Friday, July 8, 2011

Why You're Coming to Forks With Us. And Unacceptable Excuses for Staying Home.

 Come to Forks and you, too, can ride JJ like a rodeo horse.

I'm going to get right to the point tonight: there are some real, very legitimate and acceptable reasons for not joining us in Forks when we make our return (and probably last) trip this September. Among them:

If I go to Forks, I'll have to eat ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next 18 months.

My parents won't let me go. If you need permission, you should stay home.

My dog/cat/small child would not fare well if left alone for several days, even if I left a big pile of kibble and bacon for everyone to share.

It will be used as grounds for divorce. [This one is iffy; if you would get divorced over this, you may have bigger problems than getting to Forks and should probably come hang out with us regardless.]

Nobody wants to buy one of my tatty kidneys and I'm too old to sell eggs.

Why in the world would anyone want to go to Forks??? You people are fucking nuts. [We know.]

You'll be high-fiving people if you make it!

But lately, I've seen some people referring to the reasons they can't/won't/could NEVER go to Forks that are decidedly NOT acceptable. At all. Amongst them:

I'm too shy.

I'm uncomfortable around people I don't know.

I'm unhappy/scared/can't.

I've never done anything like that before.

I wouldn't know anyone.

I would rather push RPatts off a cliff in La Push than find myself in a large group of strangers.

You get the general gist, yes???

I know it's a bit cliche, but I'm going to say this for the record and I mean it: If I can do it, you can do it, too. Period.

It is making me absolutely crazy that people are saying they are too shy/too afraid of people and therefore could never, not ever, go to Forks. Heavens no! Want to know what I think of that? You are depriving yourself of a ridiculously amazing and potentially life-changing few days with the most wonderful, caring, and friendly group of women I have ever had the good fortune to spend time with in my life.

I know what you hold-outs are thinking: women can be catty bitches. They can be clique-y and ostracize people, they can rake other women over the coals like it's their job and they're getting paid overtime. And all that's true. But as someone who's over but hasn't quite forgotten the way I was treated by other chicks when I was younger, I GET being afraid to go. Really. I do. I was worried myself! Before we went to Forks last year, I fretted over the possibility of people being mean, about people getting left out or picked on, of drunken girly brawls breaking out, and a whole lot of "Mean Girls" reenactments (sorry people, I get nervous - hope for the best, prepare for the worst!). And you know what? My fears - all the things that kept me up at night as the trip approached (and there were many) - were completely unfounded. Not one of those things happened. And I didn't turn into a pumpkin.

 We LOVE this place!

We turned Forks into a euphoric, kinda drinky, estrogen-filled utopia. And it was good. Everyone smiled at everyone walking down the street. The air practically crackled with good vibes. The people in Forks made us feel so welcomed, too! It didn't matter if you were young or old, tall, short, skinny, fat, what color you were, what you were wearing, or if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob. OK, that last one's a lie: we slathered the Team Jacob chicks in honey and left them naked and tied to trees in the Hoh - but they totally deserved it, am I right???

My point is, it's time for a little tough love: fuck your insecurities and all the little voices saying "I can't!" and get your ass to Forks! You can do this! Listen, I can't guarantee that everyone who goes to Forks will have a fantastic time. I just can't. But statistically speaking, the odds of you having the time of your life are very promising. Even if you wig out and spend all your time visiting the beaches and rain forests alone, you're still in for a breathtaking, heart-stoppingly wondrous trip. I overheard one (one!) person of the 100+ who made the trip last year say she was bored. Honestly, if you were bored, it's on you. I didn't have enough time to do everything and see everyone while I was there. I was never bored.That being said, if you are expecting a well-organized conference-like experience with a set schedule, you will be disappointed. We just don't roll that way, and you've probably figured that out by now or you've stumbled here by accident.

I also heard one or two people say that they didn't talk to many people. And that, I think, is my bad. The first night we were there, we had agreed to all meet informally in the local bar. I expected a few people to be there. There was a CROWD. A big-ass, gleeful, beautiful crowd. And they wanted to meet me. And I sucked it up, popped some Xanax, and went up to every person in the room (I hope) and introduced myself. I knew so many of the names I saw on the name tags that it was like putting faces to old friends, and the conversations came so easily. I am not extroverted AT ALL (I'll run from acquaintances I see in the grocery store rather than have to make small talk, ok?) and I usually try to figure out how to tactfully avoid having to be all huggy and kissy, but I practically threw myself in into the arms of everyone there that night. OK, I DID throw myself into the arms (and laps and boobs) of pretty much everyone - and it was awesome.

