Thursday, August 5, 2010

We'll Miss You While We're at BlogHer!!!

So, I know we're kinda ditching poor Latchkey Wife with the blog this weekend and we DO feel badly that we won't be around this weekend to play with all you fucking awesome folks and are fully aware that we are going to be away from the blog to attend a blog conference. Trust me, the irony is not lost on us.

Anyway, like most things lately, this is sort of random but not really. When we first started this blog there were so many of you who felt so alone about your love of Twilight and then you came here and now we're this amazing weird family of snarky, witty chicks who aren't (mostly) ashamed of their love of all things Twilight. Including RPattz's peeper.

Because we're family, even in the online-sense, I do think about all of you often and I talk about how much you guys never cease to amaze me to all of my RL friends... which is how I got a hold of this video.

OPattz has always been more than a willing participant in our Twitarded shenanigans, even though he thinks we're absolutely insane but when he sent me a video he found on Reddit, I know (even though he didn't say it specifically) he was thinking of all of us.

It's sweet, it's well put together and it's just plain fucking beautiful.

Always remember, my lovely cunt-clots - you're never really alone. But it's okay if you are.

Note from STY: Big, HUGE, sloppy-kiss-covered thanks to everyone who has already donated so that we can stay at BlogHer both nights!! We're not in the clear for Saturday night yet, but we are getting there! If we DO raise enough to stay, we promise that this experience will make us better bloggers. Possibly drunker bloggers. And MUCH happier bloggers - good for you! - who will not have to take the last train out of the city along with a bunch of rabid sports nuts who are getting out of the Yankees/Red Sox game. And this means JJ won't have the opportunity to start fights with any of said fans, which is also a good thing. Protect your Twitards from harm! Plus, we'll be sharing a bed. And a bathroom. That alone should make for good, albeit potentially harrowing, stories. Jenny keeps muttering something about her "special" nightie and crotchless panties. I for one have not had time to go shopping for jammies and I don't normally wear them, so despite her incessant anti-birthday-suit protests, someone might be spooning with me in the buff this weekend (the lady doth protest too much, methinks).

If you can spare a couple of bucks, please clicky on the link you'll find below (once you scroll past Rob's pretty--but sad--face).


I hope STY survives sharing a loo with JJ... Be safe, STY... Be safe.

Update: WE MADE IT!! Or rather YOU made it happen FOR us! Thanks to all of you!


  1. Go! Have fun! Make us proud (like you'd do anything else).

    Thanks for the smile.

  2. Ladies-
    Have fun and behave. I would donate but I am proud to say I am saving my last $40 to have my photo taken at our local mall with PFach this weekend. God give me the strength to not put my tongue in his ear.

    Be Safe.

  3. Have fun! We'll keep LKW company while you're gone.

    That vid was amazing and beautiful. Just... wow.

  4. Ladies, wishing you a wonderful weekend! You deserve it! Thanks for this amazing blog and for giving all of us an outlet to express our inexplicable love for the one and only panty-melting PRECIOUS! I know you will represent us well!

  5. Hey right there back at you, cunt-clots. Have a great time! *whispering* I'm scared of the mommy bloggers for you. shhhh. Please give them the stink-eye for me. That would rule.

    I donated cause, hells bells, from the amount you have to ride NJ transit, you completely deserve a break. I too ride those rails and I know late night Penn Station is a raging-drunk-woman-in-a-confrontation-with-the-cops nightmare. Wait. That you?

    Have fun! Mwah!

  6. Oh, and almost forgot. *sigh* It's so nice to not feel alone in this. You have no idea. And I saw that video before and it's lovely. And one last thing - I lurve worried, sad Rob. Worried, sad, scruffy, f**ktastic Rob. That is all.

  7. still looking for my vampAugust 5, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    You girls have lots of fun. We all know that you will do us proud. Make the mommy bloggers run for the exits. And please tell The Beautiful Bloggess that I completely and totally LOVE her.

    And thanks for posting that video. Once you have kids, you crave your truly alone minutes, which are few and far between. Being alone is an awesome thing.

  8. JJ! I spotted that video last week and circulated it amonst my friends - so, so beautiful. Thanks for posting. :)

    Have fun girlies!!! I'm thankful every day for this wonderful community.

  9. Go... Have fun...
    Stalk the bloggess!
    We will take care of LKW!

  10. I love that video. Alot. I enjoy alone time and rarely feel like I have to be around people. I relish in my alone-ness sometimes. Sure I have a tight knit fam and an s/o...but I like being with me. Gawd help me in Forrrrks. lol

    Anyhoo...have a blast at Blogher! We'll miss ya this weekend!

    xo J

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  12. I heart you guys and talk about you all the time to my twi-bestie (who's not on twitter). She reads the blog but doesn't get the inside word... and just quietly, methinks she's jealous.

    You're right about this being a 'family' and I couldn't be 'related' to a nicer group of twat-waffles. You guys rock. All of you. Group hug xxxx

    p.s. Hi SparklyJul, yep, I'm talking about you.

  13. That video is so pretty! We will miss you guys while you're gone, but hope you have a great time (good luck avoiding the po-po and the mommy bloggers!). As if you two weren't worth a donation on your own, sad Rob could convince me to do ANYTHING. Need money for a blog conference? Done. Need friends to join you in FOOOOORKS for a weekend of debauchery? No problemo. Need a kidney rightfreakingnow and there's no anesthetic but a bottle of whiskey handy? Give me a few shots and a knife. You guys are awesome. Have fun!

  14. How I wish I could make a donation, but alas! I am unemployed and my attempt at alternate income on Etsy isn't working out as planned.

    Thank you for that video. My best friend is going through this "I just turned 35 and I'm not married nor do I have a kid and I'm a total failure and I'm meant to be alone" phase. Personally, I don't think any of us are MEANT to be alone in that sense, but I think once we accept that being alone is okay and we enjoy it, we find we can't get enough because there's a husband or children or both.

    I love this blog. Most of my Twilight friends are mom's who use baby names for genitalia and wouldn't DREAM of discussing RP's penis behind closed doors let alone out in public. You girls make me laugh so hard I cry on many occasions (and I don't just mean JJ, STY, or LKW). So thank you for putting yourselves out there. Have fun at the conference! Don't get arrested.

  15. Thank you!! All of you! We appreciate everyone who donated!!

  16. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Lick. Computer. Screen.

    Mmmmm.... Rob jaw pron. I'm in my happy place now.

    STY, you go on with your bad arse nekkid self. The sleeping situation alone as the nakings of a hilarious blog.

    Have a bloggerific time ladies, you have a lot to be proud of :)

    Wonder Twitard powers activate! Form of... Twatwaffles!!! Now go forth and conquer!!

  17. Have a wonderful time at BlogHer! And yes, if you run across any militant christian/mommy/ or god forbid Twi-Christian-Mormon-Moms! Yick!

    @SuzaBeth: I'm sure you know that several (or maybe many, I'm not sure) of us twat-waffle Twitarded Rob-worshippers are also moms, some (like Myg and me for starters) with little kids. I use those preschool terms for the kids, but am all about the dirty FF terms behind closed doors (aka, inside the crazed labyrinth of my mind). Weeeeeee are everywhereeeee..... ;)

    And I too love the video. I remember when I was *alone* and thought that state would never change. Well, it did, and I'm hardly ever alone now, not even in the sanctity of the "potty". ;)

  18. OK. I know I am very late to the party and BlogHer is very much over now... I followed your tweets btw, sounds like you guys had a blast... I just watched that video you posted. It rocked! I loved it. Thank you for that!


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