Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Well I Love That Dirty Water...

Boston isn't exactly my home, but it's one of those cities I really love to visit even if those visits are few and far between. Most of my trips consist of a drive down for the day to take in one of my all-time favorite pasttimes -- a Red Sox game. So imagine my giddiness when Double Dippin told me the Roadside Graves were going to be playing in Cambridge, just over the river. For those of you scratching your heads, wondering who the fuck the Roadside Graves are, they're the band that Jenny Jerkface's ML plays in. And I had never seen them play live.

So I emailed JJ and we decided that we HAD to meet in Bawston (as JJ likes to call it), do a little sightseeing, eating, drinking, etc. And of course, take in the Graves show. DD and I met JJ's bus at South Station and headed to our hotel - the Royal Sonesta - located where else but "down by the banks of the River Charles." A room with a view of the river to boot!

The view from our room. Suh-weeeet!

Night one - we decided to venture out into Cambridge to find a local eatery other than the chain restaurants like Cheesecake Factory and PF Chang's at the mall across the street. As we're making our way to an area supposedly with some bar/pub-type places, we witnessed an almost mugging of an old woman by some douche nugget on a ten speed. Well that old lady nearly beat the would-be mugger senseless with her bag before a guy ran across the street to help her out by pushing the idiot off his Huffy. Crisis averted. We ended up eating at the Cheesecake Factory... I know, we're big fraidy cats! In our defense there were a lot of... specific dress codes listed on the doors -- no hoodies, baseball hats, sunglasses, etc. -- which made us think people have probably gotten their asses whooped for walking in with a Yankees hat on... or being from New Jersey. And with JJ's mouth... you get the idea.

Our after-dinner drinks were had at the hotel's completely awesome outdoor bar right on the river with an amazing view of Boston. The only problem, their last call was at 11pm...huh? They were nice enough to give us travel cups for our drinks so we could bring them to our room, where that troublemaker JJ kept me up waaaaaaay past my bedtime!

JJ and Double Dippin closing down the hotel bar! Lushes.

The next morning was rather interesting. Not only did the temperature in our room rise like 20 degrees from the sun beating on the windows of our room, but dealing with Jenny Jerkface in the morning is about the equivalent of poking a grizzly who has just emerged from a long winter's nap...if that bear could say "where's my fucking cawfee?" She's a grouchy little midget in the morning.

We hit Faneuil Hall for some shopping and lunch. And then made our way over to the New England Aquarium which always seemed so huge to me as a kid. Not so much huge anymore, but still oodles of fun.

Me and JJ.... That lobster behind us looks pissed. I'm scared.

We decided to give ourselves the full Boston experience and take the T back to the hotel. From the Aquarium, this consisted of two lines and a shuttle. I like to think of myself as fairly schooled in riding the T but holy fucking Candid Camera moment -- the three of us trying to share one Charlie Card to get us through the turnstile -- you would've thought none of us had ever seen one. And when you swipe the Charlie Card incorrectly, it emits this awful, very loud braying sound and basically alerts everyone behind you that you are a dumb asshole who can't get through a fucking turnstile. When it came to Double Dippin's turn - she wanted to just jump the fucking thing and forget all about swiping the card! We were dying!

The Roadside Graves played at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge -- downstairs from Cambridge Common restaurant. It's quite the cozy little venue and the bartender, oh GAWD I wish I had thought to snap a picture of him because he was fucking hawt! Picture a very muscular Christian Bale + Sons of Anarchy... I kept drinking just as an excuse to get close to him. The music was loud and he had to lean real close to hear my drink order. Yum-fucking-my!

Look at those three angels.

I don't remember the names of the other two bands that played that night mostly because I was there for one reason only - the Roadside Graves. Let me tell you a secret, these guys fucking rock the muthafucking house. Their energy and enthusiasm makes it impossible to not tap your foot and bob your head. If they EVER come to your town, do yourself a favor and see them. You won't be sorry!

If this trip taught us one thing - it's that getting to Boston is a cinch and we need to make more plans to meet up here on a regular basis. To raise hell of course. "That's where you'll find me... along with fuggers, lovers and thieves." And hopefully meeting up with more of Twitarded nation in the process!

PS - We hope everyone had a safe and festive 4th of July (if you're in the US, that is!!)


  1. Yay! I had a blast in Boston. Especially when you murdered that gigantic spider in the hotel room.

    I'm also burning that dress I was wearing in the lobster pot. I look... not svelte, dammit.

  2. Cullenary Curser (way too fucking lazy to sign in to her blogger accnt)July 5, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    The question is - Did the Jerkface snore?


