Monday, June 21, 2010

Team Osa Bella Will Kick Your Ass, Cancer.

Hello, Twitards. Myg here. I know that you usually come here for laughs and pictures of RPattz and oh, there were some very nice ones out today, right? But this evening the ladies of the castle have given me the keys so I could talk to you about something very important to me. Please bear with as I tell you all a story.

I was late to the fandom. It was just January of this year when Snarkier Than You gave me Twilight (the book) after a brief conversation we had about this blog. She didn't know this then but I started reading it when my youngest step-sister, Amanda, was in the final stages of a long, fuck awful battle with Osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer).

I tore through the entire saga in about two weeks, so grateful to have something I could just lose myself in to escape the pain of grieving for awhile. You all have no idea how much this funny, smart, and caring community of Twitards has helped me--is still helping me--stay afloat when the storm clouds loom on the horizon. I will forever love you all for that, among the many reasons I have come to love you.

Osa Bella was born on January 26, 2010, four days after my boys' first birthday. Amanda had been too sick to come to the party, even though I knew she was desperately trying. She'd ordered the cake for me, she'd made favors. But when the day came, she just couldn't leave the house. I think that's when I really knew the end was coming.

I promise you all, the reason Osa Bella came into being, the reason I tore into it with such an obsessive passion was because I desperately needed someplace to put the agony I was feeling as I understood I was going to have to let her go.

I spent every spare moment I had writing this story. I stole time from work. I stayed up late at night. I thought about it in the car. I thought about it when I walked the dog. I drove Mr. Myg insane talking about it. And I wondered, why the hell am I so obsessed with this story? I can't even sell it.

I didn't understand it until one of you asked me if I was doing Fandom Gives Back. It was @Hollister_1980 who asked, "Are you participating in the FGB? I NEED an Edward POV." This was mere days after I'd gotten a comment from @SnarkierThanYou that said something along the lines of, "Sigh, an EPOV sure would be nice."

I have no intention to introduce an EPOV in Osa Bella, for the record. Never. Gonna. Happen. But that started me thinking about the EPOV of Osa Bella, or if you will, the Midnight Sun version of Osa Bella. But hell, I really do not have time for this, I said to myself. Mr. Myg will fucking kill me if I even mention it. And, what the hell is FGB?

A few tweets later, I got the link to Fandom Gives Back and read all about it, and read all about Alex's Lemonade Stand, the organization that raises money for research into childhood cancer. About 15 seconds later I was sobbing at my desk and emailing my inner Twitard circle saying, "Holy shit, I have to do this." And they said, "We've got your back, Myg." And with that, Team Osa Bella was born.

See, Amanda first got sick when she was 26 years old. Because she was under 30, she was treated as a pediatric cancer patient, and she was treated at Sloan Kettering in New York City on the pediatric wing, where she spent several months of her life among the child cancer patients. And as someone who spent a lot of time with her there, so did I.

I can't tell you all the story of Amanda right now. It's too long, too rich, and too important for me to have the capacity to do it justice here. Just know that she fought like a motherfucker against this illness for six years. It finally claimed her in March, just three months ago, at the age of 32. The loss of her young, promising life was devastating to me and to the rest of my family, like these kinds of deaths always are. And without even knowing it, you were all there for me, helping me get through every day.

When I realized last week that I could take Osa Bella and use it to help fight childhood cancer, I am not shitting you when I say I got the chills.

Because, in case it isn't obvious yet, Osa Bella is the story of how we survive and find meaning in life after losing someone we love. It's painful. It's messy. It's dangerous. But somehow, we do it.

Actually, I think I do know how. We do it together, right here, every day.

So, thank you for that. And whether you've got a few bucks to pledge or not, please join me in sending the following message to cancer, on behalf of Amanda, my family, your family, all those families who have had to surrender a beloved to this wretched disease.

Dear Cancer,

We are coming for you. Run, motherfucker.

