Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Twilightly-&-RPatts-y Stuff (Oh and Happy Birthday Edward Cullen!!!)

SO I had all this stuff on my mind that I wanted to talk about and I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about tonight and what I'd have to NOT talk about and then I realized that it's my blog and if I want to ramble on about numerous random and only-vaguely-related-at-best topics, nobody was gonna stop me.

First let me say that I haven't been around much... Did you miss me??? I missed you. Last week...sucked monkey nuts. I won't bore you with the details but I was gloomy and having "a moment" that lasted for several days and it took me a few more days to snap out of it once I got some shit resolved. I forgot to set the Tivo to record Robert Pattinson's appearance on Jay Leno. It was that kind of week. Latchkey Wife sent me a link, but apparently the folks at Comcast are greedy bastards and had them deleted. Thankfully, people who lurrrv Twi and RPatts cannot be thwarted or stopped and I found another video of the interview. And all I can say is that after days on end of feeling like I had a permanent frown stuck on my face, ten seconds into this video I was grinning a big doofy grin and all was right with the world.

I can't even begin to explain how much this picked me up (you can click over to YouTube to watch the rest - totally worth it!). If you haven't watched it, definitely make the time for it. I actually even tried to get Mr. Snarky to watch this, but he asked me if I REALLY expected him to "SQUEEEE!" at RPatts with me and reminded me that he doesn't have a vagina so I let it go.

Just for shits and giggles (and because there's no such thing as too much RPatts), here's his first interview on Jay Leno from November 2008, shortly after Twilight came out. What a difference a year and a half makes! He's all growned up now! All growned up! But I love "I just rolled out of bed and grabbed the first clothes I found on the floor and didn't run a comb through my hair"-Rob, too. Boy howdy do I...

You might also be aware that today is a special day here in the Twidom: it's Edward Cullen's birthday!! Last year, I custom-made a party hat for mini-E and delved deep into my "Secret Language of Birthdays" book to get a read on our fave 109-year-old undead dreamboat. It was good. If you haven't read it, go HERE NOW (but make sure you come back!). I am still slightly mortified that I am semi-celebrating the birthday of a character from a tweener novel, but it gets easier all the time, people, and I have had lots of practice.

In honor of his special day, please to enjoy Biel's uber-fantastic tribute-to-Edward video (featuring a song by The XX, which ups the awesome factor exponentially) -

Last but certainly not least, I present proof-positive that YES, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson lurk in the blogdom, see everything, and DO have the sense of humor we want and need them to! You'll have to go over to MTV HERE to watch, but basically Kristen is being interviewed and says that while some merchandise people have made is just weird/obscene in a bad way, "the underwear" are... "FUNNY weird"!!! Pay close attention - at first I thought she was saying that she was freaked out by the Edward underwear - first she mentions the the "obscene" stuff (I'm lookin' at you, "The Hobo" Robrator - heh-heh) but THEN she says the undies are funny! They like us! They really like us!!! Oh and Kristen doesn't have to worry about having a pair of her own - ain't nothing like the real thing, baby, and she's got it. {{{sigh}}} I never thought I would link back to that post, but I couldn't resist! I [heart] you, sassy, undies-liking KStew...

Aaaaand Snarky out! Here's to next week being better than last! At least we can look forward to more yummy pre-Eclipse press footage - SQUEEEE!!!


  1. Damn it STY, I've got so much writing left to do this night and you've blogged so many yummy distractions. I had to go back and read the Pantygate post, and I have to tell you, having read it several times, I laugh until I cry every time I read it. So. Fucking. Funny.

    mwah and yes, let's hope this week sucks much less all around.

    My WV? horphori. horphori. I know there's a joke in there somewhere.

  2. Wasn't this interview soooo good. I don't know about you, but I always get a little nervous when the precious sits down to talk with someone.......but he did so good, I feel like a proud........older sister, we will leave it at that!
    Hope this week is better for everyone!

  3. Snarky! Welcome back. I was wondering if you were having a shitty week. I know I was. I've been all but invisible on my twi-porn devoted facebook page, and I've been admittedly less attentive than usual here. None of my blogs have seen me around. But I feel the winds of change a'blowing, so hopefully some warm weather and a less-than-ten-days countdown will bring us back to where we need to be.

