Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Twitarded Love Story

I must've drawn the short straw tonight because seriously, like who the fuck wants to follow an amazing post like We Make Babies with RPattz? I could tell you all about how I spent last night with RPattz trying to make babies and it wouldn't come close to the hilarity of last night's post by TK. That post was epic. If you missed it, go take a look (but remember to wear some Depends and don't forget to come back here after, 'mkay?).

So onward and upward - because really, can we go any lower?

Have you ever wondered how we all came to be friends here at Twitarded? No? Why the fuck not! You mean you don't lay around on your couch thinking about us 24-7? I'm shocked. Errr... not really. I don't even think about it that often. I'm always curious as to how people meet and what attracts them to each other to form friendships. I know a lot of the friends I've made here, in this demented little Twilight community, have come to be my closest. There's not a day that goes by that I don't email with JJ, STY, Myg, TK and VitaminR. But it wasn't always like that for me. Nope.

Shortly after I found Twitarded I thought everything was fucking rainbows and unicorns and my life was complete. Not so. I needed more. I wanted more! I found myself email stalking JJ and STY (well, mostly STY because that JJ may be small, but she's kinda intimidating) and I was all like trying to scare them with my craziness into being my BFFs. I guess it worked. I think it was a blog post I did at Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife that discussed the ins and outs of kidnapping RPattz while he filmed Remember Me in New York. JJ and STY figured they'd better befriend me lest they wanted to end up stuffed in my chest freezer. You know, next to the hitchhikers and bear skins.

The bags really keep you guessing, huh?

Alas, a new friendship was born. *sigh* And shortly after I was lucky enough to be on a first name basis with THE JJ and STY, they introduced me to TexasKatherine (who I quickly labeled TK) and all I could think was whhhhhhhhy? Why would they subject me to that sharp-tongued, psycho? Nah, just joking. It was almost like our brains were quadruplets separated at birth. TK said shit I only ever dreamed of having the balls to say. It was a match made in heaven...errr... maybe hell would be a better word here. I'm pretty sure heaven won't be accepting the likes of us.

I fell deeply in love with Myg while reading Osa Bella. But then again, who didn't? Am I right people? It was definitely one of those stories I dropped everything for when it updated. When I met Myg in person for the first time, I felt like I'd known her for years already - but that's really how it's been with all my new-found friends. No awkwardness, just great conversation and extreme fucking fun. Oh, and she has the cutest frickin' kids. No joke.

When VitaminR and I first met, our road to friendship was a rocky one. You see, we were both vying for the same man. A competition that nearly resulted in us wrestling in a giant pool of jello shots. I would have totally won because VitR would've been too busy eating the jello, but that's neither here nor there. Seriously folks, for a few weeks, it was pretty intense. We may or may not have had a "FaceinHole" battle of epic proportions. It all started quite innocently... I was completely uninterested in working one Friday afternoon and found all kinds of entertainment over at RPattz and I quickly became an item.

Jeezus, can't you see that I'm just waiting for you to kiss me? Come on dude!

But then we got quite serious and may or may not have even done a little fanfiction role playing. And then, after a little break, we came back with some pretty big news. I'm thinking this is what drove VitaminR over the edge. She had the fucking cajones to actually hack into Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife and post a little sumthin of her own.

I'm more of a Heineken guy but this beer just keeps following me around.

I was not happy. Lachy don't like to share her men. With anyone. And here he was... CHEATING on me with VitaminR and her fucking effervescent personality. Did I mention I was not pleased? Something had to be done. It took quite a bit of discussion and a few virtual punches were thrown, but after a few weeks, we decided we could get along, and even, just possibly could share the preh-tay... there was enough of him to go around. Barely. But we're good sharers here at Twitarded, despite what you might think...

And we all lived happily ever after! I know from a few of your blogs that some of you did develop really strong friendships, which is so fuckawesome. What about the rest of you? Tell us your story of new friendships formed through Twilight in the comments. Do you get to hang out in real life?


  1. I've made some of the closest friendships through Twilight. The terrible 2 (AKA SydneyTwiMum & Ladybugs_mum) and our leader AllyInPerth are just some that come to mind. Through the personal hell I have been through in the last 12 months their support has been amazing and i count them as not just OL friends but RL ones as well.So far I have been away with STM 3 times and LBM twice. Considering I live 12hrs from them this is no easy feat!!

