Friday, July 1, 2011

Procrastination Special! Snarkier Than You's "25 Things"

 Yeah, yeah, I know - "25 Things" is old news on Facebook... More than 5 million people had done a "25 Things" post on FB by mid-2009, according to the very up-to-date information I was able to track down on the internets. But I'm a Facebook holdout (more on that some other time) - I don't have a personal account and I've never done it. Besides, it's a holiday weekend here in the states, which means that most everyone will be off drinking, eating charred meat, and blowing shit up respectfully honoring the founding of the good ol' US of A. Or celebrating Canada Day. Anyhoo, I know I'm not that interesting, but I was at a loss for what to write about tonight, and when in doubt, go for the meme. And with that resounding personal endorsement, I present to you...

25 random things you never wanted or needed to know about Snarkier Than You!

 1. I had a pony.

2. I learned how to drive in a stick-shift car and didn't break down and buy an automatic until a few years ago. My hilly, stop-and-go commute and the associated leg cramps finally made me cave.

3. I never acquired a taste for coffee - I'll drink it with chocolate and/or booze, but otherwise, I stick with  tea.

4. I've never been friends with as many people as I know now.

5. On a related note, I'm terrible with remembering names. And faces. And dates. Meeting so many people these last few years has made this more of an issue. I'm worried about people feeling insulted in Forks when I don't remember them (but I will remember that we were there a year ago, so there's that).

6. I have a toothless, diabetic cat who I pretty much treat like a spoiled only child.
Slightly spoiled.

7. I've never owned property - I'm a renter. I'm mostly ok with this.

8. When I was a kid, I had horrible buck teeth. Other kids used to call me "Bucky." Also, I wish I'd worn my retainer regularly after I got my braces off. You were right, Dr. Schwartz.

 Bucky. And that huge thing I am holding is a camera. I'm old.

9. The first big concert I ever went to was Prince and the Revolution during the "Purple Rain" tour in 1984. Mostly because my parents wouldn't let me go see The Kinks or Black Sabbath and Quiet Riot the year before (I can't blame them, but I was pretty pissed at the time).
I would die 4U! OK not really but you put on a hell of a show.

 10. Several years ago, I developed an intolerance to wheat, eggs, and dairy. I can't eat any of those things without getting progressively more rashy. I had to do an allergy elimination diet to figure this out, btw - I spent several thousand dollars to have an allergist tell me I wasn't allergic to anything but tree pollen.

11. I once followed the Grateful Dead for a summer tour. We started by driving from NJ to Wisconsin, where our car was broadsided by a van. We relied on the kindness of others to get us to the rest of the shows, and it was an amazing time I'll never forget.


12. My husband and I like to go hunting for treasures at estate, yard, and rummage sales (we both did this with our moms as kids). In theory we buy things to resell on eBay, but we are better buyers than sellers and our basement is overflowing with bins of things we need to get rid of - someone alert "Hoarders"!

13. I lost a friend's entire (extensive) poetry collection in high school. He's probably over it, but I still think about it.

14. I've only been skiing once, at Heavenly Mountain in Lake Tahoe. I'm afraid it may have spoiled me for anyplace remotely near New Jersey.

 Skiing across the CA/NV state line? Been there, done that, took a picture.

15. We catch & release almost anything we find flying/crawling/scurrying around our apartment because I can't stand to kill things, but I love a good steak. 

16. I never considered myself the big poofy princess-wedding-dress type. Until I got married. Who knew?

 POOF! Because as my mom said, "You only get to wear a train once."

17. My dad wanted to sent me to military school (he went to one - and hated it). I'm glad we couldn't afford it.

18. You wouldn't know it from my horrible punctuation and grammar when I blog, but I have a degree in English from Rutgers (also Papa Snarky's alma mater).

19. When I was 4 or 5, my mom got tired of combing the knots out of my hair and gave me a pixie cut. I still remember people referring to me as a little boy for the next year or so.

20. I was a really homely kid...

Also? My mom had really long fingers. What's up with that thumb???

21. ...but in my late teens I had a friend take some photos of me and I went to all the top modeling agencies in New York City because people told me I should be a model (verdict: I couldn't be a model - but at least I tried, a little bit).

My (big!) hair was actually blond--this shot used a red filter. It inspired me to go red later!

22. I've always been painfully shy and insecure. I've gotten better, but I still struggle to be comfortable around people I don't know well. People have told me they thought I was a snob until they got to know me because I'm quiet and stand-offish when I first meet people.

23. I saw "Saturday Night Fever" in the theater. Sister Snarky covered my eyes during the naked parts. I was nine.

24. I've always had a thing for vampires.

25. I have never been happier, or known more amazing people, or laughed more, than I have since JJ and I started this blog in 2009. Thanks again, Twilight. And all of you.

Want to share your random 25? Post it in the comments (for the love of all things holy, save the text before you try to post in case you lose it!) or post it on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments. Can't do 25? Yeah, I probably shouldn't have either, and I can see why so many people were whining that this meme was the scourge of Facebook for a while. Feel free to leave your 5, or 3, or 17 - we're easy.


  1. First off I love your cat! So adorable! It's always fun getting to know people better. Let's see, how about I do the things we have in common?

    1) I had buck teeth as a kid and didn't wear my retainer like I should, Dr. Girgis would be disappointed. My dad had buck teeth too his nickname was beaver. It stuck and my cousins called him uncle beaver lol.

    2) Homely kid- check

    3) I struggle to get comfortable around people too. I don't know why that is... but sit my ass behind a computer and I'm a social freaking butterfly

    4) I can't agree more with #25. I have never and I mean ever had this many wonderful friends in my life!

  2. #5- I'm a Facebook whore, but oddly never do the games, or meme shtuffs.

    #4- I have an excess of education and no work experience- Really, I'm just too pretty to work.

    #3- I didn't have any say in the naming of my children. I was really sure they would be girls, so I called exclusive girl naming rights. I was wrong, and they both ended up with the middle name Michael.

    #2- I sing out loud while I work out at the gym, and would appreciate it if you would sing back up instead of stare.

    #1- I'm covered in tats and pierced in several spots, but you would never know it, unless you got me naked.

  3. We have a LOT in common. Can't wait until Forks:)

  4. Squee! I love this kinda thing. I might do one on TwiKiwi and come back and leave a link here.

    Great getting to know you more, STY! Sad that we won't meet in SD, but who knows, I might be back again in 2012....

  5. You had a fucking pony?! Let me rephrase had a fucking pony?! How did I not know this? As if I needed any more reason to love you. Really? A pony? You shouldn't make so much fun of those Bronies...they might worship you because you actually had a real fucking pony.

  6. You're naturally blonde?! Woah, I knew I liked you for a reason. I kid. But you were a hottie. And LOVE that you shared your wedding photo. I love these kinds of things and definitely have the urge to do one of my own. I'll come back and post the link.

    PS I had buck teeth too, they called me a beaver. Fantastic.

    xo J

  7. No. 22 is just me and I have never heard anyone else describe me so well and I want to cry because I am as lonely now as I was many many years ago.

