Monday, June 14, 2010

Breaking Dawn = 2X the Movie Fun!

[Once again special thanks to VitaminR70 who found this HAWT jaw-finger-lip-porn twifecta...somewhere.]

It's gonna make my brain hurt to write this and I will probably get some details wrong because it's Monday evening and I am fried and hopelessly out of the loop Twi-news-wise somehow and haven't managed to do much more than stare at that picture you see above and think fuzzy-yet-sordid thoughts about what I would like to do with that man and his fingers, but bear with me. Oh and if for some inexplicable reason you have made your way here to this humble blog but have somehow not read Breaking Dawn, spoilers ahead. And go! Go read now! What's the matter with you?! Git!!!

So, unless you rely exclusively on Twitarded for all of your Twilight-y news (which frankly would be flattering but unwise), you are undoubtedly aware that after months and months and months of rumor, gossip, and speculation, it's finally been made official-official that Breaking Dawn will be made into two movies, the first of which is scheduled to come out in the States on November 18th, 2011 (helloooo, longest dry-spell in the history of the saga - egads I'm already dreading the wait and Eclipse hasn't even released yet!). I know there are more details out there but I figure that we'll have plenty of time to revisit this subject. Expect many, many more rants and raves on Breaking Dawn, like it or not. Because, let's face it - there are a lot of opinions here at Twitarded, and you know what they say about opinions...

Tell 'em, Harry! [I don't care how much this reference dates me...]

I always imagined that the book would be made into two movies. I haven't read Breaking Dawn recently, but believe me I remember all the important bits (how could I forget even if I wanted to?) and it would be hard to imagine cramming all of that stuff into one two or even three-hour movie. It's going to be the biggest cliff-hanger/to-be-continued in all of cinema history! I can hear the groans when the credits roll already (Jenny Jerkface's is the loudest). I'm only disappointed that they've waited this long to make the decision and get on with it, already! The first three movies ALL came out (er, or will) within about 18 months of each other. And now we're going to to have to wait ANOTHER 18 months for the next installment? Yikes.

I mean, I am eternally grateful to Catherine Hardwicke for casting Robert Pattinson as Edward. Whether you love her (and her movies) or not so much, we all owe her, big-time. And if she had had her wits about her and really considered the long-term reality of filming the saga (or cared - I am sure she considered it at some point - she must have! but then RPatts landed in her house and on her bed and who the fuck cared about anything after that, really??? we get it...), she might have felt obligated to set her sites on someone considerably younger than RPatts to play the role. And we would all be shit out of luck, and would probably never went so bonkers over the whole thing in the first place! Really, can you imagine if she had cast someone Taylor Lautner's age to play Edward? {{{shudder}}}

I would say "thank you" but you look pretty self-satisfied there, CH...
(I would be too if I had my hands all up in there - just sayin'.)

I guess we can be consoled by the fact that RPatts seems to have no shortage of work - at least we'll get to see several movies starring him in the interim. It's gonna be a looooong 18 months, but at least we'll have all sorts of eye candy serious non-twilighty-acting to keep us moist entertained while we wait! I for one can't wait to see a...what?...twenty-five year old Robert Pattinson strutting around on the red carpet (or whatever that lethal combination of drop-dead-sexy and adorkable is) in November 2011. As long as I conveniently forget the fact that I am also going to be a year-plus older, all's right with the world!

So are you psyched that Breaking Dawn will be two movies and that we're looking at sometime in mid-2012 before the last installment hits the theaters??? Bummed??? Don't care as long as it keeps The Precious on a never-ending press junket for years to come???


  1. More movies with The Pretty? Um. Yeah. I can live with that. I don't look forward to Jacob's POV, though ;)

    And you're right, we get lots of Rob goodness in between. He certainly can't pass for 17 any more but I think we can all suspend belief for that.

    I have always, always thanked Catherine Hardwicke when I say my Rob prayers. Without her having him on her casting bed (she said that), there would be no Twitardia, no blogging for me, and no FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!


  2. Holy hell! I don't remember the last time I've been first to post here. Woot woot!

  3. I expect these 2 films to be bloody awful so I am going full spoiler h00r. I need to be fully prepared for this. I'm not happy about the wait. I am also worried that Rob & Kristen will have a falling out by then & the wedding scene will take 30,000 tries. (Rob: Oh NOW you wanna get married, Kristen?! Too fucking bad!) But I digress.

  4. I'm very psyched about the two movies!! BUT... I REALLY hope that BD part deux is NOT in 3D. I hear that Wyck the Producer is suggesting this. UGH. That would just suck. I don't want to see Renesemee ('s been a while since I typed her name and I'm too lazy to google it right now) being ripped out of Bella's belly in 3D.