    If nothing else I am thankful to SM for the friendships Twi has brought into my life.......but mainly for the pretteh :P

  2. @Robrator - "if nothing else I am thankful to SM for the friendships Twi has brought into my life."

    You nailed it right there. Well, among other things too. ;)

    I can't speak for STY but I never thought in a million years I'd be so... invested and attached to you ladies. I'm sure she would agree, though. I've been in blog communities before and I swear to you NOTHING compares to this one. My cold, stony, bitchy little heart swells every time I see you guys helping each other out, giving encouragement, mocking the shit out of each other, etc.

    I think a lot of us have found our little niche in this community and that just rocks.

  3. Oh you ladies..cough..h00rs are the coolest chicks eva'!

    I am so thankful I was able to meet you all (sans that crazy chick TK) in Forks. The entire trip was a blast and I just wish we all would have had MORE time.

    However you bitches better plan on coming to San Diego for Blogher in Aug 11'. I'm counting on a dive bar night with all of us. You'll have to get your butts out of downtown and into my hood' (only 10 min away from downtown) and we'll hit the good old dive bars.

    PS JJ I live in the neighborhood that ML performed in ;)The show I couldn't go to..waaaah.

    I love you girls.

    xo J

  4. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you guys. I can't even believe how much happier I am in my life now because of this blog, and I can't even explain it to people, because if I say my life was profoundly altered by a Twilight blog, well, I'm sorry but I can't even say that. Not with a straight face. But somehow it's still true.

    As quoted by Mama Cougar, and in the immortal words of Jenny Jerkface, Forks 2010... "You assholes *are* my life now."

  5. You biches are my secret life, my escape. You are the retarded laughter my husband hears coming from my office at all hours of the day cause I never fucking leave this place! I tend to stay quiet, I tried blogging, but frankly I ramble way to fucking much, so I quit using the innapropriate LN signature and just went with Lani. Yep thats mah real name, nothing cool. I am just a mom, wife and business owner, who is almost 30 and trying to figure out how I have a husband and a kid, and 3 businesses. THANK GOD for SM, Twitarded, and wine. Because the books were great, but you bitches make me laugh harder than ANYTHING ever has!

  6. I can't believe I am actually tearing up in a mushy way rather than a peeing-my-pants-from-laughter kind of way while reading a Twitarded post. You have hit a soft spot with me.

    I have met some really amazing people because of Twilight. We met through an online fansite, but I think Twitter has actually brought us closer. Their humor and kindness astounds me every day. It is like the sorority I never knew I wanted to join. I have my own little coven of Jacksper girls, who despite our differences, have forged a bond with the Robward girls. We even have a Kemmit girl or two in our inner circle. Their friendships mean the world to me & each day is just a little bit brighter because of them.

    I am pumped up beyond belief because I am taking a trip with some of the most kick ass women I have never even met. We are going to invade a TwiCon this spring! I am already practice drinking & saving up on sleep just for this long weekend. It is going to be our FOOOOOOOOOORKS, only different and not exactly the same, but still epic in it's own right.

    (Love you Cat & Em and the other ladies who might read this too! <3)

  7. I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again, @JJ, @STY & @LKW you all brought laughter back into my life. And in doing that anb just by being who you are you reminded me of the person I used to be...a snarky, foul mouthed bitch and proud of it. I truly do love you h00rs and meeting the three of you and Myg, Vitamin R was truly amazing! While there I was introduced to twitter and now have another way to connect with all the wonderful tards I met in Forks. Being able to talk to y'all daily is sooo incredible and most definetly the best part of most of my days. I was lucky enough to hang out with @charlahicks a couple of weeks ago and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard for that long. I am so glad I found this group of like minded, however perverted, women. You all mean so much to me, thanks for being here!

  8. Holy shit our little love triangle thing still makes me laugh so hard. That was the best waste of day making all those FaceInHole photos. I don't think I have ever laughed so myself. When LKW did that post on her blog I laughed so fucking hard and could believe how brave she was to put her real face in there (I was still quite closeted back then) hysterical. That little battle brought us together and I will be forever grateful. LKW I love you bb.

