Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where In the World is Edward Cullen's Hair???

I have some very serious things to discuss tonight. Well, one thing. It's regarding something that we all love (and lust after), and dammit, it's gone missing.

Who stole the Edward-y-ness from Robert Pattinson's hair???

In the beginning, there was Twilight Edward Hair. And it was good.

I'm just going to come right out and say that I miss the bouffant.

Yes. Just YES. Yes please.

I miss the gloriously tousled sex hair that he sported while traveling the globe promoting Twilight's release. Rome Rob still makes me weak in the knees and has a definite physical impact on other parts of me as well.

I'd let him drive me to school any day.

Or take me to Rome...

Twilight Edward gave us many, many sex-hair pics, and life was good.


OK, fine so it's possible that Robert Pattinson didn't really like the long out-of-control look or what is was doing to every woman who laid eyes on him, as witnesses by this backlash (which probably caused his agent to have a melt-down) -

Nice try, but you're still the top of the list. I want to touch it.

Then came New Moon. This was probably my least fave Edward hair - possibly hadn't grown back in to an Edward-y length and was definitely not-tousled. I get that they were going for an old-world feel (which was stupid! Love you Chris Weitz and all your recent mad tweeting, but FAIL), but they got it wrong with the hair.

Hello, I'm stodgy. And brown. Someone get me highlights, stat!

My hair and I just smelled something bad.
And don't all seventeen-year-olds wear tweed jackets?

Eclipse hair was...decent. Again, I missed the wild, long bed-head, but it was passable. In fact, I came across a set pic tonight that's damn hot - hair & all! Sure, too brown, but I'll take it...

You - on the right - get out of the frame! You're ruining it!

But then, well, I don't know what happened...

Don't get me wrong: I think Robert Pattinson looks mighty fine with his current 'do - but it's not really Edward-y, you know?

These days, any time I see a current photo of him, or a video - and knowing that they're filming Breaking Dawn - I get a a little concerned by his lack of Edward Hair. Honestly? Breaking Dawn Edward's hair has my a tad worried (well that and the fact that Peter Facinelli asking him why he was reading his lines like Christopher Walken, but I'll save that for another time). It's very...not bronze. Or wild. Or just-shagged-looking. Which is a crying shame, considering...

My hair's not the right color - I must drown myself!

I know it's hard to focus on his hair here, but work with me. Don't be like the dude leering at Kristen - with his finger in his mouth! - who clearly isn't thinking about Edward, either.

What the what, Edward hair???

I would love to know how many times Stephenie Meyer referred to the color of Edward's hair throughout the Twilight Sage. A LOT, I know that much. And you know what? I don't think the words "dark" or "brown" where ever used. I don't recall the passage that went "Their dark brown tresses intertwined and..." Oh wait, that would be fanfic. Smutty fanfic. But you get the general gist.

I don't recall Edward and Bella having the exact same color hair.
Maybe I need to re-read. It's been a while...

I felt a little hope when he showed up at the Golden Globes with some distinct auburn hue added to his tresses - it was like Stephenie Meyer had finally said "Enough!" and chased him with a box of Nice n' Easy "Reddish Brown" and had her way with him -

But really? It seems like too little, too late. Maybe. For me, messing with Edward's hair is like taking liberties with Harry Potter's lightning bolt scar - sacrilege! Um, or it would be if I was as invested in HP as I am with Twilight, anyway...

Please for the love of all thing holy let him look more Edward-y when he's in Breaking Dawn and cradling his little monster half-breed spawn.

What say you: are you worried that the lack of uber-awesome Edward hair might leave you feeling deprived come November (and November 2012 - sigh...)??? Vent with me in the comments! Or tell me this is the most ridiculous thing to whine about since Volvo-gate...


  1. Yes, I totally agree.

    Rob is free to wear his hair however he wants (as if!)....

    But, Edward's hair should be wild. And bronze. And fuckable...wait, I mean...

    Yeah, fuckable!

  2. I've read the saga over 12 times & no where does it say Edward colors his hair to match Bella's. Not even when Alice needs someone to play Barbie.

