Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Did This. All of Us.

We did this THAAANG! Let's celebrate!!!

We started this blog in January 2009 as a lark. A joke. I hardly knew what a blog was before I met Jenny Jerkface. I started it because I was teasing her about the fact that she wouldn't let me write all-Twilight content on the other blog she'd started and asked me to contribute to... As we worked on both and lobbed semi-funny Twilight-themed blog posts at each other during those first few months (nobody else was reading them!), we joked about the possibility of our Twilight blog taking off. It was never even a remote a possibility in our minds. That's what made it funny. "Wouldn't THAT be funny?!" we'd say. Yes. Yes, it would be. A few days ago, we rolled over the million visits mark. And a million hits later, I'd like to think it's still funny. But because you're laughing with us, not at us. We did this. All of us.

Clicky to enlarge and see what JJ's been browsing!

On the morning of the second day of BlogHer, the speakers included the winners of the International Activists Scholarship. Hearing - in their own words - from these young women who are using their blogs to make a difference in the world made me want to cry (it is long and dense but I would highly recommend going here and reading the entire transcript). I was so moved by these women, who had put their very lives - and the lives of their families - on the line to write their blogs and get their messages out to the world. Their safety was so compromised by their blogging that there were people stationed at all of the doors to the Hilton's Grand Ballroom that morning letting us know that no photographs or video would be allowed, lest they be identified by the bad guys. It was literally a matter of life and death for them. I got choked up. And then I leaned over and told Jenny Jerkface that as soon as they finished speaking and I stopped snotting all over the place, I was going back to our room and deleting all of our content. I was joking, but still...

I felt like my contribution in the blogosphere was 99.9999% meaningless frivolity. I felt...inconsequential. At best. Utterly ridiculous at worst. But then I thought about it some more. And I realized that we DO do something important, too: we make people happy. Present company included. I laugh more now. Hopefully you do, too. Sure, I am more bedraggled, sleep deprived, and unproductive at work, and my house is messier and I burn dinner with alarming regularity, but it's totally worth it. Because we found YOU. All of you, and we have this amazing clubhouse where we can be...ourselves. We can shed all the stresses of life and just sit around and be rude and crude and be unjudged and laugh. Holy shit, do we laugh.

Daaaamn is that a Twitarded post??!

We might not be doing anything remotely similar to the scholarship winners at BlogHer, but it's ok - we're doing something. And on its own level, it IS important. It has fundamentally changed people and their lives. I know it has changed me. JJ goaded me into this over a year and a half ago and here we are today... Real genuine friendships have been formed here. People all over the world have connected with other people on a level that they may not have ever previously connected with anyone in real life in their hometown, their office, their church, their community. We did this. All of us, together.

I hope I don't sound conceited or full of myself. It's just that I'm stupendously proud of all of this and all of you. I don't pat myself on the back that much. But I want to now. As Mr. Snarky said the other night, "I've been proud of you, and I'm glad you're finally proud of yourself."

And I am.

We did this.

But it wasn't just me and JJ and LKW and Myg.

It was really all of you.

I'll be by later to express my devotion to Twitarded later, lovies...


  1. You do make us happy, you do make us laugh, and you help us talk more about our cooters and I thank you for that!

    I also, thank you all for introducing me to some very cool people who I know will be my friends for as long as I exist.

    Thank you!

  2. Congrats ladies! You definitely do make us all smile and laugh! Thanks for creating such an awesome place for all of us Twitards! Love you girls :)

  3. Awwww...that actually made me cry. I concur with everything you just said! Congratulations Twitarded!

  4. I've laughed outloud here, on twitter, in the comments, on my email where people send us stuff that makes them "think of you". Mail, love, friends, gifts...homemade frickin' gifts...
    I love you guys (more than you know) and this place and my place and all the people who have come in and out. We know them...KNOW THEM. They have personality in their voices and their avi's and their words.
    People come here everyday for a reason...and it's because it's a home.
    You made it our home.
    We now built a village around it, and it takes a village to raise a TwiTard.
    SHit I'm tearing up...

    to a million more visits and a million more laughs.

  5. honestly, big heavy for a moment..I don't know how I'd manage to ge tthrough a day if I didn't have this little community to lurk around in. I'm not even 30, have 4 kids and an overworked never home hubs...I can't afford my antidepressants anymore and it's hard to function sometimes..but when it's really really really awful this blog right here is what brings me back :) So, long story short thank you very much and do make a difference. Now LMT!

  6. -hugs- Congratulations on 1000000 hits! That's alot of hits in anyones book!
    The scholarship bloggers you menioned? - wow! I never knew blogs could be so important they'd put someones life in danger. Well done to those women for standing up and making their voices heard.

  7. I just want to repeat the expressions of thanks and happiness for doing what you do! You guys truly make my days better. *hugs*

  8. You should be proud. What you do, everyday,is show your affection for us and each other. Most of us have an intense RL. Its a rough ride being a woman, a caretaker, a provider, all that shit. Whatever makes us laugh, love intensly, and have a mind-blowing orgasm occasionally is to be treasured. That's you. A treasure. Thanks, and congrats on the million visits.