    My friendship with STY and JJ started way back in the early days of Twitarded. I was commenting but was still a little shy. I think I contacted them because I found a funny little gift for them. I felt all stalkerish and was nervous about asking for an address. Apparently I seemed relatively sane because STY gave me her address...and the rest is history. I have been told I was the first blog fan to send them a gift...woot! I knew I had found my Twi people when I stumbled upon Twitarded....and I soon found out I found my Twi besties too..who,I know can proudly say since Forks, are my real life besties too.

    TK and I would tweet now and again and would bond over our kids but I think it was when our daily emails started that I fell hard. I am forever stunned by the shit she comes up with. She is like the Sniper shooter of Snark. I am in awe of her verbal pistol whipping.

    Myg--well we were brought together through Osa Bella. She asked if I would like to be a pre-reader/beta...I nearly peed myself. I was so flattered. Yep, I love her..and her words...and her spooning abilities. Myg rocks.

    Then there is @Kitty_Elvis. Twitarded brought her to me and she is here in Seattle. She is awesome. I adore her. I am so lucky to have a local Twitard to share the insanity with.

    I could write a novel here. So many great people....I don't want to leave anyone out so I will stop there. You know I love you all. Thanks for bringing so much humor into my life...and thank you for validating my insane obsessions. It is so nice not to be alone and to know that LKW and I will have neighbors close by when we are committed into our double occupency padded cell.

    OK, I need a drink now. Cheers!

  9. Laideeeesss....

    SparklyJul and I have been RL BFFs for, ooh, 12 years now since we first met at university. We discovered Twilight together and, when she sent me a link to Twitarded in early 2010 I found all of you.

    I've met some awesome people here, and on twitter, and formed great friendships. As Myg said, it's hard to tell others about 'ooh, I met my friends through a Twilight blog' so it does all stay on the RL downlow a little, but I honestly can say not a day goes by when someone doesn't make me crack up laughing.

    I'd have to give extra special shoutouts to @TwiredJen and @17foreverLisa, who have helped me to set up my own blog and given me heaps of support.

    Aside from SparklyJul, I haven't met anyone in RL because of sheer geography (I'm in New Zealand) but I am planning a trip to the USA in August 2011. I am HANGING OUT to hear from JJ, STY, LKW, et al about whether or not another #FORKS trip is in order, and I'm campaigning it be in August so that I can come and play.

    Regardless, I'll be blogging about my travel plans so even if there's no TwitardedCon 2011, I'm determined to meet some of my tweeps in person :)

    ILYASFM xxx

  10. Look at us sappy vaginas. How do we recover from TK's laugh-til-you-ovulate post? Love stories. We're such fucking chicks, sometimes.

    Well...Hm. Let's see. You know how much I love you soft tacos. Since finding my way here last year, I have bellied up to this bar every day. I know who's writing the post about 2 sentences in, and I am GOD DAMNED PRIVILEGED to now hear each of your voices when you post. Now that I'm on twitter (gawd...that took me forever), I get to "hear" your voices more often. *sigh* I fucking love you...And Myg, you're def a part of this blog, and I have fallen for you so hard.

    It seems like some of my more...outspoken (perv-tarded) of the Twitarded "regulars" relocated to the Facebook...but my lurv for them started here in the comments. Derrydown Green (once neverthink, forever my love) and Hypo Vag are still ahhmazing, but I never see them here anymore... Shit, I don't have enough time to tell you how much I love the other regulars up in here. You know who you are. I look forward to seeing you

    I think our mass migration to FOORRKKSS!!! really solidified some friendships that started up in herrr. I pretty much can't live without Forks Pimp and Toefunny now. And some of the facebook/twitter bitches who came to The Promised Land but weren't regulars here (aka lurkers) are also proverbially tattooed on my ass. Lindz NomNom, Billi Cullen, SlickLips, HisMystic Muse...Naturally, this is all outside of my hot bitches at I Love Boys Who Sparkle (Thanks for the heads up on that gig, btw. Flove those girls).

    Fuck a duck...Is it Forks 2011 yet?

    ...I'm gonna go put on some Dashboard Confessionals and grab a razor blade now. I'm feeling emo.

  11. I promise this really does relate to ur post...bear with me..

    about 7 months ago i bought a ~~TWITARDED~~ t-shirt

    I tried to play it cool when I asked my husband for permission to do so...(you see i'm no longer allowed to have a credit card) so I knew I was going to have to put out to get it.