  8. I really enjoyed reading your 25 things. I don't know how the hell you can say you are not interesting, you sound awesome.

    We have 3, 4, 5, 8 & 22 in common. I can't stand the smell of coffee though, so I have never even had a sip. Not even mixed with something else.

    25 things you never wanted to know about likeitlemony...

    1. I can't remember my "first time".
    2. I met my husband in art class in 7th grade.
    3. I think Glee is hilarious and would love to be as blunt as Coach Sue.
    4. I went skydiving and Rocky Mountain climbing. Need to find that bull named Fu Manchu still.
    5. I am a total domestic goddess.
    6. Would rather ride a bike than drive.
    7. My daughter is my best friend.
    8. I got so drunk at a middle school dance once that I blacked out and didn't wakeup til I was sitting fully clothed in an ice cold shower with my mom cursing me out.
    9. I never experimented with drugs.
    10. I would rather read fan fiction than a real book.
    11. I love to do yoga
    12. I weigh the same as I did on my wedding day, it just looks helluva lot different now.
    13. I am jealous of women who have husbands that treat them as equals.
    14. All my friends are virtual.
    15. I could eat my weight in chips and salsa if there were no consequences to that action.
    16. I wanted to marry Donny Osmond when I was 9 years old. Maybe I still do a little bit.
    17. My favorite group is The Killers.
    18. I want to smash the radio whenever "Fast Car" by Tracey Chapman comes on. It would make the list of Top 10 songs to kill yourself by IMO.
    19. I would love to have a voice like Nora Jones.
    20. I hate to plan ahead. I can't think of 5 more, so yeah, that's all.

  9. @MrsCassieCullen - My cat IS the cutest cat in the world. Or at least the cutest cat in my world. She's freaking adorable! She's made me realize that if I'd ever had kids, I would have fawned over them so much that I would have never allowed any of us to leave the house ever again - lol...

    @Nifer - OK so I HAVE to know the story of the tat in your avi - please???

    @suzpetals - I can't wait until Forks, either! I'll bring the name tags - lol...

    @TwiKiwi50 - I'm super-bummed that we won't be meeting up with you guys in SD - selling those tickets to BlogHer was a HARD thing to do! But easier than telling Mr. Snarky that I'd run up a $1500 tab going on a trip I can't afford, I suppose... I should have gotten my shit together and eBayed my way to California, but nooooo...

    @VitaminR - Yup, a fucking pony. I was obsessed with horses as a kid. If I won the lottery, I'd definitely own a horse. Whenever I start to think I has it even vaguely rough as a kid, it all ends with "I had a pony. The end. I also had a giant tire swing. And a moped. And a treehouse. So yeah, it wasn't so bad to be me - lol...

    @Twired Jen - I was naturally blonde. By the time I was in my twenties, it started going all mouse-y on me. That hair in my wedding photo took hours and several hundred dollars to whip up - lol. I went red when the blonde just got too hard to maintain, but I'll probably dye it back someday (although this is a nearly impossible task - red fades fast but doesn't come out easily at ALL).

    @Anonymous - That makes me sad... Grab yourself a screen name and join in on the fun! Really. We don't bite. Hardly ever. And only upon request. OK, there may be some biting when we all meet up in Forks later this year, but it'll be the playful, nippy kind that tickles. Come!

    @likeitlemony - You met your hubs in 7th grade? whoa! That's pretty cool! And it's amazing how the same amount of weight can shift around and run amok on you - lol... Not that I am at my marriage weight these days. But still... And can I point out that there have been a LOT of virtual-to-RL friend success stories here on Twitarded. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Sis Snarky wanted to marry Donny, too - you guys should hang out! Although I think she LOVES that Tracey Chapman song, which may be a deal-breaker - lol...


    I LOVED reading all of these - thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more responses and links! I spent my entire night writing this and scanning photos last night, so you are going to be seeing a lot more of this post this week - lol...

  10. @likeitlemony - it that your very-inactive twitter account i see under your screen-name? what happened - lol???

  11. Alright, here goes nothing:

    1) You guys complain about bucky teeth, I can beat that. I had an impacted eye tooth. In other words, it would have come down and knocked out my adult front tooth instead of being in its proper spot leaving me with a small pointy front tooth. The solution? Surgery to uncover it when I was 11 or 12. The result? I had eye tooth on the roof of my mouth for two years while I waited for it to come down so they could move it using orthodontics. Awesome.

    2)I started out a science major at university. Hated it. So I switched to nursing.

    3)I love popping zits and blackheads. I don't know why, but it's fucking satisfying.

    4) I wish I could bake for a living.

    5) I was in 4H as a teen - horses. Had riding lessons, the whole deal. No horse though.

    6)I once trapped mosquitoes and picked up dead crows for a living one summer. It was all in the name of West Nile virus testing and I think it was the best summer job I ever had.

    7) Most of the times I've hit my car it's been me versus some part of building, but I've hit 2 cars (minor, we're talking paint scratches) and left w/out leaving my info.

    8)My cats are also pretty much toothless. They're mother and son and are uber cute.

    9)I hate wearing pants.

    10)I have giant tonsils.

  12. @STY
    The tat is ME, cartoon me, I got it this year to celebrate completion of my masters in nursing.

  13. @Nifer - That's AWESOME.

    @CC - I was thisclose to including the zit-picking thing. I am physically incapable of leaving alone any random bump, zit, or similar on my face, even though I know you're not supposed to touch them.

  14. haha - I just saw this on a "List of 25" about "Lists of 25" -

    15. Including any variation of the fact “I’m shy until you get to know me” is belied by the fact that you wrote 25 personal facts down and published them on the internet.

    oh SNAP! I guess they got me. ; )

  15. Cullenary Curser (too lazy to sign in to her blogger accnt)July 2, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    STY - Nothing beats a good crunchy zit or a big thick black head.

  16. @Cullenary Curser - Except maybe a boil.

  17. Cullenary Curser (too lazy to sign in to her blogger accnt)July 2, 2011 at 1:29 PM

    @STY - Oooh! those are fun! I should email you about the cellulitis around my eye and resulting cyst that I once had. Painful, but in some ways awesome.

  18. What a great post, you are one hot babe..and I loved the wedding pic..I don't think I can list 25 things..hmm
    1. I like to make people happy..
    2. I love my family, and would die for any one of them.
    3. I consider myself religious..I believe in God and Jesus.
    4. I love to dance and sing.
    5. I ride my own motorcycle.
    6. I've been married for 28 years.
    7. In a few years I will be 50, and that blows my fucking mind
    8. I want to travel around the United States in an RV..and visit all the twitards I've met.
    9. I have serious hair issues..seriously
    10. I believe that you should live life to the fullest every day..and not sweet the small stuff..
    11. Phlem and the near mention of it makes me gag to the point of eyes watering.
    12. I am a procrastinator...this bugs the shit out of me.
    13. I am a shopaholic..especially for shoes.
    14. I am surprised that I found this many things to say already....Wana know something else about me? Just ask..I'm not shy an sometimes a little loud..
    15. I love all the great peeps I've gotten to meet and chat with..and appreciate the effort some have made to make it so....
    16. I raise a glass*clinks* and cheers to you all.

