Friday, July 22, 2011

It's really hot out and OH MAH GAHD!! IT'S THE BEL AMI TRAILER!!

So, tonight I was all set to basically bitch about the weather and how standing on a subway platform that smells like the baked inside of a homeless man's underpants really sucks but then Snarkier Than You sent me an email entitled STOP THE PRESSES!! and I watched it and had an orgasm so you get that instead.

The link that was in the email, I mean. Not my orgasm. Go get your own fucking orgasm.

Admittedly I haven't been keeping up much with Bel Ami, mainly because I heard it wasn't getting released in the states anytime soon but... now I NEED to see this movie. RIGHTTHEFUCKNOW. How do we make this go, people?

And if it is being released in the states, feel free to ignore the previous paragraph or mock me relentlessly in the comments. Honestly? I really do live under a rock for the most part.

This movie looks fantastic. Even from the trailer it looks like the Prettah has really amped up his acting chops. And there's going to be sex scenes. With Robert Pattinson.

Let me repeat that in case your eyes were rolling up in the back of your head after watching that trailer.

Sex scenes. Robert Pattinson.

Oh, yes.


  1. Holy shit!

    Two Twitarded posts in a row discussing things that are happening TODAY!

    *backs away and prepares for abuse*

    DuRob, I heart you so.

  2. I'm in the northwest and our weather has been extremely mild and wonderful. I hate the heat so you have my sympathy.

    I just knew Bel Ami was going to be wonderful. This clip is amazing. It's probably best that it comes out after BD 1 and 2 so as to clean our palate of the train wrecks that they will be. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely flove the Twilight Saga, but ya know....

  3. I have watched this 57 times (ok, at least 3) and I'm impressed. And honestly? I was worried about this movie, as I think I've noted here and there...

    Also??? How fucking proud am I of us for getting not one but TWO really timely posts out this week?! SO unlike us! I like it.

    : )

  4. Like it wasn't fucking hot enough on the east coast already today . . . THIS has to blow up Twitter right around quitting time!

    Watch out bitches! You better slow down! You're going to set the bar too high and we will expect to get current scoop when we check in with you each day!


    Georges DuRoy is a rude creep and a cheat and he isn't very smart. He sleeps his way to the top of French society. He uses, abuses, and then abandons women. (Actually, you could say he is just making the most of the talents God gave him!) Only a hot hottie like our boy could play this character and have women all over the U.S.A. wearing double layer sham-wow panties to the opening. If DuRoy was portrayed by anyone else, we would probably be burning his likeness in the streets. Instead, we will be lining up, wishing we could be his next conquest! That's NORMAL! Right?

    I think this movie might died me. And I can't wait!

  5. I'm not really sure how to take these timely updates? Maybe its the insane heat wave accross the country...... Where I am It's always hot in the south.

    Bel Ami, this is a movie I can't wait to see. Rpattz, english accent, period clothing. ( I can have Mr. Darcy day dreams or DuRob Dreams. When is it out? There was nothing on IMDB.

  6. You had me at "get your own damn orgasm"...2 posts ...brilliant...I can not wait for Bel.Ami it looks to be full of sexy Rob..Georges seems to be a very naughty boy...Awesome posts girls..

    Oh, please, RPattz, RUIN me, ruin me all you want! Ruin good! :P

  8. ...and also? I love Twi & all, but kudos to the folks releasing this for stealing some of the thunder from Scummit this week. Well played. *claps*

  9. "I am going to ruin you" ruined me. Or rather, ruined my underwear. When, when, when do we get to see this movie?

    And? My word verification is "pretta" not even kidding.

  10. UMA. OOOOOOMAHHHH. aahOOOOOOooma! uhhhhh. oommmmmmmmmmmma.

    K. You waffles can't have all the fun ;)

    ..and Reese, and lots of sex, in same movie. ..and Twitarded rolls squooshily and squeeely along!

  11. Holy shit, motherfkg Yoda 'n shit! This movie needs to come out NOW!

  12. I forgot to say that I have a copy of the Bel Ami script if anyone would like a copy emailed. I'm sure most of you hoors already have it........

  13. Holy effing shit! I can't wait to see him as a total manwhore! I have read the script....and let me just say I really, really hope they open with the actual opening scene...if they do we will all be a bunch of happy, happy horndogs. DuRob Je t'aime.

    Oh and how fucking awesome to FINALLY hear him act with a British accent again. It has been far too long.

  14. Awesome post yet again! I too have watched this trailer more times than I can count. I mean, it's Rob with the accent he should have. No offence, and all that, but BritRob does more things to my panties than USRob does.. ;-)
    I wanna know when it's gonna be released! Just imagine, if it were released while we're in Forks - the movie theatre in Port Angeles wouldn't be able to cope!