    If Rob trys to drown himself over the dark brown hair, I offer to perform mouth-to-mouth. Hmm... wonder if there are any other body parts we can put together?

  3. Jesus...You are SO right! I don't think I have ever missed Rome-Rob Hair so much!! <>

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like NM Rob Hair. Eclipse was a slight upswing, but with the exception of Rosalie's braided battle 'do, everyone in the Cullen Clan had a serious battle royale with the hair gods.

    *sigh* I don't fucking care...He's still fuckhawt, and jawporn trumps weird hair. All is forgiven, Rob. Just run your fingers through that coif and I promise I will kneel, open my mouth, smile, and pray at the alter of your cock.

  4. The new do' just isn't good enough for the bronze awesomeness that should be Edward's hair. How are we, as good FanFic readers, to imagine Edwards head btw our legs if they keep fucking it up, or am I the only one that imagines that? I have been having these thoughts since New Moon. Thank you STY for putting it out there.

  5. I miss that Twilight hair as well STY. *DEEP SIGH* It was definitley much more fun than the plain brown. I think the red hair in that photo is because Jacob (WFE) has red hair. lol. Favorite line in this post...

    "You - on the right - get out of the frame! You're ruining it!"

  6. In most of the pictures I've seen from filming BD, it looks like his hair is almost black! That is just wrong. I tolerated that shit in Little Ashes, but NOT Edward Cullen!

    I'm hoping they will tweak the hair color when they edit. Maybe they can sex it up a little bit with CG! Yeah. I know. Why would they do that when he is the definition of SEX HAIR by nature? Who knows? Hollywood!

    1. That's because in breaking dawn he had a wig made specially for him. But he still looks hawt!:)

  7. Ok...I too am confused. With all of the Eclipse set photos that kept surfacing, I felt let totally wasn't EDWARD CULLEN hair.

    BUT did you see LENO? I finally felt as though the bouffant had made it's comeback, though it was a tad tamed. Nonetheless it was much better than it had been.


    xo J

  8. PS However..I didn't know Vampire's hair grew? So if he has shitty non Edward hair in BD 1 & all of a sudden is sporting a mini-bouffant in BD 2, I'm gonna cut a bitch.

  9. I totally agree with BasketCaseMom. :D As for Rome-Rob hair... absolutely orgasmic!!

    @ Twired Jen - I did see Rob on Leno & I thought the same thing about his hair - there's hope yet!

  10. There is an interesting article that discusses Hardwicke's Twilight vs. the other two. It also makes a VERY valid statement about Edward's look that I have to agree with. The story link is here.

  11. I'm just glad they took away his first hairdo from Twilight. His mop looked too much like he was related to Sideshow Bob and that was a terrifying image.

    PS- is it just me or in that last pic does his nose looked smashed in?

  12. Dude yeah. I was just thinking this the other night when I was watching Twilight drunk. Right before I got a concussion (yeah long story) Edward walked into the cafeteria and I was totally wondering why the f they changed his hair in all the other movies. That shit was goooooood.

    I'm totally doing a blog post on Jasper hair soon. I keep forgetting to and this just reminded me I need to do it ASAP.

  13. So I'm gonna call my own blasphemy here and bring in Eric from true blood to the mix.
    No me gusta HBO!
    I get that he had his hair cut in season 2 because it was stained with blood but since then it just gets shorter and less blonde every time I try and catch up on last season.

  14. I will be devestated if the "Edward hair" is simply ignored - and right now, that is what it's feeling like. Makes me question what else will be ignored....

  15. Well you already know this has been bothering for a long, long time. Why Scummit, why? Do.not.mess.with.perfection.people!

    Here is a thought....perhaps when they do the sparkle effect they will also lighten his hair? I know...I am stretching here people.

    As for Rome fave Rob of all time. He seriously looks like he just fucked all night long...and I think he did. 'When in Rome, Do Rob'...words to live by.

    Love original Edward it. Miss it. I am going to go cry a little now.

  16. Twilght Edward will always be my favourite. The hair, the clothes, even the contacts..... sigh.

    Yeah I'm unsure about this BD hair busiMESS.... I dunno man.

