Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Premiere Pt. I of...???: Twitards Get Ready [Hic!] Spoiler-Free!

So we're going to wait a little bit to give everyone a little time to see Eclipse for the first (and second and third) time before we start discussing the actual movie. Although I WILL say right now that we all thought it was great - you'd better get on that if you haven't seen already (and you have the means) because we're not going to wait long! Latchkey Wife may or may not have offered David Slade sexual favors so that she can truly express her gratification for his not fucking this up... Or maybe her tweet to him just said "Thanks!" and that she wanted to give him a big hug or something but we all know her and even if the "extras" were not specifically offered, they were certainly implied. Regardless, we had an AWESOME few days here at Twitarded Central and THAT we are ready to tell you all about! We've got a lot to say on this so expect lots and lots of details over the next few days...

You can consider this the pre-gaming of Eclipse!

As most of you probably already know, LKW trekked on down here to New Jersey to attend the Volturi Ventures Eclipse Experience with us in New York City (we were not allowed to announce this earlier or blog about it or we would have!). We had never met Latchkey in person before, although we all talk to each other a gazillion times a day in one way or another. I am in such constant contact with Jenny Jerkface that Mr. Snarky calls her "his second wife" [sans sexual favors] and LKW is... what? the slutty mistress [sans sexual favors]? Yeah that works...

We were here!

Anyway, unfortunately JJ had to work on Monday (something about "billing" and "month/quarter-end closing" and some-odd bullshit like that - ugh!) and so did Mr. Snarky (blah blah "editorial deadlines" blah blah). So I was the only one here to greet LKW at the end of her journey. And I say "unfortunately" because I'm a tad...socially awkward. JJ And Mr. Snarky are my social buffers. I need them. You might not guess (or maybe you do?) given the fact that I willingly share intimate details of my life (and girly-parts) with thousands of people on a regular basis that I am actually sorta uncomfortable around people. But it's true. Perhaps I should have considered this before inviting a hundred and fifty or so of my Twi-besties to come hang with me in Forks, but I am convinced that with just the right mix of hand-holding, alcohol, anti-anxiety medication, and stunt doubles, I'll be just fine.

Things went so well with LKW that I am thinking I'll do fine! I've never had "online friends" before so I had no idea what to expect when we made the leap to standing-in-front-of-me friends. Seriously, she had warned us that there would be hugging and we'd warned her we're not big huggers and then I nearly swept her off her feet and leg-hitched her right there in my front hallway I was so excited to see her in the flesh (get your minds out of the gutter - she was fully clothed)! There was ZERO awkwardness. It was like a seamless transition from online to on-my-couch - like we were having a Skype video chat and she just stepped though the computer screen and into my living room without missing a beat. It was aweeeee-soooome.

Plus she brought wine! In a cute bottle! I am a sucker for good packaging...

And on Tuesday, things just got better.

I put my fair share into planning for Tuesday. Outfit picked out? Check. Much whining and cursing done over the fact that it would be 95 degrees and humid that day? Check.

Note: not sure what worked or if it was the combo of all the products above, but my hair had NO frizz! And it was HOT! and HUMID! I won't go into details but parts of me might need medical attention to recover from the hours-long swampiness... But it's all good practice for Forks, right???

Our bloggy friend Munkee made us this amazing tote and I loaded it up with all the essentials! [Thanks Munkee!!!]

This pic doesn't do it justice... It's adorable!

...and it has an inside pocket with one of our fave RPatts outtakes on it!

I loaded up some refreshments to keep up morale while we waited in line...

Dangrdafne sent me this thermos and it became my new fave flask! It kept our voddie all nice and chilled...

Look after my heart...
Oh wait--that's just a mysteriously suspended raspberry in the vodka infusion I was making for the big night!

I brought some good-for-me snacks...

...but didn't get to them because I had a super-healthy meal of chicken fingers and french fries at 5:00 and then didn't eat anything else but Skittles and alcohol until we got together for brunchy food and mimosas Wednesday morning...

JFTR - these Skittles - the "fizzy" ones - suuuuuck!

We all made THIS face when we tried them. Possibly worse.

I'm sticking with Crazy Cores from now on...