    CC x

  15. Until now, I've been on the fence about Bel Ami. Now, I'm really looking forward to this movie. Nice to see Rob evolve. So glad you made this post!

    I have not read the script but must must must find out about this opening scene VitaminR mentions....

    Like STY, I must applaud the timing of this release.

  16. I'm really not sure what to make of this whole two-in-a-row posting on current events. Who are you guys? :)

    I can. not. wait. to see this movie. I read the book when filming started and loved it. Yes, DuRoy is a sleazy social climber, but after squeaky-clean Cedric, and Edward Cullen... I'm ready to see DuRob. Plus, suuuuper excited about hearing him act in his native tongue, so to speak. Yay!

    Also: I'm way impressed with the trailer. Looks like Rob really pulled out all of the stops for this role and from what I can see during those two glorious minutes of the trailer, he is going to blow us away whenever this movie is FINALLY released.

  17. I am so excited to see Rob getting it on with older women! (Okay, so he throws one of them to the ground later-- it's a trade-off, I admit.) Plus, I'm tired of seeing him with KStew and Reese didn't do it for me.
    @Rugbymom-- double-layer Shamwow panties will make it into at least one of my conversations today, thank you in advance!
    Thanks for the clip!

  18. A line no sane man should ever utter to Rob: "Let me introduce you to my wife".

    Hell yes to the British accent!

    I am going to this movie alone.

  19. OMFG. I can't freakin wait for this. I'm with STY, great timing on the timing *claps along*

  20. So we couldn't get the honeymoon scene released from CC........who cares!!! We have this instead! And lookie look, Ron is having his wicked way with real women, women who have layers and layers of fabric to finger through before hitting the pot of gold! Phewww.

    Fabulous! Our boy is back is business.
    P.s. Did you see the finger trail on the shoulder *thud*


  21. I am so forgiving him for the hair travesty.

    And I love seeing Rob as a "grown up." And with a British accent.

    Double shamwow indeed.

    I can't wait to see this movie!

  22. "Who was it today ? Clothilde or Virginie ? Or both ?"

    Oh, yyyyyyeeeeeeessssss both !!!!!

    It's been a while since I wanted to thank you so much for your fuckin-great-hilarious-addicitive-orgasmic-blog and today is the day (goodbye shyness and procrastination !) !
    It's the only blog I found wich reflect what happen in my over-thirty little neuron when I see something about Twiligt or Robert. I am glad to know I am not the only one when I read you girls !

    Sorry for my bad english (I hope Texascatherine forgive me for my poor grammar !) but I'm from the Georges Duroy's country...

    Merci !
    A bientôt

  23. I've been dying for this movie ever since the first photos of historical Rob came out. And like STY, freaking out at the delay in releasing it. Your company doesn't want to make money off a sexy movie with a hot young actor? Is it a dog? Or did summit pay them off to keep Robward a virgin until BD1?

  24. I love this book and the movie looks fabulous!!! I can't wait.

  25. OCTOBER 19, 201l

    While Rob will be Ruining me, I'll be Ruining the movie theater seat.

  26. Fuck. Me.

    If women could technically blow their wad, I just did.

    I am in bed with strep throat and a fever watching the Twi-trilogy on Showtime and after watching that clip my vajajay is actually snarling...

  27. Thanks JJ for the shiney distraction! I'm trying to do something very important and you wave this is my face! I despise you! *joking*

    Hopefully this one will get a R rating!

  28. O.M.G.!!!!
    I come back from vacation and Twitarded hits me between the eyes with this video!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  29. RUIIINNNN!!!!!!! Hot damn. We should buy stock in Victoria's Secret and Hanes before this hits the US. There are going to be massive panty explosions all over the world when this hits the silver screen!

  30. PUH LEEZ email me the script - who/how/where do I ask/beg/bribe????

  31. @Rob

    Just email me at and I'll email a copy of the script.

    You're welcome!

  32. Manwhore Rob with his British accent...oh yeah, I'd better stock up on those double-layer Sham Wow panties!

  33. rob in period clothing, full british accent and sex scenes, i think im going to die now......
    i know for damn sure i can not go see this in theaters because my naughty ass will get arrested for sexual assault on my girly bits in public!
    also i believe this movie will be responsible for a shit ton of babies nine months after it's release.

  34. "What do you enjoy?" - I swear if Rob asked me that, looking like this, I'd just say "FUCK ME".

    I blame it on years of reading smutty historical romances. Either way, this may be my favorite Rob character yet (though Edward will always be near and dear). I mean, let's face it, Rob + sex = HELL YEAH!

    Thanks so much for sharing this. If not for you guys, who knows when I'd find out about these things?


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