Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Can No Longer Mock Your Stupid Hobby

I realized something the other day: I've become the kind of person I would normally shit all over and do it with a smile on my face. I've become someone who has a hobby that is majorly annoying to someone who doesn't share in it. A year ago, that would've bothered me. Now I just say fuck it and accept that I'm a Twitard and there's little anyone can do about it. But now, I can no longer shit on your less-than-desirable hobby without being a huge fucking hypocrite and that makes me a little bit sad.

Um, yup. I think this is what just about everyone in my life (except you guys) says to me.

Mr. Latchkey often enjoys regaling me with tales of his coworkers. And working in a factory of sorts, those tales are always entertaining. A few weeks ago, he told me about one of his fellow employees who was all excited to go to Walmart that night at midnight to get the latest and greatest Call of Duty video game [notice I know nothing more than this because I literally have no fucking idea what any of this video game mumbo jumbo shit is.] I pfffft'd and shook my head and muttered something about how incredibly ridiculous that was. A grown man, waiting in line at Walmart for a gah damn video game. Not only that, he planned to take the next three days off from work to play it. What. The. Fuck? Come on dude. Really? REALLY?

I have no idea what this is except there's a lot of killing. Huh, maybe I should be playing this...

And then it hit me like a fucking toilet seat plummeting to the earth from outer space**, technically I'M this guy. Well, sort of, minus the cock and an addiction to fake-killing people. I suddenly gasped, my eyes wide as I stared at my husband blankly. "I went to Forks," I said. "I went to Forks, Washington for a teenage vampire book series. I FLEW ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY TO GO TO FORKS! I can no longer make fun of this sort of behavior."

"Damn right," Mr. Latchkey gloated. "You went to Forks."

Then I got to thinking about all the time off I've taken for Twilight... a day off for New Moon, three days off and a trip to fucking NYC to see Eclipse with JJ, STY and Myg, and then Forks. And all those other people who had hobbies or obsessions that I always thought of as laughable? I realized...I can't laugh at them anymore.

Fuck. My. Life.

I have an aunt who has a ridiculous Taylor Hicks obsession. Do you even know who Taylor Hicks is? If you never watched American Idol, you probably don't. He's by far one of the least successful winners of American Idol... EVER. And my aunt is obsessed with him [Note from JJ: Wait, Taylor Hicks is a dude? I thought she dated Taycob at one point... oh. I see.]. And we're talking probably the same level of obsessed as I am with Twilight. Except she's a total stalker. She goes mental every time he appears in concert in her area. Which seems to be often since he sucks so badly, he's been relegated to shitty little venues. She's met him, had her picture taken with him, and even befriended his parents. Get. A. Fucking. Life.

Did you know Jay Leno was on American Idol? Me neither. Weird.

For a while, he's all she talked about at family gatherings [please note she's married and has two kids] - the eye-rolling was strong. I couldn't stomach the gushing. She once threatened to get us all his CD for Christmas. I nearly vomited in my own lap.

But now? Now I'm madly in love with the 24-year-old actor who portrays Edward Cullen. I would stalk the shit out of him if he got close enough to where I live... and given the chance, I'd surely throw my naked self at him. So what? Now I can't shit on my aunt anymore either? Fuck that! RPattz is much more stalk-worthy than Taylor "Needs Just For Men" Hicks.

This is worth stalking...

Excuse me? Did you really just ask me to take my clothes off?

And this too...

Oh shit, here she come again.
Hiding from Latchkey Wife is like keeping Jenny Jerkface from shitting in my trailer: impossible.

Before Twilight, were you like me? Did you shamelessly make fun of other people's lame hobbies and/or obsessions because you didn't have one to call your own? Or did you have one that just somehow morphed into this one like an obsession mash-up? C'mon, scrapbookers - I'm looking at you! Personally, I've come to the conclusion that there's absolutely nothing stupid about MY hobby... It might involve some cross-country travel here and there but think of all the cash I save by not requiring massive amounts of supplies from the craft store... and ogling RPattz online is entertaining and free!

**Extra points if you can tell me where this reference comes from. [Not you Jenny Jerkface.]


  1. YES! Exactly right!

    I'm second hand embarrassed for myself!

    But I'm not gonna change a thing!

  2. I think the quote was from "Dead Like Me". I googled it. Ummmmm...my daughter told me to read the saga and I told her I was too old for it. She now hates the saga because of me. I've met people through this, and I have discovered non-Twilight things through other people who share my fandom, so no regrets!!