    Now the Isle of Esme and the pillow biting in 3D??? Um... maybe? Nah... I'll just say no to 3D entirely!

  5. I am glad there will be other things in between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to keep us entertained. I don't mind how long all this takes, as long as I get to hang out with all of you during it all, I am happy.

  6. I'm tiring a little, is anyone else?!

  7. FUCK!!!!! R U FUCKING kidding me? I am probably the OLDEST fucking twitard you have and I will have dementia or alzheimer's by then and won't want to F...U...C...K Robert Patt(me please)inson! But will want him to clean my ass. fuck you Summit!

    4 things...

    * Stephanie Meyer can't write worth a shit... wouldn't have read one of her fucking books if I'd not seen Twilight first.

    ** WHY do they insist on making EDWARD a PUSSY in these movies.

    *** 15 year old and under should not be reading The Saga...they should be reading Harry Potter or Dr. FUCKING Suess...

    **** I swear to holy hell if they do not push the FUCKing envelope out of that fucking PG13 (I read an interview with one of the producers) stupid ass rating I will hurt the person sitting next to me in the theatre!!!! I WILL PULL a fucking POSTAL...

  8. 2 more things...

    I'm serious about being the oldest twatard you have...

    I ONLY want to see ISLE ESME in 3D.. Feathers coming at me...won'
    t need any glitter lube

  9. I'm a bit sad it's so far away, yet extremely happy about it being 2 movies.

    My thoughts on the 3-D. I didn't want it to be in 3-D BUT I was thinking about this today and thought it would be a REALLY cool way to see through the eyes of Bella as a vampire since her senses become SO heightened! Otherwise, I could go either way.

  10. P.S. it also doesn't hurt this means I will be driving my husband mad for at LEAST another 2 years with my twi-obssession ;)

  11. I'm hoping that It's going to be filmed in Vancouver. That means two trips over for some fun! Whoot! I'm going to see the precious up close and personal this I'm damed and determined to do!

  12. I mean. The fuck?

    @Anon ~ Yep. I don't fucking care how old you are. You fucking nailed it. Thank you! :)


  13. 2 more years. huh. that's about 700 more problem. lol!

  14. I'm sorry, what?

    I didn't get past the first photo.


    vw: womunimm - seriously.

  15. ugh. that book makes me wanna poke my eye out.
    they better not put 18 months between BD1 and BD2! especially if they're shooting all at once.
    rob could be 27 by the time the last movie come out o.O it wrong of me to chuckle at how these movie will go down if r&k do have a falling out before its all over....

  16. @anon - I dare you to be older than me!

    My daughter, who despite all the eye-rolling at her mother's obsession with all things TWI, is a fan but she threatens to BOYCOTT if BD isn't R-rated cause she wants to see that fountain of spewing Bella blood and all the gory birth scene details.

    Plus all those steamy sex scenes in the cottage.

    When does the Burger King Eclipse stuff come out? Gotta get me one of those crowns!

  17. Yeah, Im excited. I read it on another site and everyone was so calm about it. I think I was the only one who freaked out. I immediatly came here and squeed in the chat box. (sounds like I had an accident)

    Im thinking that anything that can prolong the preh-tay is a good thing. We'll have three movies by that time to keep us sufficiantly side tracked. Fan fic is plentiful and you guys always have something interesting to chat about. No worries here.

    Im thinking Summit waited for Melissa Rosenburg to figure that there was just no way to strip the book into one movie. It would have turned into a giant hot mess, like Twilight. Im thinking they'll break the movies up just as Bella touches her abdomen in the bathroom on the island, realizing it kicked back. That would be a cool way place to end it, doncha' think?

  18. I am DREADING the wait for the first Breaking Dawn movie. My poor husband about cried when he found out there would be two more movies, which makes it that much more fun. But, like many of you said... as long as we get lots of RPattz in the meantime, we might just make it through. And seriously? When I think of the midnight opening of the very LAST Twilight movie, I think about the following day and the MASSIVE depression that will follow, and I am not looking forward to that mindfuck.

  19. I am with @Dangrdafne--as long as I can hang out with all of you in the mean time I am cool with the wait.....and there is all those Rated R movies with Rob coming soon.

    Oh and I am gonna go full h00r like @TexasKatherine for BD too. My expectations are so low that I don't think anything can be spoiled. I will watch, I will obsess, I will purchase but I have no fucking idea how they are going to pull it off.

    @STY--I fucking love that photo. It is nummy. I can't remember where I found it either...probably Robsessed.

