Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lisa! 17 Again... Right?

This might be some sort of record in Twitarded history. In the past week, we've done not one, not two, but THREE timely posts! HOLY SHIT, someone alert the fucking media!! Even us Derelicts Under the Bleachers get something right once in a while. But how could we not jump on this birthday bandwagon for someone as special as Lisa. So, without further ado... a birthday message from the Twitarded quartet.

Clicky to make bigger! (TWSS)

We're in good company!
Batter Up
Starting Pitch
Home Run
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Home Plate
Extra Innings w/Grand Slam
The Dugout
7th Inning Stretch
The Beer Vendor
The Outfield
The Press Box
The Locker Room
Spring Training


  1. Love the pic!
    Happy birthday Lisa

  2. And don't for get to send some b-day love to Latchkey Wife today, too! Ooooor you could be an ass like me and forget - it might make me feel better if you forget, but it's kind of a shitty thing to wish for so I won't... : )

  3. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are weeping right now...I am weeping with you too. Love you darling. xoxoxoxo

  4. Happy Birthday to two women: Latchkey Wife (whom I distinctly remember stalking back in her day with her other blog) and Lisa!! Love you both!! Suzie

  5. Love the pic and birthday wishes!!

    Happy Birthday wishes to Latchkey Wife!!

  6. Happy Birthday to both wonderful hobags! :o) xxx

  7. Oh you girls are soooo sweeet!

    Happy Birthday LKW!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you wonderful ladies. Well, I use the term *lady*, loosely when referring to LKW.

    Hope you are both having a lovely day!


  9. I'm so proud of you h00rs for not procrasinating 3 posts in a row-ish... you're getting way better than I am!


  10. Happy Birthday Lisa and Latchkey Wife. Hope your day was all kinds of awesome (just like you).

  11. Happy Birthday Latchkey Wife and Lisa! Hope you've had a great day.

  12. Happy Birthday Latchkey and Lisa!

  13. What an awesome card you guys made! I knew you had it in you all along!

    Happy Birthday Lisa & LKW!

  14. Love the pic girls!!! It's perfect!

    Happy Birthday LKW!!!! xoxox

  15. Happy Birthday to Lisa and LKW Cant wait to meet you in September

  16. Happy Happy Birthday Birthday to Lisa & LKW!

    I'd like to be sending you some RobP0rn loving, but I'm a total tard! I can't even get on the Twitter to harass TK tonight!

  17. This is like getting a letter back from your favorite celebrity. What beautiful words from such beautiful women. Lisa will be so thrilled.

    Thanks to Lisa convincing me to write to you to post my Italy trip, you helped Lisa and I to start on the road to a great friendship, so thank you.

  18. Holy crap! DD is right...this really is like getting a letter back from your favorite celebrity.

    I know you girlz think it's silly, but there will ALWAYS be a Twitarded fangirl inside of me, no matter how many times we meet. This is where it all started for me and so many of us. As we were discussing in an email earlier this week, I know I would not have met Rob (and Jackson) if it had not been for you. If I hadn't found this community...this family...I wouldn't have grown a pair and traveled to Forks. I hadn't done anything for myself since I'd gotten married and raised my family. Now look at what you started! It took me months to bite the bullet and buy my plane ticket to Forks. When Mary talked me into going to NYC, it only took hours. Next I spent 9 days in San Diego with TwiloveSue, Twired Jen, Dangrdafne, and many other Twitards...9 days that led to meeting Rob and getting his autograph. But it all started here. I will never have any regrets.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the card, the lovely words, and for my very own post on Twitarded. It means more than you'll ever know.



    PS: Happy birthday once again to my birthday buddy, LKW!

    PSS: Way to get the Cardinals logo in there!

  19. SO much love in the room!


  20. Hey -- thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

    And Lisa -- you're comment made me weepy. To think what this book series has done for people! I'm pretty sure these days if I ran into Stephenie Meyer, I'd give her a big wet sloppy kiss, and not for her creation of Edward Cullen, but for all the wonderful women I've met because of her creation! xoxo

  21. See? This is why I fucking love this community so much. I've been reading what everyone else has written on their blogs and it's just so great. You are all a bunch of awesome ladies.

    I puffy heart all of you!!

  22. MyHeartGoesPitterPattinsonJuly 28, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    Happy Birthday to LKW and her dirty, saucy mind and to Lisa who gets so much love just for being a fellow Cardinals fan and the closest regional Twitard to me (that I know of)!!

  23. Happy Birthday to Lisa & LKW

    Hope you have a wounderful birthday!

  24. Great post and great pic! Happy Birthday Lisa and LKW :)

  25. Whoever thought of getting all these bloggers to post a birthday greeting and link them all together is a genius. How fitting that we aren't even on the bleachers, we're under them.

    I really got a kick out of reading these blogs, some that I didn't even know existed, and seeing all the great photos (nice bewb grope on MC, btw) and reading the funny stories. Lisa even got a custom major league slash fic. Who needs cake when you can have that?

    Before I met all of you, my life was like a moonless night. **tear**

  26. Great post girls!
    Very creative!!

  27. Thanks again for the birthday wishes. It was an awesome couple of days traveling through the blog posts.

    @likeitlemony - If I wasn't out before about reading slash, I am now ;) The banners were pretty cool, weren't they?


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