  3. Being obsessed with Twilight and RPattz, especially at our age, is so incredibly lame that it's actually become cool. I'm sure of it. So yes, I still mock the tragic activities that other people call hobbies.

    I know George in "Dead Like Me" got killed by a plummeting toilet/toilet seat. That's the only thing that comes to mind when I read that line.

  4. Yep, I had this revelation recently... I sat in a corner and cried a little, but then got over it. Besides we have our own little "support groups" so screw everyone else!

  5. I was once obsessed with Fox Mulder. It was the first time I read fanfiction because I really, really wanted Mulder and Scully to do the nasty. Hmmm...I see a trend...I do own all 9 seasons on DVD. Actually thought about an X-File marathon the other day. The obsession never ends...now I love me some Hank, too. But I have never been more obsessed than I am with Rob! What a man! Forgot my passwords and could not login. Hi, I'm Apryl

  6. Haha! Thank you for that post. I needed laughter in my night big time, even though it hurt to do so.

    Yes, I used to make people with dumbass hobbies. And now I have the most dumbass hobbie of all. People who were so obsessed with Harry Potter that they'd dress like the character's and go to the midnight show/book release/dvd released were made fun of endlessly by me (sorry Charla! haha) but now I'm all about Twilight.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Charla's husband stood in line for the midnight release of Call of Duty. So did my brother, just like he does for every other video game. I still don't get it but I don't make fun of it either any more. I mean call of duty characters aren't fuckable like all the men in Twilight so why even waste your time waiting at midnight to get your hands on it? Am I right?? Thought so. :)

  7. ** It is how Georgia in Dead Like Me is killed and then becomes a grim reaper.

    Okay, so this post is a total bitch slap in the face! It took this post to make me realize that I have been making fun of all sorts of crazy ass people who have the same level of addiction as me, only their addictions is for lame ass shit like Kris Allen (also an AI winner). True, I didn't get to go to Forks this year, but I would so have gone if I had the extra moola and I'm serisouly thinking about going next year if this is made an annual event.

    I don't buy all things Twilight like pens, mugs, buttons, purses, shirts, etc. like teens tend to, but I will stand in line at midnight to see the movie and I will damn sure be trecking my happy ass 5 hours to Baton Rouge to get a glimpse at Mr. Pattinson himself. Huh, now that I think about it, my addiction is more for Rob than Twilight. I just had a break-thru moment. My therapist would be so pleased.

  8. The only time I ever made fun of someone elses obsession (that I can actually remember), was when I found out my ex-boyfriend had seen Avatar five times. In the theatre. Okay, admittedly I saw both Twilight and New Moon twice each, but that was still grounds to laugh at him. Especially since I really hated Avatar.

    That can explain why we ended up breaking up. Avatards and Twitards were just not meant to be.

  9. Oh I did have sort of an obsession over Alias... and Lost. But not nearly this bad :)

  10. I am the perpetually obsessed girl. In college it was NSYNC. A few years later I got married and it became all things weddign related, morphing into all things pregancy/ baby related. Then it was scrapbooking. Moved on to sewing EVERYTHING and crafts like making hair bows. Then came Twilight. I'm hopeless, but it's ok. I've never been any other way.


    Does this mean I have to stop making fun of my brothers friend who is 21 and still plays Pokemon??? Because I sure hope not!!!!

  12. I'm a little offended. I don't think you can call my obsession with Rob and twitardia a hobby...its more like an alternative lifestyle. Plus, if it weren't for all the silly obsessive behavior, I wouldn't have found all of you glorious h00rs.

    @jaymes805 - Yes @charla's hubs did stand in line for that game and she was harry potter for halloween. Haha! I was also a huge fan of Alias and Lost!!

  13. I agree with @norcaltwitard - this isn't a hobby, it is an alternative lifestyle. My daughter refers to it as my "midlife crisis." I think of it as my present to myself.

    I have always had an obsessive personality for whatever I was into at the moment, but I think the only thing that ever beat Twitardia was the Beatles. (An simple rock band from England for all you young'uns out there.)Unless it is my 20+year obsession with English social history (hey - I was doing research for my books), or the 6 year focus on the history of magic(ditto).

    Even with the trip to Forks I've spent a hell of a lot less time and money on TWI than on research books. (When your tax deduction for books is greater than your annual grocery bill, you know you have a book acquisition problem. Which is why my basement rec-room is out of commission.)

    So obsess away, everyone.