    I settled on a cute, pink short sleeved one that simply said "TWITARDED" with jj and sty's signature faces on either side. They were out of stock with XL and XXL so I went with Large thinking that when it was wet I could stretch it out some.

    My husband saw it before I could get it washed and said "ur really gonna wear that in public? maybe you should give yourself a number and put your name on the back" fucker.

    I said, "fuck you, go away and my twat's not for sale anymore"

    oh boy....finally washed it and headed straight for my closet, shut the door and started stretching the fuck outta that thing. I looked and sounded like David Banner while he's morphing into the INCREDIBLE HULK and I know this because I found myself staring in the full length mirror.

    All done. Looks like an XXXL shirt now, so I discretely hang it in my closet to dry.

    June 29th...a few hours before the midnight +1 opening of ECLIPSE I started getting ready and acted like a teenage girl getting ready for shirt is their prom dress. Final touch...a pretty shade of pink lipstick to match my new "TWITARDED" shirt. I go into my closet, put on my jeans and a bra and with butterflies in my tummy pick up my newest pride and joy and face the full length mirror. I put on my shirt, careful not to mess up my hair or lipstick, pull it down over my head only to look into the mirror and see JJ and STY's faces all light gray and disfigured each of them perched on my ginormous tits. N.IIII.C.E.

    That is the closest I have gotten to making friends here or having anyone to shoot the shit with about all of this TWILIGHT stuff. I wake up everyday hoping that someone has commented on a comment and that I will finally have an opportunity to make a TWITARDED friend, but instead I find myself sitting in my closet wearing my extra teeny tiny pink **TITtarded** t-shirt carrying on the most vivid and liberating RPATTZ conversations with JJ and STY. They sit nice and still and QUIET and let me do all the talking because that's what friends are for. Right? (okay, i'm kidding about wearing my TITtarded shirt and talking to JJ and STY), though that seems better than not having anyone to talk to at all :(

  12. I think I've figured it out LKW, those are the creepy babies you made with RPattz in your freezer, right? Do I win a prize?

    Twilight has totally given me friends that I would never have had otherwise. Twitarded was my intro to the bloggy world, and I love you for it (and other reasons such as the laughter and the freedom to embrace my inner h00r). And though I don't really know any of you (yet), I'm just going to continue to tag along, m'kay?


    I know it's been like, ninety jillion years since I've actually commented, but my real life actually kicked back into gear - who knew, right!??! I forgot about my real life too. :)

    But basically, YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I met Toefunny through this blog, and I count her among my closest friends - we spent yesterday night texting each other as we got ready to watch Harry Potter at midnight... 380 miles away from each other. I'm going to VISIT her, at her home (I know, she's fucking crazy) in three weeks! She's AMAZING and I'm beyond delighted that she's in my life.

    IN ADDITION TO YOU LADIES! Meeting you all in Foooorks was an experience I wanted to shout about from the rooftops, much to the befuddlement of my friends in real life - they juuust don't quite get it. I'm eternally grateful to the whole Twitarded crew (remember when you could just type JJ & STY and have done with it? JK, I"m delighted to also type LKW, VitR, TK and Myg :))for creating this amazing space for us all to share.

    And Lindsay Rae, crank up that Dashboard. "HANDS DOWN YOU ARE THE BEST THING...." *sob* I miss you, you sexy bitch.

  14. I don't hang out with any fellow Twitards (well, except Mom) IRL, but I hang out with you guys every day on Twitter (slash "The Reason I Get Nothing Done Anymore")! I can't even imagine getting to hang out with yall everyday. Dream! Srsly, when are we building the TH!ILT Ranch or the Twitarded Retirement Home?

  15. I REALLY wish I could,like,LIKE every 1 of your comments ;)

  16. I've made some great friends through the fandom, and I'm even happen to say that we don't even just to Twilight stuff anymore! LOL!!

  17. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting any of you lovely ladies in person (yet). But it doesn't matter, somehow I feel totally comfortable sharing personal stories (ahem, the 'losin' it' blog just a couple weeks ago). I don't know how you dirty h00rs do it, but you make me want to share my feelings. Gawd, when did I turn into such a girl. It's partly due to the magic of the sparkly peen, that thing has otherworldly powers. It brought us all together but it's the hilarity and awesomeness of the community that keeps us here.