The next night, I'll admit it: I rested on my laurels. I shouldn't have. If I have one regret about Forks (aside from not making it to the little thrift shop around the corner from the motel), it's that I didn't talk to every single person who showed up to be a part of our Twitarded extravaganza. Can I be honest? I assumed that people would think it was weird - and be unwelcoming - if I just waltzed up to them and introduced myself. This year? I don't fucking care if you want to talk to me or not - you're going to see me in your face at some point, like it or not! Note to self: get more Xanax. Seriously? I'm no druggy but I cannot overemphasize the helpfulness of a good dose of anti-anxiety meds.

Look, I know it's hard to throw yourself out there, but what we saw last year was absolutely amazing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to reinvent yourself! So many of the women who met up there have made life-long friendships with people and are still meeting up and vacationing together today. And I know that this trip isn't going to be some all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean with some cabana boy handing you drinks with fancy umbrellas in them at the snap of your fingers. It's Forks, and we'll be at the Elks Lodge. It's going to be a little hectic and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, but it'll be so worth and so much fun. 

And if you're real shy, let us know. PLEASE let us know. We'll help. Unless you have a tarp and axe. In which case we'll make sure to save room in Latchkey Wife's portable freezer. But barring that? Just get yourself there - you can handle it, and we'll make damn sure it's worth the effort.


  1. How about:

    "I live on the other side of the world and when I made repeated pleas for the Ladies of Twitarded to set the FORKS2011 date during my month-long trip to America IN AUGUST I received no response?"

    Tee hee hee. I'm over it. Really. Well, kinda. I'll be in Forks a month before you bitches, so I'll pre-warn the locals you're coming back. They may wish to head to their concrete bunkers.

  2. GREAT post STY! I get the money issue, but not going just because your shy is just silly! Like you said, I have never met a more welcoming group of ladies and I can't wait to get to Forks and squeeze every single one of you!

    Oh and tying the Team Jacob girls to the trees covered in honey is pure WIN! Do we get to do that again this year?? ;)

  3. Had credit with Southwest so flight is booked, room is booked, even got a $100 voucher for a car rental thanks to winning some work contest. It's like the world is telling me to go to Forks, and I'm listening!

    This will be my 1st time going and seriously, what better way to go to Forks for the 1st time with the Twitard gang?!

    I look forward to my lap dance STY and I will have the $$ waiting to shove down your shirt.

  4. I am totally someone who is uncomfortable around people I dont know, have never done something like this before, will not know anyone, blah, blah, blah...but I am going! I got my plane tickets months ago, got a roomate from the forum (hi Erin!), am getting to know people from Twitter and Real Life (100 Monkey concert with Corrine next week!)I am so excited, counting down until I leave. I don't have any real expectations from the trip, just to relax and have fun (and do twi-tour), I am going in with an open mind and I know it will be a blast:) I cannot wait!

  5. I went last year because I couldnt not go! I didnt know anyone & dragged a coworker and her daughter with me (it was just like going alone). I spent most of that time talking to a few people & following JJ around like a crazy stalker fangirl. I remember seeing STY & LKW in the Dazzled by Twilight store & I totally stared at STY like I just saw Elvis & said "hi" in the most shy voice ever. All that being said I had an amazing time, discovered the wonderful world of twitter, drank more rum than anyone north of Jamaica has the right to & even though several of the legitimate excuses for not going totally apply to me, I am going again this year. And I know that Forks 2011 will be even more epic than last year. This time I'm going to be with a group of amazing women I consider my friends...even though I've only met some of them in person.

  6. I have so much to say on this topic but I'm so tired. So I will comment tomorrow. This post is awesome. If you're thinking of going, JUST GO! :)

  7. I really wish I could go... I'm poor and being taken to the cleaners every month by a corporation with a ladies name that let me borrow funds to go to school. But hey how about if one of the shy people that has tons of money pays my way and I go on their behalf.. now that sounds like an awesome plan. Or maybe I should just sell my eggs.

    wv: bumma- it's a bumma I can't get to Forks

  8. Going on the Twitarded trip to FOOOORRRRRKKKSSS last year was one of the BEST decisions I ever made!! I wish wish wish I could go again with you guys.