  19. still looking for my vampJuly 2, 2011 at 5:34 PM

    1. Nothing scares me more than a room full of people I don't know, and that's why I don't go to Forks

    2. I got my first Brazillian because of this blog, and a little push from a friend. I swore I would never do it again, until some of it started growing in gray. Not ready for that, so now I go every 4 weeks

    3.I think my son is the most awesome person I know

    4. I just published my first novel

    5. I hate accounting, and yet I do it all for our business

    6. I'm pretty certain my dog is borderline retarded

    7. I hated my 30's, but I am so rocking my 40's

    8. I think the world would be a much more peaceful place if women were in charge

    9. I will do just about anything so I don't have to use a public restroom

    10. I haven't seen my best friend in 6 years, and I feel really bad about that

    Ten will have to do. ;)

  20. @Double Di...ppin - ugh - I SO hear you on the procrastination front! Why do you think I am always the one posting on the blog at midnight?! Yet I always stress about it - even though i try not to sweat the small stuff. Some days I do better than others!

    @Still Looking - Seriously, if I can face a roomful of people in Forks (who probably want to meet me!), YOU can do it, too! It was such an amazing time - I did better some days than others with not allowing myself to hide in a corner (and still feel bad about the people I never talked to during the trip), but it felt amazing to meet so many great people who share a common love (or Twi, smut, and RPatts - lol). Please consider coming this year - it will probably be the last time we meet in Forks, and it's a beautiful place (says the girl who isn't outdoorsy AT ALL).

    : )

  21. p.s. @still looking - you published a book?! congrats! and tell us more!! if you want to...

  22. @STY yeah, my husband was a total fox at 13. Lol. He's as mature now as when i met him.

    I would love to meet up with you Twitards and know that I will someday.

    As for Twitter, the only reason I opened it was so that I could follow the tweets of the characters in "the Naked Guy Upstairs" by AngryBadgerGirl. How ridiculous is that? I followed you all for awhile and found it hard to keep up (twss). I hardly ever look at it anymore. I think I tweeted twice.

    Thanks for putting up all the photos and sharing a little of yourself with us. I am really enjoying reading everyones posts and hope that more ladies will take a stab at their 25.

  23. @likeitlemony - I hope to see more cracks at 25 (or 5...) too! Hope we'll see more when people take a break from grilling weenies and drinking - lol...

  24. Here's the 1st 10 things I think of:

    1. Dawson's Creek was my all-time fave TV show

    2. Watching someone gag makes me laugh hysterically (This loogie's for you double_dippin!)

    3. When I was 18, my ex-boyfriend stalked me and tried to kidnap me at gunpoint

    4. I love my daughter more than anything else in the world ( so much so that I'm willing to put up with my husband for her sake)

    5. Movies with chimpanzees in them freak me out

    6. I can't touch other people's hair

    7. I'm a homebody. I'd much rather stay at home doing nothing than go to a party

    8. I love all music except country, and if I'm next to you at a red light, you'll hear me singing at the top of my lungs

    9. I have a horrible singing voice

    10. My first concert was Stryper. I was (and still am) a huge fan of 80's hair bands.

    But enough of my yacking :)

  25. Hi! Ok, here's my however many I can think up (I haven't thought this through & am going to risk typing it all in the blogger comments cuz Im fearless like that, or maybe cuz I read/comment from my phone & dont have a choice.)

    1. I have a BA in Philosophy.
    2. I love coconut flavored rum, but hate coconut.
    3. Just the idea of someone touching a metal fork/spoon on their teeth makes me shudder. Actually witnessing/hearing it makes my teeth hurt.
    4. I'm fiercly protective of people I care for but don't usually have the balls to stand up for myself.
    5. My 5 yo is the spitting image of my hubs on the outside but has my personality & that scares me more than a little.
    6. I have a magnet on my fridge that says "destined to be an old woman with no regrets" that I should throw away, cuz Im not old (yet) and already have more regrets than I can count.
    7. I love going to work because I'm respected for my knowledge & skills & feel appreciated there...all things that don't happen in my home.
    8. The post that STY wrote about herself & her friendship with JJ made me cry my eyes out, at work.
    9. If it weren't for "virtual" friends I wouldnt have any friends at all. The best "real life" friend (yeah, Im talking about you Charla) I have ever had I met because of this blog & going to Forks last year.
    10. (Enough with the serious) I have giant feet (size 9.5) for only being 5'6" tall.
    11. I remember pretty much everything I hear/read so don't be surprised if I recount a conversation we had in Forks last year when we meet again this year.

    That's all I got. See you in Forks :)

  26. OK, I did it! Damn you for encouraging me to waste HOURS writing my own 25 things post. Check it!

  27. I actually DID this on Facebook.... but of course had to edit it a little....

    1. I'm scared I won't be able to come up with 25 interesting things to say about myself.

    2. My husband and I went to Alaska in 2006, spent 2 weeks in an RV together exploring the state, and still liked each other enough to get married two days before we came home. Best adventure of my life!

    3. I went to 4 different colleges -- started studying Marine Biology and ended up with a degree in English. (And despite this, and taking a year off in the middle, only had to go one extra semester.)

    4. I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh more.

    5. When I was a kid, my dad told me mushrooms were candy to get me to eat them. I still don't eat them to this day -- mostly out of spite!

    6. I love my family - we are very close and all love to spend time together. My mom is my best friend.

    7. When I was young, I thought my little brother was annoying. Now he's one of my closest friends.

    8. I had such buck teeth that my orthodontist could fit his thumb under them. I've heard more beaver jokes than I care to discuss.

    9. I still miss my grandfather (Geep) very much.

    10. I could eat Mexican food every day of the week.

    11. I love a clean house, I just hate getting it that way.

    12. I get obsessed with things and then it's all I can focus on.

    13. My husband and my father have the same name (both first and last) creepy, right?

    14. I love my husband's NY/Maine hybrid accent.

    15. When I was really little, I stole a bunch of "Itty Bitties" (animal shaped pencil erasers) from my dad's work and stuffed them in my hat and put the hat back on my head. As we were leaving, my dad's boss patted me on the head, pulled off my hat... and well, you can imagine what fell out!

    16. I was in a sledding accident when I was in kindergarten. There used to be cement light poles on the sliding hill and my cousins and I hit one - I was the only one injured. I got a big shiner. There are no more light poles on the sliding hill...

    17. I love 80's music - especially the hair bands.

    18. I LOVE anything Red Sox or Patriots! I'm kind of a rabid fan.

    19. I remember the exact moment as a kid when I finally understood the concept of football.

    20. I cried uncontrollably when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. So did my dad. (Maybe because I was glad my grandfather was alive to see it.)

