Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Breaking Dawn Trailer: The Good, The Bad and the Meh

**SPOILER ALERT** Cover your eyes if you want to keep your movie virginity intact. Hopefully everyone has had time to view the movie clip. If not, grab your paper and pencils, click the play button below and join the Share Circle.

I'll take the Share Stick first. (That just sounds inappropriate. Or in this venue — very, very appropriate.)

TK's Take:

The Good — I liked the wedding invitations and Bella's wedding makeup. And those are the only nice things I can say.

The Bad — Pretty much the part between the beginning and the end. The dialogue was awful. It's like Stephenie Meyer wrote it. I was praying they'd make sweeping changes to the book so it wouldn't...suck, but I guess all my burnt offerings were for naught. (Does anyone know how to get a singed goat smell out of the curtains?)

The Ugly — Renee's outfit. The costume department must be stopped. It's bad enough all the damn wolves wear jorts, but now the mother of the bride is wearing Daisy Dukes? I can't stand idly by and allow these transgressions. In conclusion I will just say congrats to Summit for creating a movie that can be boiled down to thirty seconds. Nicely played.

I'll have the chicken. Will there be an open bar? Pic from TwiCrack.

Latchkey Wife's Two Ten Cents:

I may be in the minority but I liked the trailer. Mostly because I know that Scummit threw this thing together in like 37 seconds for MTV so they'd have some fucking Twilighty carrot to dangle to get viewers (read: horny Twitards) to watch the stupid Movie Awards. It's like a big pot of movie pieces with some shoddy voice over that gives me a serious case of lady wood. And I know deep in my heart that they'll release one just a teensy bit better once they get closer to the finished product.

I have to disagree with TK on the invitations only because my friend works for a stationery company that was contacted by Summit to submit a sample of their stuff for consideration. They were never called back. Which is total bullshit. This is a swanky ass company who does gazillions of invitations for famous folks. Fuck you Summit (that's from my friend).

But nothing, I repeat NOTHING makes me happier than that 2 seconds that happens around 1:20 and involves some sweaty nakedness (do vampires sweat?), a splintering headboard and some major thrusting. If ANY of this ends up on the cutting room floor, there's gonna be a No Vacancy sign on my freezer, you can bet your ass!

I blacked out after that... not sure what the rest of the trailer entailed.

Jenny Jerkface here:

Meh. I'm sorry but this looks like something they threw together because they realized they missed the MTV Movie Awards deadline or something. I was all about poo-pooing the entire trailer until... well...

HEADBOARD. OMFGJMFHFWTFBBQ!!! Headboard. Back muscles. Breaky-the-headboard, Edward, DO IT!!!

Where were we? Oh yeah.

Headboard. That is all.

Also, at the end when Bella is rubbing her taut, young, flat belly and whispers "that's impossible" I want to punch her. And not just because I know that means the spawn is on its way, either.

And always late/last, it's Snarkier Than You {{{sigh}}} -

I was psyched for the trailer. Very psyched. Even after the night's Twilight-y overload, I was all BRING IT EFFING OOOONNNN ALREADY YOU BASTIDS!!! I hadn't watched it early like all these other twatwaffles. Ahem. OK. So...

Honestly? I was a tad underwhelmed. Congratulations, Robert Pattinson. You were right. Watching the leaked bits and pieces earlier this year kinda ruined it for me a little bit. I mean, I'd already seen the best part! There was some surreptitious and hushed talk of a possible "back double" but apparently detailed mole-analysis has been performed and it's the real deal. UN-fucking-UNNNNFFFF.

Breaking Dawn was my least fave book in the Saga, so it's not all that surprising that I wasn't blown away by the trailer. That said, I did watch it 63 times in a row later that night so there you go. I'm still in! It's growing on me even if nothing will ever replace the Twilight trailer in my cold little heart.

Loved: Bella's make-up at the wedding. Vampire looks in general.

Meh: The wedding setting. I get that the sun had to be blocked for a sparkle-free event, but it looks like some hooligan wolves TP-ed the woods out of spite. Also, Renee's overly-styled scene.