Team Osa Bella

And now, some words from our fearless Team Captain, VitaminR70

Laaaaaadies and gentleman [we know you’re out there boys] it is almost time for Eclipse! Whether you are wearing a metal clad chastity belt like Texas Katherine or you are a slightly naughty “Just The Tipper” like Snarkier Than You and myself…even if you are shamelessly taking it any time, any place, anywhere, any how like Latchkey Wife and Jenny Jerkface...we are ALL equally excited for what is to come (ahem) in the next week. BUT, I am here today to rally us for a different cause, for it is also time for The Fandom Gives Back 2010 fundraiser and auction.

This is Texas Katherine's avi. I want to send her some baby powder and Vagasil because that thing most definitely does not breathe.

For those of you that may not know, three wonderful women in this fandom (ninapolitan, tby789, and LolaShoes) organized a fundraising community called The Fandom Gives Back prior to the release of New Moon in 2009. Our very own Twilight community at large raised over $86,000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Yep, you read that right. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a non-profit foundation that raises money for children’s cancer research. If you haven’t read the story about how this great organization came to be, read this Be sure to have some Sniffs handy because the story of Alex will simultaneously break your heart and re-instill your faith in people…..good people.

Last year Jenny Jerkface and Snarkier Than You collected money from the residents of Twitardia to bid on a dinner with Peter Facinelli. Sadly, they did not win [note from STY: we were SO fucking close - with all of your help, we made an awesome showing AND more importantly helped raise the final bid to close to 4k - WOOOOT!!!] but our own Twitarded community raised over $3,200 which was donated directly to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. As a lifelong philanthropist (I was a member of Greenpeace at the age of 8 dagnabbit! Don’t club the baby Harp Seals!), the generosity of this community warmed the cockles of my Twi-lovin’ heart. This year, together with our fearless Twitarded leaders, we are forming Team Osa Bella and I, VitaminR70, am Team Captain.....and no, I can’t do the splits.

I am the blonde on the end...not quite hurts...must smile...Rah! Rah!...Aaaaahhh!

So here is the Scooby Doo on Team Osa Bella. Our very own resident of Twitardia, and talented author of Osa Bella, Myg, has offered up an auction item for The Fandom Gives Back. Myg is offering a one shot from her Osa Bella fanfic in Edward’s point of view from any chapter of our team’s choosing. Who doesn’t want to get inside Edward’s head? Um, well, you know what I mean. Here is how it works: you go to our team page here and fill out a pledge form. You can pledge to donate any amount that you are comfortable with. That’s it. It's that easy. I do the rest of the work: I will keep track of what our team’s progress is and I will bid on the auction item when the auction opens. When we win (and we WILL win), I will direct you all to make your pledge payments and then we wait with baited breath for Myg to create our prize. There is nothing more win-win than this: you get more fantastic fanfic and you donate to a great cause. So do what you gotta do: clean out the change from the sofa, give up your lattes for a few days, fish out all the change from the bottom of your elephantine purse, have that garage sale, or sell the kids forgotten Pokemon card collection on Craigslist like this dude -

I Googled ‘Money’ and I found this... There really are no words.

Do what you can. Any little bit is great. I know all you snarky, dirty-brained Twitards have big, huge softy hearts underneath it all. Let’s do this! We are super, We eat Nutella, We are Team Osa Bella! Goooooo TEAM! Um, I may need to work on that cheer...

Thank you for letting me babble on. Now you all know why I don’t have a blog. Now please go join our team…Woot! Woot! Rah! Rah! And a big boob bob for all you.




  1. Fantastic post! Thank you Twitarded for once again supporting FGB so fucking awesomely.

  2. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this incredible blog with such loving and caring women. Now let's raise some dough and give cancer a swift kick in the balls!

