Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Hunger Games Casting: The Good, The Bad and... Who?

Many moons ago, I had done a recommendation post on The Hunger Games. At the time I had no idea that they were planning to make it into a movie but...they are. And I'm really super excited.

I really hope it doesn't fucking suck because these books have a huge potential to be an insanely good movie trilogy if done properly.

Anyway, in the past month or so they've finally began to announce the cast and like most things, I have a thing or two to say about it. Literally, just a thing or two. This is probably going to be the shortest post on the casting EVER because I simply have not heard of 98% of the actors/actresses that have been cast and I'm too lazy to do the research. Plus, some of them are young and I hate making fun of little kids. Well, that's not entirely true. I just don't like to do it so publicly.

That being said, I'm just going to focus on a few of the main characters and the actors/actresses who will be playing them.

Gale Hawthorne - Liam Hemsworth
I guess? This isn't exactly how I pictured Katniss' presumably smokin' hot hunting partner but I think it will work. Actually, the more I look at him, the better suited I think he'll be to play Gale. He gets a pass.

No, seriously, I've stared at this picture for the past twenty-five minutes and am now convinced he's going to make a great Gale. Either that or this photo is doing some weird mind-voodoo shit to me.

Peeta Mellark - Josh Hutcherson
In the beginning, I kind of thought Peeta was a bit of a putz, which is exactly what I thought when I saw this guy so... he gets a pass as well.

In the end, I really hope this guy can pull this roll off because, um, he's kinda important.

Haymitch Abernathy - Woody Harrelson
WOOT!! Woody Harrelson FTMFW!!

So far, I think this is the best pick. I know I'm going to end up watching the entire trilogy and hoping against hope that somewhere Haymitch tells Katniss and Peeta to "nut up or shut up". Someone needs to make that happen, m'kay?

Cinna - Lenny Kravitz
FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL. Oh mah gahd, the casting of Cinna's character is just... no. That's like fucking casting Uma Thurman to play Albert fucking Einstein or something. (Actually, that might work. Never mind.)

As Katniss' stylist and the one who basically transforms her, Cinna should be played by someone... else. Like, someone who has actually acted before. Yes, I know he's had a few bit parts but... no. No.

And last but not least... drum roll please.

Katniss Everdeen - Jennifer Lawrence

I can't imagine a better a Katniss. Seriously. I was blown away by her performance in Winter's Bone and was pretty impressed (even though the movie kind of sucked) by her in The Burning Plains. I think Jennifer Lawrence will make an amazing Katniss.

For more information on the entire cast (thus far) go here or here.

Overall, I'm totally stoked their making this into a movie and will keep you updated in my usual half-assed manner. In the meantime, feel free to share your two cents.


  1. Fragile_Little_HumanMay 25, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    when you had initially written the rec for Hunger Games, someone commented that they thought Philip Seymour Hoffman should play Haymitch, so when I read the books, that's who he was in my head. Now I can't picture anyone else playing him. Woody is too attractive, but I guess he could pull off a good sloppy drunk. Love the picks for Katniss and Gayle, but not convinced about Peeta. His eyes are too weird. I always pictured Ru Paul as Cinna, but I'd definitely rather watch Lenny Kravitz. Not too convinced he'll be able to get the emotions across well tho.

    I'm excited for this! Something to look forward to after the Twimovies are thru :(

  2. Fragile_Little_HumanMay 25, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    OK, just found some more pics of Josh Hutcherson. He's growing on me. He was born the year I graduated from high school! *cries into pillow*

  3. I have been going back and forth on this casting thing. For the most part, I agree with you on all your commentary on the actors. I'm still not convinced about Peeta, but time will tell. I also pictured Philip Seymour Hoffman in my head while reading Haymitch but I think Woody will probably do a good job. I'm not happy with Cinna. Not at all what I pictured. Oh well. Who knows maybe Lenny Kravitz will steal it? Looking forward to seeing what they do with this and really hoping they stick to the books. 
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock...  ;)

  4. She looks great, but too old for the part. Josh would make a great Peeta cuz he's got the All-American Boy looks, which is what Peeta portrays. Now that you show the pic of Gayle (Who I pic'd for Peeta), I think you're right. Why did I hear a rumor that Robert Downey Jr was gonna be Haymitch?