  14. Okay, I'm an amateur musician and I am (okay, used to be) a fan of Taylor Hicks...why? because he's a real musician. Like Robert Pattinson. I was able to listen to Taylor's pre-idol music and some Van Morrison/Ray Charles covers and other stuff and I connected to those. I don't buy the usual American Idol bullshit and all the commercial viability a musician is supposed to need to succeed. You guys only know him as the "least successful" and the "goofy" guy on that show but he's a real musician.
    I fell head-over-heels in love w/ Rob because of him being a real soulful musician. There was no turning back since then.

    I tend to laugh with you ladies with your wonderful and crazy posts but I'm feeling a bit hurt right now, sorry about that. Please don't make fun of or diss hard-working musicians.


    I'd still take Rob anytime of the day :P I know, I'll get in line :D Cheers!

  15. Dead Like Me - hubby loves it.

    I have been collecting plastic Breyer model horses my entire life - photo showing them, live showing them, travelling to Kentucky to Breyerfest a few times - at least the Twilight hobby involves reading and real people LOL!!!

  16. so the only real "hobby" I have is my career, photography. Except ofcourse Twilight, that up until this moment I was unaware was a hobby. Thank you LKW, you have ruined mocking others for me forever. I live to mock Larpers, and Renfest people. I have plenty of friends who dig that shit and up until now I felt higher and mightier than them so I mad fun of it without mercy. Yes I am an asshole, but apparently I am also a hypocrite! Fabulous! I love you h00rs and am so glad I am in good company. I just wish I could find some of you ladies in the ATL area to go do cool Twishit with! Because if I have a hobby I need like a club or something!

  17. my robporn folder is called "PatzWars" because i LOVE star wars and i originally thought, "oh i can just hide some rob pics in my star wars folder so they're off my desktop..." yea, long story short that folder is now 3/4 "Patz" and very little "Wars"

    oh, and i make jewelry as my crafty hobby, lets just say I made twilight themed jewelry for Forks...

  18. Yeah... I havent been this obsessed since.. damn who knows and I'm 26 years old and everyone at work KNOWS i'm cuckoo for twiward. LOL. IN fact? Just today as i was leaving and wishing everyone a happy holiday i said "now would be a great time to have an edward cullen to come and swoop me away for the week" everyone laughed. but it was one of those "haha im gonna laugh because you make me kinda sad" laughs. ahhh well! LOL at least whenever someone sees something twilight they buy it for me! i have loads of twilight candy collectors haha. right now with the twidom! ;)

  19. I can still make fun of other peoples hobbies because I'm a closet Twitard. Works for me!

  20. I think perhaps I just have one of those weirdo obsessive personalities. If there is a pop culture phenomenon with an obsessive fan base, I am probably a part of it. LOST? I have gone so far as to decorate my living space in this memorabilia. The day after the finale, multiple people, INCLUDING MY MOTHER, made phone calls to see if I was doing all right. I started early - I fell in love with Star Wars when they were rereleased in the 90s, when I was in middle school. When Episode 1 came out, I was first in line, clutching my green lightsaber. (We do not speak of the atrocity known as... Jar Jar Binks. SHUDDER) I was the kind of kid who had the novels. Yup, X Wing series was my favorite. Harry Potter? Yup, read 'em all more times than I can possibly count, been to the midnight showings. Lord of the Rings? Pssshh, I will nerd-girl you out with obscure trivia. Indiana Jones? In love. Oh, and I flew clear across the country for you Twitards.

    Clearly I am one of those people that other people spend their time making fun of. And at this point, I'm kind of okay with it!

  21. hobby, lifestyle, obsession... whatever you want to call it, I'm here to stay! I do play piano and sing, but don't do either often enough anymore to consider them hobbies.

    Mr. NotSmitten doesn't realize that he is the same with his video/online games as I am about Twilight. OK, maybe not the same, but he does play them obsessively. I've yet to point that out to him, but one of these days he'll piss me off enough that I will put a stop to his twi-bashing!

    And yeah, none of that will stop me from making fun of people. I'm sweet like that.

  22. oh I am so in this boat!! @ years ago (pre-twilight) i couldnt understand the length of obsession that grown adult women had for twilight. And worse the way they drooled over a grown man young enough to be their son!! i have since seen the error of my ways....after being naooged by my teen to read the books I finally started and was hooked from the first page....i read whole series in 2 days.Rob even promoted twilight when it was released in my city ....and I was none the freakin wiser.....*curses*

    Then I watched the movie. and was like "oh its the harry potter hottie' So I have gone from being a twilight hater to completely and utterly obsessed with the pretty. (tumblr is testament to this)

    And I dont regret it for a second.xo

  23. I really, really want to be able to say "but those Call of Duty geeks are worse than us because..." but I simply cannot think of an ending to that sentence. They live in an imaginary world? Check. They care about the well-being of made-up characters? Check. They have super-nerdy conversations about their obsession? Check. Ah, screw it, I just don't care!