    Thanks for the link to the Leno interview. And having the first interview to watch after it was great! It really is amazing how much has changed for him.

  4. ""the underwear" are... "FUNNY weird"!!! ... They like us! They really like us!!!"

    I KNOW! We've been trying to tell you that since the underwear came OUT! JESUS!

  5. When I saw Kristens interview a few days ago I immediately thought of you STY, Marie had linked me to your underwear post only a day prior so it was fresh on my mind when I saw that interview.. I heart the Robpanties and I am very jealous I dont have my own pair but I think everyone else is too lol

    Also: loved Rob on Jay x2 and happy bday Edward Cullen

  6. Loved the Jay Leno interview! How sweet was the email from his dad, and we got bonus hand-porn watching The Precious scroll thru his phone. Sigh.

    I've made a radical decision to stop whoring up all the Eclipse clips. It's just too much, we could almost watch the whole fucking movie... so, I'm going 'born again'! Eclipse (sort-of) virgins unite! Will def watch pics of the red carpet etc but no more movie clips for me until the six-hour three-movie marathon extravaganza next week. I'm flexing and warming up already...

  7. @I_hear_Fifty--You better take your vitamins because you only have a little over a week for Twymen re-generation...that isn't very long my friend.

    @STY-Thank you for all these fantabulous videos in one spot. I might just have to re-watch all of them....a few times. 'Funny weird' has definitely been added to my vocabulary descriptive of so many things....and now for the infamouse panties. I foresee drinking games in FFFOOORRRKKKKKSSS with using 'funny weird'. yep.

  8. Thanks, SNY, for the fuck-awesome Biel video. Yum yum!

    I am not embarrassed to share that today I bought a smartphone. No - I don't have a fabulous job to justify the expense. Hell, not even to text Fifty (grin).

    I bought it, of course, because I never want to be out of touch with Twitards and FF.

    Yep, totally addicted.

    I blame you all!


  9. While I totally appreciate all cleaned up, pulled together and in a fuckhawk skinny suit Rob....I really REALLY miss dirty, messy, long hair, looking freshly sexed up Rob....sigh...

    LOVED the fingerporn while he was reading his dad's emails though. And I'm now officially Team Daddy Pattinson too. How freakin' cute is he!!

    And now you must excuse me, I must go watch Beil's video again...

  10. @VitaminR - Thanks, my twymen is regenerating as we speak... 9 days...

  11. ::looks around cautiously and whispers:: Psst, Snarky, you gots a typo- Twilight and that first Leno came out in 2008 ::ducks and runs:: But that first Leno is the biggest piece of win ever since I thought Heidi Klum was going to run away from him and his "lack of personal style and hygiene" LOL

  12. Hey STY,
    Sorry to hear your week has been a butt plug. Hang in there. Thanks for posting one of my favorite Robward vids. I have that in my favorites on youtube and watch it more than I care to admit ;)

    As for the Stew....she is a sassy little thing isn't she? Sometimes I'm rather mortified at the thought of her reading our blogs...BUT then again the chance of meeting her and actually having a one on one convo about it is pretty slim.

    xo J

  13. @Myg- No more distractions! You write like a Cullen; swift and elegant. Make Mr Myg give you a shoulder rub and an uplifting pep talk. Take your Ridlin and keep it focused.

    @ STY- I thought you've been quietthis week. Don't fret, STY. We all have shitty moments. Some more than others unfortunately. One of my son's flooded the bathroom this week and the water ran underneath the tub, leaking into our neighbors ceiling below us. Needless to say, the landlord came over, inspected the damage and we owe the neighbor $400 for a new matress/box spring set. Yeah, I wanted to hide under a fucking rock when that happened. But like you, watching the interviews and reading your blogs made me perk up. Rob has that effect on me.

  14. so, i love rob. in many ways, but at this particular moment i'm talking sexually.
    and i love the xx. their music basically puts me in heat.
    the two combined?

    thank you...just...thank you...

    p.s. nice to hear from you sty :)

  15. Happy Birthday, Edward! You're birth is definitely something to celebrate, baby! Great, now I'm talking to a fictional character. Oh well......I should be used to it by now! Does that make him 110? I've lost track.