Hated it: Am I the only one who missed Edward's bronze-y hair? It's way worse than the "charcoal Volvo" transgressions of the past.

And there you have it! What were your thoughts? Did you love it? Hate it? Need to view it 743,987 more times before you can take a firm stance?


  1. @LatchkeyWife: Your friend's stationery company should've been called back. You never abbreviate anything on a wedding invitation. #Fail

  2. One additional random thought: I didn't see the leaked photos, but I still thought the trailer was worse than awful. I think the trailer ruined the trailer, not the photos.

  3. holy crap, I feel way out of place (for the first time ever in twitardia) even posting my opinion, but DUDES, I CRIED! Yeah, I'm a sap. Yeah, BD was my favorite book because I'm messed in the head like that but.... I loved it!

  4. I floved it. Edward looks like a middle school geek in the wedding scene, it pisses me off that they change inconsequential details for no reason, and no way could Renee and Phil (kindergarten teacher and minor-league baseball player) afford beach-front property (this bothered me in Eclipse too). But the reason IDGAS about all of that?

    You guessed it. The headboard. That little clip covers all manner of sins: costume sins, backdrop sins, and makeup sins (even Edward's band-geek hair and those horrific tails - where is the Twilight prom suit??). I have a fever, and the only cure is MORE HEADBOARD.

  5. ummmm...I did not love the book....but I DID love the trailer...I'm sappy, bring on the wedding!...and the headboard??? I may or may not be guilty of repeating that section of the trailer frame by frame a few thousand or so times.....how long til november????

  6. LKW I guess it's a theme with Summit. They called the footwear designer I used to work for and asked us to supply some shoes for Bella to wear for a scene in Twilight. We did and then they were "too small". Bastards.

    I loved it. Yes it does look thrown together quickly but I floved the part where Jacob phases (mainly because he has no shirt on), the Edward and Bella kiss, the headboard scene... and I guess that's about it. I think they could have added more but hey, what more can we REALLY expect from Scummit?

    Just bummed I didn't get to see Jasper's hair. I have an unhealthy obsession with needing to see it so I can prepare myself for how bad it will be.

  7. I really liked the trailer. That honeymoon footage is gonna be money. Robward kissing on Bella in the streets of Rio FTW.

    Also, I thought the wedding scenery was beautiful. *shrugs*

    Bill Condon is my hero for that headboard clip. Perfection.

    Loved Angry Edward pushing Jake into the wall. About damn time, I say.

    I do think they spent too much time on the invitation, all the characters viewing it. Lame.

    Very jealous of the KStew's body, she looks beautiful in the trailer.

    Did I mention how hot the headboard clip was? Yowser.

  8. Also if you wanna watch the headboard gif in slow motion..over and over and over... here ya go!


    You're welcome.

  9. I loved the trailer but all I remember is the breaking of the headboard.

  10. okaayyy!! so very mixed reactions. I personally only loved the headboard scene.. I have problems when scummitt puts every f'n one of these movies out.

    so you can't adapt the book because it's too long or there is not enough action? lets make something up!! no one will ever know!!

    yeah so there's that. Edward and Jacob never fight. PERIOD!!

    what's up with Aro in the begining..something looks wrong with him.. I too need to see Jasper's hair to prepare myself..she way to skinny to pull of a baby bump (hope they do something with this in post production...they got plenty of time to add one)

    so that all I can say at the moment on the trailer..about BD..HATED IT!!! I only ever read the first few chapters then put it down so I can have my own version of an HEA

    I also refuse to see part 1 in the theatre unless they move up the release date for part 2...no point in one year...it's not that epic scummitt!!!

    sorry for the long post, thanks for sticking with me


  11. Yeah, his maroon hair sucks. The outside wedding sucks (well, it's pretty but not in the book... so it's an unecessary change). I kind of like his old fashion suit, but I thought his face should look way happier (instead of kind of horrified like most other males in his situation). Maybe it was just the cut they picked. We'll see.