  3. I'm totally pulling the change out of my couch again for all our twitarded girls.
    I'm sobbing like a big ol' baby. I love my best friend to cancer last year at age 30 and every time I hear about another life lost to the C word (cancer not cunt), I too say run motherfucker run.
    Love to you all.
    P.S. Even though I only have 40 followers on my fb page, I'm posting this on The Daily Twimes as well

  4. oops *lost, not love (although I did love her too)

  5. I'm in for as much as my broke ass can handle.

  6. Okay, now I'm crying again. Cat, so sorry for your loss. Thanks for supporting Team OB.

    Ninapolitan, thanks for the opportunity to use this obsession to do good in the world. Makes it so much more relevant and meaningful,

    CC, big love and thanks.

    I'm gonna go hide for a bit or I might snot all over my keyboard.

  7. **passing Sniffs to all my Twitarded sisters**

    Shit, I am crying all over again too. I love this place, I love you people. Now go raid your piggy banks and let's do this thing!!!! Woohoo!

  8. I wish to say Thank You. I lost my brother at the age of 42 to brain cancer just days before this Christmas. My mother passed just 3 weeks before that of a broken heart, watching this dispicable disease take her oldest child. I will also dig in my couch cushions, my cup holders and raid my kid's piggy bank. Thank you on behalf of my family and I.

  9. Hmmm it appears Blogger is hungry tonite. Here is my comment again:

    Post read, tears shed, donation paid, night made.

    I don't know what made me want to write a rhyme but there it is.

    Please know that I would make this donation even without the one shot but that is definitely the extra yummy bonus!

    My father passed away from cancer 5 years ago this past March. One of my first posts on my blog was about him:

    I always find it amazing how we are tied to each other in Twitardia. Thank you for doing this!

  10. I've been sobbing like a baby all day over this. I'll take a Sniff now, VitaminR. I seriously can't add anything else to this post. It's perfect. I will be forever thankful for the friends I've made in this fandom.

    Ok, I'm going to sob some more.

  11. What an incredible gesture. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this community of twitards has so much love!

    I have so much respect for your story, Myg. I work in cancer care and know from personal experience that much of the financial support that goes to fabulous non-profit organisations comes from donors with personal experiences like yours and Amanda's.

    Rest assured if I was US-based I would donate, I really would. Best of luck to Team Osa Bella :)

  12. Luckily here at Casa Snarky we are happy living hand to mouth and doing what we want with what $ we have. And I want to do this. I want to contribute to the cause and dang let's face it - an EPOV chappie would be niiiice... just saying! I cried big-ass tears all day as this was being put together and I can't say how happy I am that Myg and VitaminR70 put this opportunity out there for us to donate to ALS again this year. I don't have kids and mostly donate what I can to animal-related causes and a few other things, but this really hits home no matter who you are or what you so or whether you have kids or not.

    Once again I am proud beyond words to be part of this fandom. You guys ALL never cease to amaze me!

    GO TEAM!!!

  13. Like I just told you in the last OB chapter... I'm in! We'll raise some money for this great cause.

    Wowwww, it seems I wasn't the only one sobbing and crying for the past hour, huh?

    Thank you for sharing your sister's story Myg. Knowing we, Twitards, can make a difference is amazing, we're amazing!!!!
    Stay strong, we love you!

  14. myg thanks for sharing your story. my dad was treated at sloan kettering as well, but we couldn't kick cancer hard enough. ironically he met my mom doing cancer research there 30 years ago. i'll pledge what i can so we can royally kick cancer's ass. VitaminR - thanks so much for helping to keep organized!

  15. God I need a snif.. Whatever I can do to help.

  16. Myg, VitR, JJ, LKW, and STY,

    Thanks to you all for getting on board this FGB train. I will gladly and proudly pledge my heart, loyalty and money to Team Osa Bella.

    Two of my aunts are fighting breast cancer right now. My stepmother is a 10 year plus breast cancer survivor. And my BFF was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma almost 2 years ago. She fought like hell, we prayed our asses off, and she survived. She just celebrated one year cancer free. It can be done. Believe in the miracle, trust in god, but swim like hell for the shore.

    I am not a rich Twitard, but count me in. Alone I can't do much, but together we can make a difference. Together we can Kick Cancer's Ass. I love this community, thank you for everything!