    Thanks to STY for a happy post to start off a Monday. This Leno interview is now my fav. I also go into a protective cringe before Rob's interviews and felt like a proud granny 10 seconds into this. I just knew it was going to be good. He's matured so much while we've been watching. Proud of Rob in so many ways.....when I'm not feeling my hormones being jump-started by that impregnating stare he can pull off like no one else I can remember. VROOOM!

    L in Maine

  16. @anon - thanks! yeah my brain no worky so good last night - lol! it's hard to blog AND watch true blood (plus it makes me feel like i am two-timing the precious - lol). i'm gonna go fix it up!

    : )

    thanks to everyone for the bloggy support - yup some days/weeks just suck more than others and last week was pretty damn high on the suck-o-meter. like i think the meter broke trying to measure the level of suck that was last week. so be default, this week HAS to be better, right? right??? i mean, it's not like i'm going to get much done this week because all i'll be able to think about is NEXT week - SO CLOSE!!!!

    : )

  17. Girl, I hear you about last week: major suckage. Here's hoping this week is better. I know you're an Eclipse virgin, but for anyone else (cough*whores*cough), what cheered *me* up over the weekend are the new clips from Eclipse that I posted over on my blog. I think they might have gotten few things right this time, and I can't wait to see for sure next week!!

    And of COURSE Kristen likes the undies. They're hilarious. How could she not???

  18. Oh Snark, I missed you! Thanks for the vids, I didn't catch Leno either and just enjoyed it immensely. My fav part was Rob reading his dad's texts, that was adorkable! I heart him more and more, how is that possible?

    Pull yourself out of your melancholy, woman. You're prob. just experiencing pre-premier blues, coupled with a smattering of RL intruding on your ability to loose yourself in the usual Rob-induced bliss.

    Fuck reality, Robward makes everything so much better. "Relax, Sty.....this will feel so good you'll forget about everything else...." (that's Rob, btw...)

  19. Biel's Edward video >>>>>>>> the actual Twilight movies

  20. Boy have I missed my Snarky :)
    Just think this week is the week before Eclipse!!! That has to make it just a little bit better - I hope.

  21. Sorry to hear about your shitty week, we've all had them. Welcome back, let's hope that the rest of the year is better.

    I'm glad to hear that Kristen thinks the panties are funny, last thing that I want to see is Kellan's reaction again. That just ripped my heart out.

    I have been working on a few things... Muhaha... and may have a little Etsy store soon.... just saying.. Cause well... I may be unenployed soon and I gotta make money some how to get to FFOOORRKKSS!!!

  22. Did anyone else watch this week's episode of "The Soup?" Joel McHale TOTES makes a quick fanfic shoutout about Twi. It's in passing, but it was there! It made my bf crack up, and it made me smile like I was just invited into The Pretay's trailer!

  23. First I'd just like to say that the recent Leno interview made me love Rob even more if that's possible... he was so fucking precious reading those emails from his dad, it made me just want to hug him tight (and then press his face between my breasts...)

    And secondly, I found a typo on this sentence...

    "But I love "I just rolled out of bed and grabbed the first clothes I found on the floor and didn't run a comb through my hair"-Rob"

    I think it should say... "But I love "I just rolled out of bed and grabbed the first clothes I found on Latchkey Wife's floor and didn't run a comb through my hair because it took me forever to pry her vice-like thigh grip from my waist"-Rob,

  24. Sorry you had a sucktastic week. :(

    BUT - I'm happy that RPattz hotnes was able to pull you from the brink!

    He just keeps doing that annoying thing that George Clooney has done - just gets hotter with age. How is that fair, btw? Nobody will be lusting after KStew when she's 50! But I bet we'll all just be the first generation of admirers of the Precious.

  25. I LOVE that you confirmed the sense of humor issue! And KStew just rose in popularity amongst at least 1500 followers today! Thanks STY!

  26. omg, who is this Biel person. I <3 you! Keep the Edward tribute videos coming.

    I think Italy Edward was absolutely delicious! Even if he was supposed to be depressed.

    And the New Moon sex walk...that never gets old. I get a huge shit-eating grin on my face EVERY time I watch that. Hope we get some kind of Eclipse sex-strut!


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