    And @MyAfterCar... don't worry. That's not a real beachfront house. It's totally fake. She painted that backdrop in her "art class" phase. You can totally tell it's fake like that and she bought the "beach sand" from Home Depot and just poored it in place.

    Why in the hell is the Volturri throwing Gianna around?

    I liked the part where Edward throws Jake around. I don't remember that in the book *pads off to read that part of the book again*. Oh wait. They skipped that measure of time in the book so I guess this is quite plausable.

    Um. Thank you @Jaymes805. Just. Um. Wow.

    That being said... I LOVE this book, but I'm sure to hate this movie... just like I hate the rest of the movies.

  12. Trailer wasn't great but then again, it's not a real trailer, is it? I mean, there are going to be other, more complete trailers?

    I did feel excited though, especially by the sight of the wedding scene. I like the decor. Though in my mind, Bella's dress was way more truly vintage-y than this one seems to be.

    And hell yes to the headboard scene. God I wish these movies could be rated R so we'd get the real goods! Cause you know how lame and short this scene is going to be in the actual flick. I'm just banking on RPatz and KStew's chemistry to inject some much-needed sexiness into this whole enterprise. For the love of god, just let them be their sexy selves Summit!

  13. We've been patiently waiting for a mother fuckin' year and they show us Renee and Charlie looking at the wedding invitations?????? Oh thank-you, thank-you Summitt! Lordy that's exactly what I wanted to see!

    And that's supposed to be enough to satisfy me for FIVE MORE MONTHS??????? Come the fuck on!

    But . . . that zero point three seconds of arms & back & headboard made me jizz. So, I guess it's all good!

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  15. Sworts, jorts, and nothing special. I was completely aghast when Renee cat walked in heels and jorts up a suburban walk. Until I couldn't look away from Bella's SWORTS (sweat pant shorts)and the total wedgie on full display in the mirror. Seriously, it looks like her ass is eating her pants. Who let that happen? I know when I see it in the theater I will be on high swort-wedge alert the whole time.

  16. ok just reading what everyone wrote is getting me all psyched again lol! can i agree with pretty much everything here without sounding contradictory??? because i was nodding my head along the whole way through my comment reading...

    that gif - yes! but does the bes really come crashing down around them? because that canopy is beginning to crash in that clip! it's bad that i am kind of a purist in some ways, but i would have like to have seen the place look a little more like the setting described in the book, which i don't recall thinking was so over-the-top grand... i was expecting more "beautiful island bungalow" - fancy but understated, ykwim???

    this makes me want to go read the dang book again. please help me.

  17. My first thoughts on the wedding was oh, that's kind of pretty then I think I read an assessment on the Rob's Closet Blog that asked why they were getting married under the Avatar tree and decided I hated it. Also, would Alice really decorate the aisle with...ferns? Those are so exotic and hard to come by in Forks and all.

    Lame invite and decorating with ferns. Not quite Alice's style.

    Volturi throwing their pet human? Real confusing...more confusing that she didn't really look like she was being thrown but more like controlled linear flying. Dear Summit, female wire work has improved since Supergirl came out in 1984.

    Like others, I pretty much forgot about all of that when they showed the headboard scene. Maybe they should just splice that scene sporadically throughout what is sure to be an epic 2 hour shitshow.

  18. oh and definitely no room for even the tiniest "little nudger" in that belly - lol! not even a late-nite slice of pizza in that flat stomach!

    and where is her engagement ring after the wedding??? wasn't it supposed to be on her hand for all of eternity??? not "or until i get a wedding band that didn't fit very well with it" - did i miss that part???

    gah - i hate that i care about stuff like this - lol!

  19. So you all have something very poignant to say...bravo! PMSL @ JJ's comment:

    "HEADBOARD. OMFGJMFHFWTFBBQ!!! Headboard. Back muscles. Breaky-the-headboard, Edward, DO IT!!

    I too agree that it was thrown together at the last minute. I loved it and hated it simultaneously...it was super choppy too. Nonetheless, it was our first glimpse of bringing the book to life, and that's exciting in and of itself...even if it was my least favorite book.