    Yummmm Rome Rob..... ummmmm ;p

  17. It probably hasn't had enough time to grow back yet, lol. Mind you, they have lost the reddish tint along the line in these movies. Personally, as long as it's not a crew cut, there's some recently-tugged-just-shagged-my-way-all-over-the-place-and-fucking-loved it going on I'm not too bothered. All I need to see is Rob as naked as we're gonna get him (for now) and I'm good.

    The volvo annoys me though. They shoulda just kept it silver. Grr.

  18. I for one love his hair right now. I loved it in Twilight, Eclipse, and umm... well... it was alright in NM.

    I'm not a massive fan of the initial twilight-promotion scruff. Sure, I loves me some roughed up messy hair, but not when it was really long. *runs and hides*

    Let's face it, I don't really give a shit how long it is or what colour it is, it'll tickle my inner thighs just the same.

    And don't get me started on Volvo-gate.

  19. "My hair and I just smelled something bad.
    And don't all seventeen-year-olds wear tweed jackets?" LMAO. Guess they forgot that they were trying to "blend in". Shop like a frickin teenager,wardrobe people, it's not that hard. Observe wealthy teens in their natural habitat. They sure as shit don't wear what you put them in.

    I could bloviate for hours on the hair, makeup, and wardrobe fail that was New Moon and Eclipse.

    I miss the long, coppery sex hair too but GAWD FORBID they try to put a wig on that beautiful head of his if his natural hair is too short. I'd join Twired Jen in cutting a bitch over that.

    p.s. MTV Movie Awards are open for selecting nom nom nominees. Get yer butts over there and stack the deck, ladies.

  20. 4 words I never thought to hear myself say: I miss the bouffant!

    I don't understand what is so hard about maintaining a consistant look thru all the movies. I'm not saying identical, just very similar. FAIL.

    I'm not exactly worried, per se, but I am curious as to how it will look. It does seem too short, too brown and nowhere near unruly enough... But if the Twilight movies have taught me anything, it's that the supporting characters will have much worse hairstyles/wigs. I take comfort in that.


  21. I just forgot what I was going to say. My w/v is Cullenti.


    Oh right. The hair has never been right but I'm encouraged by the recent change in color. Maybe we'll finally get bronze, even if we won't get wild or tousled (sigh).

  22. Like ...OMG!! Stop coloring and cutting his precious locks people.."let it do, what it do"..Rome Rob hair is also my fav..Where's his stylist?? We need to have words.. We need the hair to grab onto so in our dreams when he's down between our..WAKE UP! WAKE UP!..ok get MY meaning..I'm still hanging on the "kneel, open your mouth, pray and smile bit.....awesome post @snarkie..mad loves

  23. I have to agree - Twilight Edward hair is the best hair. I really hope that Breaking Dawn (which will probably suck anyway) will at least have decent Edward hair...

  24. I generally LOVE his hair any which way - I even loved it when he hacked it all off right after Twilight. I WILL, however, agree with STY here. What the FUCK is wrong with these movie people? They have to know that Twilight fans know every little detail of this story. You think we're not going to notice that his hair is drastically different?

    @LindsayRae: "Just run your fingers through that coif and I promise I will kneel, open my mouth, smile, and pray at the alter of your cock." <-- This might be the greatest thing ever written. Where's the line for this? I need to be in it.

  25. I agree 110%!!! Edward is supposed to have reddish color messy tosseled hair same as Alice is supposed to have short spikey hair and it has disappeared since Twilight also! And while we are on the topic of hair I don't know what the hell they have done to poor Jasper. He looked like a blond Johnny Depp from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory in Eclipse!! Just HORRIBLE!!!! The wardrobe needs to be addressed to. It was the best with Twilight, then I'm not sure what the crap happened in New Moon, but David Slade almost got it back on track with Eclipse, but I'm ready for Edward to give back his Daddy's clothes from the 1900's and get back to the tight long sleeve solids & jeans!!!

  26. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Loved this whole post. "Stephenie Meyer chased him down with Nice-n-Easy Reddish-Brown and had her way with him." My favorite phrase!!! While we are at it, Rob as Crocodile Dundee on the cover of VF???? WTF. NOT hot, and I mean I am a total connoisseur of all things Edward/Rob. And usually very forgiving. LOVE from NC, & here's hoping Breaking Dawn Rob does us well!

