Sunday, September 26, 2010

Your Forks Itinerary... OMG, OMG, It's Almost Heeeere!!

Hey Twitards! I'm sure you're all just as excited as I am that in 4 short days (for most of us) we will be descending on the poor unsuspecting town of Forks. I can barely contain myself and my brain is already in vacation mode which makes it very difficult to concentrate on work and wouldn't it figure (and totally suck ass) that I'm waaaaaay too busy at work right now!

Edward... don't worry, I'll be there in a few days baby. Just hang in there.

We wanted to make sure you had all the details for what will be happening as far as actual planned events - don't want anyone to miss out on anything!! There are only a few so we hope you'll be able to join us.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1 from 2pm-4pm at The Twilight Lounge
Twitarded will be hosting a group viewing of Twilight. The Lounge is opening up for us special and the restaurant downstairs will be open if you need food and/or beverages for in-movie munching/imbibing. This is a private event for Twitards only and won't cost you anything to get in.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2 from 7:30pm-Close at The Lodge Restaurant
This is the big shindig that Twitarded will be hosting. This event is in The Lodge restaurant - in the back with access to The Dungeon (a Volturi-themed bar.) You need to sign up for this one so we don't get any non-Twitarded stragglers trying to crash our party. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for??! Click here to get in on the fun! There will be karaoke from 9pm-11pm. And we just ask that you try to be there as by 8pm as we'd like to kick off the night with a few words and shit like that. Cost is $20 to get in. We'll provide appetizers and there will be items available to order ala carte if you're still really hungry.

I apologize to the good people of Forks ahead of time... you're town will never be the same.

We really tried hard to pull off the Bonfire on Friday night but it was just too big of a group to make it happen... I know there are some folks looking into this so visit the Forum to see what's cooking!

And have you signed up for a Twilight Tour with the folks at Dazzled by Twilight? You should! Check out all the special movie-related places. Great photo ops! Click here to book your tour. And pssst... if you enter the Promotional Code TWITARDS, I think you may still be able to get the discount!

I must have my picture taken with this truck. MUST.

That's what we've got for you... so looks like you'll have an ample amount of free time to explore the area on your own. Check out the Hoh Forest for a hike. Or take a trip out to Lake Crescent for some sight seeing. Or head into Port Angeles for dinner at Bella Italia or a little shopping. And don't forget to visit Dazzled by Twilight to pick all your Twilight merchandise!

A Ho in the Hoh... fitting.

Most importantly... you'll find us hanging out at The Twilight Lounge on Thursday and Friday nights so come on in and have some beverages with us! We can't wait to see you all!


  1. I am SO SO SO excited, thanks for the update! See you in a few days!

  2. OMG SQUEEEE I can't wait! See you t-waffles in less than a hundred hours!!!

  3. Soooo excited! Although every time you guys mention signing up for the Twilight Event (which I did), I get worried that I'm not going to be on the list. Anxiety, much? LOL - see you all on Friday!

  4. Woohoo! Ok LKW, I finally get it...the Twilight Lounge, Dungeon & Lodge are all connected. Pretty sweet!


    xo J

  5. SQUEEEEEEE F*CKIN SQUEEEEE!!! I am so freakin exciteddddddd!

    I can't wait to drink a Vitamin R with all you ladies! My mother and I will be landing in SEA Thursday morning, we'll see you at the bar Thursday night! I'll be watching Twitter for all the latest! :)

    BTW, I was REALLY hoping the Dungeon was, ahem, something else. ;)

  6. This is just so fucking amazing. I can't believe we're actually doing this! Are we nuts? Well, don't answer that. Because we already know.

    If you're doing the Osa Bella tour, don't forget to hit:

    -Forks proper (including the hospital and Bella's little house on K street and no, I don't have any idea which one, it's just there somewhere.)

    -Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park)

    -Bell Harbor and The Crocodile in Seattle

    -Port Angeles (esp. the Olympic Discovery Trail for some hide and go fuck I mean seek with Sailward)

    -Lake Crescent, near Marymere Falls (Olympic National Park again)


    -First Beach, La Push

    Whew. Hope you got a good deal on that car rental!


  7. OMG I'm so jealous!!! I want to go so bad. If only I hadn't broken my damn heel earlier this year...

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  9. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! *jumping up and down* SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!I'm so fucking excited about FFFFFOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKSSSSSS!!!! Especially now that me and my travel buddies are staying for the shindig! We had originally planned to leave Sat in the AM. I can not wait and I feel bad for my boss because I mentally checked out at like 8:45 am on friday morning and there are still 3 work days to deal with before leaving. See you all at the lounge on thursday :)

  10. *Cross-posted on the Twitarded Goes To Forks Blog*

    Ok guys...I know I don't have the $$ to do the formal tour, but since I'm a Geocaching whore, I scoped out the caches around Forks, and one of them is a multi-cache that is called Twilight. You can see it here. I am planning on doing this cache, and it will take us to all of the listed places. I'll be driving around to do it, and I would love to have a couple peeps come with in my Jeepjeep to pick this sucker up. It will be a ton of fun, and it will cost naught. If you've never heard of this hobby before, be prepared for a ridiculous treasure hunt. And this one? IS FUCKING TWILIGHT THEMED.