    I'm sure there is much better footage to come. I was underwhelmed when they first released the first Eclipse trailer sneak peak & ended up pretty much adoring the movie.

    Oh & PS...Renee's outfit is gawdawful, but what's even worse is the back drop. I'm sorry, that looks like an East Coast Beach, NOT FLORIDA PEOPLE!

    xo J

  20. I couldn't give a shit about any of it after watching the happy humpy headboard crushing back muscle extravaganza. I only watched the trailer a few times, but I sure as hell watched a gif of the Mr. Thrustward about a hundred times over and over and holy hell I need new effing panties because mine are soaked and I want to lick his shoulder blades UNFFFFF!

    Also, the Renee scene made me uncomfortable. It's like she's practicing her hooker wave on the way back from the mailbox.

  21. @snarkierthanyou - LOL about the late night pizza. So true. And yes, I just watched the trailer again, the headboard does come crashing down. But not sure if you meant in the book. I think that would be funny if she woke up with a canopy on top of her.

  22. My expectations are so low for these movies that I was actually fairly happy with this little tidbit....well, really happy about Thrustward. Wait, what were the other parts? You could sit me in a theater and play that over and over again and I would be happy....but way happier if there were more.

    P.S. If that is a baby bump then pigs must be flying.

  23. Wow it's been months since I have read a blog, let alone commented. Amazing what splintering headboards can do to a girl.
    Agree I hate the bronze hair and I actually didn't like Bella's wedding makeup.
    I enjoyed the trailer bc it gave me chills and I'm willing to overlook the daisy dukes, bronze hair, over TP wedding decor, and too much volturi/lack of Edward.

  24. Ah, the post and the comments had me laughing! As with everyone else, loved the headboard scene and am thankful STY already performed the back/moles comparison so I don't have to do it. His back looks niiiiiccceeee and the crushing of the headboard caught my breath!

    I agree that the Renee yard was awful and just so fake looking and I can handle Demetri (?) throwing Gianna (at first I thought Alice was getting tossed). However, and this is where I seem to deviate from everyone else, I HATED that they included "Masen" on the invites. I can forgive all the other changes from the book but that doesn't even make sense! 1901-1918 isn't all that far back to prevent nosey parkers from doing a little research. Also, no one but Bella EVER got that info. Bad bad bad bad bad.

    That said, I'm determined to just enjoy it what it is; Stephenie Meyer's vision that starts Robsten. It's like getting a whole new story out of the finished series. I attribute this Pollyannish attitude to previously readjusting my expectations based on what they did to the Twilight movie (after which I threw a fit of such magnitude it scared MrC).

  25. I am laughing so hard at everyone's comments. I disagree with everyone on poor Bella's stomach. My first thought was "Damn, they made poor Kristen pork up for that scene!" That's what I looked like when I was 4 months pregnant with my son. You know, 100 years ago when my body was all resilient & shit. *sigh*

  26. @JJ -
    "Like others, I pretty much forgot about all of that when they showed the headboard scene. Maybe they should just splice that scene sporadically throughout what is sure to be an epic 2 hour shitshow."

    Lol totally this! and the people in charge of editing the movie would be like "uh oh this scene is dragging a bit. just cut it and throw in the headboard scene!" or "the cgi in this part totally sucks. cue headboard scene!"

    and BD will not make any sense but we'll get like an hour of thrustward total. so really who cares?

  27. honestly, i can't get the vision of that freakin' headboard shattering out of my head! it is currently playing on a constant loop! i don't think that i can wait until November

    Agree that Bella's makeup awesome, Renee look like a mess shaking around that invitation...
    Also, what is up w/Charlie? why is he getting an invitation via the mail? don't he KNOW his only kid is getting married? that bothered me

  28. Was I the only one who noticed Stephenie Meyer on the wedding scene?? C'mon people. She's sitting in the last row on the left side of the screen.
    And STY... I hate that dark hair on Edward. I mean... WTFFF?!? and I think it´s Rpattz fault. He and his "method" acting also ended the muscled Edward. It's bullshit.