    Now, back to the snark, floaters, Brazilians, FF, even TMI(couldn't help myself) MWAH.

  9. Thanks everyone!! And thanks to everyone I was too fucking tired and overworked with my RL job and lame to mention/thank - to VitaminR70 and Texas Katherine and TJ and Mrs P and Lorabell and each and every one of you who read and comment or just lurk and enjoy, we're so happy you're here with us!!!

    OK I am a big sappy mush tonight (in case you hadn't figured that out) and I am going to bed. MWAH!!

  10. big time lurker here, but I just_wanted to congratulate you all and say thank YOU for this blog.

    Keep up the good work... and I'll keep lurking! ;)

  11. A heartfelt congratulations to you. Besides my family, I've never really felt like part of any group. Until this. What you have created here is huge and amazing. So, ummm...yea, Thank You :)

  12. Yes, yes, yes, thank you thank you thank you!

    You either help keep my sanity or push me over the edge and I don't care.

  13. Wow, 1,000,000,000 is AWESOME!! Epically awesome!! STY & JJ, I can't even find the words to say how grateful I am to you two crazy kids for starting this little blog and welcoming us all with open arms. Twitarded has added so much to my life and never fails to brighten my day.

    I've met so many incredible friends here, including two of my best friends in real life, F-Kat and ZAnyMouse. People who aren't part of this wouldn't understand, but I'd do just about anything for all of you. Can't wait for FOOORRRRRKKKSSSSS!!!!!

  14. you ladies are the best!! the only blog i read everyday. i love it. thanks so much!!

  15. I entered into the Twi fandom a year ago this month. I needed something to read over summer vacation and decided to pick up Twilight after my sister couldn't stop going on and on about this "Edward" vamp guy. There was no going back....I stumbled across Twitarded (among many other blogs) and it remains one of the few that I read every single day.....every post makes me laugh, the comments are hysterical, the addition of LKW was like icing and now we get Osa Bella (and I am still patiently waiting for 15 step to pressure JJ)....and of course the fic recs.....cuz fan fiction still owns me like nothing I ever have seen before. At first I thought it must because both JJ & STY were from NJ - where I grew up - and figured it was just that Jersey kind of humor but realized very quickly it was a bunch of really cool chicks getting together and talking about everything and anything - and it just works. Here's to the 2,000,000th post (and a whole lot of laughs, porniness and fun....and oh yeah, some guy named Rob and a vamp named Edward.) Cheers!

  16. Ok shit, Mrs. P made me tear up. FML.

    Seriously, you guys rock for sharing your crazy, random, silly and oh-so-poignant thoughts with us on a daily basis. Without you, I would have never dreamed of starting my own blog, and who knows where it will go from here. I've been re-inspired to write, and that alone, is something to be thankful for.

    Love you bitches,

  17. Congratulations ladies, one million hits is phenomenal!
    Twitarded has given me so much for so little in return. Thanks for your wit, your snark, your hilarious twat and pooping stories and much more. So keep up the fabulous work you do, cause where would I be without you?! Something I don't wish to ponder! Love you guys...and Twitarded fkn rocks!!!

  18. Life would not be the same without you!

  19. Thank you, ladies. You HAVE made a difference in my life. Not only have you made me laugh, pretty much daily, but you've made me feel like I belong in a community that I never really knew existed. You made me feel normal (or made my kind of crazy seem normal, anyway). I feel like I'm a part of something here. And I thank all of you. I wear my Twitarded shirt proudly all the time. Congrats!!

    And thanks to Robert Pattinson for giving me something unbelievably fuckhawt to look at every day...

  20. I love you chicks. This is a fun, bawdy place to check into every day. You make me smile, laugh, snort AND you enable my Rob lust. thank you, really.

  21. Kindred! I accidentally wandered into this site about a month ago and let me tell you I wait anxiously for every post.

    I decided that my survival for breast cancer this summer (instead of going to Hawaii for my birthday) would be to partake of the herbal smoke (ahem, cough, cough...)read, watch movies (mostly the that hot assed brit)everyday and anything else Roblicious (music, pics, etc) I can feast my eyes and ears on. Little did I know that you gifted hoors would do all my lurking for me!

    Thank you!! I am having a fucking blast.

    First time commenting but I felt you needed to know that this site is the shiznick!

  22. You should be proud- you guys are awesome! I recently moved to another country and this blog was one of the things that helped me get through my move, so thank you :)

  23. *sniffle* passes you both and your crew *a get out of jail* card for Forrrkkkkksssss as a thank you gift. Everyone except @texaskatherine that is.


  24. I no longer remember how I happened to stumble upon this amazing blog. What I do know, however is that it helped drag me out of depression and self-loathing and into a world where I was proud to be who I am (a woman in her 40's) and where I felt I was not alone.