    21. Fall is my favorite season... I love the crisp air, the fairs, the foliage, and my husband's hunting stories.

    22. My husband is a Yankees fan but I still love him!

    23. I love the beach in the late afternoon.

    24. I've been to both Alaska and Hawaii and I prefer Alaska.

    25. I can't express how thankful I am for the friends I found through Twilight and Twitarded. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  28. @norcaltwitard - re your #6 - I just saw this quote a few minutes ago and had to share it. Hope it makes you feel a little better. "Never regret a decision you’ve made. Always remember that, at some point, it was exactly what you wanted."

  29. I absolutely love reading about yall - you're kind of fascinating to me :) STY, you remind me of Gwyneth Paltrow in your wedding picture. You look so beautiful!

    No way can I come up with (/remember) 25 things about myself but I'll aim for five.

    1. I am an only child. I've been told by multiple people that this is obvious in my behavior.
    2. I went to college determined not to have a boyfriend the whole time, and just to focus on school and friends. Met Mr. XKR the third weekend there, fell head over heels for him immediately, and here we are ten years later, still attached at the hip. So much for that plan (regrets? none).
    3. I studied political science in college, and am seriously opinionated about politics.
    4. When I was 12, my Dad signed me up for martial arts so that I could fight off the boys by the time I went to college (fail; see #2). I loved it and ended up with a second-degree black belt. I'm lethal :)
    5. The past ~2.5 years since I found this blog, joined Twitter, went to Forks, and have gotten to know you guys have been life-altering for me. I feel like I'm becoming a better version of myself. Thank you for being such witty, confident women who make me want to me more confident too :)

  30. STY - love those pictures!! I don't think I have 25 but I'll give it a shot.

    1) I'm a natural blond but have been dying my hair various colors since I was fourteen. Purple and blue were my favorites back in the day.

    2) I have gone to three colleges but never actually graduated.

    3) I have gone skydiving but am terrified to ride a motorcycle.

    4) I don't like cats. Generally.

    5) when I was 17 I told my parents I was spending five days with a girlfriend and her family at their beach house. I went on tour with a band instead. It was a lot of fun.

    6) I am an awesome camper. I can set up a tent, hang a food bag and start a fire pretty quickly.

    7) I'm not a morning person.I don't think I'll ever get used to getting up early.

    8) I love flowers but don't want them in my yard because I'm afraid of bees.

    9) My first concert was the Grateful Dead.

    10) My family rocks. I wish I had known that when I was teenager.

    11) I had a roommate's boyfriend threaten to kill me once. I moved out the next day. I also trashed all his stuff.

    12) I went to a poetry camp when I was in high school.

    13) I can play the flute and the piano. Not well, though.

    14) I have never held a belief in god or a higher power.

    15) I love to make people laugh. Life is too short to be serious.

    16) When I was 19 a friend of mine died of a heroin overdose. I sometimes wonder what he would have been like if he had lived but I have never gone to visit his grave.

    17) I like being short. Except it's a pain when I have to change lightbulbs.

    18) When I was a kid I had to wear a patch over my eye and big coke bottle glasses. My nickname was "goggles".

    20) The only thing I miss about not driving is that I can't sing along to the radio at the top of my lungs.

    21) Writing this blog was one of the best things I have ever done. It has completely changed my life. And in a very, very good way. I've said it before and I'll say it again and again - you ladies are the best community I have ever witnessed. You're all amazing.

    Okay, that's all I've got.

  31. @Fragile Little Human - Are you telling me you wouldn't run your hands through Rob's hair if the opportunity presented itself?!?

    @norcaltwitard - 9.5 - that's rough! I wore that size in grammar school - ha! I wear a 10 now - I'll take it, because finding size 9.5 shoes was a REAL bitch. I imagine you do most of your shoe-shopping online! p.s. your story about crying over my story made me tear up.

    @TwiKiwi - YES this was a total time-suck but I'm glad you did it, too! Your list was GREAT. Loved the pic/story about you shaving your head. The Best.

    @LKW - You? Obsessive??? Nah...

    @My After Car - Thank you!! : )
    and can you teach us mad ninja skills PLEASE??? Sometimes I really REALLY wish I had stuck with my martial arts training...

    @JJ - I'm telling Quato. And I love you, bb!

  32. @STY: loved this post! You look so pretty on your wedding photo and in the "modeling" shot. Thanks for sharing all og this and encouraging others too also. Loved all the comments

    @Fragile Little Huma: your first concert was Styper?! That is awesome! My hubs proposed to me to a Michael Sweet song.

    @Norcaltwitard: I'm just under 5'6 and I wear a 10. And sometimes 10 is too small but 11 is too big. What the frack!

    My list is here:

  33. Im not sure I could list 25 things about me that would be remotely interesting, I never had a pony or anything cool like that. (seriously,STY a tree house too). Damn.

    Here's mine.

    1. I decorated cakes for baskin robbins when I was in high school.

    2. I am an only child and was left home alone alot starting around age 5. When I look at my kids at the age of 5 I thought "WTF was she thinking".

    3. If you couldnt tell my mother and I dont get along--- it may have started when she insisted that I call her by her first name, since I could speak. Funny thing (to me) is that she insists that my kids call her "Grandmother" we speak 6 times a year and she lives three hours away.

    4.I was jealous of all you that went to Forks last year, I was following with the posts. Though I dont "know" any of you - I am attending this year.

    5. My favorite car was my bright blue PT cruiser, I dont have it anymore as I was rear-ended and the hubs wanted something safer

    6. Sixteen years ago I met my husband at my job ( I was sales - he was a driver) we dated for one week (march 28)and then we were engaged by April 5. We married one year later.

    7. The Baskin Robbins was robbed one night. We were held up by gun point. The guy got 40 dollars ( I cleaned out the drawer 20 minutes earlier - as we were closing) he was a drug addict, I was interviewed by the local news.

    8. I have a thing with pink flamingos. I think they are cool birds and I do have several things with them on it.

    9. I won a 1k shopping spree to the Mall of America (and flights) from a radio station. The first contest I won was tix to the Stray Cats. Over the years BSB tickets, Natalie Merchant, Cranberries, Wrestling, Suntan lotion, albums, etc. The last call-in I won was for Trick or Treating at Seaworld.

    10. I am very handy with a power drill. I know how to fix all kinds of things and enjoy watching DIY shows.

    IM gonna stop here, we were out tonight watching fire works and it took an hour just to leave the parking lot and a hour drive home I cant even think anymore.

    v/w Thurs - All the excitment in forks starts on the last thursday of September

  34. Why is it that if you're a shy person people automatcally assume you're a bitchy snob? Not fair! Loved this pot, thank you ladies :)

  35. Ok, here goes...

    1 - I LOVE doing things like this. As a counselor, I NEVER get the chance to talk about myself.

    2 - I am VERY social & have never had a 'shy' problem. I would have so much f'ing fun in Forks, but don't have the cash flow to go.

    3 - I am a total Foodie. I love, love, LOVE to eat. So, I am thankful for number 4...

    4 - I love to run. I have been a runner since college (a long time ago) and recently ran my first marathon.

    5 - I never wanted to have kids, but I love my 5 year old son like I never thought possible.

    6 - I am still have trauma from my first marriage to an abusive man.

    7 - I love to make people laugh & sometimes fear I am not as funny as I think I am.