  18. Living with Edward commented somewhere, I think TwiBite, about her area code change and it was the same one I had gone through. So I stalked, I mean, looked up her email on her profile and wrote to her. We found out we live about 30 minutes from each other now and there started a friendship with a little sister I never knew I had. We travelled to Forks together and we will get together for the Eclipse DVD release too and meet InotU and TeamSixPack if we can find somewhere to go!! She is hilarious, kind and a remarkable person.

    17foreverlisa hassled me, of course I mean asked me to post my Italy story/pictures on Twitarded (which you so kindly did - thank you). Then she helped me set up my blog and Twitter and Tumblr... hmmmm I think she is my dealer or is that pusher... hmmmm but I love her like nothing else. She has listened to me in good times and bad and she is my partner in crime to the end.

    TwilightCupcake/Cupcakegirl76 was my contact for the Vancouver Olympics once I found out that is where she lived. And through her kind and loving heart I asked her to pick me up some souveniors. After a huge box was received and I had some of the best items from the Vancouver Olympics I knew I had a friend for life - and not because of the items in that box but because of the thought, care and time she took for me - someone she only knew from some emails and comments. She is my OCD/Type A twin and I love her forever.

    Their friendships are awesome and amazing and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

  19. I love that I get to hang out with people I met on the blog in real life.

    @VitaminR70 and just passed the 1 year anniversary of being friends in RL. :)

    I got to spend my 30th birthday over the summer with @truebldtwilight and @misstejota in Honolulu.

    I had talked with @misstejota quite a bit on twitter before meeting in Honolulu, so we knew we had a lot in common and had good conversations, but after meeting in person it became clear that she is my sister from another mother (and father).

    I have Twitarded to thank for starting these real life friendships.

  20. I email back and forth w/ 8 other girls I met thru Twilight. And one I know in RL. I honestly can't remember a time (or maybe I don't want to) where I didn't, get daily Robp0rn or peen pix in my box (heh). Someone told me I'd make more friends on the Twittah. But I find it a little intimidating.. mostly bc I wouldn't know how to tweet or twat, whatever and I've heard its pretty fucking addictive. One day I shall join.. if only to follow you Twitarded h00rs cos srsly there have been many times where I've had a beyond shitty day and end up laughing my ass off and the stress away bc of y'all.

  21. “Before you, my twitarded h00rs, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars –points of light and reason….And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was Grand Fuckery, there was the Pretay."

    Twitarded was the snowball that started the avalanche that is my Twi-life. soul sista. Thank you so much for talking me into going to Forks. Little did we know it, but it was a life altering evening of "I'll go if you go" emails!! I can not wait for you to come visit me. It will be epic.

    I met Derry/neverthink and Hypo Vag right here on Twitarded. Derry..that fookin twaaat...convinced me to get a twi-account over on fb and than proceeded to corrupted the shit out of me. I feel like I stalked Vag on fb into being my friend. Now I can not imagine a day with out her.

    Some hoors I knew I liked pre-forks, but now that I've met you in's a love affair to last the ages. Lindsay Rae, you are sunshine. Billi Cullen, Hismystic Muse, Lindz nomnom, Slick Caro... My life would be so much less with out you all.

  22. I'm not big into Twitter or FB so this blog is really the only Twilighty thing I do. So, I've made no RL friends here but I have to say this is a pretty awesome place to hang out.

    Twilight has, however, tightened my existing RL friendships. Our lust/shame over Twilight was like a really cool/lame secret that we shared and that was a fun experience for us.

  23. @Twipolar Wife, OMG you sound like me! I have one friend that love the books but she is a "once I watch a movie I am not watching it again" type person. Great to go to midnight showings with but forget it when the DVD comes out, I have my 2 yr old for that. Sadly, (or awesomely) she loves Twilight too, she knows everyones name and is NOT affraid! She thinks the wolves in Eclipse are "so cool"

    I digress, TITTARDED! I about died! Sounds about like me! I seriously cracked up, because I can totally picture it. I can't wear anything with graphics across the chest, because shit gets distorted by these bithces!

  24. Awww, yay.

    I have been blessed to live close to and develope a friendship with Dangrdafne. I love her beyond measure and would probably do anything for her. In fact, I love her so much that I gave up a personalised autoghraphed photo of PFach. Now that is real love.