    You / We all totally deserve a big ol' pat on the back - raise your glasses, girls, and toast our wonderful hosts! Oh, and that fuckhawt pretty boy Rob, of course, without whom my life would be barren and without some much-needed sparkle ;-)

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Keep on keepin' on Twisistahs! xx

  25. Oh, and I forgot to add..........



  26. J J, STY, & LKW are the shizz! Thank YOU so much for doing this for us! (If you blog it, they will come!)

    We luvz you long time!

    Also special thanks to Dick & Claire for not stopping after two!

  27. Twitarded rocks. Hitting the million mark just proves it. I keep watching the number of your minions/followers climb. I read every single post even if I don't always comment.

    Here is how you have changed my life:
    1. Brought more laughter into my life every single day.
    2. Shown me where to find other Twi-blogs that aren't aimed at tweens.
    3. Introduced me & my libido to fanfic.
    4. Inspired me to start my own blog.

  28. Congratulations! What a milestone! You rock!

    Thank YOU for all the laughs and the fantabulous sense of community. Before I discovered Twitarded I was somewhat embarrassed with my Twi/Robsession, but you and all the other followers have made me proud to be a Twitard! I'll even thank you for all the panty exploding pictures of Rob, despite that fact that my wallet has taken a major hit due to the increase in my underwear budget!


  29. One million! That's amazing! I just found this blog recently--in the last month or so--and I have to say I love it! You ladies are doing a great job, and you sure sound like you're having fun while you're at it... and fun is infectious--though thankfully not that kind of infectious. ;)

    (Oh, and I'm highly entertained by the tabs on the screen shot--JJ's quite focused, yes? Can't say I'm surprised at the content... ha!)

    Congratulations and cheers! :D

  30. Congrats you lot! I may not always read and comment on the blogs everyday like I used to, but I do have contact everyday with the best friends that have come out of the whole Twitardia ride for me. You have made me smile, and I still think of you when I look up and see Chimpsten sitting in her replica Bella's Prom Dress as made by Red Bella and won here :o).

    I can't even begin to explain how fab I think you are. The village analogy is spot on. xxx

  31. Thanks (again!) for all the comments - you twat waffles really know how to start someone's Friday (with a lot of smiling and maybe a sniffle or two in this case). MWAH!

    : )

  32. Well, I've decided if I attempt to put into words how I feel about you guys, the entire twitarded community, the blog, everyone I've 'met' here I'd end up a big sniffling, red-eyed mess. Which, normally I'd be cool with,'cept I have to get my arse to work soon and there's only so many times I can yell at someone "LOOK, it's PMS OKAY!!" in one week.

    Congrats to you million hits - here's a at least a million more.

  33. Fuck. Grammar fail. "LOOK, it's PMS OKAY!!"

    Lemme try that again.

    Congrats to your million hits - here's to at least a million more.

  34. Congrats ladies!! Thank you for providing endless amounts of happiness, giggles, snorts, and panty-melting pics of the precious with your daily posts. I wish I could join all you wonderful twitards on the journey to FOOOOOORRRRKKKS! but sadly my funds won't allow it. So I look forward to living the trip vicariously through your posts :) STY, JJ, and LKW, you ladies rock! xoxo

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Okay, time to hope on the love train! :)

    In all seriousness, I know that I am echoing what many, many above have said, but I am thankful every day for the awesomeness that is Twitarded. I stumbled across the blog late one November night, and promptly a) went back to read the entire archives, and b) emailed you to tell you of my fall into Twitarded.... and you emailed me back! Thus began my love affair with you ladies.

    I've heard it said that it's easy to make people emotional and to make them cry, but it's a rare gift to be able to make them laugh. And that's what you've been doing, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I visit your blog religiously because I know no matter what, I'll get a good chuckle.

    I've also met some amazing people through Twitardia. The past couple weeks have been a totally shit time for me (breakup alert!) but I've gotten a HUGE amount of support from my Twitarded friends, especially an absolutely wonderful creature we know here as Toefunny. And Hypo Vag, that gaping pussy. :)

    Immersing myself in this fandom has, like many above, inspired me to start writing again, among other things.

    Now I'm rambling, and my thoughts are jumbled, but the point is that ALL of you deserve a giant hug, and a big twat lick. :)

    I fucking love you twat waffles.

  37. Oh, fuck, you guys. I'm getting choked up. You all are wonderful and so very very funny. That's what I love about this entire twi-universe, actually - the laughs. I wouldn't be so involved if it weren't for the laughs. Maybe we should take a few minutes to also thank Steph and all the directors, MRosenberg and esp all the cast for creating something that is both wonderful and just seriously ridiculous. In so very many ways. Oh, I just remembered - special shout out there goes to the costume dept and wig makers. Snap!

    You are my bloggy heros. You make me laugh, nearly until I pee, every day. And I greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much! And congrats!

  38. While we're all on the mushy train, I just wanted to say how honored I am to now be a part of what has made me laugh every day since the I started reading it in April (or so) of '09. Twitarded has become such a huge part of my life and I just love everyone I've met here to absolute pieces.

