Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Hammer Time!

Life has been INSANE in the TK household lately. I've got about 3,000 balls up in the air right now [insert obvious joke here] and I've had little time to do anything fun. I can't name the last movie I saw. It was out of desperation that I announced yesterday, "Drop what you're doing. We're going to the theater." I looked up show times and realized I didn't recognize any of the movie titles. Not. A. One. I guess I am more out of touch than I thought. We decided on Thor because I'd at least heard of the character, even if I had no idea a movie was made.

I never read any comic books growing up, but I know Thor was that mechanic in Adventures in Babysitting. I'm pretty sure that's factually correct. I'm also pretty sure Adventures in Babysitting was one of the last movies I saw at the theater. Did Jaws 2 come out yet? (I'm only half kidding.)

That mullet was the shit twenty years ago. He looks a little like Latchkey Wife...

I read the reviews while Mr. TK chauffeured our hot, lazy arses to the show. Kenneth Branagh directed the movie. Um, how did I not hear about this? Furthermore, Natalie Portman co-starred. Um, why was she not in my Top Five Girl Crushes? Total oversight on my part. She was adorable in The Professional, but I wanted to make babies with her in Garden State.

I don't own a pair of red Mary Jane pumps. Must. Rectify. Now.

And why did no one tell me she was paired with Kat Dennings in this movie? I have been such a fangirl of hers since Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. How did I not see this on opening night?

Nevertheless, I went into this movie with the lowest expectations because, well, it's about some mechanic dude with a hammer. Turns out, he's not a mechanic after all. (I feel a little misled by Adventures in Babysitting. Next you'll tell me I can't take on a bunch of mobsters armed only with my wit and a bitchin' station wagon.) Thor is some kind of asshole thunder god who gets cast off his planet to come do time with the mortals on Earth. Who knew? Ok, probably everyone but me.

This is Thor. Hummina hummina.

This Thor dude has a hammer for his weapon of choice. There's some Nordic name for it, but I would have to break my jaw to pronounce it. Regardless, Thor wields this hammer like nothing I've seen since Cops last filmed in New Jersey. I expected the highlight of the movie to be my $7 fountain drink and my $9 box of Butterfinger Minis, but I was pleasantly surprised with the film. It was a fun flick with an impressive cast. It wasn't an Oscar contender, but it was a nice diversion from real life. I think it comes out on DVD in about five minutes, so this might be a rental for most people.

This never gets old.

Tell me what old-ish movies I should see next or add to my Netflix queue. I rarely sit down long enough to actually watch a whole movie, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to do so in the future. Probably. Has anyone seen anything awesome lately? (I tend toward movies where people get shot in the face rather than kissed, jsyk. My team of therapists is working on that.) Share your movie reviews in the comments.


  1. still looking for my vampJuly 11, 2011 at 8:52 PM

    We watched I am Number 4. That was pretty good.
    We also went and saw Hangover 2. Not as good as HO #1, but it had some funny parts. Besides, who doesn't like looking at a scruffy Bradley Cooper?

    We also saw Super 8. Highly recommend that one.

    I want to see Horrible Bosses.

    This is my second day for posting first. I think I come here too often.

  2. 1. The Town- A cut Ben Affleck covered in ink doing push ups...Ummm there was some bank robbing too.

    2. Law Abiding Citizen- Gerard Butler!

    2. Easy A - Must see tons of witty banter!

    3. Inception- I love the Joseph Gordon Levitt kid, but this one requires full attention

  3. I'm with Still Looking for my Vamp - Super 8 was the first movie that got Mr. Snarky & I to the theater in forever (JJ even went with us! we don't see many movies with our second wife, so it was a special time - and we didn't even bring a flask!) and it was totally worth it. Somehow Steven Speilberg can make movies with kids and they don't suck - woot! Other than that, I've been totally absorbed in Sons of Anarchy - and trolling netflix for other series i need to watch. Honestly? Most movies out lately (on dvd anyway) suck! Or i am getting old and crabby. yep.

    p.s. i love natalie portman in "the professional" way too much. do what you gotta do.

  4. ok that p.s. sounded way creepier than i meant it too... but she was really good in that. in a "good child actor" way not anything all creeptastic. yikes. ok i need more wine...