    I'm somewhat awkwardly shy in large groups, but took a leap of faith and roomed with 3 gals I'd never met in person (17foreverlisa, Mrs P and CullenaryCurser - YOU ROCK!) and luckily they didn't turn out to be serial killers. In fact, I don't think there were any serial killers on the trip at all, just the most wonderful group of women (and a few guys) that you'll ever meet.

    This was a life-altering experience & I love all of you! If you can go, I promise you won't regret it.

  9. Oh, it all sounds so great, and you ladies sound great and not at all scary. Well except for JJ... And Latchkey Wife... And Texas Katherine on a bad day (read most days)... Um... STY doesn't sound scary AT ALL! :)

    Anyhoo, to far, too expensive, but I will spend those days in September sending you all sunny psychic thoughts from South Africa! Howzat?!

    Can't wait for the blogs and pics from FOOOOOOOOORRRHS 2011!

    wv: tranthos. TRANTHOS. srsly?

  10. I mean .... FOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRKKKS 2011! Sorry *runs and hides*

  11. Last year I read about the Forks trip and talked myself out of going because 'I didn't know anyone'. I still regret that which is why I was SO glad to see I got a second chance. I won't miss this year and I'm bringing others. I don't want regrets for things I didn't do. Those kind of regrets suck rocks.

  12. Anyone else doing Sun/Mon nights in Seattle after the big weekend? I regret that we didn't make time to see the sights there last year, so we're gonna hang out a bit this time. Looking for suggestions for hotel & bars!

  13. I have to agree with everything STY said... I love to meet new people but once I find myself in that situation with loads of them, I freeze up. And if there's a group of folks, looking like they're having a good time, I have a real hard time interrupting to introduce myself. So I guess I am sorta shy in that way. If you see me in Forks, please come say hello! Don't be afraid -- contrary to what people say, I don't come with tarps or freezers - just lots and lots of hugs. I'm a hugger. I love hugs... And I promise I will gleefully tackle hug you...


  14. Ya'll know that I would totes come right?? I mean I can't imagine anything more desirable than this (besides humping Rob, but thats another topic).
    BBBUUUTTT as some of you might know, I live in Germany which is on the other side of the globe and would have to go through a shitton of stuff just to get a damn Visa to come to the states... This is my excuse.
    I promise that one year I will come. And bring all my pervs ;)

  15. I went last year & it was awesome!! Myself, Patches, & Jake Blacks Hoor are all coming again this year. I didn't get to meet as many people as I wanted to last year but this time I am REALLY going to try harder to just walk up to people.

    @LKW - Watch out! Now that you said you are a hugger I am totally going to give you a squeeze. I am a a total hugger myself. :-)

  16. I'm shy. I'm going, but I'm shy. I periodically have a minor freak out about why I shouldn't meet up with all of you crazy people.. then I realize that I used to do this all the time when I was younger! I met my husband on an AOL chat room. Like, way before that was semi-normal. I can do this. I am, however, a little worried that my partner in crime (aka MOM) is going to think (er, realize is probably more accurate) that I'm slightly nutso.

    Today must be an "I'm excited!" day because I keep "Squeeeee"-ing in my head. Can't. Wait.

  17. All valid points.

    I totes want to come. I was so jealous last year.
    I just need to figure out if "Have-I-already-used-all-of-my-vacation-time-for-the-year?"
    Hmm...wonder if I can use sick days? Cuz going to Forks makes me sick in the head right? (LOL I was sick in the head to begin with)

    What's the date of the trip again? I tried to look it up (last week ironically) and couldn't find it.
    It's in September right?
    Since Sept. 9th is my first 29th birthday I should totally celebrate with this fun, crazy, awesome group of women.

  18. I add that I think you all underestimate yourselves. You think you are shy but really you are just choosing to sit back and watch. If you do that you can't get hurt. But if you do that, you miss out on the fun and amazing experience of life.

    I went without question last year and I am going again this year. I can't wait to meet everyone I didn't meet last year AND re-meet people that I am closer to now than I was last year. I am sincerely going to miss those who are not going again - *looks over at Mrs. P, 17ForeverLisa and TwiLoveSue (to name a few)* but no matter what I will have a great time!

    Please step out of your comfort zones, please take on life, please reach out, I promise we will all support you and you will have an amazing time. Please don't add not going to Forks to your regrets.