  39. You. Are. The. Best. THE BEST!
    That's it. Nothing left to say.

  40. You guys are the bestest. I just read Twilight last Christmas (and immediately ran out in a foot of snow at bookstore closing time to get the next 3 books) but was pretty embarrassed about being nearly 40 and obsessing over a book supposedly aimed at teens. But then I found Twitarded and felt not just okay but proud about lusting after RPatz and the rest of the funky bunch. You guys make me laugh. Hard.
    Keep it up! xoxoxo

  41. Congratulations on a million and many THANKS for doing this blog for all the twiwhores out there like me that wouldn't fit in on any other twiblog. I look forward to this blog every morning. You girls make my day.

  42. CONGRATULATIONS!!! As if *we* didn't already know that this blog really means something, a million hits ought to tell you that it definitely does. Here's what it means to me: A daily laugh (effing PRICELESS, I want you to know. Life is short, yall.). A mental 'happy place' to go to when work sucks or Mr. XKR is driving me bananas or I'm at the gyno. A place to fly my Twitard flag, because NO ONE in RL has any idea that I am this obsessed. A renewed intimacy with my husband (who is beginning to suspect the real reason, especially when I sit at the computer for three hours and then attack him). A trip to FOOOORKS that I am looking forward to with foot-wiggling, leg-bouncing, adrenaline-inducing excitement ALREADY. And finally, a group of totally awesome women who just. get. it.

    Seriously, CONGRATS... and what's more, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my Twitarded little heart.

  43. JJ, STY and LKW,

    I have nothing original to say, I can only add my "fuck yea" fistpump to my Twi-sisters comments. You all have given me a place to come to every day, to have a laugh, a drool, a snort, a place to goob my coffee on myself before getting back to the drudgery that can be RL. And that is such a gift, and for that I say thank you!

    I wish I could be with you all in Foorks, but alas it is not meant to be for me. But I will stalk you lovingly from afar!

  44. I'm not sure I can say anything that hasn't been said...but I will try, of course!! *wink*
    Since reading Twi I have been shy (not like me in RL) and almost embarrassed by my love for Twilight. (apparently, you have to be a teen or a deranged woman with some serious issues) You guys have shown me that it is not only OK to be in love with these characters but that there are lots of chicas out there like me that are EMBRACING it!! I am not ashamed nor do I care anymore what people say. In RL some people still don't know my obsession but my fam and closest friends do...and that's huge. They can be the most critical! I check the blog every day for my daily dose of Twitarded ~ you have pulled me out of the depth of lurkdom, which has never happened!!

    Thank you for giving me the courage to own my love for Twi and a place to find like minded Twi-bitches. Love you gals for making me laugh and say that I love Twi "out-loud".

    P.S. Keep the Robporn comin'!
    P.P.S. I really wish I could go on the Forks trip but since I just got back in June...I think that would be pushing it a bit! That poor, poor little town....

  45. Congratulations on being hit on so many times, girls ;)

    I'll never forget the day I stumbled onto Twitarded and had that moment that so many of us have had, "I've found my people." Little did I know how profound that would turn out to be.

    You summed it up best when you said the following:

    "Real genuine friendships have been formed here. People all over the world have connected with other people on a level that they may not have ever previously connected with anyone..."

    Finding Twitarded changed my life. I went from being a mom with an empty nest wondering what I was going to do with my time, to a blogger who can't find enough time to do all that I want to do in the bloggy world.

    Because of the bonds I have made through Twitarded, I find myself blogging, emailing, Gmail chatting, tweeting, texting, drunk dialing (guess I could add "drunk" in front of all of the above, actually - lol), and even traveling to meet fellow bloggers in RL. And I never dreamed I'd be making a pilgrimage to FFFOOORRRKKKSSS to hang out with "my people." Can't wait!

    Thanks seems pretty inadequate here, especially considering the fact that you got my Super Bloggy BFF Mrs. P. to tear up over this post, but thanks!!!


  46. You did it and you should be proud. I'm so glad I found you all.
    Mrs. P really pulled at my heart strings there.*sniff*
    We all deserve to smile on a daily basis and maybe even spray coffee out of our noses onto our keyboards.
    Thanks TWITARDED! (cheese)

  47. I am rarely serious - because I've had enough "serious" in my life, but I am serious as a cardiac arrest when I tell you girls how much I've enjoyed becoming Twitarded with all of you!

    You ladies are the cheese to my macaroni, the gloss over my neutral lipstick, the cream in my coffee, the fabric softener in my panties! You just make my already pretty awesome life even BETTER with your wit & humor.



  48. @Mama Cougar - You are my soul train, my soul food, my soul sister. Mwah!

  49. Bloggess may be my adpted web godmother, but your team are the calcium in my fangs, the throbbing in my veins, the sparkle on my skin.

    The Fred Effect

  50. A million hits....I am NOT surprised in the least. You three are some of the funniest twatwaffles on these here interwebs. You three have made me laugh so hard that my next door neighbor has called over the fence to ensure that I am still breathing.