    Okay, Blogger is really trying to rub it in today. My word for word verification? uncoul. I'm not kidding. Thanks... jerk.

  24. I once tried to deal with my obsession for all things Rob... I decided it was time to be responsible... here's what happened:
    *Raises Hand sheepishly*
    Hi I'm Kelly..
    (All greet "Hi Kelly")
    And.. umm.. I'm... I'm...
    (looking around meeting of Ridiculously Obsessed Anonymous)
    (She see's Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker & Han Solo.. and shakes her head...)
    Oh Hell No... Your obsessions ARE ridiculous.. I don't belong here.. my obsession is completely valid..
    (grabs Mini Edward and stalks off mumbling)
    These people are soooo weird! I'm totally normal compared to them.
    I think it was said above... it's not an obsession.. it's a life style...a valid.. completely normal lifestyle :)

  25. Thanks, LKW, for outing me to myself!

    "C'mon scrapbookers..." - one of your best lines ever.

    Still, knowing this is not enough to keep me from my beloved obsession. And as for making fun of others' ridiculous passion fancies, no, I don't do it openly, but, like a proper New Englander, I do smugly think to myself, "Don't they know how stupid they look? God...."

    My Twilight support group and I are already planning on having to resort to a field trip to see Bel Ami because it's become apparent that it won't be released to a theater near us. So, yeah. Proud of it too!!!!!

    And what's more....I now know how I will die: it will be choking to death while reading this blog and eating my breakfast. My boss wll call my husband at work to say that they can't reach me and I didn't come in. My husband will rush home to find me slumped over my laptop which will be open to this blog. My inner life will be revealed for the addiction it really is (...or was), out of the closet for all to see; my husband will think less of me. He's pretty damn close to being an Edward, too, so that will hurt - even posthumously (sp?). But still, here I sit....

  26. I used to make fun of star wars fans and comic book fan boys, and video game junkies when I was younger... but now I have absolutely NO room to talk. First of all, I'm a Jane Austen fan girl. I've traveled twice to NYC to meet fellow fan girls. I went to a JA exhibit at a library of her letters...and I read almost every single freaking letter (teeny tiny script and all) and then went back to examine a few a little closer. After the exhibit I found a book in the gift shop of trivia and our fangirl group proceeded to the nearest coffee shop for a round of Jan trivia... can we say dorks!? Yup that's me! I read JA fan fic...I write JA fan fic...and then I read twilight...and this is worse. Much MUCH worse than the JA obsession. I don't need to list all the reasons why, we know what it is and we're all guilty of the twi-behavior ...I have yet to attend a convention/premiere or attempt to meet any of the actors (only thought of it) so I'm not the biggest of twi-dorks yet am I??? Who am I fuckign kidding I traveled with a pocket Edward more than once. I'm a DORK.

  27. That has been my argument aaaaalllllll along - this is one cheap fucking hobby/obsession. Hobby sounds less weird.

    I grew up in Florida and one of the things I always marveled at around Christmas and Father's Day was how much stupid fucking golf shit there was out there for golfers. Gloves, hats, shirts, tchotchkes, tees, balls, books etc etc. And that's not even taking into account how expensive it is to actually golf. And yet... accepted as totally normal (well, at least in Florida where those bastards do it all year round, pretty much).

    I save money on books (thanks fanfic!), save money on movies (thanks me watching Twilight obsessively for a year!) and yes, I periodically buy something having to do with this whole thing, but for the amount of time I spend on it? Super economical.

    So, really, this whole obsession is *extremely* responsible and adult of me. I'm going to demand some thanks from my dh. Even the me in my head is immediately following that statement with, "Yea, good luck with that."

    <3 you guys. I'm not alone! Yay!

  28. This is definitely my first movie/actor obsession. I mean, I've obsessed over books before but it was quiet and faded fast.

    I guess I do get very... obsessive over bands. I tend to fall madly in love with a band and listen to them constantly for months (though Man Man, my latest obssession has actually passed the year mark) so there's that.

    I'm probably missing something here but if I am, I'm sure STY will be more than happy to call me out on it.

