Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bloggers to the Rescue!!

If there is one thing I love about blogging it's... well, it's everything, really. All of you, the hysterical comments, ogling the precious, discussing pretty much everything under the sun and them some.

My vagina just whimpered.

So yeah, I get a massive boner for pretty much everything about this community.

We're a tight little community, there's no doubt about that, so when we get a request for help from one of our fellow bloggers, you bet we try to help out as much as we can.

It's the Twi-call! Someone needs our help! Quick, to the Twimobile (just pretend this picture has something to do with Twilight because I'm far too lazy and inept to photoshop).

About a month we ago received an email from one of our good bloggy buddies, Team Six Pack, over at I Love Boys Who Sparkle, asking for a little assistance.

Clearly, we still need to work on our timing, since we're only just sending out the Twi-call now.

At any rate, Team Six Pack has been running their awesome blog all by her lonesome since January and was finding it more and more difficult to keep up. So she emailed us asking if we could possibly put the word out that she's looking for another writer to help her out.

There is no doubt about it - blogging is a pretty time consuming thing. It's definitely a labor of love for all of us. I always tell ML I have two jobs -- one that pays the bills and one that I fucking love so much I'd totally fuck the shit out of it if it was a person.

I suspect that many of the other bloggers feel the same way about their blogs.

That being said, Team Six Pack needs your help. She's looking for someone who can help her out. Interested in writing? Love Twilight? You just may be her gal.

If you're interested, here's what you need to do -- head over to I Love Boys Who Sparkle and take a gander. If you think you might be a good fit, write up a mock post and email it to her at She'll handle all the rest.

Huh. I kind of feel like a bloggy matchmaker now. It makes me all squishy inside.

And good luck!


  1. I can vouch that Team Six Pack is an awesome person. She is amazing, smart, funny and LOVES Twilight. I hope someone out there can help her. You won't regret it :)

  2. I second that, DD. She's a sweetheart. I got the same email, JJ, and failed to answer the call. Nice of you to post this.

  3. THANK YOU JJ!!!! and ladies for vouching that I'm not an a-hole blogger ;) Come blog with me I don't bite...hard. Here's another post where you can read more: reading twitarded and fan fiction was pretty much a pre-requisite lol so I'm sure 99.9% of you would get along with me lol.

  4. I've often thought about that having a Best Bloggy Buddy would be fun for me and improve my blog for the readers.

    Visit me to see if you think we could work/play together.

    Of course my blog is about me as much as it is about Twilight. I've shared everything in my life that was too personal to say to my RL friends. My followers rock. They have gotten me thru rough times in my life.

  5. Wish I were talented enough to participate... wouldn't want to bring the quality level down over there :) Good luck!

  6. LOL what is this quality that you speak of?? Unless you consider pasting Robs head over night at the roxbury and posting shirtless men and the occasional fart joke as quality... ;)

  7. Fuck yes I am in that boat...I am consumed...I wish I could do it all day everyday, then I realize I have other shit to do...My blog is in its infancy, but I am having a fucking blast...and I have some good fucktards that have my back so that always helps...I just love to share my dirty mind what can I say...I love you ladies, you think like I do...with your vajayjays!!!...anyway come join me anytime... You chicks rock cocks...keep doing what you do...Huggies and Squishies


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