There was going to be a lot of apprehensive lip-licking going on, so I had to make sure I packed my favorite lip balm...

Just in case I needed a nice moist pucker that night for someone special who may have been in NYC at the time if his people didn't warn him about us and scare him off... or maybe I am just addicted to lip balm...

If I can go off on a small tangent for a moment, the super-nice folks at Lotions & Lotions sent JJ and me these organic, vegan, and handmade goodies a while ago - the lip balm is excellent and smells delish! Plus they have other great skincare products, too - check them out!

Loved all their stuff - go to HERE to take a look! They have "Bella Shimmer" lip balm too - yum (plus they are on sale now)!

We all added a few accessories (including the beaded heart bracelets that LKW made for all of us!) and we were on our way! SQUEEE!!!

Team Twitarded, activate!

So how did you get ready for The Big Night? Or how are you getting ready for it if you are still waiting for it to come out [and we are truly sorry for those of you who have to wait... but it's worth waiting for!]???

Email us your stories!! Email us your photos!! We've already received some pics from Twitards out and about, sporting Twilight or Twitarded gear, and we would love to see more so that we can write about them/share them in the days to come - you know where to find us (our emails are at the bottom of the page - get scrolling!).

Can't wait to talk about the details of the actual movie - hope everyone had an amazing night and loved it as much as we all did!


  1. Squee! Maybe first.. maybe not. I think that everyone from the East Coast is sleeping right about now - trying to catch up from last night, haha.

    I'll totes email you a few pics of our big night, which included frozen alcoholic treats to beat the 90+ degree, high humidity, Florida heat!

    Can't wait to read more from ya'll!

  2. Squee! I'm second! I'm so glad you posted where to get that lip balm because I was seriously about to email you and ask you where in the hell you got it!!

    Team Twitarded, activate! LOL!

  3. Just ordered my lip balm! And I totally agree about the skittles!

    For the movie, I rented out a theater at our local movie theater. We ended up having 116 people in my theater and we watched it together. It was so nice not to have to sit through it with a bunch of screaming teens and tweens. They also showed Twilight and NM before Eclipse, so I was a tired hoor by the time I got home after spending 8 hours at the movie theater. It was so nice not to have to fight the crowd though! Can't wait to see it again in a few days with some of my girls.

  4. Meeting online buddies in the flesh was so much more fun than I could have ever imagined. The transition, like you said, was effortless. I could have stayed up all night laughing and talking to them. I truly believe that when we are all together, and without the annoying delay of the internet...the banter is going to be priceless. Not only was the movie amazing, my whole experience was, and that makes this movie that much more awesome to me.

    That is all.
    xo J

  6. I so love the fact that you mentioned about being 'socially awkward' STY - and the graphic that followed was genius!!!!

    I'm a bit like that too - another reason why I doubt I could cope with FFFOOOOORRRRRKKKKKSSSSSS!!!! [oh, that and the fact that it's like a million miles away from where I live :-( ] But its good to know that there are others just like me - and such a bonus that they're Twitards too! :-)

    Oh, and I won't get to see Eclipse until Sunday evening (4 July), so hold fire on the spoilers just an ickle bit longer pleez!!!

    I thank you. Mwah!

  7. @Munkee, that tote bag is adorable. Maybe by now mr snarky can refer to LKW as "the third wife"??????
    hope you guys enjoyed!

  8. @STY are you on a special diet? Those snacks look a lot like my snack options, the Cashew Cookie Larabar is my fave.

    I loved Eclipse. Just told my husband I was moving into the movie theater for the weekend. He hasn't responded, trying to decide if that is good or not. Oh well.

    Found a couple of closeted Twi-friends in line last night. Guess the vamps are out of the bag now.

    For round 3 of Eclipse I think I am checking it out in Imax.

  9. Can't wait to hear all the details of your Epic Eclipse adventure!!!!

    That tote bag is freakin' adorable - LOVE the inside pocket! YUM!

    90 and humid sucks!!!! I am so grateful that the weather actually wasn't a 90 degree bitch around here(the way it usually is), and we actually needed our hoodies when we left the theater in the wee hours of Wed. morning. twi-obsessed brain is all over the place today - sorry! LOL

  10. You have no idea how fucking much fun I had with my Twitarded sistahs!! And now I'm back at work and a little depressed my adventure is over!

