Thursday, March 10, 2011

OK Jerks, Let's Try to be Nice

I was elected to write this post since I'm the nicest one of the bunch. (I can hear you all laughing. Assholes.) We like to talk a lot of shit on this blog, literally and metaphorically. It's all in good fun and we poke the ones we love the hardest. Sometimes we wished we'd get poked back. (RPattz, we're looking at you.) Let's shift gears a bit and talk about showing love through...kindness. I'm told this is not a novel concept. March 11th is Random Fandom Kindness Day. Once you start saying that, you will not be able to stop. Trust me.

Normally I give up being nice for Lent, but Mrs. The King has thrown a giant monkey wrench into that with her Kindness Day. I had to start chain smoking earlier this week just so I had something to give up. I initially thought the RFKD was about people being nice to me specifically, but that is apparently not the case. I'm bored already.

If Hallmark made cards like this, they would have all my money.

This Friday is about showing kindness to other people in the fandom. I suppose I can get on board with that. Here are some ideas for spreading the love.

1. It is better to give than receive. Ergo, I will be handing these out all day. You're welcome.

Don't say I never gave you anything.

2. Spread the love. Do a search on one of the fanfic sites and find a hidden gem. Leave the author a nice note and share the link with your friends. More than once, a sweet review has made one of my shitty days bearable.

3. Politeness counts. Don't lash out at a fellow fan and tell them to "drink a bowl of herpes." Say "drink a bowl of herpes, please." Manners go a long way.

4. Bloggers need love too. Visit a blog you have neglected for a while and leave the writer(s) a comment. I wish I could sit and do this all day. I don't have nearly as much time as I'd like to troll the blogosphere.

5. Beautify the social networks. Send a kind note to a fellow fan on Twitter or Facebook just to let them know you are thinking about them. Tell them to pass along the love or you will cut them.

You've been put on notice.

6. Show team spirit. We're all here for the same reason. We read a dumb book series, fell hopelessly in love with it and have no desire to find our way back into the real world. All we have is each other in this tiresome fight against sanity. It's the reason I love LKW, despite her many, many faults.

Cuteness overload. Let's hug it out.

7. Have a Coke and a smile. The easiest way to spread happiness is to be happy yourself. And how can this not make you happy? Please spread the word and spread the kindness.

I've never wished I was an inanimate object so much in my life. Cheers!


  1. I liked everything but #5. #5 made me go "are you fucking kidding me". I think I'm just at my core, not a nice person. But I can manage a please after telling someone to pull the ass out of their hole. So maybe there is hope for me yet.

  2. That's a nice idea, I'm REALLY surprised that Twitardia would embrace it instead of mocking the bejebus out of it though. Boy that was snotty of me, sorry. I should do the one about leaving a nice review for a story that I 've thoroughly enjoyed and power read through without commenting. That's sucky of me.

    Love all you great tards!

  3. Hmm.... I'll see what I can do, but no promises. There's a couple of people at work that need attitude adjustments almost daily. Alas, I have a rep at being a nice person. So, even though I want to tell someone "enough of your debbie downer crap," I don't. I give a mean death glare though! People know not to mess with me when they see it.

    But I'm all for a kindness day, whether on line or in person.

  4. OK - but to be clear - We only have to be nice to other Twihards? Not those other idiots who are always rolling their eyes and saying shit when Twilight is mention? I can't make any promises about that.

  5. I'm still laughing about you being the nicest of the group!

  6. Goddammit Texas, You are one stand up bitch. I love you so damn hard right now.

  7. OK Sweethearts! Happy RFKD!

    B o r i n g.

    Um. No. I just don't think that's gonna' work!

  8. You gals are sooo funny and I look forward to your, err, adventures and the ensuing updates. Keep 'em coming, ladies.

    Your friend and fan, Sunny C @sunnysnark

    PS: You introduced me to MoTU Lo, thoses many years ago, and I am forever in your debt. Mwah, with a snog or two thrown in, hehehehe

  9. I think my eyebrow hitched the second I realized that this wasn't a joke post. And yes, I did laugh, TK. And I will wear my Asshole badge with pride, fuck you very much.

    I think I'm a not-so-healthy blend of sweetheart and bitch, so I'll see if personality #1 feels like coming out. I think the problem is, I have to put on my "I love everyone! We're all equal and equal is amazing!!" face on every day at work, so when I come home, I want to fucking pull rugs out from under people, laugh at other people's fuck ups, and look at porn.

    So maybe I'll send people pretty porn tomorrow as a RFKD gift. Watch your email, bitches.

  10. It's the 11th on the east coast,right? So Snarky and JJ, I LOVE YOU! My life has not been the same since I discovered Twitarded and learned there were other crazy adults with an unhealthy obsession with a bunch of fictional characters. Adults who were also totally perverted, funny as hell, and not afraid to poke fun at the topic we all love.