    Other than that, I just can't.fucking.wait. I'm going to buy some much needed supplies for the trip tomorrow. Gatorade for hanagovers, some apples and granola bars to soak up some midday booze, and possibly some Poise pads for the obscene amounts of laughter (due to the possibility of losing control of my bladder).

  11. Wooooooooofreakinhoooooooooo!!!!!! I am stupid excited!!!! I can't even calm myself down. Gah!

    @Lindsay Rae My family goes geocaching all that time. That sounds like a fanfuckingtastic plan. I love it.

    @Myg I love the Osa Bella tour....brilliant. I got you babe. You want to go, you are there. Kalaloch is one of my favorite places. Though I will miss that my sweet doggie (RIP) will not be at the beach with me.



  12. Have fun ladies. We will live vicariously through you so keep us updated. Hope the weather makes those vamps sparkle. And bring your woolies for the beach - it is really cold there!

  13. I am 100% certain that i own NOTHING appropriate weather-wise to do anything more outdoorsey than walk from the motel to the bar and back, but I want to see the Hoh and Lake Crescent. I'm gonna my like Myg's Bella, all hopping around in the woods with wedge sandles and shit. Maybe Sailward will come drag me off into the woods...

  14. WOOOOO!!! I can't believe how close the trip is. So freakin excited!

    @Lindsay Rae - Geocaching sounds awesome! The hubby and I have been wanting to start doing that, but haven't taken the time to figure our GPS out. Count me in to help you find the Twilight themed cache!

  15. I would love to see the Hoh and the Lake -- we'll be seeing Edward behind every tree. Hike/walk/stumble around on Saturday??

  16. @Lindsay Rae, I've ALWAYS wanted to try geocaching! When I lived in HI, I had friends who did it all the time and it always sounded so fun! Let me know when you're gonna do it, perhaps my mom and I can join ya! I'll have my GPS! :)

    We have definitely planned to go hiking in the Hoh on either Friday or Saturday. We love hiking and I MUST take pictures! No worries though, we'll be meeting up with all you Twitards at night. Let me know if anybody wants to plan a hike!

    I'm so freakin excited I can't stand it!!! I can't wait to meet all of you and share some crazy times!

    I'll be watching on twitter! @charlahicks

  17. I found this while clicking around the links. Obviously someone in the Pacific Northwest is confused about what a cougar is.

  18. I was there not even 2 weeks ago. Damnit. I just wanted to chime in on the Hoh. We walked the Hall of Moses trail and I mean walked, not hiked, and I wore jeans and Privos. It did rain (imagine that) but I had a light jacket with a hood and was just fine. There may be other parts that are more 'active' but not the trail we took. I forget the name of the other trail, but I think we could have managed it just fine as well. So don't let lack of 'proper' attire stop you.

    And definitely check out Crescent Lake, it's the most gorgeous place I've ever seen. It was on our driving route to Forks and we pulled over in nearly every turn out to take pictures. Breathtaking, really.

    Ok, I'm so bummed I won't be there with you all. But I gave a shout out to the Twitards in every guest book I could get my hands on, look for it!

    And the poor manager of the Forks Motel doesn't know what he's in for. We were chatting with him while checking in and he referred to this group as the 'ladies of Twitarded'. I think I snorted at the 'ladies' references but I let him go with it.

    Safe travels biotches, by land, air or sea!!

  19. @Lindsay Rae that sounds SO fun!!!! My roomie and I might be down to go. We'll be there suuuuuuper early Friday morning. :)


  20. Hello ladies,
    I was just chatting with the bouncer at the Twilight lounge. His name is Phil and he is awesome. My friend and I were there about 2 weeks ago for Bella's birthday. We are from Indiana and definately showed Forks a thing or 2. The owner wasn't too excited about laying dance music the 2nd night. Oops.

    I hope you all have a blast. The bartenders make great Long Islands for anyone who likes them. Hehe (prob had too many)

    We also wlked through the rainforest in our jeans and jackets. Just try to keep dry b/c we got sick when we got home. I would love to go back, so have fun for me too.

  21. I was out there last year & actually liked hiking between 2nd & 3rd beaches better than Ho R.F. it is sooo beautiful; we went around to Taylor's Point. Was a big Pacific NW trip, WA, B.Columbia, Banff, etc- that hike was one of the highlights; do it if you can. Have a great trip!


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