Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic-Con and the Green-Eyed Monster

Probably a few of you are staggering your way back into RL from a long Comic-Con weekend bender. I'm kind of bummed I didn't make it this year. Ok, I'm really bummed. Mr. TK and I planned to go, but it just didn't pan out. I took a day off work to purchase tickets the second they went on sale. I had the iMac, MacBook, and iPhone all in a line trying to navigate the Comic-Con ticket site. I have no idea how a website created by a bunch of computer geeks did not work. After a number of hours and several attempts on later dates, I finally threw in the towel. I texted Mr. TK and said "It's too fucking hard. We're not going." To which he replied, "Uh...OK. Where were we going?"

I never planned to attend the Breaking Dawn panel because I hate crowds. And screaming people. And crowds of screaming people. My people skills leave a lot to be desired. Nonetheless, I heard the BD panel-goers got to see an exclusive honeymoon clip. Bitches. (Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know they waited in line for days, rationed bathroom trips, etc, but don't begrudge me my bitterness.)

Here are some snippets from the Breaking Dawn panel. I dare you not to focus on how RPattz keeps making his hairtastrophe worse.

My favorite quote from the panel was RPattz talking about the honeymoon sex scenes. "The thing I was most nervous about was taking my shirt off...I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, I look like an inflatable frankfurter in some of those [scenes]." Oh Rob, that is like shooting fish in a barrel to make a joke out of that. You insult me. I expect to see your inflatable frankfurter as an apology.

Moving along, there were so many other panels I would have punched a Care Bear to attend. I would have loved to see the Psych group and the combined Steven Spielberg / Peter Jackson panel. I recently discovered 30 Rock (because I live under thirty rocks and have no clue what happens on the talking box) and would have cutabitch to see that crew. The list goes on and on and it will just make me more bitter to talk about it.

One panel I wasn't really interested in was Snow White and the Huntsman. Latchkey Wife and I sometimes share a brain and she had the same thought last night. I saw the Snow White cartoon when I was a kid and it fucked my shit up. From the freaky Queen to the singing unionized midgets, that cartoon was creeptastic. I have a grab bag full of issues from that movie, Sleeping Beauty, and Bambi. The fuck, Disney?

But I digress. I saw a rundown of the movie on TwiDazzledGal and now I'm intrigued. It's got some great names attached to it, including Kristen Stewart in the lead role. It looks like Joan of Arc meets Lord of the Rings. The Huntsman is hired to kill Snow White, but ends up training her all ninja-like to battle the Queen. I've had "Whistle While You Work" stuck in my head for thirty years. This might just be the thing to erase it from my memory. (Don't pretend it's not in your head now.) The movie won't be released until June 1, 2012, but I plan on seeing it if the heat from this summer doesn't kill me.

Kristen, Alex P. Keaton called and he wants his shoes back.

Here are some videos from the panel:

Did any of you go to Comic-Con? Please share the details so I can marinate in my jealousy. What was your favorite part of the experience? Do you still have "Whistle While You Work" stuck in your head?


  1. There is a certain honeymoon clip out right now that I have a link for if you were interested...

  2. I've decided the reason RP's hair looks like that is: he went on a bender (tho I'm thinking he is on a permanent bender), lost his gum in bed, and said gum got stuck in the hair that launched a thousand swoons.

    He woke up, sort of, borrowed KS's sword, hacked off the gum, and he's good to go.

    Um, what was the question? Oh - right -no I didn't go to CC. Never will. I won't stand in line for anyone. #1 reason I am the only one in the U.S. who has never gone to WallyWorld.

  3. CC was epic in ways I cannot express. Saying it was FUCKING SPECTACULAR doesn't even begin to sum it up. I fangirled hard, not over the holy trinity, but over some of the most kick ass fix writers out there! I even got pics with a few! If you can swing, go next year. You won't regret it!

  4. Bitch! Not only did I not go to SDCC where everyone got to see the pretty and all that other great stuff, but now I have that FREAKING SONG stuck in my head!

    Imma get you for that! Oh yes. I'm writing your name down so I don't forget.

  5. @TheRugbyMom--Oh. Shit. Don't write down my name! I only do that when I'm planning long term revenge. Can I hum a different tune in your ear?

  6. Um, let's see....I did not ATTEND Comic Con, but I do work 4 blocks from the Convention Center & got to experience all of the madness first hand. I may or may not have spent the better part of my day taking "breaks" to walk down there and sit outside of the Hard Rock Hotel accross the street from the CC in hopes of seeing "someone." My stalkerish skillz paid off when I got to take a picture with the one and only Alexander Skarsgard. Unfortunately Robsten is pretty stealthy. I heard they were around, but I swear they sneak those kids through the damn sewer system to get them in & out of the hotel.

    Wish you could have been here to experience it all, would have LOVED to have met you!

    xo J

  7. "...punched a Care Bear..." *snicker*

    @Reanna - Interested? That word doesn't begin to cover it.

  8. has the clip shown at ComiCon.