    Twitarded was the first blog I ever actively participated in and I think of you all as my gateway drug to Twi-h00rdom. I never knew how far down the rabbit hole went until I tripped face first here. And now sitting in my office surrounded by Mini E's & J's, with Eclipse Posters on my wall, wearing a "Fifty Shades" Sweatshirt and creating a packing list for FFOORRKKSS I can not thank you enough!! I am one of the happiest h00rs in all of the h00rdom.

    I can not wait to meet each and everyone of you in 31 days...YES THIRTY ONE DAYS BITCHES!!!!!!!

  51. I am awesomely proud and unashamed to be a part of this Twitard community. Update? Well, if I am in a place with internet access, I am doing my damnedest to check up on my peeps. If I could afford it, I'd invite you all to my wedding, just to ensure the level of badassedness on the dance floor! I fucking love y'all.

    Congrats on getting us to double click our mouses a million times for you. It's been worth it. Every single click. Especially when you leave us hot shmexy pics of Teh Prehtay to take us over the edge.

  52. Awww! Thank you ladies for being so great! I love Mr. Snarky's comment. What an awesome guy!

  53. I'm proud of you too! Even as I sit waiting in the airport I just started crying. Damn periods!

  54. @Toefunny - A Fifty Shades sweatshirt???!!! Where'd you get it? I NEED ONE. Except I don't know exactly how I would explain it's meaning to nonTwiFanFicAddictedRegularPeople.

    @All of you - My brain is mush, and I am crying. I never cry, and the comment from you Twilove, started the flow, mwah! So I can't think of anything profound to say, except thank you, you are my life now, you make real life so much easier to deal with, and my life is now overflowing with new friends who are all in the same place in spite of our differences in ages, real life circumstances, and general diversity. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would type out LMFAO and actually mean it. Hugs and kisses to all of you, and an extra pinch on the ass for JJ and STY for bringing us together!

  55. Without you, JJ and LKW my days wouldn't be complete. You three keep me in stitches and the fandom would not be complete without you. Thanks for all your work.

  56. Aside from all of the LOLs and the intro to fanfic I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog and all of you Twitards because this is one of the few blogs I've seen where everyone gets along. Not once have I read hateful comments on here. Everyone is free to express their opinions without the fear of a hateful or catty response. That's increasingly rare to see these days and I think it speaks highly of everyone here but especially STY, JJ and LKW for being such wonderful, intelligent, funny, crazy love bunnies themselves.

    Mwah to you all!

  57. It's pretty much because of you ladies that I don't feel ashamed to embrace my full Twitarded-ness. I look forward to new posts everyday and I can't wait for FOOOOOOORKS!

    CONGRATS, YOU DESERVE IT! You've really done a great thing. :)

    I heart you h00rs more than you know!

  58. @Z Any Mouse: Here's the website

    Remember our motto now..."Say it, Out loud...TWITARD!!"

  59. You guys are my daily treat. Come home from work, make a cup of tea, put my feet up and read. Just bliss.

  60. awww, you guys are so fucking awesome!!

    @Mrs P - totally made me cry.

    Seriously, this is the best community I've ever come across and all of you are such amazing individuals.

    @Franki - YES!!That is THE best thing ever. When we started this blog we wanted to make sure that everyone could say what they wanted and be open with fear of ridicule. The haters have, thankfully, stayed away. Either that or they're afraid of us. ;)

  61. It's true! You do make us laugh & cry. And we love you for it! I'm not funny-enough or clever-enough to say the things you say on this blog, and that's why I love it! It's what I think, but could never express myself! WE LOVE YOU GALS!!!

  62. Congrats on 1 million hits, that awesome!

    JJ, STY, LKW, Myg and all the ladies of Twitarded, you bring the sparkle to the peen. Seriously. It'd just be a peen without you. Still a fuckhawt peen, but not sparkly. Ya'll are rockstars.

    OME, Radiohead's '15 Step' just came on my player. Coincidence?? I think not.

  63. *Mawh*
    Loves you Twitarded!

  64. I read serious blogs, too, but this blog serves a purpose that none of them can - validating my immature, pervy obsession with the Twi. And I've met the greatest women on here that are real life friends now, too. Seriously can't wait for FFFOOOOOOOORRRKKSSSSSS!!
    You ladies deserve only the best.

  65. still looking for my vampAugust 20, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    I don't think you ladies have the full concept of how many lives you have touched, and in a very positive way.

    I do laugh a lot more now, and I actually feel like I am getting younger, although 41 passed me by a couple of months ago. You ladies have made me realize that maturity is so overrated. And that there are other women on this planet who are JUST LIKE ME. Having felt like an outsider most of my life, I know I can come here and read the posts, the comments, and feel right at home with my peeps.

    And I have also learned a lot of new swear words, which have really come in handy, I have also learned about vibrators, waxing and meat curtains. Where else can I go and get such a mix of info??

    You ladies have had such an impact on my life, and I hope one day be able to say thank you in person. Congratulations on your millionth! I am sure there will be many more millions to come.

  66. I just came back to look at that fuckhawt picture of Rob stroking his, um, chin. Yeah chin. And his his lips. And his thumb, cripes, who knew a thumb could be so hot. And those eyes. Damn, can that man smolder. Smoooooooooolder. Gaaaaah, what's my name?!?