  5. It makes me giggle how many people cast have to dye their hair for their character.  Blondes can go brunette so easily, but its a little harder to look like a blonde with natural brunette hair (at least for me its that way) so seeing Josh with blonde hair is scaring me.  I was a little reserved when they announced Woody as Haymitch, but then watched him in Zombieland and I have much faith in him now!

    Cinna....just no no no no no no NO!!!  When reading it, I always pictured a Jared Leto type in my head.  I know filming starts this week or next, but I'm secretly crossing my fingers something happens and Kravitz has to drop out.

  6. Gale, not Gayle.

    You do NOT get a pass! ;p

  7. LMAO! I actually have a friend named Gayle (not a dude but whatever) and it must have been habit. Thanks for pointing it out. Nicely, I might add. {{trots off to correct it and have another glass off wine}}

  8. Well, it was my first comment on your site.. (though I've been reading for a very long time) .. so I figured I should be nice to start out.   Enjoy a glass for me! :)

  9. Your first comment on the site is calling out the writer??? LMFAO!! That's fucking great and ballsy, dude. I love it. 

  10. Well, when a girl's right, she's right, lol.

  11. Casting?  meh, not thrilled with any of them, which is ok.  But Lenny as Cinna?  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I totally agree with the pp, Jared Leto would be good.
    But, lets talk about the good stuff.  Is there any good Hunger Games fanfic anyone can recommend?

  12. oh MAN! I'm honestly surprised you are so against Lenny as Cinna! That's almost exactly how I pictured Cinna (voice too). However, this is who I imagined as Cinna originally: And I wasn't too excited about Jennifer at first, but I think she will pull it off now. 

  13. Yeah, I wanted Robert Downey, Jr. for Haymitch.  I love Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket.  Well, I love Elizabeth Banks in just about anything she does, but I think she'll be an awesome Effie.  :)  And I didn't like Josh-as-Peeta, but the more I look at that pic, the more I think he will be awesome.  His eyes are so sweet and compassionate... he'll be good till he goes nuts.  Ooops, spoiler.  ;)

  14. No on Peeta.  No, I say!!!  He's supposed to be like a strong rugged farm boy type (ok I know he's a baker boy, but still....)  That guy looks like a wimp.

  15. I always pictured David Bromstad from design star for Cinna. I'm 99% positive that Lenny Kravitz will fuck this up... I'm with Rikki_D... I'm hoping he drops out too! And I kinda liked the earlier idea of John C. Reilly as Haymitch, but Woody is a better choice. My biggest interest in casting though was Caesar Flickerman - I REALLY wanted them go get Bob Barker on board - I would LOVE to see him in sparkly blue eyeshadow and lipstick!

  16. Soo excited about this! I read THG trilogy on recommendation from fellow twitards and recommend it to anyone. TEAM GALE FTW! Liam Hemsworth will be great. Apart from the Miley association - eww. Also, I wanted PSH to be Haymitch too, not sure about Woody.

  17. Suzanne KuperhauseMay 26, 2011 at 8:01 AM

    I agree with all the casting, including Lenny Kravitz. Now he just has to prove to me that he can play a good Cinna! Cinna is one of my favourite characters in the series. And I'm super excited that Woody Harrelson will be playing Haymitch!

  18. I'm totally STOKED for this movie!!!!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  Josh as Peeta was a little distrubing for me at first, but I saw a fan-altered photo of him with the dirty blonde hair and I liked him immediately.  Plus, he can really act, so I think he'll be great. 
    JJ, like you I was totally against Lenny as Cinna but the more I think about it, the more I believe he could pull it off.  He's totally stylin', i'm sure he can pull off gold eyeliner and really, if you've seen interviews with Lenny, he already acts the way Cinna does.  He's pretty soft-spoken but at the same time he has this presence that you can't ignore.  I envisioned Cinna to be the same.  He's just this reassuring, totally awesome presence in Katniss' life.  Like I said, I'm warming up to him. 

  19. I'm not sure why but I always pictured Cinna as Ricky from My So Called Life...

    I think Jennifer Lawrence is going to be amazing as Katniss!!