  27. Loved the post!! I agree, Edward's hair is the most important part of his 'look'! After all of the debate over Jasper's hair, you'd think the BD people would try harder to get the hair right!
    One thing I'd like to point out, though, 'bronze' is a golden yellowish brown, NOT reddish... just sayin'! ;o)

  28. Every comment cracks my shit up. We're on a fucking roller coifster up in here!

    One thing's for sure:
    @TK50: Let's face it, I don't really give a shit how long it is or what colour it is, it'll tickle my inner thighs just the same.

    @LKW: Dude. I think we need to put the "at the altar of your cock" in soooooooper tiny print at the bottom. So tiny it looks like it's just an underline or something. Puhleeezzz? :)

  29. Not a fan of Rome-Rob hair (sorry!)....not into that greasy I-don't-give-shit-coz-you'll-all-scream-at-me-anyways look. I need a little effort...more into the Twilight Edward, but the bouffant needs to be kept under control. As for the debate allowed there: MUST be copper. End of story.

    I'm with ya Track 10, Twilight Edward is my favourite coz he looks kinda like a regular teenager just an uber hawt, gorgeous teenager (ok, so really not like a teenager at all, but whatev!) and not like a vampire. In NM and Eclipse with the hair, clothes and contacts tell me the Cullens would blend!! Not a chance!

    I'm so glad others obsess about such important issues...

  30. Ok, colorwise I miss twilight hair but look wise I liked New Moon. I didn't like the styling of his hair in Eclipse, and I'm not a big fan of Breaking Dawn hair already, too short and wrong color. I really hate that they can't get the damn color right, you would think that getting a bronze look would be easy, but I've been wrong before.
    In the end, I can't wait to se the movie and hopefully be really good (I have somewhat of low expectation) and I get to see Rob so that's always a plus.

  31. I couldn't give two flying fucks about his hair...that man is always sexy

    But PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD -- someone throw out that man's razors...


  32. Agreed, but I still think Edward's hair is going to be the least fucked up aspect of this movie.

  33. I completely agree!!! Bring back the Twilight Edward hair!!!

  34. @LKW @LindsayRae The line starts behind me. No cutting. xoxoxo

  35. I too am confused, which isn't anything unusual for me. I don't remember reading that vampire hair did/didn't grow;however,I did assume that it did not.

    according to Stephenie Meyer,

    "His hair, which is always messy, retains the unusual bronze shade that he inherited in his human life from his biological mother"

    This would be a fair assumption that it also did not grow.

    I miss Twilight Edward Hair.
    All hair *cough* (horrible wigs by most) in New Moon were eewww.
    Jasper's hair was completely grown out in Eclipse.

    Of course, vampires don't age either; and that's clearly not the case with this series of movies.

    I'll take Edward bald if need be. It is disappointing to see it slowly disappear though.

  36. Two thumbs up for this post.

    I really like New Moon Edward, even the tweed suit. *ducks*

    I know, I know.

    Twi Edward always looks like he is the lead singer of The Cure or something (which I like), especially when he's sitting across from Charlie at the Swan table just before Bella comes down the stairs for prom. Wow, that was a run-on sentence at it's finest.

    He's gonna look yummy in Breaking Dawn. Did you see his bicep in that bedroom still... or both of them in that wife beater on the beach pic? yum. Better hair would be a bonus though.

  37. @Elle, you're right, their hair wouldn't grow because everything kinda froze during their change. It was also extremely difficult to cut their hair. I think I read that in the books or maybe it was a fan fic...they kinda blur together now for me.

    Oh, and please don't put Edward and balled in the same sentence, it makes me giggle.

  38. You would think that striving to keep his hair the same throughout the movies (the bouffant!) would have been a major thing to help with that consistency of his character being a 'frozen in time' 17yo vampire.

    Here's hoping we are way too distracted by other Edward schmexiness to let the hair bother us in the finished product.

    But I'll take a haircut over a BAD wig!