  67. What can I say that hasn't been said? Stumbling onto your blog last November has changed my life in ways that I can't even tell you. No, seriously...I can't tell you because I may be further ostracized from this community.

    Let's just say that I still love Love LOVE you guys with the heat of a thousand flames and will forever be changed by your boldness, wit, and just general raunchiness. Thank you for doing this thaaaaaang and I will continue to tag along for the ride.

    I wasn't gonna do this, but I have this problem where I always have to take things one step over the line drawn in the sand. *gulp*
    I know you took down the post regarding a letter that a certain someone wrote, but some people may find this an interesting reminder of just how many lives TWITARDED has impacted in a positive and life affirming way.

    Remember this?

    Hugs to you all!

  68. Congrats.

    And you may not have had the same impact as those scholarship blogs, but you've certainly changed my life. For that, you will always have a special place in my heart, even if I don't come to the blogs as much as I used to.

    Puffy hearts, and many a cheers to you fantabulous hoors.

    Now, I'm off to get drunk in the name of Twitardia (well, not really, but this just gives me another reason to celebrate).

    Cheers! :D

  69. Ladies...I don't know you and you don't know me, but I'm addicted to your blog. I literally laugh out loud to myself when reading your posts and think to myself each time "I seriously need to hang with these girls!!" Thank you for the many chuckles and your blatant honesty. We all know we're thinking what you write...but you have the guts to actually post it :) Keep up the good work!!!

  70. You ladies DO provide value to the world! You entertain. I know that when I come to Twitarded I am gauranteed to laugh out loud. I love it because most of the time it's shit I'd never have the balls to say on my own blog!! I envy your guts! No guts - no glory, as they say!

    I'm very glad to be apart of a this hilarious, crude, and HONEST "thirtysomething" Twilight club. You're 1 in a million babes! ;)

  71. @Jacksonstat: I know what you mean!! Just one look at that Rob pic makes every part of me tingle and think tons of duuuurty thoughts. (*scroll back to pic*) Ohhh those eyes, that look...oh crap, my heart just went into overdrive and my stomach flipped again. DAMN that boy is hot! If I got that look from across a room, I'd be instantly wet and he wouldn't have a chance at getting out unscathed. YUMMY!

  72. God I'm snoting away at work here, luckily not many people are here. Ladies you have touched my life in many ways, and there has always been a laugh to find here when I needed it most. Thank you for that!

    My God I'll come back later and write more... Need to quit snotting all over the place and get ahold of myself.

  73. I'd like to thank you for helping me get though a really rough patch of my life. It sounds silly but my heart was broken, and I'm still devastated by it on a daily basis. Without you ladies taking my mind off of things with your hilarious posts and introducing me to fanfiction I would be an empty shell of myself. Thank you very much for putting a smile on my face every day!

  74. Just want to say thanks to JJ, STY, LKW, and Myg for putting something out there for us EVERY SINGLE DAY! It doesn't matter what might be going on in my life, I can always count on a daily dose of Twitarded wisdom. Since following the blog I have gotten to know fellow Twitards from all over the world, I have become addicted to fanfiction, I have acquired a collection of sex toys, and now I'm going to FFFOOORRKKSS!!

    @stilllookingformyvamp said it best for me - I realized there are other women out there JUST LIKE ME.

    Thanks ladies and here's to a million more!

  75. Happy Anniversary, JJ, STY & LKW!!! Everyday I am thankful that I stumbled over your blog last fall - don't even remember how anymore - and can't stay away. I am a Twitard through and through, and damn proud of it. Though I'll probably never know any of you, I feel you are my kindred, crazy h00rs (what did happen to that great post the other day BTW?) worshipping at the altar of Rob-inator, HHH, the pretty --- whatever we may call him at any given moment.

    And thank you also to Myg for inventing her own amazing, droolworthy Edward for all of us to lust after.

    Dorothy, there's no place like Twitarded. . . .


    wv = fratia - possible definition, a female fraternal gathering

  76. Congrats Laaaadddiiieeess!

    Here's to a million more! *cheers*


  77. Yeah, I agree with all the gushing. I check in daily for a laugh & some porn. Y'all never disappoint. I rely on this blog for affirmations of normalcy, as you know I harbor some shame about my Robfliction.
    Congrats on the milestone. Now get back to work!

  78. Congrats Twitarded!!! Second what every one else here has said!!

    I love this site and am so glad I found it!! I am a Twitard and damn proud of it!

    Love all you h00rs and I love all the new additions to my already colorful "love custard", "clit clot", and "twat waffle."

  79. Congrats on the big 1 mill! I have to say that I teared up a little, too. And I want to thank you for what you do because it is important. Before I discovered Twitarded I couldn't remember the last time I laughed so hard I thought I'd piss myself and now I get to laugh everytime I read your blog. So thanks for bringing the laughter back - I needed it! You ladies really to rock my world! Big kisses to all of you **mwah**

  80. Well, you certainly gave me a community when I really, really needed one, so thanks! I really thought I was the only crazy out there until I found youze guys. Thanks Twitarded!