  20. I am so disappointed in ALL of this casting.  What. the. hell. are they they thinking. 
    Gale: that guy is Miley Cyrus's ex-boyfriend.  Instant loss of all credibility.  Hot, though, and looks-wise I think he can pull it off. 
    Peeta: he's still going through puberty!  It's one thing to lust over totally-built Taylor at 17, but this kid still looks like a middle schooler.  I fell so hard for Peeta in the books.  They better pull some magic off in order to make him hot in the movies.
    Katniss: JLaw is beautiful, and a great actress, but so wrong for the role.  She's just too pretty, and too curvy (again, nothing wrong with that, but Katniss has been hungry for years).  I wanted Tania Raymonde (Alex from LOST). 
    Haymitch: I really wanted Phillip Seymour Hoffman but at least Woody has the acting chops to pull off this role, even if he isn't how I pictured Haymitch (who is quite possibly my favorite character after Peeta)
    Cinna: WTFBBQ.  This is so far off the mark that it makes me wonder if the casting people even read the books. 

    I wasn't around for Twi-casting (read the first book in November 2008) but I hear there was a similar backlash then.  I just hope they don't make one crappy movie and then quit (Dark Materials series, anyone?) 

  21. They better not fuck up this movie. I LOVED the books so I'm super excited about the movies. I think all of the cast is great except for Cinna. Really? That's the best you could do?

  22. Ooh I've never heard of that guy, but I like his look!  That's much more how I pictured Cinna.

  23. Another great pic for Cinna.  David Bromstead is so freaking cute.

  24. I basically agree with your assessment. However, I am still very much questioning the Peeta and Gale actors. Lookswise, I think it should be reversed. I picture Peeta with softer features and Gale with the more chiseled look. But, if they can act and pull off the roles, then I'm fine with it. I'm in wait-and-see mode with those two. Also, although I was COMPLETELY & utterly STUNNED by the casting of Lenny Kravitz, the more I think about it, the more I like it. Is he anything how I actually pictured Cinna? No, of course not. I have not seen him act, but I have heard he was pretty awesome in "Precious," which I will now have to see because I need to see his acting chops. Also, he can definitely pull  off the metrosexual/gay thing with ease. I'm going with it and excited to see how he does.

  25. Thank you so much for writing about this! I love these books with a passion and I am totally and completely excited about the movie.  I agree 100% with you about the casting but my fury extends farther than yours about Cinna's casting.  I almost feel personally offended.  It is the most ridiculous choice I have ever seen.  I mean, its even worse than giving Pierce Brosnan a signing role (cringes*).  I hope I can get over it before the movie comes out because it might have the potential for ruining every scene with him in it.

  26. I'm totally fucking stoked.  No lie.  Woody Harrelson?  I mean....That's fucking genius.  He's just old enough to pull off an effective Haymitch, and I think he's gonna steal the mutha fucking show.  And I think....I might choke as soon as Lenny opens his big ass Cinna mouth.  I can't help it.  All I could picture as I was reading was Larry Miller as Paolo in The Princess Diaries (don't judge you fucking judger.).  Hilarious.  But I guess we need someone a little more....serious?  So what, they go to Lenny?  *vomit*

    Thanks for getting my ass to reading the series.  I was avoiding it like the plague, but you and LKW pulled me in.

  27. Your posts always crack me up.  I've always followed you for Twilight related stuff, but when I saw that you posted about The Hunger Games I had to come and check out your thoughts, and as always you are spot on, with a dose of humor.  We invite you and your readers to check out our Hunger Games fansite  We have up to the minute Hunger Games movie info and forums for fans 21+.


  28. oooooooo Ricky would be great too!!! When you said that I immediately thought about Ricky talking to Delia about her crushing on him - he could DEFINITELY pull off Cinna. And he's already got the eyeliner thing down.

  29. THG movie is on our local news every day because they are filming around here.  Even placed a few open casting calls for extrals.  I think Liam Hemsworth will make a great Gale.  His brother was fantastic as Thor.

  30. just_bella TeamBDMay 31, 2011 at 4:43 PM

    I haven't even read them yet but Lenny Kravitz? Really??
    I'll start them soon since a lovely lady sent me a pdf copy of all 3! yay!


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