  29. I guess Renée is one hip mama! (or something..) Confused by the random clip of the woman being thrown around...could it be Irina? I don't remember anyone else being molested by the Volturi (must reread BD)

  30. @Jaymes805 Thank You. That is all.

  31. Jaymes - Thanks for the headboard in slow motion link! I echo many others that is the best all too quick mini-second bit of the otherwise WEDDING obsessed trailer.
    Don't like the invitaions. At all. How boring can you get?
    I too wanna know about the open bar.
    Overall, the trailer was way too much wedding stuff, way too little headboard busting, as I argue here: http://seducedbytwilight.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/breaking-dawn-trailer-analysis-you-are-cordially-invited-to-the-event-that-will-change-everything/

  32. Maria. - yes, and Wyck Godfrey and Melissa Rosenberg are sitting next to Stephanie. I thought that was cute actually.

    Speaking of Renee's beach front property. I used to live in Jacksonville, Florida and NO beach front property looks like that there. And the water there? More of a sludge browngreen than a beautiful blue LOL

  33. Laughing at all the comments!
    Overall, I was excited about it as I was watching it, but once I watched it a few more times I started getting that familiar, "Oh, Summit, why? Why? Why?" feeling.
    I cannot get over Edward's short hair. He looks like he rented his tux from Men's Warehouse and went to Supercuts for his big day. Other posts have been talking about him being all 1918-looking. Tails aside, in 1918 his hair would have been long on the top like his previous Twilight 'dos. SIGH... they should have delayed the filming until his Water for Elephants buzz cut grew back into Freshly-Fucked Chaos Hair again. Major Summit fail.
    Renee's jorts didn't bother me but the improbable beachfront property did. They should've shown her with a scorched lawn and an old baby pool. Maybe a flamingo statue on its side? You know she wasn't getting big enough alimony checks from Charlie to get her a beachfront bungalow. Summit fail.
    Oh, and @Maria: the Stephenie Meyer appearance was discussed at length when the teaser trailer was released last week-- just so you don't think your fellow Twihards are slipping! She's sitting next to producer Wyck Godfrey and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is in attendance as well. You'd think SM would've really put her foot down on Edward's hair. I just can't ever get past the hair catastrophes in these movies...
    I loved Edward's face when he was looking at Bella hold her stomach. It was exactly the tormented look I pictured in the book. I also liked seeing Jacob phase and run off. Throwing the pet human was unnecessary and not in the book. I would have loved to see more Cullens, too. But there is still time for a better trailer!!

  34. The Good - Edward actually looks like a vampire, Bella actually looks like she is in love with him, and SWEET JEEBUS!!! The busting headboard, collapsing canopy and wet, wild, waterfall smexin! Yes and please.

    The Bad - Renee's beachfront home. LOL. Could it be any cheesier? Oh and apparently her mail gets delivered on the beachfront.

    The ugly - a forest wedding, really? Whatever.

    Thanks for providing this valuable public service and allowing us to vent on this very important subject. I cracked up at all the brilliant observations. :)

  35. Thank you, @Jaymes805!! I can't get enough of the back and the breaking.. Otherwise, I think the trailer kindof sucked. I kept waiting for it to get good, and then the headboard showed up and I made such a noise that I had to look over to make sure I hadn't wakened the hubby. So, I missed everything after that point. Lets face it, BD is probably going to suck.. but will I see it numerous times to see Rob on the big screen? YES.

  36. New House stuff is kicking my ass and I missed the live chat. Crap. RL sucks right now. Oh well I'll quit my wining and get on with it.

    I loved the wedding scene, I'm sappy that way. Hated the fake beach front and the Rene scene that was horrendous. Headboard scene rocked my world. Totally confused by the weird throwing of the human pet and was that Edward throwing Jake? Skinny ass baby bump was ok, but didn't that take place in the bathroom in the book and wasn’t she holding a tampon in the book?