  20. I'm just kinda eh whatever about 2 movies yeah that does mean more story and more Edward, but I'm more stoked about Rob's non Twilight movies coming out in the next year that I figure that will hold me out in the drought.

    Also I figure in the next 18 months Summit will continue to piss us all off to the point that we'll all throw up our hands and say 'fuck this, we quit' and no one even shows up for BD anyway.

    And lastly, I also worry that some how this whatever the fuck is going on between Rob and Kristen will blow up in a bad way before they start filming and then they won't want to work together, the chemistry will suck (not that it's that great now) and then the whole thing will go to shit.

    ::raises hand:: Oh and who else seriously had to fight to keep yourself from licking your screen at that first pic? I feel very compelled to lick his neck and jaw...maybe bite it a little. LOL

  21. kintail~
    I bet I am older than you...
    I thought I was in love with Shaun Cassidy..yes, you read that correctly. BUT I never wanted to FUCK him...

    I'm all by my lonesome during the long fucking breaks between movies...damn...woe is me bullshit :~(

    Twitter is my twilifeline...

    Twitarded is my fucking drug..damn you guys..

    and JACOB should die...

  22. @smartEpantz

    yes...fuck you summit...thx...

    WHY DO THEY keep making EDWARD such a FUCKING PUSSY??? Someone needs to punch melissa rosenburg in the head...

  23. I'm likely in a different boat than most of you. In two years, I WILL finally have a Damned JOB ~ even if it's riding a pole. I WILL be able to afford flying to Vancouver or whereever the hell they film and take my own pictures of The Precious.

    Note: I will NOT, however, be an ob-ASS-HOLE-noxious fan.

    And as things stand with DH right now, I may even be single, again...and hopefully The Precious finally will, too.

    Suck it, Twitchy!!

    So BITE MY ASS, SUMMIT!! Maybe it's YOU playing into MY hand, this time??

    wv = CHABLO.
    (Diablo?? Ch!Yea'I'BLOW??)

  24. @layna.lane I didn't try to fight it-I did lick my screen, several times.

    I am kind of looking forward to obsessing for the next couple of years about all things Twi. As long as none of the Twitards end up in Twi rehab there will plenty to keep us busy during the long wait. And all the RP projects coming up.

    On the 3D thing... I fucking hate 3D movies. But I would not mind Isle Esme in 3D. The rest of the book, not so much.

    Eclipse better be fucking awesome cause I can not watch New Moon and my Twilight DVD will need to be replaced soon. I think the wait that will kill me is the time between Eclipse in theatres and onto BluRay. And how many times will I see Eclipse in the theatre?? I'm guessing lots since I already have tickets to see it twice on opening day.

  25. @Anon....
    Shawn Cassidy and Eric Estrada.

  26. Rock_my_gypsy_soulJune 15, 2010 at 8:20 AM

    I was on an European site the other day and they already had a countdown clock for Breaking Dawn. 587 days or some stupid ass shit like that.

    Speaking of other sites, there are some crazy ass fucking chicks out there who forgot to take their meds. Or it's time to up the dosage.*Scary* Or the people who get off ragging and hating on non-fan sites.

    So glad I found Twitarded.

  27. Keep it coming... please. I can only hope he's around for a long, long time because damn, he's purty. And I like looking at him.

    I'm happy BD is two movies. Since I was one of those few people who actually liked the book! I'm hoping this means they'll really draw out the whole isle esme scene and give us some good pillow biting!! Ungh...

  28. It is def gonna be a LONG 18 months but if we all stick together, we can do this! I am NOT looking forward to Jacob's POV "Arugh, I'm an angry werewolf and my Bella doesn't love me...whine, howl, puke". It was just Stephenie's way of trying to get us to feel sorry for him but I totally resented the fact he was still around...I don't know sorry that I am going off but this Breaking Dawn shit pisses me off but now at tleast I'll have alot of time to talk it out! LOL!!

  29. I agree with all who said a big N O to 3D. First off, that shit gives me a goddamn headache! And second, I'm not too keen on the idea of Renasty... let alone a 3fuckingD Renasty ripping and tearing Bella's stomach open *gag* :::shudder:::

    I don't think BD really NEEDS to be two movies. There's a lota shit that could be cut out imho. But its all good,'cause it'll prolong the whole Twilight experience. It'll be a sad sad day when all the movies are done with :'(

    @Anon 11:13 pm
    Okay I'll admit. The whole feathers... Isle Esme... 3D thing... does sound kinda tempting... I just might be willing to endure a headache for that kinda 3D :)

    Oh and STY- don't forget..
    (love her or hate her)..We should be partly grateful to the Stew.. she initially was pulling for Rob when Catherine wasn't sure yet.