    I also got to hang with Mrs. P at the Eclipse release. I love her to pieces too. I wish she could get together with us in 2 weeks.

    Those are just the peeps I get to see in person. I can't leave out 17foreverlisa. I love Lisa long time.
    And JJ and STY, we neeeeeed to do something with the tri state Twitards!!!

  25. OMG, I know three things. One, you two are fuckawesome. Two, that Mark Segal/Vitamin R manip was genius. And three, that when LKW puckers up to Rob, I die. Thanks for the hilarity! Mwah!

  26. Never figured you for the softy, LKW. LOL!!

    I don't even know where to begin. My life has changed dramatically in the last year and a 1/2. I saw a little movie on a fluke called Twilight, thought the actor playing Edward was cute, but left wanting to buy the soundtrack. Standing in line at Target waiting to pay for it, I realized two of the songs were sung by one Robert Pattinson. I got in my car, listened to them, and lost my fucking mind.

    Google became my best friend. I had to know more about this guy. Then I found all the glory that was Rome Rob.

    Somewhere during my perving, I found Twitarded. I didn't know what blogging was. I didn't know what it meant to "follow" a blog.

    Fast foward to present day. My blog just turned one last month. I own a Pocket Edward, have a framed thank you signed by STY for my contribution to Alex's Lemonade on behalf of Twitarded, and more Robp0rn than I know what to do with.

    Lindsay Rae mentioned regulars not commenting as much. One reason is because we've all formed these amazing friendships now and find ourselves talking on other social formats, such as email, Gmail chat, and twitter. There's a definite shift in the way we connect, but the connection is definitely still there.

    I did the first selfish thing in 30 years of marriage and purchased a plane ticket and flew to Forks to hang out with people I met here. I will forever be grateful.

    Because of Twitarded, I have met my soul sister Mama Cougar; my Super Bloggy BFF Mrs. P at TwiBite; my other half Twilove1_Sue; my road trip buddy and fellow Robsten lover Twired Jen; my amazing and generous friend Dangrdafne; the sweet and incredibly funny Living with Edward; my biggest cheerleader, Starlit Violets; the brilliant and supportive Twilight Cupcake; the sweet and talented Honolulu Girl at True Blood Twilight; the entire gang over at Twi-sted Edbrella; the funny as fuck Mox who I now get to help run a DML blog with; the most dedicated Rob fan I know in RobMusement; someone I may never meet in person but who I consider a true friend, kiTT at Tongue Twied; Musing Bella; Micki Martini; my Fifty h00rs Icy, Bleriana at The Cold Shower, Biel, and I_heart-Fifty. Geez, you're right, VitaminR, the list is too long and now I'm afraid I will have forgotten someone.

    It goes without saying that I love my fearless Twitarded leaders unconditionally. STY, for your bravery in hanging in there at Forks when it was such a tough time for you and giving me and so many others some awesome one-on-one time; JJ for being exactly what I expected and more (That girl crush thing you mentioned? Um. Yeah. Right back at you.); LKW, my baseball-loving friend, you rock cocks; Myg I think you're sexy cool; TK I hope to meet you one day soon; and last but not least, VitaminR - I love you long time!

    This fandom is amazing. I am proud to be a part of it. It's so beyond Twilight now and it is hard to explain to people outside of the land of Twitardia. It doesn't matter. We get it, and it is beautiful.



  27. Twitarded found me. I came back to life. Perfectly balanced equation.

    Amazing, beautiful friendships here. All are welcomeregardless of income, color, age, occupation. Where else in the universe does this ever happen?

  28. I'm new around here but you guys never fail to make my day, both with your wit & tons of Robward hotness (or as you all would say, fuckhawtness). Finding these blogs (Twitarded, Twired, Twibite, The Cougar's Den, etc) was one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I hope I can meet all of you on the next trip to Forks! xoxo :)

  29. Lani~ If you happen to read this blog again...find me... @twipolar_wife tweet me, K? I swear I'm about to bust a frickin' gut to find someone to "twitalk" with....

  30. I am so late commenting on this. I love all you silly h00rs so much. My day is not complete without your crazy emails. It does get tricky trying to explain to my child's school that I didn't see their email about an important school event because it's buried under 150 emails about midget hookers.


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