    *runs and hides*

  3. I think we need a Twitarded reunion in Maine, TBH. Okay, just me then. Get the guest bed ready, LKW! After the insane holiday weekend I need a getaway real bad...

  4. That sounds epically amazing. I love Boston so much I live here...and the part of Cambridge you were in is actually super nice but the mall is the only thing there. The old lady is probably a rocket scientist and the that douche bag deserved his ass-kicking. Do you know that 100 monkeys is coming next week? It could totally be another adventure down!

  5. I'm still SO JEALOUS that I wasn't there!! Nest time. Maine. I'm in!

  6. Aww such cute pictures of yall! I neeeed to hang out with you guys (youse guise? Is that Bahston?) in Forks again. Looks like such a fun weekend!

  7. Baw-shten, not too far from where I am! Twitarded Nation! Let me know when the east coast round up is!

    ;) Miss chattin' with you bitches!

  8. I had an amazing time, and Yes LKW The Roadside Graves were the bomb diggity..JJ you forgot to say LKW killed said monster spider with the Holy Bible..LMAO...I hate spiders..The room was awesome minus the 80 degrees, but the view WAS worth the heat. I did NOT hear JJ snoring..course I wouldn't have heard much of anything. And I agree the Aquariums most exciting thing was the penguins and the sea turtle..too many kids, and rather small. Overall JJ and LKW were hilarious.So glad I got to go..It was a great trip, one I am looking forward to making again..

  9. OMG LKW, this post was awesomesauce. I was PMSL at your description of JJ in the AM, as well as the lobster pic, holy shit lol!

    It appears you guys had a phenomenal time, which comes as no surprise. So jealous!

    JJ- You're hair looks adorable!

    xoxo ladies!


  10. I would love to go to Boston and see the historical sites cause I'm a geek like that. The view from your room is great and all three of you look fantastic.

    I'll check out Roadside Graves music...do they dare venture to the Detroit area? We hardly ever have bicycle muggings here - you'd be perfectly safe walking the streets. Not that you look like streetwalkers. You just have to be careful of the random drive-by shooters.

  11. Awwwwwww! You guys look so sweet in your pictures. Little do they know. LOL! J/K Looks like it was a good time.

  12. YAY Boston! I Love that dirty water too : ) I interned at the Aquarium, so I love that place! (Although I do agree with D_D, it's small and there are usually way too many people there) Great pics Ladies!!

  13. Lovely pics, sounds like a great w/e! Twirish

  14. AWESOME! So glad you could meet up an have a great time!

    This would have been a great Mini E opportunity. Just sayin.

  15. I'd love to do a meetup in Boston. I'm only a couple of hours away.

    Succubus - I've got my tickets to the Monkeys show. I cannot wait. I'm trying to figure out if its better to drive in or take the train. I don't know my way around the city.

    I tried to convince LKW to go to the show. Maybe she needs some peer pressure.

  16. @Cullenary Curser - I don't even need to watch that video to know what it is. You're a punk.

    @My After Car - I think "guise" is Brooklyn/Bronx/somewhere in New York City? At least, that's what a lot of my coworkers say. That and "let me axe you a question", which makes me a little stabby.

    @Ilikeitlemony - I do believe the Graves have traveled to Michigan but not sure where. Not sure if they'll be going back any time soon. Here's a link to their music though! Or videos. One of those. http://roadsidegraves.tumblr.com/music

    To anyone who is able to get to Boston - I'd love to meet up. I highly recommend the Bolt Bus for all your travel needs because it cost me $17 to take one from New York to Boston. And it was pretty decent.

  17. I LOVE Boston! One of my favorite places to visit.

    I love the lobster pot picture. We were just there last July 4th and we have a picture of our niece in that same pot.

    Your hotel looked great too - awesome view!

    Glad you had fun, didn't get mugged, enjoyed the show and made it home safely :)

  18. I've been to Boston many times and love it. I brought my kiddos to the aquarium a coupe of times and it's so freaking humid in there I nearly pass out. The only problem is were the family with those bratty kids banging on the huge fishtank, shouting at the humungus turtle. I've never made it to a Sox game but want to soooo bad! The greem monster seats would be awesome. Glad you guys enjoy my neck of the woods. Just avoid Roxbury and you should be just fine. lol!

  19. @Kerri - Fenway Park should definitely be tops on your bucket list - especially if you're a Sox fan! And the Monster seats are ok but unless you're in the very front row, I don't think you can see too much. I sat in the front row of the Monster and I had to stand up and look over the edge every time the ball was hit to the outfield. Very cool view though of the rest of the field. Oh and I think I may have gotten an awesome picture of Jacoby Ellsbury's ass...


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