  30. I cannot even imagine these movies being good. I'm trying, I really am. It's just not working. One or two, they're still gonna be a major clusterfuck.

    I can't wait to see how the whole "chewing out the baby" scene plays out though. I gotta be honest.

    @Rock My Gypsy Soul - Um, can you email me links to those crazy ass sites? Pretty please?

  31. I'm very excited that BD is going to be 2 movies. Can't wait for KStew to be a badass vamp. And I'm hoping for some ripped negliges and broken headboards while they're at it.
    For some reason, I'm scared I'm might get sick of the Twi cast by then (gasp!). I know, I know, that's so wrong to say out loud.
    But Rob will of course sweep me off my feet with the way he womanizes French ladies and rides elephants. And I can definitely wear out my RM dvd until, say, the winter of 2011. Then we'll have the Eclipse dvd. Freeze frame! So it's all good. Just when you think you're over this Twilight/Robsession someone lets out a clip of Rob giggling with a new haircut and I'm right back where I started.

  32. Roack_my_gypsy_soulJune 15, 2010 at 9:40 AM

    Of course Jenny. Nothing going on here except work. And how can I be expected to work when experiencing my very first press junket by the Pretty? Impossible I tell you.

  33. A) I'm a HUGE fan of 3D films. I can totally see the first movie being plain old normal and extending aaaaall the way until the birth of Satan's Spawn, and the second movie covering Bella's vampire life. So you most likely won't see any 3D feathers raining on you, and no 3D blood being splattered either, since Bella's memory will be foggy or some shit (read: non 3D). So, sorry to rain on your parade, but no 3D after sex scene for us...
    Either way though, I hate this book and I really doubt I will be watching it on the cinema (I'm not even going to watch Eclipse on the cinema either), so I really don't care.
    B) 18 months? Is it gonna be a better movie if they take that long? The essence of the movie is still one of the crappiest books ever, so what's the point? It still will be disgusting.
    C) Anonymous lady who thinks is the oldest here, you rock. I wish I had a mom/gran/aunt that awsome...

  34. Ugh so not looking forward to BD. KStews 'pain' face is already making me cringe.

    Eclipse better be half decent, then I can retreat to my bubble where BD doesn't exist and fanfic with magical sparkle-motion vampire sex does.

    Still, I'm not complaining about getting to see the cast together for another couple years.

  35. Ugh so not looking forward to BD. KStews 'pain' face is already making me cringe.

    Eclipse better be half decent, then I can retreat to my bubble where BD doesn't exist and fanfic with magical sparkle-motion vampire sex does.

    Still, I'm not complaining about getting to see the cast together for another couple years.

  36. of course i'm looking forward to BD even though i don't think there's a snowballs chance in hell that they will be any good. you know that shit is gonna be PG-13. we know this.

    personally, i'm holding out for the film version of wide awake. or maybe the office.

  37. @Mrs P - "700 more posts" - oh my - I think I need a drink...

    Rock_my_gypsy_soul- welcome! we're glad you found us too!

    @Luxie - yeah yeah thanks Kstew - you know a hot man when you see one! lol...

    @Kerri - that sounds about right! we'll have tons of time to speculate on where they will end it - who knows??? at least until someone leaks a script - lol... [when this happens, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! : )

    ok back to the grind will try to pop back in a little later! i for one am looking forward to how they bring this hot mess to the big screen. and am hoping that sister snarky (and most of you) don't have their worst fears confirmed that RPatts & KStew's personal relationship will fuck up the entire saga before it's said and done (NOOO!!!)


  38. PERFECT description of The Precious: "the lethal combination of drop-dead-sexy and adorkable." A+!

    I am actually okay with BD taking so long to come out, because I'm afraid of what will happen when it's all over. Twilight has gotten me through the last few years and made me feel alive again and all that crap, and I am really somewhat frightened for the day it ends, when all five (!!!) movies are out on DVD and there is just no. more. news. Sure, The Precious will be in new movies and I will go to them, but THIS - the butterflies and the effects of ff and FOOORKS - the best part will be behind us. And I don't think lightening strikes twice.

    w/v: vaggless. Nope, not me!

  39. *thud*

    Holy hell, that picture. Can't. Concentrate. Jaw. Fingers. Lips. Smirk. Earlobe. Must nibble on for hours on end.

    I'm glad to hear BD will be two films because I prefer for this saga to last as long as possible! I'm no where near 'over it'. There are bits of BD that have potential to be cool in 3D but I don't think they should go there. What I really wish Summit would do is find another screenplay writer. I don't think MR has done the books justice at all. She's obviously Team Jacob (wtf??), but come on, quit making Edward douchey. (Not Rob, he could never be douchey.) She makes me angry. They keep changing directors, how about a writer swap, Summit, hmmm?!?

