corner, face lit up by the glow from my iPhone after receiving alert after alert.

    And, yeah, I can read these comments and know all of the fics referenced.

    Le sigh.


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