    8 - I love to travel and wish I had the power of teleportation.

    9- I am becoming much more humble and less judgmental as I get older & since I've had a child.

    10 - I love my family - of origin & of choice.

    11 - I am a beach girl. I have never lived less than 7 miles from the beach. And at 41, am starting to have the sun damage to prove it.

    12 - I too get obsessed with things (horses as a child, Rick Springfield, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Wars, Titanic)- which is what brought me here to you fine group of ladies.

    13 - Though most people know that I flove all things Twilight, most don't know the extent of my obsession.

    That's all for now. I'm having a big July 4th party today and you're all invited. It'll be fun....come.

  36. I love this. Did my own post:


  37. I shall attempt...

    1. I was teased in Elementary school for wearing glasses. Mostly by a Russian kid named Vladamir. I will never forget that a-holes name. Now it's cool to wear glasses.

    2. I wasn't interested in Twilight at all until early last year. Only because I thought it was for kids. Which is funny because I love teen movies. Case in point? I must watch 'She's All That' and '10 Things I Hate About You' whenever they are on. But I have always loved vampires so it still baffles me that I waited so long to pop my Edward cherry.

    3. I once drove down a flooded freeway and was chased by police.

    4. I like to poop in the woods.

    5. I saw '9 to 5' in the theater and 'Electric Horseman'. I'm old. Especially since most of you have no idea what that second movie is.

    6. I tend to cuss a bit too much to my kids.

    7. At just under 40 years of age I still have teenage acne.

    8. The first concert (not at a Fair) I ever went to was Journey. I was pissed at my parents for not allowing me to go with my brother to Day on the Green in the early 80's to see ACDC. I too can't blame them.

    9. I had a mohawk in the 80's.

    10. My Dad wanted to send me to Catholic School. Thankfully he couldn't afford it.

    11. I haven't seen my real brother in years. He is most likely incarcerated. I once took him to court for stealing my personal checks and money and lost the case.

    12. I used to shoplift fashion mags, Tiger Beat and pretty much any mag with Duran Duran in it when I was young.

    13. I was caught at a record store stealing a new Duran Duran cassette and couldn't go back to the store...ever or they would tell my parents.

    14. I think I may have had a problem with stealing? Or perhaps a Duran Duran obsession? Hmmm...sounds familiar...

    15. I have never been out of the United States.

    16. I helped start a campaign to help the smelly girl not smell. It did borderline cruelty rather than helping.

    17. I can eat Reese's Peanut Butter cups until I get diarrhea.

    18. I REALLY want to move to the Pacific Northwest.

    19. I miss my daughter more than words can say. She is my pride and joy. My boys are too but I admit that I sure love my "peanut brittle" as I used to call her.

    20. I didn't get my driver license until I was 20.

    21. When I was very young I tripped at the Grand Canyon and fell under the guard rail (which was not as safe as they are nowadays) and my Dad caught my arm before I fell to my death. Really.

    22. I walked out on a job during lunch and never let them know I quit. I wonder if they figured it out now that it has been 6 years?

    23. I recently forwarded an inappropriate email to a co-worker that resulted in me having to give myself a written warning. Did I mention that I'm the HR person?

    24. I have never had a bikini wax. I'm afraid of the pain and to fart during the process.

    25. I faked illness for 2 days so that I could lock myself in the bedroom to watch Twilight and read the books. And I would do it again. Oh wait, I sort of did yesterday when Showtime aired all three movies back to back. Shhh...don't tell my husband.Did I mention that I would do it again?

  38. These are always pretty fun to read! I will post a link later!


    Thanks Ladies!

  40. WooHoo! You've finally got me off my bloggy-fail arse for a change!

    Check out for my answers.

    I can't promise they'll change the universe as we know it, but frankly, who gives a damn?

    Can't wait to meetcha in Forks, STY!

    CC x

  41. Oh FFs! My link didn't work :-(

    Check out my answers here:


  42. I love this. I really want to participate, but I'm afraid mine would be a big downer at the moment, so I'm just going to enjoy all of yours (love the pics, STY, you hawt thang!). Love you all and can't wait to see you in Forks (again or for the first time) this year - hopefully I'll get to spend some actual time with everyone this year! Yay!! 3 months!

  43. I don't think I can come up with 25, but I'll do what I can.

    1. Living in Vegas, I hate most douchebag tourists. To get revenge on them, I send them to a tranny bar.

    2. My OB asked me out on a date while he was between my legs (in a professional way..get your head out of the gutters)

    3. I've met many celebreties living here, my biggest highlight was making Lance Bass hold garbage.

    4. I had an heterotopic pregnancy with my daughter which is extremely rare. Its like 1 out of 45,000 or something.

    5. I refuse to leave the house on the 4th of July or speak to any guy. Back story, met both of my kids dads on the 4th. So fireworks = pregnancy in my mind now.

    6. I HATE those religous nuts, magazine sellers, security people that come to my door so now I always answer the door topless. Try and talk to me about what you're trying to sell me now.

    7. I work behind the scenes at a bank that's all around the world and see what goes wrong behind the scenes with checking and savings accounts. I almost want to tell everybody its safer to hide your cash under a pillow than having a bank account.

    8. I've always wanted a topless bakery...I love to be topless, but I'm not the greatest baker.

    9. Can't wait to meet all of you lovely ladies in Forks when I pop my Forks cherry!

  44. RE: #21, So how often were you mistaken for Tiffany? That is who I thought that was a picture of at first.

    Your wedding dress was beautiful! Perfect amount of POOF! :)

    Was having a pony as much fun as the rest of us (who never got one) 'thought' it would be?

  45. well, i'm always late to comment but i wanted to so here it goes...i apologize if it gets a little emo at times.

    1. i can't believe twitarted has had such an impact on my life.

    2. i hate camping but still worry that because i don't take my kids on camping trips they will complain about it to therapists one day.

    3. i'm lactose intolerant.

    4. my husband is amazing and i often feel i'm not enough for him.

    5. i saw the pics of the first forks trip on twitarted and saw they were going again and randomly decided to comment that i wanted to go. what came after that i didn't expect. changed my life.

    6. i'm 31 and realizing i'm not going to have any more kids.

    7. the emails i got from @norcaltwitard and @jaymes805 @chloecougar @twiredjen and the list goes on and on have been so lovely, and really there are no words when someone you have never met takes time to talk to ya. i have met so many people on *don't laugh* twitter because of twitarted.

    8. i am scared to death of flying.

    9. i like everyone i meet until they are unkind to someone else that doesn't deserve it.

    10. i have a dog who is an asshole that i love.

    11. i read at least a chapter of fanfic everyday, sometimes a lot more.

    12. i once decided that drinking beer and getting on a treadmill for a workout was a good idea, i fell off and bruised my ass.

    13. i want to get my upper ear, belly, and right nipple pierced.

    14. i love tattoos but will never get one because i change my mind to often.

    15.i am really insecure.

    okay well that wraps up my confessions!

    now off to check out @twikiwi and @chloecougar 's

    thanks hoors for letting me babble.....i'll see you in Forks!!!