  19. I'm not afraid by any means. I'm just really detail oriented and it bothers me that I don't know where any of you are going to be staying. And when. And how to get there and etc. That's just me. I can't be so loose about my travel plans ;)

  20. so you can think I'm a total dork or whatever, but I keep looking at the site, the other blog, the forum... and I STILL do not see the when, where, why, & how's of the trip all in one place. I'd love it if you could do a post that would reiterate all that... I'm not flying out to Forks and have no idea when everyone's gonna be there and where...

  21. Sorry this is just a fly-by comment but I love all the comments here! We'll try to get up ome of the specifics in one spot this weekend. We've mentioned them here and there (what we have planned already, which isn't all that much - surprise!) but it was more of a "blink & you missed it" thing than an actual place to find all the info...

  22. Hands down...Last year's epic journey to Forks was one of the best experiences OF MY LIFE. HELL YEA I'm goin' again this year.

    My one and only goal is to stay out of the Pacific.

  23. Oh, and I've done some research online and have some good links to share for travel info...

  24. I ditto FreakyBella and so will thank Sty and co if they post the infos again.

    I am dying to go, but hanging back less out of shyness than thinking what if I get there an no one but me actually wants to talk about Twilight flicks and etc.??

    I have lots of friends but not one is into Twilight, so this is the appeal of Forks trip to me: An end to my Twi addiction loneliness.
    Tell me this can happen.....

  25. I'm not the best at meeting new people either, but I have a three-step plan for anyone who thinks they are too shy:
    1. Join Twitter and start making friends. I did a month before Forks last year and by the time the trip arrived, I at least knew who most of you were. (Now I talk to you guys almost every day and I'm so excited to see you again that I could cry.)
    2. Book plane tickets/hotel room.
    3. Two words: liquid courage.

    I am absolutely dying to go this year. The whole leaving-my-eight-week-old-firstborn thing freaks me out a bit. But then I tell myself that this will be a good opportunity for Mr. XKR to bond with her (aka, learn to appreciate what I'll be going through every day). Annnnd then you crazy h00rs keep saying that this is the last time we're going to Forks (WHY? Someone please answer this) so I figure I really need to go. At least no one will cry and throw up on me there... er, wait.

    If you're thinking about going - GO. Life is short and you only get one shot at this. You can choose to live quietly and safely, or you can take chances and experience the world. :) /endlecture

  26. By far, last year's FOOORKS trip was one of the most epic adventures I've ever been on. Not only was the company fucking fantastic, but the hiking and scenic outdoor activities were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I can't wait to go back to the Hoh and hike the two waterfalls again. Absolutely beautiful!

    I'm bringing the hubs this year! He'll fit in like a fellow h00r better than you'd imagine. He might even wear his Twilight shirts. lol! I can't wait for this year!!!! :)

    LOVE YOU ALL and my advice, GO!

    I literally showed up and went around the room introducing myself to break the ice. It did. :) Then I had a few delicious local beers. (Okay more than a few).

    fuckin squeeee!!

  27. I read the blog daily, used to comment but stay in the shadows mostly now - I really want to go to Forks with the Twidom, and I've been using all the excuses that STY laid out. Mostly the "I don't know anyone and am freaked out that I'll be left in the corner talking to the straws".

    Think I'll have to man the f up and just do it this year, especially considering I live in Seattle. Don't really have the excuse of not being able to make it from Germany right.

  28. I can't say enough about my time in FOORRKKSS!!! But I can say...THAT'S MY JEEP!!! and...would you mind blurring out my license plate? kthx. I'm still waiting to see TK added to the banner so I can start making her likeness for the Jeep's 2nd trip to The Promised Land!!

    For all of you ladies, shy or no, you should just go. Get in a plane, train, or automobile and find your way onto 101. It is so worth it. I am 100% unshy, and even I had moments of "jesus holy herpes, there are a shit ton of CHICKS here. I hate chicks." But you know, there were only a couple of ladies who rubbed me the wrong way, and in all honesty, out of 100, that ain't bad!

    Even if you don't do crowds, we aren't a crowd. We're a family. And we love each other. So come on and get tackle hugged!

    But don't chase your mini E or J into the ocean. Ask Toey.

  29. I agree with all that STY said - YOU HAVE TO GO TO FORKS. The event last year was amazing; everyone was so friendly and NOONE was bitchy or catty or any of the usual crap you often get with a group of women. Because we were all there for the same reason and the same goal: to see JJ, STY and LKW for reelz!
    Or else to get drunk.