    It is a very dark capture from someone in the audience complete with woots and squeals but beggars can't be choosers, right?

  9. Oh man I would have killed to see the Psych panel at CC and Bruce Campbell. If someone put me in a room with Bruce Campbell and Rob I don't know who I would run to... okay so I'd run to Rob who am I kidding.

    I wasn't too thrilled about SWATH until I read the script... now I'm totally ready for KStew to kick some ass. And I'm hoping for Chris Hemsworth to take his shirt off!

  10. Sorry this is so random & has nothing to do with this post really. My friend just emailed me that they have started casting for 'The Host'!!! SQUEEEEE!!! I guess they've cast Emma Watson & Saoirse Ronan. I am so excited!! I really hope it's true.

    I would looooove to go to comic-con. Do they have a panel for the TV show Bones? ;-)

  11. The best thing I've seen from CC yet is in response to a question on the Red Carpet about how the sex scene went, Rob said something like "No problem. I just got all lubed up and was ready to go".

    Oh Rob....

  12. @Rob's Bitch - please send me link, lol.

    I did want to go to Comic Con but... I'm lazy. And poor. I heard the lines were insane but most people said they had a blast so maybe next year.

    @SoTwired - I can't believe you got meet Eric Northman!!! Gah!!!

  13. Going to CC and dealing with the crowd of idiots is enough to induce homicidal tendencies in anyone, but still was totally worth it. I finally met Rob (!!!) and actually had a mostly coherent conversation with him. He was just so adorable and I'll never forget that feeling when he looked into my eyes and smiled. Just... wow.

  14. @Rob's Bitch-Bwahahahaha! I hadn't heard that.

    @Twilovesue--I hate you. And love you. Either way, I'm so excited you got to meet him!

  15. I've lived in San Diego for 13 years and every year I say I'm going to go to Comic-Con, but this year I really bit the bullet and decided to make it happen. My kids are 9 & 11 so I figured they might enjoy it and they're still young enough to be free so when the time came (and then it crashed and it came again and it crashed again and then it came a third time) I sat down and made it happen.

    I must say that I admire the tenacity of those who stood in line for days, but I decided early on that there was no way I would do that. I showed up at 9:30am for the 11:15 panel and when we made it in the room it was barely 1/2 full. Of course all I could see were little dots for heads, but there were big movie size screens everywhere so at least I got to see it first hand.

    Would I go again? In a heartbeat. It was amazing. So many things to see there was no way to really see them all. I saw a lot, but I missed way more than I saw.

    @Amers425 - They did have a Bones panel scheduled, but a few days before on their FB page they said it was cancelled because the two main stars couldn't be there. It was still on the schedule (since they were probably printed way in advance) but I didn't even try to make it over there.

    Some of my favorite panels were the ones with comedians because they are so freak'n funny and are quick with the stupid questions from the audience. Conan O'Brien and Pee-Wee Herman were both hillarious and Penn and Teller were entertaining as well.

    Of course then there was the "Vampire and Others" panel where a bunch of vampire authors were there to talk about a relationship between a vampire and someone else (like a human) but then spent most of the panel talking about their books and not being quick or witty and making up what could've been fun by actually talking about the subject matter at hand. And of course Twilight came up and people started bashing it even though Stephenie Meyer probably brought more people to that panel than every one of those authors combined (and she wasn't even there).

    We also went to the FanFic panel which would've been more interesting if I had actually read any of the authors that were there (I guess I'm not as "caught up" as I thought).

    I heard someone describe Comic-Con as "The Geek's Mardi Gras" and I have to agree with that. Not only was the Convention Center packed, but the streets for blocks around were all packed with people. It was a blast. I think I might've been able to have fun just in the surrounding area without a ticket. Well... maybe, but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to risk that next year! BD2 will be coming out and they'll probably have another preview!!!

  16. @Lila - OOOoooooo!!! That is so exciting! If 'Bones' decides to be there next year I totally want to go! Not to mention @Twired Jen got to meet Alex Skarsgard! Huminah humminah...*drools* IO want to lick him all over. :-)

  17. Sorry, crap, I think it was Access Hollywood or one of those quicky one question deals. He also said something about how he basically is doing porn.

    Anyone who has access to videos at work have links to these gems? Fucking blocked access...grumble, grumble

  18. Ok, here is the lube one:


    I think this is the link for the one about doing porn, but I can't open it can't promise.

    If you type in "Comic Con Rob says he's doing porn" in Google it should come up - snort

  20. I want to go every year. I've been a big geek since before Twilight ;) But (like you) buying tickets seems IMPOSSIBLE if you live out of state?! How do people do it?! Seriously, if you know, please tell me! I think our Twitarded meet-up should be at Comic Con next year!

  21. Also, I think they purposely make it impossible so only people who have been going for years understand how to get tickets. In fact, I just looked at the ComicCon website and if you went *this* year, you can already buy tickets for next year! But if you're a newbie, you have to wait to buy them online -- on the website that NEVER WORKS!!!!!