  17. Just adding my love to this post ~
    I have said it so many times but it's worth repeating here...
    This fucktastic group rocks my world ~ daily!

    I am so in!

    @TexasKatherine said it best ~ I too am forever grateful for all of you and all you do!

    Much love ~ Ginny

  18. Oh holy crap you guys. I am just really honored to be part of this group. I know my story about Amanda echoes with so many of you, and I am sorry for that. I just want to wrap my arms around each and every one of you and say thanks and I'm sorry and fuck! We will send a good chunk of change to ALS and kick cancer in the balls, as Latchkey Wife said. Because we're Twitards and we don't take shit from anyone, not even cancer.

    Big group bear hug!

  19. @Myg: Big group Team Osa Bella white spirit-bear hug!

  20. Myg, heartfelt condolences for your loss - if I could hug you hard, I would (are you going to fooorks?). I am participating in honor of your sister.

    I am so in love with all of you right now, it's bordering on inappropriate. Not only do you make my life better on a daily basis - you touch my heart too :) What a brilliant idea - harnessing the power of hormones en masse. Many thanks to all who make the FGB a reality - let's do this thing!

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  23. Clearly my lap top keys are giving me SHIT tonight. Let me try this again...

    If I can scrounge up some $ I will donate. This is an amazing post. I just noticed that there will be an Alex's Lemonade stand in my hood this weekend. I'm definitely going to walk down & check it out.

    I had a cancer scare once and boy does it hit home hard. Fuck Cancer.
    That is all.

    xoxo to all of you lovely bloggy ladies!


  24. @MYG - I admire your strength and your ability to do positive things with your grief (writing & FGB)Can't wait to join the team.

    And kudos to VR for taking this on. If you need help - you know where to find me :)

  25. @Myg, I'm sorry for the loss of Amanda. She was a warrior for sure. I could feel her spirit in your words.

    I lost my 54 year old mom two years ago to pancreatic cancer, another fuckmare of a disease. I found Twilight 9 months after, in my grief, and inhaled it, clung to it, I even visited the precious on his twilight promo tour on the anniversary of her death, falling apart like a mess but trying to do something to make me smile, for her.. I know yall would understand that, more than anyone.

    So, yeah. I'm in. And your message to cancer gave me chills.

    Childhood cancer..I also just had my first child of my own, and am grateful every day for her health. I can't imagine the *hell* parents go through with a sick child. Yeah. I can't even go there.

    For Amanda, for Alex, for my mom, for everyone's loved ones, for everyone who now feels our love from the other side because they were taken too soon from cancer. Go Team OSA!

  26. I just want to say - yet again and with all the heartfelt sincerity that I can manage to stuff into a comment form - that you guys are the BEST and I [heart] our amazing little Twitarded corner of the fandom like family. OK, maybe a tad more than family [don't tell them, 'kay?].

    Like Myg said, whether you have the means to donate or not, thank you for being here with us, through thick and thin.

  27. myg, I'm sorry you lost your sister. I had to say something here because I relate. I read the books Sept-October 2008 as my mom was dying from colon cancer. I didn't want to read the books because I was sure I wouldn't like them and I was so fried. Daughter begged me so we could discuss them-so I did. I ended up reading next to my mom's bedside a lot and telling her the story when she was awake. Mom died November 2008. I owe Stephenie Meyers and my daughter big time for giving me an escape during the worst time of my life.
    anyway..yeh...I LOVE your story. as far as I'm concerned you're pretty awesome. good work-thank you. :)

  28. Definitely in need of a sniff after that...

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, Myg [hugs] This story hits home with me as well. This Sunday, my family is holding a memorial for my Uncle who just lost a long battle with brain cancer. And I have lost far too many family members to this horrible disease as I'm sure most of you have as well.

    I LOVE that this blog has brought together so many wonderful ladies who do such fuckawesome things. I'm heading over to make a donation now... xoxo

  29. As emotions run, right now I honestly don't have the words. I've stared down the barell of cancer and I really want to kick it's ass!
    Myg, using your grief to fuel Osa Bella is truly amazing. I have loved every bit of the story and can feel the raw emotion radiating from it. I am truly humbled to be part of Team Osa Bella and this Twitarded family.
    My donation has been made. Let's kick ass!