  46. Here goes...
    1. Parents bought me a horse at the age of 14 to keep me away from boys. Little did they know they provided me with transportation.
    2. They also bought me a dirt bike, resulting in all the neighbourhood boys hanging out at our house due to the fact that my dad was a mechanic and fixed their bikes. Yes I was a tomboy when I was young.
    3. I owned four cars before I had my licence, due to the fact that dad was a mechanic he was always buying me a car. Didn't drive any of them. Spoiled daddy's girl.... Yup.
    4. Hated driving cause my sister would punch me in the arm when I did something wrong, resulting us fighting. Didn't get my driver's licence until I was 23.
    5. In grade five I joined the school band, attempted to play the trombone. Hated the instrument, refused to practice, faked the first concert. Got kicked out of band because I refused to go. Still musically inept to this day.
    6. I dabbled in Astrology for a while, also was a practising Wiccan for a while.
    7. I was so skinny in grade eight 90lbs, the boys would play catch with me. Hated it! To this day I hate being picked up, hubs didn't carry me over the threshold because of my aversion.
    8. I'm terrified of snakes and bees. Was once stung in my right breast by a bee.
    9. Had an ectopic pregnancy at age 30, put me off wanting to have kids. My dogs are my kids.
    10. First concert was a DeFranco Family concert. Yes I'm old.
    11. Sigh, I also went to a Bay City Roller concert.
    12. I almost hanged myself when I was five, was standing on a stool and wrapped the curtain cord around my neck and stepped off the stool. Thought I was a ballerina cause I could barely touch the floor with my toe. (never said I was smart) Luckily my cousin saw this happening and came to my rescue.
    13. I'm incredibly shy but always push myself to try and overcome it.
    14. Wanted to be an architect, but due to poor math skills and not being able to get my shit together and lack of confidence in my ability for the prerequisite courses never perused it.
    15. I've had more fun and met so many wonderful people through the twilight.
    That's all that I can think of...

  47. Great post STY! I loved learning more about the Twitards.

    @Double_Dippin This is why God put us together. We have SFM in common!

    I won't bore you with 25 things but here's a few:

    From kingergarden through 5th grade I went to a school that was 90% African-American. In 6th grade my parents couldn't understand my slang and sent me to a Catholic school with a bunch of spoiled rich kids. I hated it and went back to public school in 11th grade. I never felt like I fit in anywhere until those last 2 years of high school which were a blast.

    I was a gymnast and now have arthritis in my spine and knees. I can still do really good cartwheels and the splits.

    I was the last girl in the class to get her period (15) and boobs.

    I flunked out of college twice. When I went back to college in my 30's I made the Dean's List every semester.

    My hair is a natural mousy blonde. I used to highlight it until 3 years ago I started dyeing it dark brown.

    I was a total party girl and I still probably drink more than I should. I often smoke when I drink and then I feel like total shit the next day. After 28 years of this behavior you would think I'd learn.

  48. I love this post and can't wait to go back & read everyone's comments!! I don't think I'm interesting enough for 25 of my own, but I'll give it a shot over at TwiBite and post the link tonight.

  49. Great post...mulling over whether to post or not...
    1. I've no idea how to post on this with a webname, I always post as anonymous.
    2. Twitarded is one of my guilty pleasures!
    3. I ran my first half marathon a few days ago and I am having trouble walking downstairs.
    4. Like Sabrina (Twilight junkie) I love food and I also love wine so thank god for no. 3
    5. I'm really shy and like so many of you have said about yourselves people think I'm standoffish as a result.
    6. It takes me ages to trust people, particularly women as friends probably cos I hung around with some real class A back stabbing bitches in high school.
    7. Because of 6 I prefer the company of men, even though they talk a lot of shite some of the time!
    8. I've never had a one night stand.
    9. About ten years ago, my husband and I had very drunken sex one night which resulted in a "missing" condom which had to be removed in the ER. True story and more common than you'd believe I since found out.
    10. Anyone still reading?!!
    11. I'm crazy about my husband and my kids.
    12. When I first read Twilight in Jan 2010 I thought I had some sort of brain fever.
    13. I didn't watch the films for over 6 months as I didn't want to spoil the Edward I had in my head. Can't remember what he looked like now of course!!!
    14 I'm terrified of heights and my palms sweat if there's a 'high' scene in a movie.
    15 My pet hate is people who don't clean up their dog excrement - don't want it on my kids shoes people.
    16. I really wish I could sing.
    17. My Dad died suddenly when my youngest was just two weeks old and it makes me sad that they never got to know each other :(
    18. I really hope there's an afterlife so I can meet my Dad again.
    19. I used to have really strong faith but not so much in the last few years.
    20. When I'm really stuck into a book I'd prefer to keep reading than talk to my husband or wipe my kids noses! I'm selfish that way.
    There - that's way more information than necessary, if nobody comments it'll be another nail in the coffin of my opinion of women (see nos. 6 & &). Lol!

  50. I FLOVED this post and all of the comments! I love learning little quirks about people, being I have so many of my own. I'll start on my list and comeback with a link later! :)

  51. @Twirish but your children will know your father - through you. I miss my Dad too but boy does he come through loud and clear sometimes thru me lol :)

  52. In order to uphold my unofficial title of "most unproductive employee ever", instead of working, I've posted my own "25 Things" list over at TwiBite. Please stop by and tell me that I'm not as weird as I think I am.

    LOL, my veri word is lamer!!

  53. I only have a minute but I had to say... I HAD A PONY TOO, STY! Mine was Daisy Mae, a black and white pinto pony and she was fucking amazing.

    Actually, my mom got my boys a pony - a little paint - named Tucker. And all the memories are flooding me.

    Looks like JJ & STY need to come to Mama Myg's farm this summer for a visit!

  54. Looks like I have some catching up to do!! RL caught up with me, wrestled me to the ground, and beat the snot out of me today.

    @Living with Edward - LOVED your post, too! And I love all the hair-band-love confessions going on here! I might have went on tour with the Grateful Dead, but I was a total metal-head in the early to mid-eighties, too. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest - the works!

    @tigerkitten36 - Robbed at gunpoint! and you are not the only one on this list of comments who noted having a gun pointed at them - yowzwers! So scary!! And ftr, I never win anything. Hardly. But it's ok. Still crossing my fingers for the lottery - lol...

  55. @Nix - HEY - I never said anything about all that pot i didn't [ahem] smoke in high school! lol... And I guess i have to make sure I give the next seemingly-standoffish person i meet the benefit of the doubt! Never thought of it that way but I sure will now. : )

    @Sabrina Twilight Junkie - I love love LOVE to eat and drink and REALLY need to start running - lol! I have been lax in my follow-through on the whole exercise thing. And while I'm lamenting aging on some level, I think I am a better person now than when I was younger, too.

    @Danrgdafne - I KNEW I could count on you to do this in a post! : ) Heading your way soon (and hope others do the same)! and you've been to EVERY state?! I'm impressed! Also glad that you got to go to Hawaii!

