Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad Boys on Motorcycles? Yes, Please!

It has happened again. Every once in awhile someone suggests I read/watch/listen to something and then two months later I actually do and the next thing I know a few weeks have gone by, my house smells like a gym locker room and ML starts pawing at me muttering something like, "pay attention to me, you asshole!!"

 My living room looks like this. And I'm okay with it.

I think I gave ML a complex because of how heavily engrossed I was with the loincloth-wearing hotties of Spartacus. It took weeks for my neck to stop aching after I spent one whole weekend, hunched over my computer like some deranged Quasimoto, and devoured all three books in the Hunger Games series.

And I don't even need to mention what happened when I read Twilight. You know.

I swear if I could have this unswerving fixation on other things in my life, like my career, I'd be a fucking billionaire. As it is, when I'm not totally obsessed with something, I spend the rest of my time wandering around in some kind of oblivious semi-coherent daze.

But this time, oh man, this time I've got it bad. For the Sons of Anarchy.

Hot guys? Check. Kick ass action? Yup. Fucking amazing storyline? Oh hells yeah.

Beard and tattoos? My vagina just 'sploded.

I had no idea how sexy I find bad-ass motorcycle dudes until I started watching this series. It originally aired on FX and the fourth season is set to renew this year (if it hasn't already).

Having grown up in a town where my friends and I were possibly the closest things to criminals, I have no idea just how "true" this show is to what goes on in a real motorcycle gang (or club) but if you don't care about that sort of thing you'll love this show.

The Sons are an interesting group of characters and one of the things that I like so much is that, no matter how despicable their actions might be, there is still something so... endearing. About all of them.

The scenery is just exquisite.  The mountains are nice, too.

The plot (and sub plots) twist and turn and make for one crazy roller coaster - the kind you never want to get off. In general, I am not the kind of person who yells at the television when I'm watching something but I've done it while watching this show. More than once.

If you're interested in checking out this series, you can stream the first two seasons on Netflix. I ended up buying the third season from Amazon's streaming service.

I promise, you won't regret it.

Also? I kind of want Twitarded leather jackets now. I  mean, we might not be gun-running motorcyclists but we are a pretty fucking awesome gang...

 Looks like RPattz already has his Twitarded leather after all...


  1. First, woot! Instead of leather, how about we get a group tatt in Forks? That's still biker-ish, right? I'll be two months postpartum and exactly one year away from a rather large and looming birthday. It's time to do something crazy.

  2. I've been hearing about this for awhile, and it's on my Netflix list. Guess I'll have to move it up! :)

    I grew up with a lot of bikers in my extended family (although oddly I'm terrifed as fuck to actually ride one), and I love me some hot bad boys with bikes!

    And can I say hell yes to Twitarded leather jackets?! We NEED those for Forks.

  3. "Gangs of Twitarded" I'm down with that. I love SOA can't wait for the season to start. I went to Laconia Bike week and got caught in a torrential downpour on the way back, a 2 hr drive that's true SOA badass biker chick dedication.I was soaked! Soa, True Blood, and Weeds are my favs..I LOVED Spartacus good lawd there was some hot ass in that series.I think we DO need a twi insigna..I'm down with a tat.My verification word is "knonacke" I like it..

  4. All apologies to the Sons of Anarchy fans, but whenever I think of bikers, I either think of the episode of South Park where the townspeople try to drive out the Harley fanboys out of town or the character Francis from the L4D games (more specifically, the line used to insult him: Francis, you can take your mustache, your vest, and your chaps, and go find yourself a parade!)

    Now that this and Spartacus have the Twitarded seal of approval, maybe I should check these shows out. Normally, if a show isn't Doctor Who, Torchwood, or The Walking Dead, I don't give a flying fuck.

  5. OMFG!!!!!!! I FUCKIN LOVE SOA!!!! And, Charlie, yes please *licks screen* ;) Im completely addicted and have Season 1&2 on dvd. I can't wait to get Season 3. I love the characters, the plots, just everything. I squeed myself when I saw the SOA tat pic....I'm sooooo excited that you like it too. I'll have to tweet you some of my Jax porn :-D

  6. YES! i have been trolling netflix for something Mr. Snarky and i could watch together and BOOYAH! this is it! I wouldn't have watched Spartacus without JJ's rec and now this - gotta give her credit where it's due!

    P.S. JJ, don't bother calling me this weekend - I'll be catching up on SoA. YOU did this to you! OK, call me - we'll figure something out...

  7. Gaaaaaaah...I too have just recently become obsessed with SoA. Hubs and I watched the streaming on Netflix and then I went to order s3 on dvd and saw they weren't out yet *cries* I didn't know you could order them on Amazon streaming!!!!

    I have not totally lusted after a guy since Rob but holy mother fuck, Charlie Hunnam is one fine piece of ass! I seriously have to control myself from whore moaning every time Jax is on my screen so hubs doesn't get mad...lmao!