  37. I initially thought the clip was a spoof because Michael/Aro's face looked really bloated. Others have said it but the Renee clip was really off-putting. The setting was so hokey and fake looking. The first time I watched the clip I thought the wedding invitation was laminated. I was like "WTF."
    I actually liked the wedding setting, but Bella's styling was underwelming to me. I know she is a natural kind of gal, but in the book she acts like she doesn't recognize herself. I think it was a calculated move to downplay her beauty, so that after the transformation the changes are very pronounced.
    I found this site a few months ago and this is my first time commenting. Thanks for all the work you put into the posts! I know they brighten my day.

  38. I only watched the trailer the one time during the movie awards. So...

    The volturi guys looked kinda funny to me, I don't even remember seeing Rene, Jacob took his shirt off (as per usual) to the sound of screaming fangirls then got wolfy, Charlie looks upset, & HOLY MUTHER LOVING ELEPHANT HUMPERS!!! HEADBOARD!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Yep. I need to go watch it a few more times to disect it more I guess. Overall though I really liked the trailer. It did its job & got me all excited for the movie but I think they should have waited a couple more months to release it. Oh well.

  39. A lot is said about how shitty BD was and the shitty dialogue.

    Here is my two cents: because of the POV changes in BD, I am holding out hope that there will actually be a lot of freshly written dialogue for scenes that we did not see in the book that I imagine would be necessary for the movie version. And since we know scummit to be the stingy bastards they are....I am holding out hope that they are holding out on us intentionally. Yeah, I know, I am giving scummit a LOT of freaking credity there...foolish me. But damnit! I want to like this movie!!! I do.

    As for the trailer...let's remember it for what it is...a teaser trailer. There was certainly a lot more there then what you often see in teaser trailers.

    Overall, I am in the minority and liked the trailer. But I do hope that another one comes out soon. And please let it involve a dog dish...is it weird that that is the one element that will KILL me if it isn't in the movie? LOL!

  40. I haven't read anything seriously Twilight related in months, even though I did see the leaked photos, so maybe that's why I'm in the minority here.

    I literally squealed, jumped in my chair and clapped my hands like a maniac when the headboard scene came up. From that point on I watched with my tongue out ferociously licking my lips. I kid you not.

    Here's what I didn't like:

    - The invitation is too simple. I expected more intricate details.

    - Bella's wedding makeup. I expected her to look just a bit more glamurous, because she's supposed to be breathtaking on that day.

    - And where the fuck are the rest of the Cullens? I really wanted to see Alice and Emmett. Well, okay, not Emmett, Kellan, lol.

    Lest I end on a negative note, let me just say that imo Edward looks quite edible on the wedding day.

  41. TK - "That's what I looked like when I was 4 months pregnant with my son."

    Shut your mouth. That's what I look like when I starve myself for 2 weeks.

  42. I have an equal amount of bitches & bomb diggitys, so here goes:

    Bitch #1 - WTF happened to Gianna?!? This is not the same actress, (Noot Seer?) who appeared in NM for 30 seconds as the Volturi receptionist. Did the vamps lose it one day when Aunt Flo visited?

    Bomb Diggity #1 - Aro's wedding invitation being addressed to "Resident". FUCK, I love passive-agressive Edward.

    Bitch #2 - REALLY?!? REALLY?!? Did we need Steph Meyer in a rose-colored dress in the wedding scene? No. No, we did not. But what the fuck ever.

    Bomb Diggity #2 - The hair stylist apparently threw BD out her trailer window and did Bella's wedding hair very simply, and I love it. In fact, in general, Bella looks GORGEOUS and JMFHF, Edward standing there, feet apart and hands behind his back with that "look" on his face? I DIE. If I were Bella, fucking on the altar would totally have happened.

    Bitch #3 - It was sloppy. The cuts were weird and it looks like a 12 year old edited it. The background music sounded exactly like previous trailers.

    Bomb Diggity #4 - MOTHERFUKCING HEADBOARD DESTRUCTION. That tiny snippet of Rob's back, arms & hands shot wildfire to my loins. I want MOAR, MOAR, MOAR of this. In fact, forget the whole Renesmeesupercalifragilisticexpilalodoclious/Volturi bullshit and just give me 4 hours of fucking, and I'm all good.