  30. I'm ashamed to say I have not yet read Osa Bella but you can bet your sweet ass I'll be pissing the afternoon away to read it! *clicks pledge here button*

  31. Thanks for sharing your story, Myg. I have pledged. I just discovered fanfic this year and it's added a new dimension to my life and spiced up my marriage. My husband's a big fan too. I'm LOVING Osa Bella -- I just went back and read from the beginning. I'm having fun "anticipating" what will happen when E. and B. finally get together - the husband's reaping the benefits of that. (I've got him reading The List himself! I may get him on to Osa Bella next!) xoxoxo

  32. I'm all over this. I'll pledge right after I post this comment.
    My step mom has fought and won two types of cancer; my friend fought brain cancer like hell but did not survive.
    Myg, thank you for sharing your personal story and how you've dealt with loss and VR, thanks so much for your work on this.
    I fundraise for access to higher education for low-income and minority students for a living, so if you'd like any help on the campaign front, don't hesitate to ask.
    I love you Twitarded ladies...or whores...whichever the case may be.

  33. Who's got two thumbs and is a crying hot mess? THIS CHICK. Between your story, Myg, and the comments below, I'm inspired. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Myg. For your talent, for your humor, for your dedication to your family and friends....I can't wait to meet you in FOOORRRKKKSSS!!!!

    I've been on the fence as to which Team I can afford to join for FGB. It's such a great cause, and knowing I could get a piece of fanfic gold that I wouldn't otherwise is quite a draw. I could join a number of teams to fight C and get a piece of some of the most read, most obsessed over fics, but how deep would the connection be to me and the author AND the cause? Which got me thinking...

    When it comes down to it, I'm one loyal mother fucker. And I've been devoted to this blog since I found it...what? 6 months ago? Something? And the friends that I've made on this site have really altered my reality :) I see/hear/do things that make me think of you guys, and I haven't met a-one of ya. But I'm devoted nonetheless.

    And I don't need to tell you about my devotion to Osa Bella. I have called off sex and ice cream on occasion in order to read the updates, not to mention how often I check my RSS to see if you secretly updated at noon on a Saturday. I love this fic. So as soon as I get the okay from The Bentist, I will be making as large a donation as I can (which probably won't be much, but it will be something!), and I will feel GREAT about it.

    I fucking love you all, bitches. Fondles and shots of Jameson for all of you.

  34. Wow. I love you people. It breaks my heart that so many of us have had to experience cancer and the great loss that can result.

    Since we are sharing our experiences I thought I would share mine. My parents first child died at 3.5 years old from Leukemia--she is the sister that I will never know. Apparently the type of Leukemia she had is now treatable. My mom takes great comfort in knowing that when my sister was studied throughout her treatments that what was learned may have led them to the advances in treatment today. One of my very good friends died from breast cancer at the age of 34 when her daughter was 20 months old. I watched her daughter walk for the very first time (she had not walked on her own yet) around her mother's casket at the funeral. I miss her every day, but thrill at seeing so much of her in her now 8 year old daughter. I have lost two other friends...both in their early 30's to cancer. So, yes, I want to kick cancer in the ass just as much as the rest of you.

    Thank you all for sharing and for donating. Your generosity amazes me. Please remember whatever you can do is meaningful...even if it is just leaving a comment here and sharing your story. Also re-tweeting our efforts on Twitter is helpful. That is just another you can help without having to donate.

    Thanks everyone. Big Kermode Bear hugs to you all.

  35. I was at the office and couldn't leave a comment because my computer is from 1990, but I just wanted to reiterate the obvious here. First of all, thank you all for being on our team, it doesn't matter whether you have a dime to contribute. You are here, you are Team Osa Bella, and you kick ass. It's your love and support that counts. Those of you who have shared your story, thank you for that. Sharing these stories, as fucking awful as they are, reminds us that what we're doing here in raising money to help fund cancer research touches us all. Will help us all. And is in the name of all our loved ones.