    The talking situation was the only teeny tiny complaint I had - cause we were always meeting up in the bar,it was NOISY & hard to carry out much of a conversation with people. We need "quiet" rooms.

    Well, that and the lack of some coordinated GAMES action (I'm looking at you, ladies! We talked about this!)I want to try my hand at at New Moon:the Board Game and stump you all with my insanely obscure trivia questions about Carlisle's father's religious beliefs, or the batting averages from Edward's favorite baseball team. I'm ready - just give me the SIGN. :)

    If you have any doubt you will have a fabulous time, just look at how many people are coming back again this year. We know.


    I will be the one in the Rainier beer hat and I love to hug too. You might have to fight of @Mama_Cougar though because she has an unhealthy obsession with my bewbs.

    @Amy D- If you are in Seattle, you have absolutely not excuse. Please is a guaranteed good time.


  31. Well, as I stated before.. I will be there. ticket booked, room and car rental reserved.

    I havent been to the other site for awhile but as we get closer I will check more often.

    Not that I need agendas and plans for this, however, I would like to know what I can expect to put out for events:
    Dazzled by Twi tour- is there a group rate set for us or a preferred customer (JJ, STY, TK and LKW would be considered preferred -- correct?)

    I saw from photos last year some were wearing a FFFooooooorrrrrrkkkkkkkkssss Tshirt. Is that available for this year?

    The hubs keeps asking how much money Im gonna need for the trip. Im trying to sock away funds now so that he doesnt know exactly how much I spend. Bwahahahahaha

    Im cant wait to meet you guys!!! In RL nobody here understands. My girlfriends here are like "You're going to Forks?!!!! Why in the hell would you do that??? They just dont know.

  32. As you may know (from my comment above) I am going to FORKS in August. I am planning to leave some cute little NZ souviners (how the fuck do you spell that?) for my tweeps to discover when you get there a month or so later.

    So, all you have to do to get a prize is to head to my blog, BECOME A FOLLOWER, and leave a comment on this post:

    No follow, no prize! Thanks :-)

  33. I'm painfully shy around people I don't know, but I'd go in a heartbeat if I thought for one second I could afford it. I'd totally suck it up for a chance to meet some of you awesome chicks and get a hug from LKW *virtual hug*. Have fun, ladies!

    And shy people: suck it up and put yourselves out there. I know it's hard (believe me) but I don't believe for a minute that this group could be anything but welcoming and just generally awesome.

  34. I'm a detail-oriented, OCD-laden planner but there is something to be said for some spontaneity. To that end, based on last years events I've planned my trip to allow for events everyday and landing whereever everyone else does at night. I'm assuming Twitter will be the messenger of plan changes while in Forks.

    That said, I've already scheduled for the 8a Twilight Tour on Saturday 10/1. Past that, I'm hoping to see the beaches, hike to the waterfalls at the Hoh, and do some shopping in the area.

    @AllTwiedUp - Please tell me more about these waterfall hikes. I'm dying to do this and would love some firsthand information.

    @TheRugbyMom - I'll be staying in Forks Sunday night but will be heading to Seattle on Monday morning and plan to spend the day/night there and have already reserved a hotel room. I've been to Seattle before and there are two things I'll be doing (having done them before they are worth doing again) - (1) Night view of the Space Needle, (2) Dinner at Ray's Boathouse.

    wv: derall - Derall gonna be in Forks so why would I miss it?

  35. Me and mt sister went last year and it was one of my top favorite weekends EVER!!! We are doing everything we can to go again this year. We didn't know anybody but fit in from the the time we stepped off the plane. We heard people talking next to us at the rental car desk and it was on!! We were all there for the best time and we got it. Do what you have to do and get there to join in on the great fuckery of a weekend!!! You won't regret it!!

  36. @STY - I was wondering about thrift shops in Forks. If you want an entourage, I'll totally join.

  37. What are the dates again? I really really really want to go and my sister lives in Seattle. But I'm not sure I can raise the funds by September :(

  38. All I have to say is GO!!! just go..I went out there by myself..and loved every single minute ..made some life long friends and right at this very moment am spooning with the sexy ass @micki_martini in Chicago and met up with several of my other forks friends this weekend too...MamaC Mandy,Kristen, Jayla, Nicole, Fran, Maria, Cassie,Lisa..too awesome....these people are so awesome..and I can't wait to see them again soon in FOOORKS..We will be lifelong friends..this, I Know...Dew it!! You won't regret it.