    Now if you would just return your emails....oh well, can't have everything I guess. Have fun in FORKSSSSSSSSSS.


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  82. All the best to you on your 1,000,000th and many more...Thank you for making me laugh each day.
    I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Forks. Dress warmly - LaPush beach is freezing!


  83. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  84. Twitarded? I would totally hit that shit, 1,000,000 times.

  85. One million congratulations to you! You definitely impacted my life by giving me a Twitarded home where I didn't feel like the only crude, insensitive and immature one. Plus, you're not annoying, so I stuck around.

    Do you Twitarded. Do you!

  86. I've been reading Twitarded for over a year now, I guess. It's the first blog written by people I don't know that I've ever glommed onto and read consistently (eff that...RELIGIOUSLY!). I read it when I had a secret love for Twilight, and couldn't seem to understand why. I have read just about every post, and always been glad I did. You chicas make me laugh and just generally take shit a lot less seriously.

    Now I', I may get lynched for this, but I've really gotten over Twilight, but I'm not over you guys. (no, that doesn't sound creepy! really!) Seriously, though, thanks for your dedication to making real-life grumps like myself dare to crack a smile.

    Love you girls!

  87. ditto!

    love you guys and everything this site stands for. you've been a part of my daily routine for more than a year now. i can't wait to snuggle up on the couch with you guys every night. i just wish you'd stop trying to feel me up all the time. sometimes when i get home from work, i just want to relax. jk! grope away! put a smile on my face like only you can!

  88. My dearest darling STY, JJ & LKW and, of course, Myg - just want to put in my thanks too. I've been going through a real rough RL patch, but this site and all the great gals (and the guys who support you) that make me laugh out loud every day, and ruin pair after pair of panties, I just can't thank you enough. I can't even imagine how bleak these months would have been without TwiTarded!!!! Congrats on your first 1 million hits! Fabulous.

  89. This blog is awesome! I am so happy I found it! I too laugh every day, and when I share it with my twi-friends, we laugh together! Your interview on the Twigasm Podcast was awesome, and that's what caused me to jump over here, and everyday since!

    Congrats on a million hits, here's to a million more!

  90. Lurking around... How could no one have mentioned the search field "Your mom's a whore" on the tab of the 1,000,000 hit page! LOL!

    I laughed so hard my husband what like, What!, all happy and I was all, honey it's twitarded... hahahaha! and he's like, Oh. End of story for him.

    I found my people in November of '09, thanks for always saying what I'm thinking and not saying!

    -the other lauren

  91. I'm another lurker - completely addicted to your blog daily!! I'm coming in just to tell you that you guys rock!! The smiles and laugh off my chair moments you guys provide are priceless and truly make my day (and sometimes my hubby too - especially poop posts!) THANK YOU and don't stop!

    Oh - and thanks for Lemon Cake.. gotta go - but will be back.. sigh..

  92. Please don't ever forget all the money we raised for Alex's Lemonade Stand!

    In my wildest dreams I could never imagine myself with a blog, on Twitter or heading off to a place to meet 100 women I only know through the internet but that is exactly what Twitarded and all of Twitardia has brought to my life.

    You have all saved me. I was just plodding along in my life, seemingly happy. But I was feeling quite alone and definitely missing out on friends. Now I have a friends all over the world! I have people who are there for me no matter what. I have people who love me and I them. I am so lucky and I have Twitarded to thank for it.

    Thank you Jenny and Snarky (and now LatchKeyWife) for everything you do! I love you!

  93. Congrats ladies! Everyone needs a place to escape every once in awhile. Twitarded is my place! Lots of love and laughter-what's not to like! Thank you!

  94. No really...THANK YOU!!! You gals never fail to make my day! Keep up the most excellent work! You bitches fuckin' rock!

  95. "Because we found YOU. All of you, and we have this amazing clubhouse where we can be...ourselves. We can shed all the stresses of life and just sit around and be rude and crude and be unjudged and laugh."

    I wish I can call myself more than just a common lurker, but for what it's worth Twitarded is my proverbial safe house, especially when real life gets overwhelming. I don't mean to sound redundant, but to be able to come to a place that's common ground with fellow Twi-freaks, to not be judged, and to be able to know where to go so I can just laugh at it all - that's such a treasure.

    I love this blog, and I love the creativity and camaraderie of the wonderful people who comprise it. Finding Twitarded has made all the difference in fueling the fire for my Twi-obsession, because despite the fact I haven't met any of you, I don't feel alone. That in itself is incredible, and I am more grateful than I can properly express. You guys rawk, and while I don't always say too much, I'll always be here.

    I'm proud to be a Twitard. Congratulations on the million mark milestone. Thank you for being here for us, for being an inspiration. ;)

  96. Ladies of the Castle,

    I have waited a couple of days to write this comment because I have, for once in my life, needed to gather my thoughts before word-vomiting my comment, in my usual style.