    Your blog is awesome, you ladies are awesome, and LKW and TK are awesome too! Twitarded has been a fun,crazy, entertaining ride. And that doesn't even begin to cover the fabulousness of FOOOORRRRKKKKSSSSS.

    If it hadn't been for you ladies there is no way I would have found myself in a Canadian sports bar last weekend at 2:30 am on a Saturday morning drooling over a musician/actor who's younger than my daughter.

    Thanks! (I think.)

    W/V - Wooto!Go Twitarded.

  11. great story thanks for the posting I really impress and happy to after read this story. Cheers

  12. "Say "drink a bowl of herpes, please." Manners go a long way" DIED.

    Hilarious TK. I flove your brand of kindness!


  13. *Whew* I thought we had to be nice to people we deal with in the real world - I have no issues being nice to you h00rs!!! :) *MWAH*

    I like to think that I actually am a nice person MOST of the time or at least until you piss me off. And once you get on my bad side, you better watch yourself cause I will torment you during any interactions we may have! I'm not called 80 grit (as in sandpaper, for my abrasiveness) at work for nothing! :)

  14. twitard in new orleans here! your blog makes me spit my coffee every morning! i tried to stalk rpatz down here but my husband thought my "going to have drinks alone" were signs of cheating or a drunky problem and it would've been WAY more fun with a friend cause then we could just get tipsy and play pretend that boy is rpatz, show me what you would you would do to him! bless his heart. anyhoo! love y'all! mmwah from nola!

  15. Have you seen trailer #4 for Water for Elephants yet? Best one yet in my opinion.

    Sharing this is my good deed for the day.

  16. Well...I love you girls. I suppose I can go leave comments on some other blogs today.

    Anyhoo, now back to waiting for the tsunami wave to hit the WA coast & see how big it is. Crazy world.

  17. Oh the guilt! I've been reading your blog on and off for maybe a year, and realize after today's post that I indeed owe you all a giant thank you for making me laugh so hard on so many occasions I think food came out of my nose (which, many years ago when I had to view them with my then young sons, the RugRats confirmed means something is really, really @#$%-ing funny!) I am a fellow over 30, ok over 40, ok recently 50originally reluctant Twilight reader who fell victim to the same rampant virus as so many of our hormonally ravaged sisters. Finally, though, it was he of the lips, fingers, and wonk who gave me my mojo back and forced me to troll uncontrollably, leading me to you. My husband doesn't know whether to be furious or forever grateful, poor guy. Anyway, I digress. You are absolutely right. As mortified as I am to have been sucked into this vast vortex of unreasonable passion for a young man not much older than my own child, your blog has made it OK. No. More than OK. It's made it a blast! Thanks. Carry on your good and dirty deeds.

  18. @Anon - welcome to the madness!

    TK... do you even know what you're asking of me? It's going to be tough going today but I'll do my best impersonation of a kind person ever. Some people may even be fooled by my false niceness.

  19. @Anon--Thanks for jumping out of the Twitarded closet!

    Simmer down, everyone. You only have to be kind to fandom people. I'm being extra mean to RL peeps to balance the scales.

    JFTR, I love you all. Madly.

  20. Jumping in here.. just to say...I LOVE ALL YOU H00RS HARD... You make me laugh, and raise my spirits.. I never been soo AHH-MAZED by such a diverse and talented bunch of h00rs **crys**

    Cwoffee Twalk! I'm feeling a little vaclempt... twalk amoungst youwrselves for a moment.

    OK But really.. Your all fucking amazeballs.. Thanks for the many laughs.. and wet panties, and spewed beveradges, HAVE A LOVELY DAY TWITARDS..

  21. Okay, RFKD, if you wanna be nice to me, I'll be nice to you.

    You can check out my cob-webbed blogger spot and follow me. Leave a snide remark if you want.
    or you can follow me on twitter:

    But if you want me to follow you on twitter, and are locked, unlock your tweets baby.

    I'm gonna print out those bitch slap coupons and pass'em out!

    Thanks TK!

  22. Does this count as leaving a note on a fandom blog?

  23. thank you for making me laugh, bitch face.

    how's that?

    no, i'm actually one of the nice ones. but i have noticed, as i get older, i generally hate most people i encounter in RL. who knew there were so many assholes in this world? and why are they all related to me through marriage? do i have a fuckin sign on my forehead that reads: if you're a controlling, over confident, selfish bitch please attempt to turn my world upside down. line forms here.

    my mom is the shit though. she is.

  24. Aww I love the mix of real kindness and Twitarded kindness LOL!!!

    I made sure we did a Drunk Mad Lib to celebrate Random Fandom Kindess Day :)


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