    Agree in general with LKW. A better trailer is coming, and I will be too.


  43. So, I didn't get to see the leaked stuff earlier this year, so nothing was "ruined" for me, but I have seen most of the scenes in photos...but the headboard scene? Homina homina homina, uuummm baby, loved it!
    On a diff note, I don't text alot and am having trouble finding a text speak dictonary... so OMFGJMFHFWTFBBQ is killin' me, I get the omfg, the wtf and the bbq, but what is jmfhf?

  44. @LEE - Laminated invitation? Bwaaahaha! But wouldn't it make sense since her mom supposedly lives on the water. Wouldn't want it to get all wet and soggy!

    @Jaymes & TK: Regarding Bella's flat stomach -- mine hasn't been that flat since, well, never. LOL! Screw you both. And thanks for that gif J - you might just get a good ol' fashioned dry hump in Forks.

    @Jene16: JMFHF = Jesus Mother Fucker Hamster Fucker. Use it, live it, love it.

    PS - I loved the trailer. I must go watch again and squeal in delight!

  45. Hiya H00kers,

    I think I am going to pretty much stand alone on this, but that headboard scene fucks me up. Why? Because all I can think when I watch it (83,244 times so far) is what the hell kind of angle is going on here where Edward is reaching up that high to grab the wall? And I think it's the wall, not the headboard that is breaking. Or am I visually challenged? Actually, I am visually challenged so nevermind. It looks really awkward to me. Like that angle would work better for ramming into Bella's... wait. WAIT.

    *runs off to watch again*

  46. I just asked my friend that works for the stationery company if they would ever abbreviate anything in the address on a wedding invitation. Her response: UM, NEVER!

  47. OMG, 46 comments! And wait, there are abbreviations on the invitation (#IgiveafuckabouttheinvitationsoIdidn'tevenlookthatclosely) even I know that's a fail. I concur with the first commenter!

    OK, two things. Firstly, love you guys and all your comments. Oddly, I agree with every single point, eventhose that are contradictory! Secondly, dude, guys. There's some video on the homepage for Twitarded that's like E!News or something that automatically starts playing with some annoying woman talking about "The Twilight Craze" and I want to take an ice-pick to my ears, but instead just mute the computer. Which makes it hard when I want to watch a more recent clip you posted. So, I can't tell what clip starts automatically, but if you guys could, could you make it stop? I hate to ask, but, seriously. Ice pick.

    Truly do heart you all and Rob's thrusting back muscles make anything worthwhile to me. Oh and I'm from Florida and know tons of hippies (rednecks) and I don't mind how Renee's dressed!


  48. Oh and to Myg: I just keep in mind how effin tall he is *and* how long his arms are and it's ok. Fairly better than ok.

    I think I'm done.

    What gif? Going to search it out.

  49. @MYG - I honestly just choked on my coffee from this comment. BAH!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

    "Like that angle would work better for ramming into Bella's... wait. WAIT." *runs off to watch again*

    EVERYONE ELSE...Love the comments. :-)

  50. These comments are making me snort, you wordy bunch of bitches.

    It's weird but I kind of agree with everything everyone is saying. Call me hypocritical. Or fickle.

    I totally missed the SM cameo. Then again, I'm pretty fucking oblivious.

  51. @Penelope - Fixed it... looks like the live feed link we had from a previous post was fucking with shit. It's gone. Thanks for the heads up. I can totally relate about the ice pick.

  52. I would like to know how someone who didn't read the books likes the trailer. There are those out there that just see the movies and have no idea what is happening next. I will have to ask my two friends and see what they say.

  53. Buahaha. These comments are brilliant. I'm neutral on the trailer. It was good, no surprises for me (aka spoiler h00r) but I agree it was thrown together for the MTVs and the 'proper' one will be better. Let's face it, we're not expecting a masterpiece, just let me perve at Robward. And if there's Angryward and Hornyward involved, I'm a happy chappy.

