Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ECLIPSE SPOILERS: From the world's slowest, shittiest spoiler whore. EVER

I'm not even going to bother coming up with an excuse as to why I'm incapable of posting Eclipse spoilers in a timely manner. I figure y'all expect us to be late as fuck with the news-y stuff and just politely overlook it like it's some sort of flaw that can't be helped. Which it can't.

With Eclipse a mere 7 days away (squee-mother-fucking-SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!) we here at Twitarded are starting to chomp at the bit in our excitement. We've already put in our vacation days at our respective places of employment and Latchkey Wife is even going drive ALL the way from the Boonies to Joisey so we can get all cheesy over Eclipse together and possibly get arrested as a precursor to Fooooorks.

Boo-yah. [Note from LKW: Boo-fucking-yah!]

In the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks, clips and pictures of the spoilage variety that should tie all you Slutty McSlutfaces over for a little while.

From Twilightish

Found via RobsessedBlog I swear that these wonderful peeps have some kind of "in" because they manage to post new pictures/videos/everything the hot second it gets released. I'm in awe of their them.

From MyTwilife:

Here's another one from My TwiLife -- seriously, this site is one of the major dealers of my spoiler-fixes. Seven Eclipse clips in one. {{bouncy bouncy bouncy...}}

And last but not least - a bedroom scene!! No, not the one where Edward ravishes Bella in multiple kama sutra poses - you all read too much fan fic, people!!

It's this one (ignore the Spanish subtitles and bonus points for identifying the song playing in the background.)

I'm kind of surprised that there doesn't seem to be as much stuff floating around as there was when Twilight and New Moon were released. I mean, I know I'm slow and all but I can't possibly be missing everything? Can I? Don't forget to go over and visit all the sites that actually DO update on a timely basis. Give them a kiss and maybe touch their boobs or something. Tell them Jenny Jerkface sent ya.

Oh, and did I mention -- SEVEN DAYS UNTIL ECLIPSE?!!!

Let the week long Squeefest commence.


  1. Here's one without subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kkfpplp4hM

    You're a slow whore, but that's okay. ;) Thanks for the clips!

  2. SQUEEEEEE mother fucking squeeeee...indeed!
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
    SO fucking excited. Me & 9 of my closest Twi-whores have tickets to the 4:35 showing on June 30th (we are WAY too old to be trying to stay up til 3am.) So, we are all taking a half day off of work, going to the show, then going to dinner & drinks to process & squeee afterwards.
    I cannot wait! Edward & Jacob look SO yummy.

  3. Emmett rolling around on the ground, nom nom nom. Jake and his abs, nom nom nom. Edward in any fucking thing that has any part of his body on the screen, NOM MOTHERFUCKING NOM LET ME SIT ON YOUR FACE NOM.

  4. Oh, and I know we have already talked about this, but Carlisle's accent is REALLY annoying.

  5. SQUEEEEEEEEEE! I said that same thing to another twihard friend of mine and I had to school her. She thought I said 'squeal'. Silly wabbit.

    Deliciousness, all of the vamps, the shirtless boy wonders, all of them. I canNOT friggin wait. I too am taking a half day so we can get a little (ok, a lot) boozed up before heading to the 7pm showing. And we will be sneaking in mini bottles and boxes (yes, they make mini wine BOXES. They look like juice boxes. How fuck awesome is that?!?)

    7 more days. We. Can. Do. It.

  6. Oh, and here's a link to a better version of the behind the scenes clip. Longer, no annoying E voice-overs, more cast and most importantly, you get to hear (and see) Rob say 'Beller and Edward'. Seriously, could he be any cuter?!


  7. Not watching, not watching, not watching....oh how you tempt me. I have not come this far to be tainted by your hoorish ways. I am waiting for a full-blown multiple Twigasm next Tuesday at midnight. My Twymen is pure..ish.

    Who hasn't joined Team Osa Bella yet? It's time to step up...woot, woot!

  8. Um. Yeah JJ, You are that slow. :)

    But we don't come here to get the latest, prettiest pix. We come for the snark and the smut and the companionship of our Twitarded sistahs! And you always deliver!

    Seven more wake-ups!!!! Woot! Woot!

  9. how the hell do you think I get my hot-off-the-press twi-news? YOUR SIDEBAR!
    lots of love.

  10. @Cat has it right - we don't go to Twitardia for the news, but the commentary. Which is way more fun.

    I'm trying to round up folks in Seattle (VitR, I know you can't come!)for the Sat night New Moon Summit extravaganza in Fremont and the double bill of Twi and New Moon at Thornton Place on Tues night. I have the lamest friends in the world who all think I'm insane and refuse to participate.
    Wish all you guys lived in Seattle!

  11. Yup, you're a slow bloggy whore, but it's all good. We love our loosey goosey ;)

    Can't wait to hear about the 3 of you finally getting together!


  12. stilllookingformyvampJune 23, 2010 at 12:42 AM

    Superstar JJ,

    I thought I was a full whore, but apparently I was wrong. I actually saw some clips I haven't seen before.

    Thanks for making me the full whore I totally intended to be.

    I can't believe it is a mere 7 days away!!!!!!!

  13. so exciting! I've been a total whore for this movie (and the other two; let's be honest) and I'm loving it all!

  14. Squee I'm excited, but I may have to miss it. We had a server go down yesterday and I may be stuck rebuilding a server all next week! Cross your fingers ladies that restoring the server from backup works!

  15. aw, i hadn't seen that last clip. love it! i'm always the last to know:)
    i think the song is called "life on earth" ding, ding, ding! good shit.
    the time is just flying by now. i'm on twilight overload. double squeeeeee!

  16. eeeeeeeeeeeeek those clips are fanfuckingtabulous!!!!!

    and i keep checking back here today for Osa Bella!!

    Where are you new Osa Bella chapter? Come out come out where ever you are!!??? Mama needs her fix!!

  17. @RobzSinger (or JJ)... who's the artist on that tune?

  18. hey, kintail, i'm in seattle; already have tix for Tuesday midnight Eclipse at Meridian downtown; are you already set on thornton place? i would check out the fremont thing on saturday; i need someone local who can empathize!!

    (dying for the next Osa Bella . . . no pressure, Myg!)

  19. *covers ears, eyes closed tightly* lalalalalala...i'm not listening...lalalalalala. must.keep.cherry.intact!

  20. Still not looking/watching. Yay me!! It's been easier than I thought it would be, actually. Although, I think a big part of that was the fact that the movie wasn't done yet and was still be edited. I have only watched three trailers and only once through each. Looking foward to watching Eclipse pretty much spoiler-free and comparing the experience to the overload of New Moon.

  21. I'm such a piss poor yet willing hoor, and all of those clips (pretty much) were new to me. Pop goes the Twymen! Thanks JJ, I needed that. *reaching for cigarette*

    Can't wait to see it, tho I think I might have to wait till July 1st...depends on the time of the showing. I can't do midnight again, I was wasted for a whole day after that for NM. I'm such a lightweight these days...

  22. @anon- Life on Earth by Band of Horses, it's on the soundtrack.


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