    Yay, I'm so excited I have others to share in my SoA obsession!!!

  8. I am SoA's bitch. I frakkin' love this show. Charlie Hunnam has been apart of my spank bank since the days he was rimming boys on the original "Queer as Folk." Yes, I just wrote that.

    Katie and Ron - Jeebus! Damn, the whole cast gives me the good shivers, even nasty ass Tig.

    I can watch this show over and over and over and over. Everyday I wish for it to be September.

    Good Gawd the goodness!!!

    Thank Gawd you finally watched SoA.

  9. My husband watches this show on Netfilx! I've only seen about 2 minutes of it--some asshole was treating his girlfriend like crap and pretending a motorcycle was his. The real owner of the bike saw all of this and beat the crap out of the guy. Ha! Well, I may just have to watch the show now.

  10. Oh yeah @miss tejota, Queer as Folk was the best perv ever! It was like your fave slash fic coming to life. Can't remember Charlie Hunnam being in it though. Think it's time for a repeat.
    True Blood (of course), SOA, Weeds, the Tudors, Nurse Jackie, so many of the HBO & Showtime shows are excellent. X

  11. I will give it a go just so long as the guys don't look like that doofus on the motorcycle in New Moon.

    We totally need a Twitarded gang signal....and tattoo. :P

  12. Oh yeah, & who can think straight After that Rob in leather pic?......

  13. TwlightobsessedmamaJune 24, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    My husband found this while he was sick with mono and stuck in bed for days, it was the BEST part of him getting sick. I devoured the first two seasons on Netflix in a matter of days and then immediately bought season 3 on Amazon because Netflix didn't have it yet. There is also an iPad app with extra content. I think I need to go rematch it, I am having Jax withdrawal!

  14. OMFG I FLOVE SoA!!!! I just finished watching season 2 on Wed. night and I'm sooooo pissed I can't watch season 3 until August argh! (I'm too cheap to buy it off Amazon lol) Jax is one sexy piece of man meat, enough said. I watch this show with the hubs so I too, have to refrain from "whore moaning" (@LuvsMeSumEdward lmao!) whenever he's on the screen. Ya. SoA is definitely my new obsession. Also, I would NOT be disappointed if more SoA porn showed up on here, just sayin ; )

  15. Yes, the show is grrreat! Fist pump and all. Hubby and I been watching since inception but thas b/c we're motogeeks.
    Can I just say the last pic, the RPatts one, made me do a double take. I thought it was a Duran Duran picture! Oh, I love the 80's.

  16. @Jael - LMAO!! I love South Park.

    As much as I love Jax, I am MADLY in love with Opie. Yum. And I have a soft spot for the pyschopathic Tig. And Gemma. Okay, ALL of them.

    Also thought it was really cool that Henry Rollins was in a bunch of episodes too.

  17. When my hubs first started watching SOA I was like, "eh, no thanks." But, it hooks you. I heart Jax, even with his weird ass beard. And, I can't get enough of Opie though I still call him Gary Bertier which totally does not fit his tats and overall badassedness.

    And, HELL YES to a Twitarded leather. Hell. Yes.

  18. @StackedLikeSookie Charlie was on the original "Queer as Folk." It was a British show and as with everything us Americans do in regards to TV, we stole their first season almost word for word.

  19. Admit it, JJ, the only reason why you posted this is because you need a ride to work.

    Get yourself a pink helmet!*ducks behind lappy*


  20. HELP! Has anyone else seen the new 16 month Breaking Dawn Calendar with all three lead charcters on it??? Couple questions: REALLY, Fucking really!!! they get married and have sex - YET WE STILL GET WOLF-BOY on the poster?? Additionally, how come Jacob and BELLA both have photoshopped chests, but poor lit "I FINALLY had sex Edward" looks like a frickin' twig!!! What in the world!!! Sorry, I know this is a SofA post ... but, I didn't know how to post otherwise.

  21. @miss tejota We only got the American version here. Didn't even know there was a British version until I went to buy the dvd's & the shop assistant asked if I wanted the British or American versions. I'd love to see the British version & it explains why I never saw Charlie. I did get my dvd's out yesterday, miss my beautiful boys lol! X

  22. OH GAWD, I love this show so fucking much. When the do a nice full nekkid backside shot of Jax... I die just a little inside. The tats, the leather, the m/c....and of course the guns and killing -- it makes me happy!

    Can't WAIT for season 4 this fall!!

  23. I just...I can't. I cannot afford to burn any more time watching tv! I know LKW is all sorts of lovin the shit out of SoA, and now you, JJ? At least the men are fuckhawt and inked out. That's always love.

  24. Coming out of lurkdom here.
    Jax is the hottest character on tv.
    Spartacus is next on my list.

  25. Wow, I'm gonna have to find me some SOA. Is this available in Ontario? I must say that I am just getting over my Spartacus obsession. Hubs was considering alternate names (girthicus, spartachode) for himself... nice. Thanks for the rec!


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