  54. Ok, I'm going to be totally easy here. I loved the trailer. Supposedly a better one is coming out, but not until September (or that's what I heard). Ultimately, it is what it is. I could care less about the trailer, I just hope the movie is good. And yes, Meg, it looks like Edward is breaking the wood trim of the window which still works for me. :)

    Here's to November!

    (BTW, I do hate who ever dresses Renee. The daisy duke shorts with chunky strappy high heels on the sand is completely dorky to me. Just saying...)

  55. Myg - Yes, I thought all along that it looks like a window sill, not a headboard.

    STY - Yes, I noticed the canopy falling too, I just thought it looked like the entire window frame and curtains falling.

    Not sure how I noticed those things, when I should be paying attention to Rob's back (I missed the leaked footage due to lack of internet access the weekend it was leaked).

  56. I'm late, I'm late to a very important date....

    Well here you go:

    1. The wedding scene reminds me of a scene from Narnia or even better, Nanny McPhee part 1.

    2. I hate, hate Edward's look in the wedding scene. Grrrr, his hair is off and he looks like a Sears model for Prom.

    3. I did like the bed scene but who didn't. I still think Ron looks as if he is doing the butterfly stroke, just not in a pool.

    4. Bella looks pretty in the wedding scene.

    5. I agree with some others, Renee holding her invite was a tad false looking in my eyes. Again, something was off with that clip.

    6. I just wanted to give Charlie a hug.

    7. Darn Jacob rips his shirt off again.....yawn.

    8. I reckon those are the best clips and the movie is gonna suck big time.


  57. Ok, ladies. Have any of you watched this lady's reaction to the trailer?


    She brings up a good point after she cries hysterically- it's going to be over soon! Then what shall we all do???

  58. Doesn't nuttymadam3575 know about fanfiction? It's never over!

  59. Form the teeny tiny bit of the wedding dress I've seen it reminds me of the fabric and stitching from an old vinyl car seat. Take a look at the pic again and tell me if I'm lyin.

    Every time Jacob takes off his shirt it just gets better and better. He looks leaner and meaner now. Yum!

    This time they made Billy Black get all wet. Do they everyone to get pneumonia?

  60. I'm just too fucking excited to see anything new & Twilight related that I just cannot make myself complain. Sigh...

  61. Summit could have simply played the anticipatory, epic sounding music and shown me the .00000000099 seconds of headboard scene and I would have been happier. Instead I'm pissed off at an Edward that no longer even looks like a vampire... Did he have blush on? And a Bella who has spent more time puffing a cigarette than giving her body nutrition... what does she weigh 40lbs?? I did like the book (considering the author) and I'm sorry (NOT) but these assholes want us to wait one year in-between part 1 and part 2? The joke of a "belly bump" and Bella's typical huffy puffy stuttering at herself in the mirror will be the last second of part one... that is all

  62. Renee's clothes? I do not know where you all live but most of the women I know dress this way so it looks normal to me; awful but normal. Isn't Renee supposed to be normal? Also, I really miss Edward's Twilight hair. *sigh*

    @lkw - thank you thank you thank you. 1 - for disabling the autoplay of that video. 2 - for explaining JMFHF.

    @fanficzombie - HA! I forgot about the dog dish. Ohhhhh I really hope that's in in there! Jake's POV & his needling Rosalie were some of my favorite parts of the book.

  63. Dammit, just let the pasta boil over reading all this! The trailer was rubbish. I'm sure the film will be a mixed bag, some good bits mostly not and I have an awful feeling we've seen most of the good bits already. Love the blog ladies - keep posting!

  64. Floved the trailer...it gave me goosebumps.
    Bella looks gorgeous in the wedding scene, can't stand Edwards hair colour.

    And the headboard (is it the wall?)scene...JMFHF I could watch that on rotation for days...

  65. although I am a fan of Twilight...the trailer for Breaking Dawn really left me unimpressed...as in just waiting to see the movie when the 2nd part comes out. Horrible trailer! the wedding looked plain and boring and cheap...Bella's makeup looked like she put it on herself and the headboard scene is probably the only thing decent.

    overall...I was not impressed.


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