  5. @nifer - i loved joseph gordon levitt so much in that "days of summer" dealie - he was perfect (and so was zooey deschanel - def in my five, even though she's way too cool for the likes of me - lol).

  6. @STY- He has a band too - Perfect in person- Here is some from youtube

  7. Water for there any chance you haven't seen it?
    LOVED IT!!!

  8. Have you ever seen Truly, Madly, Deeply? Alan Rickman yum. But stock up on Kleenex. I sobbed.

  9. Ok. Nothing in this list would be an Oscar's nominee but it was just fun to watch.
    First of all, I'm right with you TK, Thor was a nice surprise, and the guy Chris Hemsworth is really easy on the eyes. (FYI. He's the huntsman to Kristen's Snow White).
    Second, if you want fun for the whole family, go for Cars 2.
    If it's just you and the girls go for Bridemaids and Green Lantern. Trust me on the last one, I don't remember a thing about the plot of the movie but I can describe you with detail how good the green bodysuit looks on Ryan Reynolds. Enough said. Love, islesme.

  10. I just took my 8 year old son to see Transformers in 3d...DONT PAY FOR THE 3D!!!! Worthless in my opinion, but still a good movie.

    Of course I'm sitting next to an obnoxious 8 year old who doesn't get the jokes, but will laugh the most idiotic laugh in the theaters as loud as he can (he gets it from his dad). I secretly moved about 2 seats away from him.

    My Mom of the Year award should be here soon

  11. transformers, i have seen it twice in the last 2 weeks, and all i can really say about it is SHIA,JOSH and PATRICK, oh yaeh and some chick with big lips that i would do in a heart beat!! she just kicked megan fox to the curb on my list of top 5 girl crushes!!!

  12. Hmmm...

    Well I had a cute rom com for you until I read that last sentence about people getting shot in the face. lol.
    Guns,'s your thing. ;)

    The Town would be a good watch for you then, I dug it. Especially the scene that reminded me of Tattward in the shower. Helllooo there, Ben.

    Up In The Air
    Black Swan
    Dan in Real Life
    The Social Network

    No on gets shot in those...but they are surprisingly still entertaining. ;)

  13. oh yes, forgot about Bridesmaids for a good laugh.

  14. I heard horrible reviews about Thor, but damnit, the man is good lookin. I think it might be at our dollar theater, too! And I forgot that he was the huntsman in Snow White!

    Movie reviews...I saw a couple good ones on netflix on a whim!

    Young @ Heart - Documentary. Old people chorus. The catch? They sing Sonic Youth, Radiohead, The Ramones, Coldplay...It's amazing. I cried a bit and will never hear "Fix You" the same ever again.

    According to Greta - Coming of Age, blah blah chick flick. But it was pretty good. Hillary Duff was in it, which made me want to NOT watch it, but it was a good time suck.

    Hottub Time Machine - Fucking hilarious, but not worth paying to see in the theater. Thank god I waited for netflix to have it on instant. Great cast, horrible plot.

    Easy A, The Social Network, Up in the Air, Black Swan...Oh, and The King's Speech.

    You're gonna need some more popcorn. And those fuckhawt red mary janes.

  15. Bridesmaids!!!!!!! Fuckin hilarious!!!!!!!! Plus Christopher O'Dowd is in it (if you have never seen the tv show The IT Crowd you should!) and he is this nerdy girls dream man. Oh and Melissa McCarthy is amazeballs!
    I know someone else recommended but please don't waste your money or time on Transformers 3 it was AWFUL!!!!! Shia was super whiney and the puffy lipped girl that replaced Megan Fox is forgettable. I actually have no idea what her characters name was in the movie but I referred to her as Tits McGhee in my head

  16. Horrible Bosses was awesomely funny! I know it's not on neflix but you should go see it. Definitely worth it.

  17. @STY - You mean 500 Days of Summer - only mine and @Jaymes805's most favouritist movie EVAH! JGL rocks my socks in that movie.

    Bridesmaids is FUCKING HILARIOUS. Must. See.