  29. Well...I used to be a Clay Aiken addict. Choke on that one for a while!! It's only now, after marrying the most manly man on the planet and several years of expensive shock treatments that I can freely say I used to stalk Clay Aiken and damnit I enjoyed it.

    But not nearly as much as I love Twilight :)

  30. still looking for my vampNovember 24, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    Wow. You just hit me upside the head with a two by four of reality.

    I never thought about how I am now in the obsessed crowd. I used to roll my eyes and snicker at the Star Wars folks, and numerous others who were obsessed with movies, bands, movie stars, etc. etc. And here I am shamelessly lusting and ogling after a 24 year old hottie.

    Wow. I have become one of "them" without even knowing it, and now people are rolling their eyes and snickering at me. And here I was thinking my husbands allergies were acting up or he had developed some fucking tic or something.

    Not that I give a shit or anything. I am totally happy in my little Twitarded world.

  31. Adding to my previous long-winded comment...I also have to admit to becoming snobbish about my Twilight obsession. I won't talk Twilight with just anyone. I'm quite guarded. Having discovered that there are levels of fandom, unless someone can prove to me that she/he is a FAN (as opposed to fan), I will just politely tolerate the person talking about Twilight, or Rob for that matter. I have crossed a line I never knew existed. Like there's a caste system I've developed - pathetic. My support group feels the same way I do though. Anyone else out there have this problem?

    wv = malsize! Perfect to describe the state of my Twi/Rob addiction!

  32. There are bands/artists that I love and must own everything they ever recorded and am willing to drive to other states to see. But I have never had an obsession like this one. Not even when I was a kid. Of course, if the internet existed back then, perhaps that would have been a different story. What started out as an extreme 'fondness' for the Twilight series, quickly blossomed into a full on love affair for Rob. Just a glimpse of him or a sound bite and I get all tingly... everywhere. The man has magical powers, I'm tellin ya. None of my girlsfriends get it, they think he's 'alright'. I think they're f*cking crazy.

    And no, I don't feel bad for continuing to mock other people's (stupid) obesessions. People love to hate Twilight/Twihards, that will never change. So I have no problem dishing it back, I can't help myself. If you diss on Twilight, be prepared for a punch in the throat.

    j/k I never condone physical violence... unless you diss on the Precious.

  33. @Dangrdafne I love Breyer horses, I collected them as a kid and passed them all along to my niece. I didn't know you could do all that with them.

    I didn't have any obscessions before this. I sew, if you can call making your own wedding dress and the bride's maid dress for your own wedding a hobby... after a while I just called it insanity. Hmmm maybe that's what prepped me for the twilight obscession and making those ladies unmentionables?!?

    Oh well I'm quite happy in my own little deluded world.

  34. Yes to all of the above. Prior to this newest "hobby" I was into, and still am,cake decorating. I have yet to do any Twilight cakes or anything like that. IDK why not, you think I would have by now.

    So, the extent of my hobby goes like this. My daughter calls me from walmart and asks if it is true about "Robert and Kristen" and I laugh and say, "What?" That they got married. No I say, where did you see this? I am looking at a magazine. Oh, No, they were filming BD. blah, blah, blah. So she says, I knew YOU would know so I called to ask. My kid loves me. XD

    PS, I am very protective of my Twitard-ness. Don't diss me or my peeps or I'll have to bite ya!

  35. I used to give my lil bro sooo much shit about his COMICON conventions every year. He's in the Airforce so wherever he is in the world, he will fly , sometimes 1/2 way around the planet,every July to San Diego for Comicon. Now I'm the one begging him for tickets and hook ups with Twilight loot. It's like Christmas in July for him. Karma is a bitch.

  36. uhm. yes. I totally used to make fun of all those idiots. In fact... when the last Harry Potter book came out I was driving past a BnN and yelled out the window to the kids in HP garb "LOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEEERRRRRRRRSSSSSS".... ahem, yes I'm 32 years old. What makes it worse is that I'm a big HP fan myself... *sigh*
    Now, I don't care who knows that I'm a Twilight fan. I have a Twilight Junkie decal on my car so I actually WELCOME people to make fun of me. jesus.

  37. I tend to get a wee bit enthusiastic when I like something a lot lot. First major obsess was Twin Peaks. Agent Cooper has always been my ideal fictional character...until Edward.
    And I've had a long suffering one sided love affair with Jake Gyllenhaal for like 10 years. I actually sent him a mix CD! LOSER! Also my first group therapy via fan blog experience, with Jake Watch in 2005.
    Biggest committment: I flew from KS to L.A. alone to see him (10 feet away!) in a Q&A cast/ writer/ filmaker panel viewing of Brokeback Mountain, and also went to the Oscar nominee luncheon that day to watch him & the others pass by.
    I have been laying low on obsession until I gave up resistance and let Twilight happen to me early this year. Now my hobby is having imaginary "conversations" with The Pretty, or marathon you tube interview sessions.
    Fuck it, it makes me happy. Just like reading this blog does!