    @Twi TwatRot - wait - you like to poop in the woods?! Have you been hanging out with JJ too much?! Also, I saw both of those movies in the theater, and I can still sing the entire theme song from "9 to 5" from memory. My parents denied me the ACDC concert too! Holy crow - lol... But it was probably for the best. I wouldn't have let me go!

    @Amers425 - Loving your post, too!! And your horse looks very snuggle-worthy! I would absolutely own a horse (or horses) again if I had the space and budget for it! Give her a carrot or an apple for me... : )

    @Chloe Cougar - heading to check out your post asap - wow didn't realize how many people had done this - YAY!!

    @Musing Bella - Sorry if you're going through a rough spot but hope you can leave all your worries behind when we head to Forks! It's getting closer - and I am getting psyched even if I will be embarrassed about my inability to remember the faces and names from last year. : )

    @Rikki_DD - I don't even know what to say - your OB asked you on a date during an exam?! You must have some very alluring lady bits - lol! And it's possible you might not be alone in past efforts to multi-task by seeing if exercising and drinking can be combined (um, not very well, and not on a bouncy mini-tramp thing, anyway).

    @TongueTwied - Actually never got the Tiffany comparison - but my hair wasn't red then, sooo... I can see what you mean now! And having a pony was AMAZING fun - but also a lot of work and lots of opportunities to fall, get knocked over, etc - lol...

    @libbybelle - I don't think that doing something you hate with your kids would help them with anything - lol! So see you in Forks - I'm glad you're coming (and always blown away by the fact that this lil' blog had been life-altering to people other than myself!). : )

    @red_bella - After the pony, I got a moped - definitely helped me (and my friends) go forth and find cute boys! Also, I am glad your cousin was around when you were practicing your ballet moves by almost hanging yourself (yikes!). kids...

    @Micki_Martini - I quit smoking a while back - maybe 10 years now - but I still like to throw back the cocktails with my friends on the weekends! With you in natural mousiness, too - but my natural hair color is a little more brown-ish. Field mouse brown? Looks cute on mice; not to much on me.

    @TwiloveSue - YES! Looking forward to it, bb!

    @Anonymous - I definitely had a tough time with female friends as a kid, but love so many of the people I have met via Twi & the blog - you might have to cast a wide net, but there are awesome women out there and they make amazing friends (and men do, too, for that matter). P.S. Get yourself a name! : )

    AllTwiedUp - I am SO looking forward to your list - sure to be a good one!

    @Myg - You mom got the boys a pony?! That is so fantastic! And the pics I have seen of the farm look so wonderful - makes me want to head to the boonies or go roll in a field or something - lol...

    If all these comments don't post I am going to pitch a FIT.

  56. And another thing, STY. Not in any universe were you a homely kid. You were totally adorable, just like you are now. Also, that model shot where your jean jacket is falling off of your naked shoulders *does* something to me. <3<3<3

  57. @Myg - I still have that jacket. Just sayin'.


    My 25 Things...finally!

    Double Dippin- We share #11...fear of phlegm. Plus I gag when a guy spits on the side walk. Blech!

    XOXO J

  59. I'm super late to the party but here are my 25 things...

    1. I have a degree in Culinary Arts
    2. I’m ½ Hawaiian but I burn like a white girl
    3. I’m not married but J and I are about to celebrate our 15th anniversary and it works for us
    4. I talk/yell at the tv when my shows are on
    5. I met J at Disneyland when a huge group of us went, we both got separated from our friends and were forced to hang together all day, we’ve been together ever since :)
    6. It’s my dream to have my own bakery
    7. I am mildly obsessed with Dawson’s Creek and I’m totally Team Pacey
    8. When I was 11 my 5 y/o cousin died in my arms
    9. I almost never eat breakfast
    10. I was hit by a van in 7th grade and was in a wheelchair for 3 months
    11. I HATE feet
    12. I take my sports very seriously and am a DIEHARD Chargers and Lakers fan
    13. I’m not a fan of milk but I love to drink the first glass out of a new carton…and it HAS to be in a glass
    14. My Kindle is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever owned
    15. Child’s Play scares the shit out of me to this very day and I can’t even type “his” name!
    16. I’m a fan of things that are mini…except peens, those should never be mini…j/s
    17. I hate driving and would let people drive me around every day if I could
    18. I almost didn’t graduate high school and had to vacuum the weight room to earn my last credit
    19. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be ice cream
    20. I am deathly afraid an earthquake is gonna hit whenever I am stopped under or on an overpass
    21. My daughter was born 2 months premature weighing only 3 ½ pounds, she had to stay in the NICU for 4 weeks before we finally got to bring her home
    22. I got a horrible haircut once and ever since I’ve been too afraid to do anything but trim the ends
    23. Big Brother is my fave reality show and guilty pleasure…so excited it starts this week!
    24. I curse like a trucker
    25. I am forever grateful to the ladies at Twitarded because thanks to them I have made so many special friendships and I CAN’T wait to see everyone in Forks!

  60. Late as always. I guess that can be no. 1

    1. I am nearly always late to everything. Including my periods. I swear the universe will find a way to make me late to my own funeral.

    2. I had a pony when I was nine. Her name was Coco and she was dark brown and absolutely adorable. She died of some awful stomach parasite not even a year after I got her. I was devastated.

    3. When I was a kid I LIVED for horses and horse riding but when I was ten I discovered I was allergic to them. I was ok in outdoor arenas but would have serious asthma attacks in the indoor ones. I still really miss horses.

    4. I have a very recognisable face. I've had people I've only met once, a year before, say 'i've met you before, haven't I?' I was also recognised once by my sister's friend's mother last year even though she hadn't seen me since I was 10. Weird. Especially since she didn't recognize my sister.

    5. I sometimes feel like I have a split personality. I like the cute and the macabre in pretty much equal measures and I waver between stupidly optimistic and horribly cynical from minute to minute.

    6. It took me five tries to pass my driving test, even though I got full marks on my theory test.

    7. I have a huge crush on Seth McFarlane.

    8. I look like my dad, but have my maternal granny's grey eyes.

    9. Besides horses, I am also allergic to cats, pollen, grass, meat and dairy products that come from goats or sheep, coal tar shampoo and kiwi fruit.

    10. I'm terribly shy, but have been told that I'm quite funny when I come out of my shell.

    11. I am not, nor will I ever be, a morning person. Fuck that shit. I also sleep like the dead.

    12. I cried when I found out there was no Santa. Also when I was told that Zig and Zag (puppets on Irish kids tv when I was little) were just puppets and not really aliens from the planet Zog.

    13. I've wanted a ferret for years and now I finally have one. Her name is Cuilleann and she's a little demon but I adore her. Even if she is a bit stinky.

    14. I don't know if I'll ever have kids but I have enough furry (dogs, rabbits, ferret) and scaly (bearded dragons) children to keep me busy for now.

    15. I originally went to college to be a primary school teacher, changed my mind and did a degree in English and History instead. I recently decided to go to art college and feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that I'm happy with what I'm going to do.