  39. Seriously, I can't think of another movie series where there has been less attention to consistent character appearance. And for most of the Cullens, it's been worse with each new movie.

    As much as I enjoyed seeing the pix from Rio, my first reaction was completely "WTF!" over Edward's hair color and cut. And it was so close already when he finished with WFE, they just would have had to tweek the color the tiniest bit to make Robowski into Robward. But instead it became almost black! Maybe in the film it will look more authentic. I am just prepared not to like this movie. I mean I'll love it, but -- oh well, I'm sure I don't have to explain anything to you lot.

    And I can't believe I'm now so worked up over the hair of a fictional character! AAAARRGHGHGH! This rabbit hole! Get me outta here! On second thought, no, don't.....

  40. Ok, so my laptop was being a douche-bag last night so I am just seeing this post. STY, I fucking love you for bringing back Rome Rob. The jaw, the hair, the thumb in the mouth...UUUNNNFFF!!!!! I have probably just woken my neighbors. Oh well, fuck my neighbors...Rome Rob is in the house! Sweet baby jeebus!

  41. I can take the new hair cut, it still looks sexy. Twilight hair was the BEST, though. I'm on my knees praying . . .they ditch the creepy contacts! Ugh to yellow eyes. Twilight eyes beat all the others too.

  42. As long as there is no wig, any hair on Robward is fine by me! But man, oh man do I miss the bouffant :(

  43. I don't think we can blame the inconsistencies with Rob's hair on Summit. Keep in mind, after New Moon, Rob did Remember Me and I'm sure he had a hairstyle that they felt was appropriate for that role, so his Eclipse hair was pretty similar to his Remember Me hair. Then after Eclipse, Rob did WFE and definitely had to have the sides almost shaved with somewhate longer on top, but definitely not Edward's hair. Remember, too, that he had to leave the Baton Rouge BD set for reshoots on WFE! So, I'm going to be real curious to see what, if any, kind of consistency we get on BD 1 & 2. But, I'm sure Summit wishes they had put in some sort of clause that neither Kristen nor Rob could significantly change the appearance of their hair (I was upset at Kristen for chopping off her hair for her role in Runaways cuz she said she felt if she cut her hair for the role she would be able to give a more authentic performance...uh what about an authentic performance in Enclipse, that wig was a huge FAIL, she kinda let her largest following of fans down, how many people have actually seen Runaways, except for twifans????? Anyway, that's my two cents.

  44. Yeah, I miss Twilght Edward in general. His hair cut, color and style AND his wardrobe choices. For as shitty and low budget as our beloved movie is, I think ol Ms. Hardwicke got a few things right.

  45. The continuity of the Twilight Saga movies has always been an issue and it will continue to be so for 2 more movies - unfortunately. It is a shame that one of the most important parts of Edward that was mentioned in the books would be messed with but movie people like to have their way and apparently no one fought for it so there ya have it. But as I always say - I am just glad they are making all the movies and I will show up no matter what :)

  46. I will be devestated if the "Edward hair" is simply ignored - and right now, that is what it's feeling like. Makes me question what else will be ignored....

  47. HATE THIS HAIR!! Edward is supposed to have touseled bronze hair!! They got it perfect in Twilight, but has progressively gotten worse & this hair is flat out terrible! Granted Rob is still gorgeous, u cud shave his head & he'd still be perfect, but the hair in BD is NOT Edward hair! It's definately goin to make it harder to watch bc all I will see is Robert & Kristen YUCK!! Instead of Edward & Bella!

  48. Well...It's Feb 12th 2012 and I've just rented the Breaking Dawn dvd. I wanted to figure out why I didn't enjoy BD the wy I had the other 3 films in the series. What you say is true - Breaking Dawn Edward no longer looks anything like Twilight Edward. His hair is short and sticky-outy over the ears and dyed a weird maroon mahogany color - Yech!.. Combine that with the red eyeliner and extra pale skin. Not pretty and definitely NOT Edward. AND, that's going to be the way he looks in Breaking Dawn 2 since they were shot at the same time. He needs longer hair in his natural light brown to showcase the beauty of his bone structure. I hope he's not deliberately trying to ugg himself up to discourage fans.

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