  38. So my fangirling started with NKOTB long long ago as a wee pre-teen... so I think i've always secretly had fangirling in my blood. But it lay dormant for many years.

    So I'll go ahead and admit to my obsession happily. Because in all honesty - it's changed my life in oddly ridiculous ways. I am happy. REALLY happy. For maybe the first time ever. And I don't really know why? Being twitarded and having twitarded friends (who I've never even met) makes me smile. Mr. Pod is the only person on the planet who knows how deep my obsession really is. And oddly - it drawn me closer to him than ever before (and hey FF authors - it's also made for a white hot sex life!! Thanks a million).

    I'll go ahead and raise my hand as a 'scrapbooker'. But since this obsession took hold I've neglected that 'hobby' in favor of this one. Why would I spend money/time at the craft store when I could be sitting at home talking to my h00rs on twitter!?? So actually this fandom has given me awesome sex, awesome new friends, AND some extra spending cash.

    What more could I ask for in life?

  39. despite my twi-obsession, I still make fun of my husbands obsession with the Opie and Anthony Show. I swear he acts like they're his best friends. it drives me nuts.

    when I went to the midnight DVD release of NM @ Borders there were 2 women there in their upper 40's. One of the teenage girls looked at them and said "they're so old. That's awkward!" I was so glad they were there to take the heat off of me (I'm 36), because it was definitely not awkward that I was there, right? RIGHT?

  40. In the park where I run, there is a group that meets on occasion in full battle gear - swords, shields, skirts (on guys), helmets, etc...Renaissance folks I believe. Well, I USED to internally laugh at these DORKS, but now I see them & think, "I would TOTALLY do that if they were doing Twilight stuff". I've also become a Gleek. I am suck a freaking loser. I used to be cool..I think.

  41. I definitely (& still do) make fun of people & their "hobbies". I never used to be obsessed with anything before. I had some mad love for Ricky Martin back in the day & Oscar De La Hoya (bought his book & attended a signing....& his fights in Vegas) but never "obsessed" like I am with Robward.

    I don't regret it though because it's actually made me even closer, if possible, to my sister. She has a bit of an obsessive personality w/ bands & she's the one who forced me to read Twilight & I haven't been the same since!!! We are now twitarded together & we have sooo much fun!!! It's awesome having another person to discuss fanfics & all things Rob cuz good Lord, I just know my fiance is starting to resent me..

    So does this mean I'll now stop making fun of other fandoms & ridiculous hobbies?? Fuck no!!! :) ...& for the record, I too believe this is an alternative lifestyle.

  42. I get all offended and embarrassed when anyone confuses my Rob obsession for a Twilight obsession. I can't tell you how many times I've had to proclaim "I don't give a fuck about vampires!"

    As if trying to defend a Rob obsession is any less pathetic.


  43. I am sure I went to all the 'typical' stages of obsession. Introduction, anonymous stalking, gradual unveiling, full on participation, acceptance, unbridled obsession, Indifference to what the hell other people think, Happiness. :P

    I am with @Kintail... Some say obsession...I, too, see this as a gift to myself. It doesn't hurt anyone and it makes me so fucking happy...and it's easier to come by than drugs...and it's legal. So there.

    Oh and I don't think I usually make fun of other's obsessions...I guess I kind of understand it...a little too well.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. True dat! And I *still* want to make fun of other peoples' lame hobbies. But now I stop myself purely for the reasons you listed... If it makes them happy, more power to them. Just as long as they don't make fun of Twilight! But somehow, they always do, and then I can once again make fun of their lame hobbies! See!? It all works out!!!

  46. My greatest fear in life as a 29 year old woman is becoming obsessed with a book or movie series intended for 13 year old girls.

    For that reason, I've abstained from all of the above and have no idea what any of you are talking about.

    But deep inside, I'll always wonder what I'm missing ...

  47. My greatest fear in life as a 29 year old woman is becoming obsessed with a book or movie series intended for 13 year old girls.

    For that reason, I've abstained from all of the above and have no idea what any of you are talking about.

    But deep inside, I'll always wonder what I'm missing ...


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