    16. I'm a deist. I believe in something divine or supernatural, but not in organized religion, which just seems to cause more problems than it has ever solved.

    17. My dad's American and my mom's Irish, and my accent is a weird mixture of the two. I get asked if I'm American or if I lived there all the time. Except one time this woman asked me if I was Australian, which is just weird.

    18. People slurping and making other gross mouth noises makes me want to puke.

    19. I'm finally getting rid of the steroid weight that's plagued me since I was a teenager and was too lazy/depressed to shift. 14 pounds and counting...

    20. Possessive, controlling guys really piss me right the fuck off, so no one was more surprised than me when I fell unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen and Twilight. I still can't explain it...

    21. I only have one very close friend.

    There you go, 17 things you never needed to know about Banshee. I flove all of you guys and I really wish I could afford to go to Forks and meet you all, shyness be damned. Dublin to Seattle is one long and expensive motherfucker of a journey. Oh well, I'll be there in spirit :) And I don't mean JJ's whiskey.

    @STY: your wedding photo and your modelling photo are beautiful and you were so not a homely kid.

  61. WTF, 17? that should say 21. told ya I'm not a morning person (it's fucking 6 am here).

  62. ARRgggghh, just typed a long comment and lost it. Its Twirish again commenting as anonymous. Can someone explain in easy steps how to get a webname to come up - I'm a technophobe. STY - you were not a homely kid although your Mum's fingers do look freakily proportioned in that photo!
    Banshee - I'm in your neck of the woods, wish I could go to Forks too :( did I see someone say that this year is the last year you'll all be going?
    Love reading all the lists!

  63. @Twirish: whereabouts, if you don't mind me asking? I'm in Meath.

  64. @Banshee, Don't mind at all, not too far away - I'm in Dublin! It is currently bucketing down here. Are there many Irish twitards posting on here?

  65. @Twirish: Not many at all from what I can see. I think it's usually just me :( It's friggin bucketing down in Navan too I just got soaked running to the car. It's like Forks without the conifers. Or sexy vampires.

  66. @Banshee - my hubby has just arrived home like a drowned rat :) poor man and here I am online..but dinner is ready. Talk to you all later. Twirish

  67. I can't remember how many of these I've done in the past 5+ years. They're fun, and I love learning about people I don't know very well (most of my fellow Twitards)! Here's a few...

    1) I'm cautiously spontaneous. I love to do things on a whim, but I need a few details before I dive in. Does that mean I'm not spontaneous?

    2) My half brother married his hs sweetheart. Lindsay. It's weird. I get her mail sometimes.

    3) I'm marrying MY hs sweetheart. And I couldn't be happier.

    4) My fiancee (The Bentist) is...a dentist. I'm the only one in the house that uses floss.

    5) I took a chance and drove up to FORKS!! last year to meet up with a big ass group of women with the same irrational obsession as me. It was the best weekend of my life, and I am totally doing it again this year. Even if it's 2 weeks after our wedding :)

    6) We are the only couple of our group of friends who want children. This annoys the shit out of me, but I respect their decisions.

  68. I LOOOOVE reading all of these. So awesome to learn new things about such amazing people. I'll post my 25 things on Borderline Phenomenal soon.. hopefully.

    1. I procrastinate.

    There's a preview. ;)

  69. @Dangradafne, thanks for that btw.

  70. @LuvsMeSumEdward - Where was Edward when you got hit by a van?! We're gonna have to talk to him... And #8 - so sad!!! Wow.

    @Banshee713 - It's funny - and cool - to see so many "horse people" here! I was OBSESSED too - I wanted to be a horse! Or a jockey! Or a cowboy - lol!

    @Twirish - I've seen homlier, but I was no great shakes - lol! plus i hated to take a bath when I was little - probably didn't help. I only went to a handful of modeling agencies in the city because I had been told "you should be a model" here and there and I didn't want to regret not trying. I wasn't willing to go spend thousands on professional photos or any of that other stuff. But at least I tried! Also, I am hugely un-photogenic (the good pics i posted here are definitely some of a small handful that i've ever really liked - lol).

    @Lindsay Ray - I'm so glad you took that chance and went to Forks! See you soon-ish! : ) And The Bentist doesn't floss?! I am Addicted to flossing! But then he probably has good, non-gappy teeth, unlike me!

    @Jaymes805 - We'll be waiting!

  71. Since I'm going to Forks I'm going to play.
    1 – My first (birth) family finds me funny. However, everywhere else I just seem to be awkward. I’m in awe of you witty people.
    2 – I have very generic looks and look like everyone’s cousin, b/f’s sister, elementary school BFF, etc. Evidently, I am such a mutt with such a weird accent that I’ve been asked if I was black, Arab, Native American, French, white, southern (as in USA southern), a New Yorker, Mexican, etc. Seriously, the only one I’ve never been mistaken for is Indian (meaning India).
    3 – I love movies, literature, and music. I’m very curious, love to learn, and will try almost anything once.
    4 – I am a goody goody. I don’t break the law (except for occasional speeding) but for some reason only expect this from myself. I’m no snitch.
    5 – I very open-minded and am almost impossible to offend. Even those people/things I don’t like I try to find the good in. I’ve been called Pollyanna for this reason. Overall, I’m an extremely tolerant person but seriously, pick up after yourself.
    6 – I have had, and continue to have wonderful, close friends of both sexes. Probably because I don’t carry grudges and #5.
    7 – I’ve never won anything. Even, for those of you old enough to remember, a cake walk at a school fair. I’m just not a very lucky person. Hence, the lottery is out for me I’m afraid. However, my life is good so maybe that makes me incredibly lucky?
    8 – I’ve lived in/traveled to several different cities/countries but I’m not a worldy person.
    9 – I’m a spin doctor, or to put that in a more positive way, try to be very diplomatic. I don’t lie but always try to tell the most positive side of a story. However, I do tend to be a bit blunt and find I unintentionally offend people.
    10 – I love other countries and nationalities but for some reason cannot pick up another language. I’ve tried and that skill is just not in my wheelhouse.
    11 – I love people, kids, and animals and don’t understand cruelty or abuse to any of them.
    12 – I think adoption is wonderful and have friends/relatives who were adopted. I’ve informally adopted those without families (military, neighborhood kids, seniors, etc).
    13 – I’m not shy but am pretty quiet….most of the time.
    14 – I was laid off from my job a year ago and have been unable to find a job since which is very weird for me because I’ve never had a problem finding/retaining a job. However, during my “I got laid off” depression, I read Twilight, discovered Twitarded, and you ladies. You helped restore my sanity. Thank you.
    15 - I think I might have done this list incorrectly because I didn’t necessarily ‘reveal’ anything about myself. However, I’m obsessive about my privacy and it’s very difficult for me to share anything personal. This list, for instance, is very difficult for me. However, I figure since everyone else has been so brave I must make the effort. Thanks for this post STY and all of you who have posted your lists. I have read them all (even those linked to other sites).

  72. @jussumchic - I think what was a great list! That sucks about the extended unemployment, but I'm glad it inadvertently brought you to Twilight & Twitarded - see you in Forks! : )


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