  40. Even though I want to see much more of RPattz and of Taylor's abs, I was hoping they would just cut a lot of the movie and make it about their wedding and the honeymooon. I know it doesn't make sense but I am a bit terrified about the media response when the rest of the world finally finds out about the birth of Reneesme and about the mighty battle that NEVER happens. I dunnu why, but it kinda makes me cringe!

  41. Hi All~
    Love this blog, been lurking for about a year now.

    I normally never post but since I actually have the answer about where that beautiful picture came from I thought I would share. I was at the LA Twicon (lord help me)and I did me the beautiful woman who took the mentioned picture along with many others-she can be found on Random Acts of Rob and her name on there is Quantumfizzx. There are more where that came from!

  42. It is going to be a LONG wait, but as long as it keeps Rob around, I'm ok with it. And like you said, we have other Rob deliciousness to soak up in the meantime.

    I just pray to gawd that Robsten stays together until after the filming of BD, they MUST keep that chemistry alive people!

    w/v "worshedw" is that like some cryptic message to WORSHIP EDWARD?

    xo J

  43. I know the post is about BD...but how are we supposed to concentrate when you give us such fuckhawtness to stare at? Especially when it's the first thing we see...Everything just goes up in flames when you post pics like that.

    So yeah...two movies. Well, that should give them plenty of time to figure out how to make a shitty book into a half-decent two-parter. I feel like this whole two movie thing never would have happened if Quentin didn't get all creative with Kill Bill. Now Deathly Hallows is gonna be 2, BD is 2...I don't get it. Les Miserables was the longest fucking book ever and they made that into one movie!

    So uh...tell me how many takes it will be in order for them to get a 3 month old to talk. Or a 3 week old to put her hand gracefully on someone's neck. My eyes hurt from all of the rolling they're doing just thinking about the things SM is making the screen writers deal with.

  44. Hey Anon - I used to be in love with DAVID Cassidy!!

  45. @Aspa thx for not nailing my old ass to the floor. At the end of the day I can rock a better fuck and blowjob than most...and thx to ROBERT PATTINSON, a little battery operated friend (and a delightful mastered skill) can enjoy multiple orgasms in my closet where I've been banished until I "grow up".

    Now bout BREAKING DAWN = 2X the Movie Fun...

    This whole twilight journey has been like
    *** TANTRIC SEX ***
    ....just cum already

    We'll all be Tantra Goddesses before the end of all this...and that is when our husbands will say "Thank you ROBERT PATTINSON".

  46. More movies the better! I don't want this Twi-ride to end, so 2012 sounds good to me!

    I LOVE love love LOVE love that pic of Rob. Oh my. So delicious.


  47. Count me among the "don't care as long as it keeps RPatts on the press junket for years to come" crowd. I can't believe how prolific this guy is when it comes to how many movies he's churning out. He'll have 5 or 6 by the time this year is out, right? NM, Remember Me, Bel Ami, Eclipse, Water for Elephants. Those were all in 2010, right? I guess he's listening to his agent on the "strike while the iron is hot", or if his agent is Les Grossman (and that wouldn't be such a bad choice, really), "churn out as many fucking movies while your hair is still fucking long and for fuck's sake don't cut that shit,
    EVER. You've got a million dollars sitting on your fucking head, asswipe."

    Is he growing his hair back before BD, I wonder? I'm psyched it's going to be two movies. I'm all about MORE.

  48. @Carrie, I know we're all really close friends here and all, but no squeeing in the chat box, k? ;)

  49. Ok, so I am SO late to this party, but here are my thoughts.
    -I LOVE that my obsession will be stretched out another 2 years at least.
    -I HATE that we have to wait 18 months....the FUCK???
    -I also hope Robsten doesn't fuck things up if they are really dating.
    -I am concerned that they will stop movie number 1 at a spot that is REALLY going to piss me off.

    And, thank you for the pic...even though I prefer longer haired Rob, that pic is fuckawesome!

  50. More movies the better! I don't want this Twi-ride to end, so 2012 sounds good to me!

    I LOVE love love LOVE love that pic of Rob. Oh my. So delicious.


  51. Even though I want to see much more of RPattz and of Taylor's abs, I was hoping they would just cut a lot of the movie and make it about their wedding and the honeymooon. I know it doesn't make sense but I am a bit terrified about the media response when the rest of the world finally finds out about the birth of Reneesme and about the mighty battle that NEVER happens. I dunnu why, but it kinda makes me cringe!


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