    I realise there are a billion comments above this one that are all in a similar tone but I really need you to know just how important this community is to me.

    My BFF, Sparkly Jul, and I stumbled across Twitarded back in January-ish, and we quickly read back through the archive, realising that you all are totally OKP (our kinda people). Since then, I have religiously hit this blog on a daily basis.

    If I miss a day, I really actually ache to see how you guys are all getting on and to read the comments...oh, the comments.

    I began my journey into the Twittersphere about three months ago and since then I have really found true friends - albeit most of whom I never have a chance of meeting, give I am half a world away.

    You make me laugh, you make me fucking laugh so much I cry, sometimes I get really emotional here and tbh, it's not neccesarily about the subject matter (although let's face it, that's a bonus) it's about the sense of community and watching out for one another.

    I'm gonna quit this now, because the other massive thing in my life that I blame you biarches for is FAN FICTION. I had never heard of such a thing before falling down this rabbit hole and now I am OWNED by so many stories I need a spreadsheet to keep track. Hence, I have several updates calling my name right now and I need to run to them.

    All I can say is, thank god there are no dependents in my care, cos I'd probably neglect them for Sailward, Mafiaward, Slayerward, Tattward... and of course, the king of all 'wards, Fifty Shades himself.

    That's quite enough ramblings from me, I'll quit filling up the comments column now and give it a rest. I love you all, with big hugs and tequila slammers, from New Zealand xxxxxx

    p.s. you better be posting some funny shit from Fooorrrkkkssssss cos you know those of us who can't make it will hang on your every post, your every tweet. Lucky twat-waffles.

  97. I hope you ladies know that we heart you as much as you do us.

    You do bring us smiles and laughs and say the things that all of us wish we could say - I have been outted many times at work for bursting out in random laughter due to a blog post or comments made by others.

    You make us cry and get emotional, make us feel that we aren't alone in whatever aspect of our lives that we think we're alone in. We all come together to support causes and each other and it's AWESOME!

    I stumbled across Twitarded in the summer of 2009 and have been addicted ever since. I think you are 3 caring, courageous ladies and deserve all the admiration you receive.

    *clap, clap* kudos ladies!

  98. I've never shared any love up here, but I check this blog every day (much to the chagrin of my husband) and it always makes me laugh, sometimes to the point that I cry. Thanks for starting this up and reassuring me that my obsession with Twilight isn't that abnormal...You ladies are amazing!

  99. I can't thank you all enough for your wonderful, fucking amazing comments. Seriously.

    Everyone is always welcome here and we appreciate all your responses more than you could ever know.

  100. ok, i can't even begin to express how much this blog means to me. we came back from 2 weeks of camping and i told my husband i'd cut him if he tried to get on the computer before me. i needed to see what had happened in the land of Twitard. i love this place. no one judges me, shakes their head about my obsession- in fact you guys give me ideas on how to increase my obsession. thanks for interducing me to FF. i will never get all those hours back. thanks for increasing my vocabulary. now i just need to learn where i can use these new pretty words.
    screw real life- give me the Twitard universe any day.

  101. Wanted to add my thoughts to how inspirational Twitarded has been. In my own lust of stalking Robert Pattinson, I came across your site. You have shown me that there is more to Edwardland than just reposting another picture of Robert Pattinson in some gossip form. The wonderful pleasure and giggles of your original outlook into the Twilight world has supported me in my own adaptation. Proving that a cardboard cut-out of Edward IS a household necessity.
    Again, thanks for your openly insane Edward humor and the smile on my face.

  102. Well I have been on vacation and was reading through these comments this morning and sniffling away....of course I need to chime in.

    I found Twitarded, I lurked for a while, you posted my video, I started commenting....and so our love began. And it grew and it grew into real life friendships. Amazing. Who da thought?

    La, la, la love you all super hard....and the joy you have given me day in and day out. Laughter truly is the best medicine...especially when you throw in a liter of snark, a jigger of RobPorn, and a gallon of booze. XOXOXOXO

  103. I'm late but I'm here! Because even when RL keeps me away, I ALWAYS have to come back and get caught up.

    Yay to 1 million hits. Sometimes I wonder, how long can Twitarded continue? (because I'm masochistic that way). But then I figure we have the long wait for BD and BDp2 that must ensure enough time for at least 2 million more hits.

    Twilight, and for the most part Twitarded and FF, represents some sort of light-bulb epiphany moment for me. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell it's illuminating. But thanks for being all 100watt and always on.

    I would however, respectfully disagree with people's assertions that it isn't that weird to be all grown up and into this. I think it is weird, that's why we love each other. And I'm pretty sure there's some word that means "you think some pretty funky shit is normal because you're surrounded by others who subscribe to that belief". But I don't know what this word is, and googling the phrase just led me to some interesting matches like "why all lesbians are evil" and and Urban Dict reference to "think one's shit doesn't stink". But that's not us, because we all know our shit stinks. And here in Twitardia we get to read about it.

    Twat licks for all my friends!

    @hypo vag- that's just Blogger's friendly reminder to lubricate.


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