  11. I did my hair and makeup on a Tuesday night -- when does that happen? Borrowed my daughter's straightener, even. Who knew, maybe RPattz was going to make a surprise show-up at our theater?! Anway, had to look nice for the precious on the big screen. As it turned out, my son (age 12) pulled me in front of a local TV news camera and I got interviewed -- so thank goodness for the Mac liquid foundation!! Apparently ended up on the morning news, but haven't found it on-line yet. Kept husband and kids up waaaay too late -- but totally worth it.
    Can I come see you guys in Forks? Pretty please? If anyone needs a place to stay on the way there, I'm in Seattle and am happy to host a couple of Twitards.

  12. um, i want some of that fucking awesome vodka infusion. f'real. as for eclipse....tomorrow night bitches!!!! i'm getting so damned excited i shall probably be totally worthless at work today.

  13. You know normally I would be jealous of this post because you got to hang with other Twitards BUT I am not this time!!! I got to hang with Mrs. P and Living with Edward and it was AWESOME!!! My favorite parts were walking to the theater to meet LwE and as we were walking I turned to DangrDonna and said I think that is LwE walking towards us right now and then next thing I know I am hugging LwE. Way too cool. Then Mrs. P calls to say she is walking into the mall. So we go into action and pull out our Mrs. P avi's for each of us and for our mini Edwards. Then we stood there while she ignored us (or pretended to not know us) and then finally just started laughing and walking to us. She was amazed that we had all those avis. It was like a chauffere at an aiport. Both Twitards were exactly what I thought but better because there was no stopping our conversations by hitting send in an email or only 140 characters in Twitter. It was amazing and I am ready to go again (although to a matinee please - I am too old for the getting home at 4:30am deal LOL).

    One of us will send pics :) Glad you had fun.

    Where did you have chicken fingers and fries (or were they not gluten free)??

  14. I was with @Kitty_Elvis and we had a blast. We proudly wore our Twitarded shirts. I cannot wait for us all to watch these movies together in FFFOOORRRKKKSSSSS!!!!!

  15. Reading this makes me UBER excited for Forks! I'm dying! I can't wait!!!

    emailing you a pic now.

  16. firstly, i love the "not antisocial" pic and will be stealing it to put on my facebook :)

    the premiere was far less stressful that i assumed it would be! i had dinner with my twibuddy amy, we went and bought a bottle of wine, which we shared sitting in her car in the movie theater parking lot like the classy gals that we are!
    we only had to stand in line for 15 minutes when our showing was called to sit in the theater. i guess it was the first empty one! we got LUCKY! prime seats! the center of the center!

    my only complaint has to do with the haters who were making retching noises during the harry potter trailer. NOT COOL. and laughably immature. there's enough love for hp and twilight alike!
    it saddens me when people in the twilight community behave like that. especially when i know how wonderful all you twitarded ladies are! it's just disappointing.

    that said, i loved the movie! as always, there are things i can pick at, but i will save that for further posts ;)

    (stamps foot!)

  18. All are welcome in Fooorks! I'll try to keep my shit together - lol...

    And sadly no i did not track down gluten-free chicken tenders in the city (although i am sure they exist) - lately i've been pretty quick to just pay the price (for me, it's rashy skin) rather than try to find something i should be eating. (bad, i know. not sure what happened to my willpower. i think eclipseward way have stolen it... along with my heart. and my vagina.

  19. I raced back from a training, donned deodorant (not enough given the 90 degree weather in NYC), grabbed iced coffee for LKW and JJ, then grabbed them and you and headed to the train, where we gabbed and gabbed and gabbed and then sweated my ass off in line and edited the hard copy of Chapter 20 because I am committed, that's why. Or insane. That's the other reason why. And then sat next to JJ who had to pee like 80 million fucking times! And guess what? So did I! And got to meet tjbarber! Woot! I had so much fun I'm not even going to mention the incident in the parking deck at 1am, wherein I may have been unreasonably obnoxious to one or more garage employees.