    I feel like you all reached in and gave my soul a big ole' bear hug.

    Thanks for that.


  36. Wow. Thank you Myg, for sharing a bit of Amanda's story with us. And for all the kick-ass women who have shared in the comments. I'm relatively new to Twitarded and continue to be impressed with the caliber of women (and men) who roam the halls. I mean, I knew you all were perverted twi-sluts, but that didn't take too long to figure out.

    I had not heard of FGB but will be investigating. One of my best friend's dad was just diagnosed with Ampullary cancer (I'd never even heard of that kind) last week. That's partly what makes cancer so fucking scary, no part of the body is off limits.

    I've donated to two friends recently, one participating in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure and another will be riding in Pelotonia. And I will do what I can to contribute to Team Osal Bella :)

    Cancer is such an asshole.

  37. Heartbreaking to read about Amanda but a wonderful post.

    *group hug* love you guys

    Team Osa Bella all the way

    mysharona xx

  38. When I read FF, i always feel like I'm getting something great for nothing. You guys put so much time and heart into your stories, and I live for them. I'm glad that now I have a way to show my appreciation.

  39. Dammit, you made me cry. And you made me pledge to your team ... even though I already pledged for two other stories. I'm so sorry about your sister, Myg.

  40. Myg (and all you other beautiful twitards), your story is truly inspiring, and the main reason i am donating to ALS. your courage and inner beauty are truly inspring. so i am proud to join in with all these other big-hearted crazy twitards and say a big "Run motherfucker. Run." to the C word.

  41. Hey Myg, I'm loving Osa Bella & I'm pretty sure I even commented! My family is suffering from cancer of the Mother right now & I sat in the radiotherapy centre reading the Bree Tanner novella to get me through...Big love for doing this. Looking forward to day when Cancer's arse has been royally kicked. XXX

  42. Okay, I know I'm roughly fifty years late to this, but here it is.

    I'm Team Osa Bella all the way, baby. Myg, you know from my half-coherent posts over here that I love your story so hard that I lose my faculties of speech/writing after reading it. It is so gut-wrenchingly awful to hear about how you lost your sister. I can't possibly imagine what that was like for you and I'm tearing up just thinking about it, but there is something poetic about your ability to take your pain and grief and channel it into something so beautiful, that's brought joy to so many. Your story is incredible - not least because it was born of such terrible loss. I won't lie - I was somewhat freaked when I read how Osa Bella came to be because my RL name? Is Amanda. (I know, it's impossible to believe that I didn't emerge from the womb as Pimpy.)

    My mom, and pretty much every woman in her family had breast cancer. She was insanely lucky - they caught it early and she decided she wasn't fucking around, and had a double mastectomy, and she's been fine ever since. Cancer is a giant motherfucking bitch, and the scariest part? Just about EVERYONE has a story.

    Much love to all you Twitards out there with loved ones going through all this - and much love to JJ, STY, and LKW for creating this awesome place where we can all get a bit of an escape from the RL bullshit.

    To kicking cancer's ass!

  43. Ladies, most of my friends have no idea about my addiction to twi-blogs and fanfiction...I guess because I want to keep them as friends and if they knew some of the dirty shit I read, I'm not sure they would still be up for the job. However, this...this comraderie, this sharing in an all too common disease that somehow binds us...THIS I will shout from the mountain tops. This is how I make my friends understand that we're not just interested in pics of RPattz and fanfic lemons, we are real people with real families and real losses.

    I'm a stay at home mom and admittedly, I don't have much extra money. But I'm gonna gather what I can, because I know how important this is. For those of you who have lost friends and family to cancer, I am truly sorry. And to you, cancer, I can't wait to kick your ass.

  44. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this incredible blog with such loving and caring women. Now let's raise some dough and give cancer a swift kick in the balls!

  45. Fantastic post! Thank you Twitarded for once again supporting FGB so fucking awesomely.


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