Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30 Seconds to Love 30 Seconds to Mars

If I seem a little all over the place today, it's...well...because I am! Between adopting a one year old (90 pound) bloodhound puppy this past weekend, and my niece being born this morning, I feel like my head is spinning. I actually enjoy going to work to relax!

But I did actually get to do something really fun this past weekend. I saw 30 Seconds to Mars last Sunday night at the State Theater in Portland. It's a great, small-ish venue that used to be a XXX movie theater when I was in high school. And no, I didn't hang out there. Much. 30STM does occasional theme nights and our local alternative station ran a contest for our theme -- Neon Night won. It was like a rave gone terribly wrong.

Jared took Neon Night to the extreme!

This was my first 30STM concert but I've been in love with their music for years...and who wasn't in love with Jared Leto Jordan Catalano in the early 90s? I've been reliving the My So Called Life days on Netflix recently and fuck me, I love that show. And him. And yes, I was picturing myself making out with him in that boiler room the entire night.

You, me, boiler room...STAT!

I'll try to be brief with my review...

The concert was amazing, and while I was disappointed they only played for a little over an hour, I had an absolute blast! Plus we got to do a pre-concert meet and greet. So yes... I did get to meet the band very briefly, and as my friend BC said, it was rather disappointing. There were too many people so they just signed autographs and then took group pictures. And Jared's flip flops made us both want to hurl.

Tomo (guitarist), some girl (who I didn't know), Jared (who needs a sandwich), BC (my friend), moi and Shannon (drummer)

We were marginally decked out in neon and glowy bracelets and necklaces. Not as crazy as some people! Although I did have a complete wardrobe malfunction. The t-shirt I had made with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint that said "I ♥ Jared" didn't fucking glow. I was pissed. I really was hoping he'd ask me to go hang out at Tino's.

I wanted to wear my glowy bracelets to bed that night! I wished they glowed forever.

If you've ever seen 30STM live, you know Jared is big on audience participation. He gets a little testy if you're not on your feet, jumping around. He actually told the people sitting to stand up or "go the fuck home"! The constant jumping, combined with walking a 5k that morning, left me unable to walk on Monday. Am I too old for this shit?

I would have preferred him shirtless at this point.

He also likes getting people up on stage. I was a member of the mob scene on stage. It was crazy. I really have no idea how many people were up there for the closing song, Kings and Queens, but it was nuts. And as I was leaving the stage after the concert had ended, I got pelted with something. I'm sure it was Jared trying to get my attention for our very own meet and greet, but I had to let him down gently - my heart belongs to RPattz.

I was somewhere in the back of that mob, in front of the triangley Triad logo thingy.

I think Hurricane is becoming on of my favorite songs by these guys. Jared did it solo with just an acoustic guitar and it was fantastic. If you haven't seen the video and have 15 minutes to kill (yes, it's very long and dirty and NSFW), it's totally worth a look. It kinda made me wonder if Jared maybe wasn't a closet MotU fan??

All in all, it was a fun night. I do think that Jared Leto can be bit douchey when he opens his mouth. So as long as he keeps him mouth shut and his clothes off, I'm definitely not kicking him out of my bed.

Nom, nom, nom!


  1. Ah LKW, you lucky luck h00r! You were so close to Jared Leto (one of my 5), so jealous! That video, WOW! I giggled a few times, but still...YOWZA!!!!!!

    The little Twilight reference in the video cracked me up the most. It all comes full circle

  2. *SIGH* I loved 'My So Called Life'. That video is very strange but I do like the band. :-) Glad you had fun. Wish I could have met Jordan Catalano!!

  3. Ahhhh Jordan Catalano. "I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. Either sex or a conversation -- ideally both."

    Love this post - Twilight and MSCL together in one place? Add a little Hunger Games in there and I might have to go "dry my china"...

  4. I used a few snippets of that Hurricane video to make my Fifty video. Very naughty. I do love slo mo Leto jumping out the window.
    Jordan Catalano owned me in high school, he and Clare had the prettiest skin. Wonder if Leto and Clare Danes ever hooked up in RL? Seems he has hooked up with a lot of starlets and word on the street is...the boy is hung... and a good lay. All that and a pretty face? Sounds like someone else I devote a lot of time to.I'll have to take a closer listen to 30STM.

  5. Suprgirlchris2002May 12, 2011 at 9:00 AM

    I LOVE 30STM!!!! I saw them in Chicago in April for the "bloodball" theme night and it was amazing! I was on stage for Kings and Queens too and I couldn't believe it. They're absolutely amazing in concert and I would definitely recommend them to anyone to go see live. I too have been in love with Jared Leto since his MSCL days and would have loved nothing more than to rip the shirt off his body but the crowd did it for me. ;) Jared did an acoustic set for us that was about 5 songs long b/c Shannon was super sick and supposed to be on bed rest but that didn't stop him! Hope you had as much fun as I did at the show. Gahh they're so fucking hot!!!!!

  6. Hung you say? A good lay? I don't care if he's a douche nugget... now I want him. LOL! And I recognized those snippets in your video... nice work!

  7. I guess Jared has been really sick for something like 3 months or so. I'm thinking that's why they only played about 70 minutes. It was still amazing! Heard they'll be taking an extended break -- Portland was the last stop on this tour.

  8. Wonder if he'd like to lean on me?

  9. Suprgirlchris2002May 12, 2011 at 10:48 AM

    He needs a break! He's destroying his voice by not taking some time off. I could definitely tell when they played in Chicago. I'm jealous I didn't get a pic with them though... But, ending up right in the front staring up at him while he rocks out on guitar definitely makes up for it.


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