  22. *coughs* Well @AGirlintheSouth and I had tickets but we decided not to go and returned them for a refund. Why? I don't really know why..... oh yeah, I think I mentioned Cell Block H, screaming women in a confined space blah blah blah.

    @AGITS has no regrets but I actually do. Not necessarily for missing the BD panel but for everything else going seemed like fun, even if it involved a lot of waiting in line.

    As an aside, I did enjoy the tweets of those there and of course, those that got to meet the Holy Trinity up close with the autograph session.


  23. @freakybella - I was kind of stymied in the past at getting tickets, but in theory it's pretty simple. At some point they'll post the date and time tickets will be up for sale on their website. I put a reminder in my calendar to check their website every week. They also have a Twitter account you can follow. Go to the website on the date/time directed and buy tickets.

    This past year it was kind of crazy because the first day they were supposed to be on sale their server crashed and the same thing happened again on the rescheduled date, but then on the third rescheduled date it worked, but I had to watch Twitter to figure out how to get it to work.

    (disclaimer: they'll probably change the system next year so this might not work next time) Every time I put a 4-day pass in my cart and hit "next" I'd get an error message. Then I saw someone on Twitter say that when you get the error message, don't bail out and go back (like I had done at least 4 or 5 times before) but to just hit "refresh" until the error went away. Bingo. I got the tickets I wanted.

    Then I thought getting tickets for next year would be a breeze since I had tickets this year, but then they only sold them from 8am to 10am and only 2,500 a day. I talked to someone who had gotten there at 4am and still didn't get tickets. I figured sitting in front of the computer for a couple of hours during the day was way easier than sitting in line for hours on end with no hope of getting a ticket.

    I would LOVE to have a Comic-Con meet up!!! Forks is just too big of a stretch for me this year since we just bought a house and I'd be willing to bet they'll do a BD2 panel next year.

  24. After reading all the tweets and seeing all the pics and reading all the awesome stories from the people who attended, I think I might have to find a way to make this happen next year! TwiredJen, I won't take up much room at your place - you'll hardly even know I am there! And maybe you can give me stalking tips... : )

  25. I have wanted to go to Comic Con for the past couple years and I really thought it would happen this year. My best friend was going to buy me a ticket as my Christmas present and I have a whole bunch of friends who go every year (lucky bastards can buy tickets the year before for the following con) Of course, like TK, my friend went to the website day of as soon as you could buy tickets and she never got anywhere. My friend who was already going offered to get me ticket for next year when he went to buy his but foiled once again he was only allowed to get 2 tickets and the other one was going to his girlfriend...damn. Comic Con has outgrown San Diego and I really hope they move it Las Vegas (where I live)

  26. @SoTwired- I am so jealous! I want Eric Northman to do naughty things to me. *drool* Is he super tall? Did you touch him? You must give deets so I can live through you!

  27. Wait, you mean all I had to do was hang around the Hard Rock Hotel and I could of met Mr. Northman!!??!! WTF! And here I was hashing it out in the mad house of people in front of the Warner Bros booth trying to get a good pic of him at Comic-Con! Even enlisting the help of my 11 year old with her Ipod to get pics of the True Blood cast, whom she knows nothing about. Ha!
    Tickets can be tricky. Even with us dragging our men in on trying to get tickets(4 hours), we were only able to get tickets for Fri and Sat. Missed all the fun stuff on Thurs:(
    Anyway, if you can swing Comic-Con, GO!!! It is totally worth it! You can go pretty inexpensive too! We had a group of friends drive down to CA and rent a house on VRBO, pretty cheap and just took the trolley into the Con, packed in our lunches too(yes, we are that cheap) And I may or may have not been crashed on the floor in front of the giant pile of legos eating a sandwich, watching the kids play and getting randomly stepped on ;) My favorite was seeing the NCIS panel and gazing at gorgeous LL COOL J!!! Oh, and introducing my duaghter into what it means to be a "fan girl" LOL

  28. @likeitlemony - Thank you. Not a great recording but I enjoyed it all the same.

  29. Thanks Robsbitch that is funny! He almost has better chemistry with that MTV guy than with Kstew :)

  30. I was there and honestly I don't recall a ton of screaming during the BD panel. I mean there was certainly some when they walked out and when the clips played but overall everyone listened and watched.

    My favorite panel though was the Penguins of Madagascar. It was hilarious and so much fun. The played a clip on the screen but did the voices from the panel table and it was sooo cool to see/hear.

    Falling Skies was a great panel too, and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along was sooo much fun. And something I did but because hubby wanted to - we saw the World Premiere of the animated movie "Batman Year One" and my favorite part was watching all the fans react to the movie. They were so invested and it was pretty cool.

    Lastly, my favorite thing was hearing a young boy defend the Twilight fans. While some girl was putting us down, he stops her and says "I don't get it. They are just like us. They love something and choose to show it, just as WE do for what we love." I wanted to turn around and thank him for getting it.

    We will be back next year, hope you can all come along too!!

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