  39. so i'm always late to comment but i really wanted to because i'm filled with all the reasons one wouldn't want to go to Forks and i bought my ticket a couple days ago anyway!

    this is the craziest and best thing i've ever done. i am shy, i don't think anyone will talk to me, i have major social anxiety disorder * thats got to be a medical term right?* oh yeah, and i'm terrified of flying....

    but...i'm doing it anyway! my hubs is driving me 2 1/2 hours away from our home so i don't have to change flights.

    all you peeps who are still on the fence about going or not....just do it!!!!

    i commented on here ages ago about wanting to go and the feedback i got was so darn sweet! i can honestly say meeting the twihoors through my one stupid comment has changed my life for the better.

    so if anyone is still reading this and is a newbie and unsure of the doing it please feel free to follow me on twitter @libbybelle523 or email me @ i'd love to meet other newbies just like me!

  40. @libbybelle *tackle hug* I cant wait to meet u in Forks! We r gonna have soooo much fun :)

  41. @spaztasticmaz - Core dates are Fri 9/30-Sun 10/2. Details can be found in the posts (searching for them you'll find other great posts to read so don't get lost) and specifics worked out here:

    @Hearing Damage - Is 'mt' My twin?

  42. @norcaltwitard i've actually done it! i'm coming to see you in forks! so excited to see your pretty face and fondle your boobies in person!

    love ya! xoxo can't wait to meet ya!


  43. Hmmmm, I think I may have used one or two of those excuses myself...

    My favourite excuse however (and one I've rolled out on more than one occasion) is that I don't think I'll be able to cope with the jet lag (I'll be flying from the UK).

    So, you know how I'm gonna deal with that? I'm flying via Atlanta, where I'll have a stopover of a couple of days either side of heading to Forks :-D It's done! My Atlanta flights are booked.

    Oh, and yes, I'm totally shy ;-)

    Can't wait to meet you all, h00rs!

    CC x

  44. I had SOOOOO much freakin fun last year! Met some awesome ladies and had the time of my life! Got some awesome pictures and even better memories! (And I even won Mini-Jacob in the raffle!!!) I am DEFINITELY going again. Thanks to Amers425, my room is booked and ready to go! I can't wait to see all you hoors there! I'll be wearing my Team Jacob, so please refrain from throwing things/beating me. Jake needs some love too! :)

  45. I'm totally late to the party on this one, but of course have to put it my two sense. Not quite sure how I missed this post!

    Forks...where to begin? I ALMOST didn't go the first time around. The only reason was because of finances. But I ended up using my tax refund :)

    I'm NOT shy per se, but was definitely worried how I'd get along with these ladies I'd come to know so well via Twitter/blogging...Well, seeing everyone for the first time was all just "fit." I was so happy to finally be there, and everyone was in the same mood.

    AND, STY, LKW & JJ were the friendliest and funies h00rs around. It was awesome to meet them. AND I'm so sad I wont get to go this time. I'd probably put myself in dept just to go again, that's how mmuch fun and how life changing it was...BUT there is this little thing getting in the way of me going...MY WEDDING. Boo. Lmao!

    JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS Sorry this is all over the place, I'm suuuuuper tired!

    XOXO J

  46. Last year, my brain came up with all the typical excuses...I've never left my kids, What if no likes me? I've never traveled that far, it's too expensive, blah, blah, blah. When I clicked that "purchase" button for the plane tickets, I almost hurled. For the months leading up to the trip, I kept thinking, "I can't believe I'm really doing this!" And then...BEST FUCKING THING I'VE EVER DONE. Twitardia is phenomenal. Just Go! You will not regret it. I've made lifelong bonds & have since taken two trips to see friends that I met in Forks. Sounds cliche, but that Forks trip with Twitarded changed my life and how I see myself. Once that fear threshold is crossed, there's no looking back. It feels soooooo good.
    See you in September!

  47. Ok, I'm shy and I've never done anything like this IN MY LIFE soooooo, I managed to persuade my sister to come with me! Now I'm just scared, because she doesn't read Twitarded, she has no idea what on earth she's agreed to (she told me she's coming for the scenery *snigger*).

    Anyway, if we could just try and keep screaming down to a minimum so we don't scare her too much? Ta ;o)


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