    Ridiculousness took place, much wine was consumed, and a good time was had by all in my Twi-corner of the woods on Tuesday night. Really tempted to ditch work righteffingnow and go back to the movies. Is it just me?

  21. FIRST, I was wondering if you guys were going to the NYC experience again. I'm slightly jealous because I've wanted to do that even though I'm a thousand miles away.
    This year I made an Eclipse necklace to be in the auction. I wonder if you gals go to see it? I'm still wondering who won it :)
    Anyways, I started getting ready about 1pm on Tuesday (got the hair did- you dunno when the media will show up!), then got in line about 4pm to wait for Twilight that started at 7pm, then New Moon (someone farted loudly during it), then ECLIPSE - wooOo!!!
    Even though I sat my ass in fresh gum, raced to the store to buy new pants, got starbucks and came back all in 10 minutes driving like a Cullen, we had a blast!
    And now I'm sick with the cold.

  22. @spottysmom -- another Seattle Twitard! We need to have a meet up. Email me!

  23. @myg - you are HARDCORE - that's why you brought chapter 20! and we love you for it!! and yes, it would appear from how many times she stepped on us as she ran off to the bathroom 37 times that JJ's bladder is the size of a walnut.

  24. I'm with you for giving sexual favors to Mr. Slade for making Eclipse ROCK, but my tweet was simliarly simple. Now do you think we can talk him and Summit into remaking Twilight? That movie seriously sucks. I can barely stand watching it (let the stone throwing commence).

    I actually did the triple feature at the theater on June 29/30 and brought the Rifftrax for the first two movies. I laughed so hard I really pissed off everyone around me. Oops. Didn't realize they would be that funny.

  25. 1st I have to say I am totally with STY on the socially awkward thing, although this blog has made me much better *** thanks btw 8-)

    I went to see all three movies, by myself, probably because of the aforementioned social awkwardness- my RL friends don't have a clue just how obsesseed I am with all things twilight and they had no inention of sitting through a twilight triple feature, especially one where the last movie doesn't start until midnight. I wish there was a twitarded friend close to me, but Oh well. I had a blast anyway. The movie was awesome! I loved being in a crowded theater with a bunch of twihards. The energy in the theater was buzzing. It was really cool. The teens behaved most the time and only screamed the first time Jacob showed up without his shirt. They were pretty quiet during the actual dialogue.

    I turned around and saw it in the IMAX the next day. It was just as good... and the precious was just as beautiful on that giant screen... maybe more so because he was giant and right in my face squee!!!!!

    I, too, wanted to spend the weekend living at the theater, but my husband did answer and reminded me of my "responsibilities" yuch! what a buzzkill!

  26. lablab73 you're lucky your Imax screen was bigger than the standard. We went the next day to the Imax and the screen was barely any bigger so it was practically the exact same movie again... not that it was a bad thing, just that I wish I hadn't spent the extra money on a screen almost the same size.

  27. Here I am with the tardy comments. Just back in internetland after more than a month away. It's quite a job tryig to catch up with Twitarded posts. I'm pretty lucky it's the only blog I follow.

    Anyhoo, just wondering if anyone has created a "Where's the Twitard in Twitardia map?" so that we might facilitate getting together, if'n we're up to outing ourselves to that degree?

    I'm in MT, which, god bless it, means way more cows and open space than people and so I'm probably not that close to anyone. But, I do travel a lot for work...

    Aaaand, I had to drag my man to Eclipse last night and god love him he was a great sport, even if he did have to get high before stepping foot in the theatre. But, it would've added to the ridiculous fun if I could have perhaps gone with another soul equally as Twitardly fucked as myself.

    I'm happy to start a map if anyone wants to map themselves...

  28. Addicted2TwilightJuly 6, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    So I finally saw the movie yesterday!! Gah I don't know how I lasted. I had some girlfriends over and we watched Twilight and New Moon and then played SceneIt Twilight and had a lot of fun. Off the the 10 o'clock showing in IMAX an hour early. We found out there really wasn't a reason to do it since we were 3-6 in line and no one was behind us. Once in the theater we played New Moon trivia on my iPhone and passed the time. Movie started with a bang! Amazing movie, some scenes made me absolutely hot and I did cry! I was glad for the wait.


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