    Others I recommend:

    The Social Network

    The Millenium Trilogy (Girl w Dragon Tattoo etc) - watch the original swedish ones before the American remakes make a hash of them


    The Runaways (KStew HAWT!)

    Adventureland (same)

    Remember Me - has some up and coming hawt young actor in it... or so I hear...

  18. Rocket Man. It's a Disney movie staring Harlan Williams. It was so utterly ridiculous it had me laughing my ass off! It got terrible ratings, but I rarely like anything the so-called critics like.

    Want a good belly laugh, rent Rocket Man.

  19. Maybe it won't appeal to anyone less geeky than me, but I loved Scott Pilgrim. Yeah, Michael Cera is a whiny git, but it works.

    Paul was good, but I repeat the geek warning. There are a ton of gags that only sci-fi nerds will get. Which meant I laughed my ass off while my friend kept saying "I don't get it..." There are plenty of laughs for the non-geeky too, so it's definitely worth a look.

    Now I'm going to go rename my dog's puppies after the cast from The Great Escape since the lil bastards keep climbing out of the basket. That's another good one, if you somehow haven't seen it. Sixties James Garner was pretty hot too.

  20. Oh Law Abiding Citizen for sure! Especially if you're interested in folks getting their face shot off. And it's available to watch instantly! I'm with you TK, I love those kinds of movies.

    And crap, there's this pretty old movie, where this guy's whole family gets killed while at a family reunion on some tropical island and he seeks revenge and he's pretty hot and I can't remember the title and it's really pissing me off because it's one of those movies that if I come across it on TV, I MUST watch it. WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER THE NAME OF IT DAMMIT?! Oh right, I'm old and my memory sucks. I will think of it and I will be back. I hope. Maybe.

    And oh, btw, I'll get you for that mullet comment.

  21. Movies with people getting shot in the face!?! You're my kinda girl!!

    Okay here goes...

    The Boondock Saints & The Boondock Saints II
    The Town
    The Bourne series
    Inglouious Basterds
    A History of Violence
    Hot Fuzz (this is a mix of funny/shoot em up/dry British humor)
    The Departed
    Knockaround Guys
    and finally... Goodfellas

    I clearly have a lot of free time and have been using Netflix for a long time now, I shortened this list... don't want to keep you here reading when you can be watching :)

  22. I am with you on this one TK. Haven't been to the movies since WFE. Going this Thursday night though to see the last Harry Potter movie.

    PS - Good rental...The Rite. I love Anthony Hopkins when he's being creepy.

  23. If you want to see people get shot in the face (oh, and an awesome movie other than that), rent The Departed.

  24. Ok, I'll break down my rec's.

    Still in theatres:
    Bridesmaids-Best Comedy of the year.

    Super 8-Best Summer Film (Though I just saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 last night, and that was AWESOME. I'm so super sad the franchise is over!!)

    On DVD:
    True Grit-If you haven't already seen it. It's really that fucking good.

    Kick Ass-Love Aaron Johnson and this take on comic book heroes is killer. Loved it!

    The Fighter-Just because you should see it if you haven't it. No excuses.

  25. From not going to the theater for awhile to suddenly seeing 4 movies in 3 weeks: Thor (meh), Super 8 (awesome!!!), Green Lantern (originally only saw it because of Ryan Reynolds and I ended up loving it) and then XMen First Class (LOVED IT - and not just because the two leading men are sooooo easy on the eyes MMmmmm).

    Otherwise I agree with everything people listed in these comments (although sorry HonoluluGirl I did not like True Grit at all, blech but that is my lowly opinion and I know I am in the minority).

    Glad you got out of the house!

  26. The Punisher! That's what the name of that movie I couldn't remember is. I yelled it out at PT today when it finally came to me.

    @DangrD- I hated True Grit.....

  27. Totally random fact: the guy who plays Thor in Adventures in Babysitting is Detective Goran from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Looked him up on IMDB once and didn't believe it but it is totally him.

  28. Because I like movies where things are so wrong...
    Laughed. my. ass. off!

    It's a little gushy at the end, but hang on for the credits and you'll get your laugh on again.
    There's nothing better than watching a movie where peeps eat brownies laced with weed!


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